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Found 94 results

  1. Hello all! I am new here and glad that I found this very informative site. I have decided to embark on applying for GSM 175 visa. I am able to meet the 65 points if I can get good score on IELTS, and I’ll need ACS assessment. I worked as software developer from Aug 2007 till Oct 2009, then worked in same capacity from Sep 2010, however the second employer gone busted 3 months after that. My current job in same role started from June this year till present. Those gaps between jobs were a mix of unemployment and temporary jobs not related to ICT. So I already met ACS requirement of 2 years in 7 years work experience.However I will not meet DIAC’s 12 months in past 24 months experience requirement until March 2012. After a good amount of research I believe I need to do the following. Please see if it’s a correct plan or have I missed out something? - Apply for ACS assessment. - Sit for IELTS. - If the outcomes of the above are positive, start gathering all required materials for 175 lodgement. Once March 2012 hits I’ll get my current employer’s reference and lodge 175. Questions: 1) Can I get ACS assessment first, and provide updated employment reference when lodging 175 application to cover the period between ACS lodgement and 175 lodgement? Or DIAC would only consider experience stated in ACS assessment result. 2) What I’m worry about is the short 3-months stint in the busted company. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to state such short stint in an application. Also since it’s gone I’m not able to obtain employer reference from them, instead I can only provide statutory declaration. However ACS’s PASA guidelines stated: “If you provide a Statutory Declaration with your application, you must also provide some form of corroborative information from a third party to substantiate the claims made in the Statutory Declaration.” What third party information I can provide here? I can only think of employment contract, payslips and letter of release from this employer. And if I can’t prove this period of employment I’ll have to wait till June 2012 to meet the DIAC’s 12 months requirement. Thanks in advanced and thanks for reading this far!
  2. rockola57

    What's the plan tomorrow?

    Well,i was just ponderin' there!We are all different,so what have you got planned tomorrow(AKA as being nosey):wink:Nowt much for me personally,just house jobs,gardening ,cleaning etc,then Shops,then beach for good walk,then Bevvy n PC!Boring old fart i am.Bet your day will be more interesting :yes:Go on,share it with us!:wub::biggrin:
  3. Guest

    change of plan

    Well after a couple of stressful months and with only 8 weeks until we where due to emigrate, we have decided to re arrange flights accomodation and Validate our visa instead. We haven't sold our house, my wife hasn't visited and theres a few question marks over the finances needed, so we thought best to go and have a look 1st. so in Feb we have 3 weeks in a nice 4 bed house and we can see all the suburbs schools ect and take it from there. I would just like to say thanks to all those who have answered our queries and good luck to all those who are going soon, well done.:notworthy:
  4. Guest

    Realistic plan?

    In the process of obtaining a 457 visa (fingers crossed!)..my employer has been in touch to say that they will be lodging their side of the app to DIAC soon. My plan is that as soon as they do this and we have a TRN, can I go ahead and get my medical done and lodge our side of the visa application to DIAC, frontloaded with my medical and our police checks?Hope this sounds like a realistic plan? :hug:
  5. Hi Everyone! I am just writing to let everyone know that the Cambridge Weight Plan is now being distributed in Australia. We are so excited to be able to bring this amazing program to Australian shores, expecially since it is so well known all over the world. We are currently looking for consultants all over Australia and have already started training in Melbourne, NSW and Queendsland. Spread the word about the UK's and the worlds best diet to all of your friends.
  6. jyotikhtr

