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Found 48 results

  1. With so many people already booking flights (to either validate their visa or fully relocate) I've started to scout prices on Kayak.com myself (a site I've used so many times before to successfully book flights). I've decided to look for tickets from Seattle to Sydney around February/March 2013 as to give myself extra time to save money and find possible job while still in the USA. To my surprise finding the cheapest flight turns out to be quite .. difficult. For example, a flight from Seattle (SEA) to Sydney (SYD) (one way): February 13th (Wednesday): (looking +/- 3 days around that day) Cheapest: $1103 (on 02/10) - takes whooping 39 hours with one 22h layover in Honolulu Shortest (and somewhat still cheap): $1251 (on 02/14) - 21h with two layovers in Vancouver, Canada and Auckland, NZ I've checked later dates, but the price oscilates around $1100 (+/- $50) for the months of March and April (and later). Anyway, I've decided to find an alternative, cheaper route by checking prices of individual flights between the following cities: 1. Seattle -> Los Angeles -> Sydney 2. Seattle -> Honolulu -> Sydney So I've checked Kayak again .. Option 1: Seattle -> Los Angeles -> Sydney 1a. Seattle -> Los Angeles : $109 on 02/15 - 2.5h long 1b. Los Angeles -> Sydney : $587 on 02/16 - 19h long (one 3h stop in Nadi, Fiji) Aside from paying for one night stay in Los Angeles a family of 4 could save a lot of money just by splitting the flight into two. Seattle -> Sydney * 4 = $1103 * 4 = $4412 Seattle -> Los Angeles -> Sydney = ($109 + $587) * 4 = $696 * 4 = $2784 Savings: $1628 (minus a $150 or so for a room) Option 2: Seattle -> Honolulu -> Sydney 2a: Seattle -> Honolulu : $197 on 02/12 - 6h long 2b: Honolulu -> Sydney: $528 on 02/13 - 10.5h long In this case savings over a "direct" flight are a little bit smaller. Seattle -> Honolulu -> Sydney : ($197 + $528 ) * 4 = $725 * 4 = $2900 Savings: $1512 (minus $150 or so for room) A little bit more expensive than the Option 1, but Hawaii is a bit more enjoyable than Los Angeles :-D I'm tempted to contact an agent to see what kind of prices would he/she find for me. Does anyone have similar experiences with trying to find cheap plane tickets?
  2. A small passenger plane has crashed into a ferris wheel at a festival on the New South Wales mid-north coast this morning. Police say the plane crashed shortly after 10.00am (AEST) at the Old Bar Festival at Taree. Local officers say two people are trapped in the plane with two children stuck on the ferris wheel. The plane is leaking aviation fuel and emergency services have been spraying the plane and wheel with foam. Seems like a minor miracle that no fatalities have been reported.
  3. Guest

    Guitar and XBOX by plane

    Hi All, I've only got 2 more weeks before I make my big move to Sydney, so excited!!! I've just booked my flight with Singapore Airlines and just wondered if you good people knew the answer to a couple of questions. 1) I want to take my guitar with me, is there anyway this could be classed at hand luggage or will have to pay extra? 2) My games console (XBOX) am I allowed to put this in my suitcase or hand luggage or would it have to get shipped over? Thanks Alot!
  4. yumimumi

    what can/should i take on plane

    hi we fly to oz on 9 october from heathrow. just wondering what to pack for the journey, bearing in mind we have a 4 year old daughter to keep entertained for the flight to singapore, and then after 2 days stopover, another flight to sydney. just keep thinking about my hand baggage allowance, and what i can stuff into it. am i okay to take goodies, toys etc for our young one. all tips/advice would be fab. will be 13 wks pregnant by the time we go too so hopefully morning sickness will not be an issue. as we stop in singapore for 2 nights, do we need to have jabs. sorry for all the questions, but am a right stresshead at the moment, dont want to forget/miss anything vital. cheers nicola
  5. Guest

    tools on a plane

    Hi folks i am going for medicals on thursday and all going well i would like to move in september as i am a carpenter i would like to move over before the rest of my family to try and get a job and house set up before they move out hopefully about christmas time i was just wondering if anyone knew if i would be able to take my carpenters tools on the plane or anyone know how i would get them over as i dont want to wait forever to get them shipped. Thanks
  6. Guest

    cash on a plane??

