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Found 62 results

  1. I am a Town Planner working in a Local Authority in the UK. I am 29 and would like to move to Australia before I am 30. I have heard for a few years there is a shortage of Town Planners but unsure how likely they would be willing to give someone a chance with only UK experience (8 months from becoming chartered too!). Are there any planners out there who have been or are in a similar situation? Is it easy to get sponsored and what is the Australian planning system like to get to grips with? Any advice is welcome as I have no idea where to start.
  2. So this is a question for those who have already made the move. Just wondering if you had your time again, what would you do differently? Not looking for 'never have moved' sort of thing (and please if we can not have a Australia vs. UK heated debate), more of a 'wish I had taken x, y and z' or 'left the... behind' or done something in advance of the move. We've 6 month exactly today until we arrive so grateful for those with experience & thanks for any insights.
  3. Guest

    Planning to move to Australia

    Hi there, I'm a 27 year old student nurse and I'm planning to move to Australia with my man and our son when I'm qualified. We're doing as much research as we possibly can in the mean time in order to make a smooth transition
  4. Guest

    planning on coming back

    Hi all I am a new member and have just stumbled across this site which is packed full of info so I am really happy. My name is Phil, I moved to WA living in Mullaloo in 1999 only to move back to Liverpool in 2003. I am now married with 4 kids, we are coming over... I have had enough with the UK, Liverpool isnt so good any more so its time to move. I have loads to sort out yet, its early days. I have to.... Renew australian passport Apply for citizenship by descent for my 4 kids get a visa for the wifey Sell everything in my house including cars etc Get rid of my dogs Succesfully get a new job over in WA. I plan on coming over next year on my own as my new job will require me to complete a few tests, should they be successful then ill probably remain and get the family out asap. Anyway just thought i'd say hi Thanks
  5. Guest

    Town Planning jobs?

    Hi can someone PLEASE help. My hubby is Town Planner 7 years Local Authority experience in Scotland. Has been trying in vain to gain employment prior to leaving UK, with no success. Only 1 interview out of 20+ jobs!! (Unsuccessful). He's unwilling to give up job to go to nothing despite me being able to work when we arrive. He's been told some months ago by Hays that he won't secure anything prior to arrival but should gain employement within a few weeks. I've told him we need to be out there to get him something but he's very reluctant and we're arguing as supposed to be leaving very soon :no: Does anyone have any experience of this? All advice gratefully received
  6. Freckleface

    Help planning suprise trip to the UK

    Hi I want to arrange a surprise trip to the UK next year for my OH (Brit who has been in Aust since he was a child). We both love the beach, scuba diving and outdoor activities (4WDing in the Outback etc) and normally spend our holidays either in ASIA, in far north QLD, on tropical islands or in the middle of nowhere with the dingos. I thought it would be nice to do something different in 2012 and am sure my OH would enjoy visiting the area his family came from (see his old house and school etc) but I’m not really sure what to do apart from that. Neither of us is interested in the Royal Family or other typical London tourist attractions but we would be interested in experiencing some of the history the UK has to offer outside London especially if that involved beautiful villages that retain their ‘old world’ charm, ancient churches, castles and stately homes. We would also enjoy some of the walks etc the UK is famous for but I am completely open to suggestions. Neither of us is very interested in Europe so we would be looking at things to do and see in England, Ireland and Scotland. Almost forgot – my OH is an avid Manchester United fan so we couldn’t visit without seeing them play at least once. I’ve done some research on the Internet but would be far more interested in recommendations from locals (those still in the UK) and ex-locals (those now in Aust). Anyway hope you can help with some suggestions. Thanks :notworthy:
  7. Mr Fabricator

    Planning application approved :-)