    Perth State Migration Plan

    Hi, I recently came across through this link which says that Australia has now skilled migration scheme for Perth too now. However, I could not find their list of ANZSCO Codes. I am looking for ANZSCO Code 262113 - Systems Administrator. Can anyone please throw some light on this ? Many thanks in advance. Regards, Jyoti
  7. Hi guys Please could you have a look at my options and let me know what you think I should do? I was talking to a migration officer and we were going to put my visa application in, nominated occupation "office manager" (for SA). It's now been taken off the list so I've spoken to him about my options. OK so he said the only way now would be to sit a NAATI exam to qualify as a translator (my BA Hons is in Spanish), and then prove I've been working the last 5 years as an office manager. It seems complicated to me, but if this is the way to do it I will do it! I am very rusty so scared about the exam.:eek: OR... my DH works in insurance. His nominated occupation would be Insurance Broker, but he hasn't got a degree. He's studying for his Diploma in insurance and thinks it will take a year. Do we commit to the first plan now, before any more changes take place, or do we wait and have DH as the main applicant, and risk that Insurance Broker gets taken off the list in the meantime? Please help :twitcy: Thank you:hug:
  8. hi, ive just joined this site, wondered if i could share my plans with people on here and get some feedback? here goes... im 24, a fully qualified ford motor vehicle technician living in england. i want to obtain a temporary working visa, contact ford dealers (in western aus preferably) to arrange interviews, fly over and hopefully start work within a week or 2 if im succesful. so is that a good way to play it? any advice i would appreciate. thanks for looking, tom.
  9. Would appreciate if anyone could provide an answer to a question I have. Originally my plans were to migrate using the skilled migration process to Adelaide for my occupation as a Mechanical Engineering Draftsman. However out of the blue whilst awaiting my skills assessment through engineers Australia I received an email from a person I had contact with a couple of years ago (I had looked at making the move back in December 2008 and was able to find an employer willing to sponsor but in the end the time was not quite right due to a number of circumstances at the time). This contact picked up from a couple of years ago and again I was offered sponsorship etc and this time I gratefully accepted. My current situation is that I’m currently in the process of the RSMS route but all seems to be stagnant. I have been wondering what I would do if for some reason the nomination was to be refused, i.e. I do not have a plan ‘B’. Here though is my dilemma.....If the nomination is refused I cannot get state sponsorship from South Australia for my occupation as special conditions apply relating to study within the state etc. But other states such as Victoria and Western Australia have no special conditions attached to the occupation. At the moment I am thinking that my plan ‘B’ could be to pursue state sponsorship within these states to secure my route to Oz, it wouldn’t be our first choice location but beggars cannot be choosers but my question is; Am I able to try and secure state sponsorship from Western Australia and Victoria whilst my RSMS application (currently stage 2, DIAC to approve nomination) is still live? Or would it be better to just sit tight and await the decision on the RSMS before trying to secure a state sponsorship for a 176? I just want to be able to sit down at the end of the day and say to myself that I have tried every option that was available to me and whatever happens happens! Thanks Chris & Mel
  10. Ok, so I have my visa, sponsored by WA whihc is where we intended to settle. However, I have been contacted about a possible job in Brisbane, and so am looking for information on the city. Not entirely sure what I'm looking for - would people recommend it? What's good / bad about Brisbane? I have a 3 year old son, who loves being outdoors - he loves playing cricket and soccer if that helps at all. Also, I know it's a really subjective question, but what kind of salary would I need to be looking at to support my family (me, my wifer and my son)? We don't have hugely expensive tastes, and hopefully my wife will work part-time, but we'd like to try for another child first. When I was looking at Perth, I was looking for a salary of around $90k - would this kind of figure be ok for Brisbane too?
  11. Guest

    plan B

    or is there a plan B---just a thought lets say it dosent happen in australia,or you dont get to be allowed to live there,do you have a plan B-- i mean nothing in life is for certain,and i sincerley hope you get what you want out of life--but sometimes certain things in life can be all consumeing,and you forget about the life your living--so do you have a plan B,and if so what is it:wubclub: my plan A wuz always to be a citezen of both australia,and the uk,and im on the way to acheiveing that (family in both countries) my plan B wuz to live in one county permantly whether it be australia or the uk--my question is just a thought,but may well be worth thinking about
  12. My lovely Dad (70) is flying over in September to visit us for 3 weeks. Its his 1st time to Oz and I want him to love it as much as we do. He has always wanted to visit as he loves the sea and the heat, but has never gotten the chance. He is fit & well and able to get around just fine, so walking around all day isn;t too much of a problem. So at the moment, as we are living on the central coast, this is my plan of action.... Central Coast Terrigal & Avoca Beach for those relaxing days, they are 5 minutes away. Around Sydney Opera House Harbour Bridge Sydney Tower Manly & Oceanworld Sydney Aquarium Darling Harbour Chinatown Botanical Gardens Bondi to bronte coastal walk Blue Mountains Queensland This is the bit I am stuck on, I REALLY want to take my dad up to the Whitsunday's so he can go out on a boat and do some snorkelling, see the beautiful beaches, but am sure of the best way to get there (fly?) and also how much time to allocate, a long weekend, is that enough? Can anyone give me some advice on where to stay, I went about a hundred years ago, well 14 to be exact but can't remember much (I was a backpacker! :goofy:) ETA - just found this site - which answers most of my questions. http://www.tourismwhitsundays.com.au/visitor-information/faqs/ So I know it sounds like alot to pack in, in 3 weeks, but have I missed any of the really good stuff out, the thing is if he loves enough he might join us out here and that would be AMAZING!! Thanks for your help in advance. :hug:
  13. AaronS