    hi does anyone know how much cash u r allowed to take on a plane pls?x
  7. Guest

    Leaving on a Jet Plane

    Howdy all, Just wondered if anyone had any tips for me! I fly out to start my new life in Oz in 1 week and although I am excited I am more than a little nervous. I have had a gammy tummy for over a week now! How on earth did you deal with it? Has anyone got any tips for fighting off those damn butterflies? Ian.
  8. Hi guys This is my first post, new to PIO, any help or advice would be much appreciated....:smile: I have just turned 45 years old , my wife is 42 , and our children 2 boys are 18 and 16. I am a time served to city & guilds standard cnc skilled machinist with over 20 years experience at different levels , my wife has many years experience as a sales representative. Do we have any options for a visa application ? or have we just left it too late :unsure: We do have a visit booked for 2 weeks to go to Adelaide to see a friend in April. Adelaide is our preferred location if its still possible for us to make the move , i was hoping to do some research while we are there, ie jobs, houses etc. If when reading you wonder why i left it so long before deciding to make a move , well its long story kids family etc but now our time is right we have overcome the hurdles. Any help and hope would be much appreciated, i have researched a lot but keeping coming up with the age thing under 45, as far a i understand my job is on the skills list somewhere which is a start. Thanking you in advance Darren :hug:
  9. sebahat

    Booster seat on the plane

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to check with you lot if there was someone on this forum who took a booster seat with them on the plane? We are flying in 3 weeks, booked through Qantas but because we stop over in South Africa for 2 weeks, we actually going to fly with BA first and then South African Airways from Johannesburg to Perth. We are going with 2 little children, taking one umbrella fold buggy and I`ve heard somewhere that we can also take a booster seat for our other daughter and put it with the checked-in luggage. I emailed Qantas enquiring about it but they are not coming back to me. I don`t want to call them as I want to have it in writing in case they stop me from taking the seat while we already at the airport. I just wanted to check if anyone has done it. Thank you Alex
  10. Hi Well I've finally gone and done it! At 30 years old I've asked my work to give me a years sabbatical to travel and amazingly it's been agreed. I have two friends travelling out to Bali in April and I'll fly out and meet them mid May for a month, then travel up to Bangkok and then onto Singapore where I will fly out to Darwin and travel down the west side of the country. I've never done this before, but work uncertainty and also down the line is a risk of redundancy which has made me purchase a one-way ticket and a working visa for a year (depending on what happens). I'm a Graphic Designer and willing to do whatever it takes to hopefully get work out there in that field. So...yes! Big hello! :hug: Caz
  11. Guest

    feeding baby on plane

    Hello everyone, My little girl is 8 months and still breastfeeding quite regularly, we are planning to fly over in july for a reccie and i doubt she would have given up by then. Has anyone else fed their baby on the plane. Im a bit worried about doing in with a stranger right next to me! :embarrassed: Grateful for any advice, thankyooooooooooo Georgia x
  12. A PLANE has exploded over Indonesia, according to reports. Debris from a plane has been found on Batam Island, according to a police chief in western Indonesia. Witnesses said they heard an explosion as a commercial jetliner flew over the area, reported the Associated Press. The Jakarta Globe quoted Batavia Air's Riau office as saying the plane did not belong to them, but they thought it may have been a Qantas plane. Plane explodes over Indonesia | Courier Mail
  13. Guest

    Worried about my dog on the plane

    Hi, I'm possibly flying out to Sydney in January 2011 (visa approved and job waiting for me - currently negotiating a start date). I have a 5 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier coming with me. He's very scared of bangs, loud noises, motorbikes etc. I'm concerned as to how he will cope on the flight over to Sydney. Does anybody have any similar experiences when they took their dog over there? I'm worried about the noise levels on the plane and whether my dog could cope with these noises for the duration of his flight out there. Any response would be most welcome. Cheers Darren.
  14. Guest

    on the plane..?