    While were all going through the visa application process and worrying about everything thats involved , i had a little extra on my mind with regards to an extention on my house. Essentially i had some old delapidated out buildings to the rear of my property and they were on theire last legs , so they all came down at the begining of the year , new foundations laid and i rebuilt them in lovely timber frames , sort of a log cabin effect . Jeleous neighbour to the rear bubbled me ( tho i didnt think i was doing anything wrong as the buildings were already there) to the council and its been an obvious slog since then , Building control , planning , inspectors , architect, structural engineer , cost !! etc . I was possibly looking at demolishing the lot but looked on line this morn and APPROVED :biggrin::biggrin: Just regs to satisfy now and finish the buildings but atleast i can keep them . On another note they were supposed to be a garage and a summer house , not part of the house , nor would they be classed on the deeds as anything other than that , Because i was shopped to the councill , the inspectors said they were far to over engineered to be just " sheds " and they would havto be classed as Dwelings . this concerned me for obtaining full planning permission/.consent . My lovely , nosey, jeleous neighbours have essentially helped me in obtaining permission for a self contained 1 - 2 bed bungalow insted of a big car shed . Thanks v much :biggrin::biggrin: the £50k it will add to my propperty will be very usefull on my way to OZ . lee
  8. Hi I'm a plumber planning to move to Perth with my family, wife and two daughters aged 9 and 12. We are going to be in Perth from the 24th march next year 2012 and hope to be able to get a feel for things while there. I have two and a half weeks in Perth and would love to speak to a few companies who maybe interested in employing me. Anyone have any advice??? thanks
  9. Im a a registerd nurse i have done my EILTS had overall socre of 7. I am planning to work in Ausrallia.I am currently in the UK.I need help as to where to start ,who to contact any help will be appreciated am new to this forum.:biggrin:
  10. Hey everyone, just signed up to this forum after reading through various bits over the last few months. We have just booked a plot of land @ the Hunt Club in stage 83. It's scheduled to be titled in Feb 2012. Would like to know how is the estate and came to know that getting internet connectivity is a bit difficult? Also will be helful if some one can recommend me, so that we can have a rebate of $2000; that's $1000 for me and $1000 for anyone(one who recommends) ie who lives in The Hunt Club and has recommended you to purchase land here.
  11. Hi we are hopefully returning to Mackay early next year, (had 5 month there last year then had to return due to family illness in Uk). Is there anyone out there who is planning on moving to Mackay, or recently moved there? If so it would be great to hear from you. :jiggy:
  12. Remember it is the Councils doing this and Cameron and Ed Milliband are giving them their backing. Even the Labour party are in agreement which is great to here. About time this Country stood up to these people who just want to wreck people lives. The prime minister has said people who "loot and pillage their own community" should be evicted from council houses. Wandsworth in London has become the first council to serve an eviction notice over the riots, but several others are also considering the move. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-14509779
  13. Guest

    planning ahead

    hi all i am planning to come to oz on a 12month working holiday visa most likely in 2013, how much money would you reccomend to bring, to support ourselves there until we find jobs? just to cover basic needs? any help will be appreciated!
  14. Hi everyone, I am currently in Australia on a tourist visa. My partner (Aussie citizen) and I plan to get married. I recently took a trip overseas and when I re-entered Oz, an Immigration agent took me aside and said I was misusing my tourist visa. What I am wondering is this: my partner and I were planning a wedding, possibly overseas, in a few months. If I leave the country, get married, and then attempt to reenter Oz, will Immigration accept our marriage certificate and allow me to enter and then apply for a spousal visa? Or do I risk getting denied admittance? If there is a risk, would a civil ceremony first (while onshore) and then immediate spousal application solve it? Note: we didn't apply for a de facto visa because we are marrying sooner than the 12-months of living together required for that visa. Like a lot of couples on this forum, the thought of being separated from my partner is a dreadful one yet I also understand that I need to respect the law. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks! LB
  15. woodsy16

    planning a reccie

    Hi all I am at the beginning of excitingly planning our reccie to Canberra and would like any recommendations for Sydney airport hotels and short term accommodation in Canberra. I have been looking at many sites and have been shocked to see the words dirty and worn in reviews particularly for chain hotels advertised at 3/4*. Any information would be great. Thanks Kate
  16. Guest

    planning ahead

    Hi I'm 17, currently at college studying psychology, law, communication and culture and sociology. I already have an australian visa and have to be in the country by May 2012, along with my family. I hope to go into either social work or counselling when I get over there but also hope to go to uni. Is it hard to get into uni in oz? and are there many jobs in either of those categories in western australia (perth)? Abi
  17. First of all Hello Everybody, I'm new here. I am hoping to find some answers and/or suggestions. Me and my fiancee, are both in our 2nd semester students right now (out of 4 semesters, a 2 year study) in Denmark (but we're from Latvia), studying as Multimedia Designers. We are thinking what to do ahead, and it has been a thought for a longer time of period now that we want to move to (and stay in) Australia. What currently worries me most are VISA's and how do I get them as a student. You could probably imagine that we as students have very limited funding, and we do. Now because I haven't had an official job for 3 out of 4 past years - I can't directly aim for Working Visa ( I think ). Instead - I think I need to further qualify, live in Australia, find an employer, and then apply for Working Visa after the studies. For this scenario to become reality, we need to raise about 45'000 $ in total for the first year, due the schools in Australia are insanely expensive. That is a lot of money for 2 students to earn while studying... I am not sure if any scholarships apply to me, and I know for sure that I can't get a loan from my bank. So these were my thoughts on my future regarding Australia. Notice that I don't have any real solutions, and that is because I am looking for one. Of course, one way is to make 45'000$ fast, and god knows I'll try - But I am making this topic to find out if any of you have a suggestion about an alternative way for us Ohh and our timeline - We want to arrive in Australia (at latest) in September 2012. Looking forward to hearing from you all
  18. SussexBear

    Planning a move to Adelaide?