    Wrinkle in our plan

    ...but a good one. My wife's employer had a position open in Australia for exactly what she does here in the states. She got the heads up from the Director (her Director's peer) to apply immediately. She was told to expect an interview within a week. That would put us in Sydney on an employee sponsored visa! Fingers crossed!
  14. Guest

    Our plan

    Afternoon all, I just thought i would put a post up about our trip to Oz later on in the year if anybody is interested. We are going on October the 20th and returning on 19th November starting in Adelaide. We are hiring a euro camper for the five of us, from Adelaide we will go on to Melbourne then on up to Sydney and then on to Brisbane, we are staying in the big 4 holiday parks all of which seem great on the internet and seem very good value for money, if anyone has stayed in these then any info or thoughts would be much appreciated. We will be staying in Noosa for a couple of days with friends and also hope to have a trip out to the great barrier reef. We realise that we are doing an awful lot in 4 weeks but think we can get to see what we want to in that time but time will tell. The children are all starting to get pretty excited even though we have a while to go but it is going to be the holiday of a lifetime for them and being 13, 11 and 9 they should remember it all. Anyway our flights are with Quantas and cost £4500 and the Euro camper a further £3500, obviously the diesel will cost a lot of money but we are going to try and eat as cheaply as possible so any tips more than welcome.
  15. As a cat 4 applicant, in the hope of getting into cat 2, do we anticipate new SMP lists to publish for this program year soon? when?
  16. Anyone bought or got comments on those Off the Plan apartments ? Went to one recently..where you just need to pay 10% now and the remaining when the apartment is ready (late 2012 for the apartment i went for) They did mention that can save on stamp duties, but i didnt ask further.. Do you guys think it's a good buy ? www.rosebankapartments.com.au
  17. Hi there I've seen from searching the forum that a few PiO members have kids with epilepsy. I wondered if you could help me out with developing an emergency response plan for my son at school? We moved over in January this year. We are on 457 visas tied to my husband's (permanent) job. We had no problems whatsoever getting a visa for my son. He hasn't had a seizure since March 2008 and he has been off drugs since September 2010. I have a letter from his neurologist in the UK with a complete history, saying she feels he has (had?) a benign childhood form of epilepsy and is unlikely to require a neurologist in Australia. In fact I have only once taken him to a GP and it was a drop-in clinic because he had a viral infection and his temperature wasn't coming down (no seizures though). I felt it worth flagging up the epilepsy with his school just in case he has a seizure, and understandably they want to develop an emergency response plan for that eventuality. I feel perfectly able to write this myself (based on the information we used to give to all his carers and his previous schools in England) but I wonder if it is worth taking him to our 'regular' GP just to let them know, and make sure they have an input into the plan? Anyway if anyone wants to share their experience with me I would be very grateful. Thanks so much Scimum
  18. Hi all, Just set up an account after reading some of the very helpful forums available here. I am curently serving in the British Forces and will be migrating to Gold Coast QLD when I complete my 22yrs, which is still forever away I know (Feb 2018), but I want to be totaly prepared and informed before I begin the migration proccess. My Wife is a nurse so we plan to move over on a SOL 175 Permanent Resident Visa in her name. I am an Operator in the Royal Corps of Signals and have studied the SOL but not sure if my qualifications equate to the Telecoms jobs required, but hopefully this wont matter as we earn enough points with my Wifes Job. I already have tons of questions to get answered but will keep hold of them for now as I am sure things will change in the next 7 years. For now I am enjoying researching the Suburbs we hope to move to, If any users are living in the GC area I would be massively grateful for and advice on good/bad areas. I am hoping to rent then buy slighlty inland, next to a lake (Clear Island, Robina Waters, Lake Orr etc.). This will hopefully all tie in with the Wife managing to get a job in Robina Hospital. Southport had a few bad reviews and was said to be just a little too touristy and pricey, shame as there will be a new 700 bed Hospital there in 2012. Good luck to all of you awaiting your Visas and thank you in advance for helping with the barrage of questions I intend to pose over the next few years.
  19. Hi all, My employer is already approved as a sponsor and submitted their nomination by paper application last a week or so ago. Because they did the paper based version they said I needed to too, which I have now done and posted off to them and they will send it on to whereever they lodged their bit. I have heard that paper based applications take longer to process than online and am a worry wart anyway. They want me to start on the 4th July and so we have bitten the bullet and booked the flights as we didn't want to risk the flights going up in price. My questions are... Firstly to anyone who has lodged a paper based application, is it reasonable to expect to get our 457s granted before the 4th July? I shouldn't need a medical but I'm not sure about police checks as I get conflicting stories on this. Secondly, if the 457 is not granted in time, can I go out and start work on a working holiday visa? I already have one of these as I applied just in case a week before my 31st bday. Partner is too old for WHV so could he go out on a visitor visa and just wait until the 457 is granted to start work? I'm just thinking as a back up plan? Not ideal but is it feasible? Your thoughts and expertise would be great!!! Thanks everyone Emma
  20. Guest