    hi ozzy dudes, i was just wondering what do people normally takes on the plane to oz because it is such a long time and i am almost certain im going to be bored out of my head !! i cant think of anything to take ...... please can yhoo all help me !!!! id really appreciate it xxx
  15. hi its danielle, i was just wondering what people take on the plane ? im really stuck at the moment because i dont know what to take ... just to mention i am mad on mini travel bottles !! i would really appreciate it if you could give me advice on what to take...:cool:
  16. Hi all I am looking to fly back for my best friends wedding in June (Syd - LHR) and have been trying to look at flights without my heart palpatations starting! Anyway have found a good deal with China airways - has anyone flown with them? Every time i have flown i have always come with Singapore or Emirates - although once with BA and never again! So I know i have been spoilt! I just wondered if there is a reason they are so much cheaper? Does the plane have only one wing? Do they serve food? Etcetc All advice gratefully received! Thanks Nat x
  17. Crying child kicked off plane - Armchair Traveller This poor mother must have been so embarrassed. The captain is in charge of his ship so to speak and I do appreciate the security aspect (in a way) but many planes have have individual Tv's nowadays to watch the security announcements, even if the Attendants are giving the brief, passengers should be able to make out where the exit doors are, the life jackets etc. over the screaming I would have thought. Thai airways actually have specific "baby attendants" on board to relieve the mother/father which I found a great idea. I sincerely hope that this isnt setting a precedence.:mad:
  18. Just want to say Goodbye to all of you here in the UK waiting to go and live your dreams.. We are flying tomorrow to Singapore at 22.05 and staying 3 nights and then on to Melbourne arriving Thursday!! Thank you all for listening, hand holding, and giving me advice and encouragement for getting this far!! Hopefully soon we will give you a reccie report from Mornington!! Julie x
  19. KazzE

    Bike on a plane?

    Has anyone flown to Oz and taken a bike on the plane? I have been told it can be classed as sports equipement and be taken in addition to your baggage allowance, any body know anything about this?? Just going to check out Singapore airlines website but thought I would see if anyone had actually done it. Failing that - anyone loading a shipping container in the next week and can fit a mountain bike in:notworthy: thanks Karen
  20. hi, flying out in two weeks, will i get taxed by customs if i declare more than $10k cash? thanks
  21. Asylum-seekers arrive by plane, not boat | National News | News.com.au Do read the comments as well!!
  22. Hello all I am from London and living in Sydney with friends for a year to see what it is like here. I have other friends moving to just below Brisbane. I have only been here 3 weeks and one thing I have found out is Sydney is more expensive than London for food, books, eating out and the like? Thanks Robert
  23. Hello, I am not much of a poster more of a "lurker" as my questions always seemed to be answered so I hope you don't mind me asking for some advice. We have finally got to the stage of booking flights but we are stuck on whether to buy seat for our son (who will be 15 months at time of travel). He is too long for the bassinets on all airlines, and as we would need a car seat for him at the other end we thought about buying a seat for him and using his car seat. The problem is the car seat we have needs to be attached with a seat belt with a 3 point harness and all the airlines say you can use a seat that is secured only with a lap belt. Has anyone ever used a car seat on the plane? What car seat did you use? We are considering buying another one. I am dreading the flight as I can not imagine my son sitting still or being able to sleep in a normal adult seat. I hope someone can help! Thanks in advance. S
  24. We are going to be flying to Perth from Manchester and my daughter is only 16 months so technically doesn't have to pay and can sit on my knee the whole way. However I'm not willing to travel for so long with a very wriggly child on my knee! I'm not sure how to book a ticket for her because on the websites it says how many children and then it asks for their ages. When I say she is 1 it automatically doesn't allow her to have a ticket. How can I buy her a ticket so she has her own seat and baggage allowance? She can sit on my knee for take off and landing but I definitely need a seat for her for the rest of the time or it will just be a nightmare!
  25. I am really interested to know how people feel when they have to get back on the plane in the UK to come back to australia ( good and bad ). I know my feelings are despair,sadness,dis belief that I have to, nearly not doing it ........xx