    We currently rent a two bedroom townhouse in the Western suburbs of Adelaide, but we need to return to UK in July and will have to break our lease. We just wondered if anyone was planning moving out here at that time and would like the details? It would be good if we could marry someone up with our agents. We are very lucky we have a great landlord and a great agent, rent is very reasonable for the area, which is quiet and leafy, and close to all amenties, beach, shops,schools etc. Public transport links very good as well.We also have good neighbours. Suitable for a couple or family with one child. If you are interested let me know and I will pm you.
  19. inception

    Planning levels for 2010/2011

    I am just amazed that DIAC still has not reached the planning levels for the 2010/2011 financial year. For skilled independent visas, the planning level is set at 35,200 and this includes both onshore and offshore applicants. I would have thought that they would have reached that limit by now considering that it is near the end of the financial year anyway. What is going on?
  20. hello beautiful people! ok i am currently planning my working holiday visa trip to oz! I am such a bad planner though....im not gonna lie, i just normally wing these things but this is my first travelling trip alone so i need to plan to an extent.. can any one who has been already give me some advice. my basic plan is to fly to sydney at the beginning of may, I have a degree in Environmental conservation so eventually I want to gain experience it that field. Was thinking of heading north for the winter to get my second year visa either farm work or wwoofing work. But i need to know the practical stuff, things i actually need to plan or to sort out before i go! get in touch any advice would be helpful xxx:hug:
  21. Hi there I am a producer for BBC Radio Solent looking to find someone who is planning to emigrate - we don't mind where to! But you have to be living in Hampshire, Dorset or the Isle of Wight now! It's for a lovely feature following people who are undergoing a big life change in 2011. Would anyone like to be involved? Please private message me if you are Emily
  22. Hello We're planning to emigrate in June and to save costs at the other end we're thinking of shipping one of our cars with our house contents a month or so before we fly. (BTW Thanks v much for the helpful thread on the paperwork re importing a car on this site!) The first shipping co. to visit and quote thinks we've got too much stuff for a 20ft container so would not fit car + stuff in a 40ft container. So we might be able to reduce the stuff we plan to take a bit. Or maybe we'll have to ship the car separately from the house contents - which presumably will be much more expensive - but at least the car could arrive sooner. Has anyone done this or got quotes on this? Any recommendations, tips or suggestions on what to do or what not to do? Thanks in advance!
  23. Hi guys, I've lodged my 885 online in Sep 10 and now I'm planning to do 886 (to take advantage of the State Sponsorship) Is it possible to lodge 886 online? Or it has to be done in papers? Cheers
  24. Guest

    Planning a surprise

    hi - I am planning a surprise trip to Sydney for my partners 40th:biggrin: in a couple of weeks and was wondering if anyone could recommend somewhere nice to stay for a few days. would be good if it was central and kid friendly. Would also be grateful for any tips on where to visit/eat when we are there. Thanks very much,don't worry about ruining the surprise as he doesn't come on here very often and can never remember the password. Thanks again Tara
  25. Unfortunately the Minister did not use his opportunity on Friday to announce the SMPs at the MIA National Conference, but some information about developments is now available. The starting point is the table of planning levels at Migration Program Statistics - Statistics - Publications, Research & Statistics . There will be 61,700 general skilled migration visa grants in 2010/11. Of these, 23,000 are allocated to state sponsored migration and 35,200 to skilled independent applicants. A further 3,500 people are anticipated under the family sponsored stream. Talking to states and DIAC people at the conference it seems that the 23,000 planning level on state sponsorship is effectively a cap, ie if they can't reach you in the current program year then it will need to be the next one, or the one after that. This will be made more complex by planning levels for particular occupations in particular state migration plans. Anecdotally, some states are already highly oversubscribed even though the number of state sponsored visas available has increased dramatically. This may mean that a longer wait is involved for most of those seeking state sponsorship. There are of course already longer waits for everyone else and this form of management may at least allow some sort of orderly progression for all those who fit within DIAC priority groups 1, 2 and 3. Priority groups are explained at http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/priority-processing-14-july-2010.pdf . For priority group 4, although there is an allocation under the GSM program for family sponsored cases, it's hard to see that the specified allocation will make much of an impact as there are as many as 40,000 applicants in this group. On the timing of the GSMs it seems that 1 November is a popular choice but there are still those who expect it earlier. DIAC of course can't say anything on this. More to come I hope. Cheers, George Lombard