    Phone/Internet Plan Help

    Hi Everyone, We're moving into our first apartment next Monday and are becoming more perplexed by the types of phone/internet plans out there. We're hoping to get advice on our 2 questions. 1. As my husband does a lot of international phone calling in the evenings (approximately 100 hours per month to Europe) , does anyone have a good international phone plan recommendation? So far, I've yet to find a plan that offers any true international plan (all have such low minute offerings). We're thinking about just dialing through skype everytime if there's no better options out there. 2. What is the recommended GB plan size for a two person household who uses the internet for primarily business purposes (downloading emails, sending emails,) and keeping in touch with friends&family (ex: uploading photos to facebook maybe 1/month). Am I safer buying a too big plan or buying a too little plan and upgrading? This is our first posting EVER on a web forum so we're grateful for any and all advice. Thanks!
  21. gaz n family

    Plan starting to come together

    So we have finally set a date. Right at the start of this process we had always promised our 15 year old son that he could say and sit his GCSEs, that way he will have a choice in a couple of years, should he want to return then he has something to go back to. Then he made us promise he would miss his leavers Prom, or Founders day. So that was set, no earlier than the 7th July 2011. We were granted our Visa about 3 weeks ago so could start to plan. We investigate using my Virgin Atlantic Air Miles (200,000) but sadly no miles flights available in any of the classes during July, Aug or Sept to Sydney. We were umming and arhing to see what other options might be available, Friday we found 4 upper-class seats from Heathrow to Shanghai 14th July 2011, using 200,000 air miles and 1,200 quid in taxes and excessive duty payments. Still you cannot grumble, 1,200 quid for 4 upper-class seats to China. We have decided to spend 2 nights in Shanghai, then from there, move onto Kuala Lumpur, staying for 2 nights. Using Eastern China, it will cost £520 for the 4 of us, then 1,200 from Kuala Lumpur to Adelaide with Malaysia. We have had 2 removal companies in so far, and to be honest, its not looking good. The first one told us it was illegal to self pack, still awaiting their quote. The second contradicted some which the first had said, some of my military awards and keepsakes cannot be imported (e.g.Commando Dagger), but i have discovered, he was wrong, i can apply for an import can be taken, certificate from the customs website (can put i link if you need) i also found a page on their website for medication, telling you that 3 months supply can be taken, not the 28 days stated on here. The first claimed we had 130 feet cubed, over a 20 foot container, i said everything was to go. Next guy i was more aware of what the wife doesn't want to take, so was able to tell him, reducing the size needed, his estimate came in 300 feet cubed over a 20 foot container. We have a couple more companies due in the next 2 weeks. The Pet transport companies have been in touch, so good and some not so good, IMO, in fact one guy i found REALLY rude on the phone, claiming my measurements we too exact for our dog. After reading his website, it actually states, be exact as they will add the comfort size. I have one more quote to come in, but to be honest, aside from one, who i well over the rest, all seem to provide the same product for the same price. Furnished Rental property has been difficult to find, due to having the dog. We decided to rent a furnished place for 3 months, in the hope this will be plenty of time for our furniture to arrive. Plus it will give us plenty of time to find an unfurnished place in the area we choose. So after months of scouring the Internet, we manged to find a place two weeks ago, we have been chatting to the owner and have agreed a price etc, with our payment on its way via HiFx. Still got lost to do, but at least its a start. How is everyone else doing with their plans?
  22. George Lombard

    NSW State Migration Plan

    Judging by the new content at Skilled Regional Sponsored Migration: Business Migration: Industry & Investment NSW, the NSW State Migration Plan seems to have been finalised, particularly in terms of occupations and criteria for subclass 176 - http://www.business.nsw.gov.au/migration/pdfdocuments/STNI_Criteria_STNI_Skilled.pdf - and 475 - http://www.business.nsw.gov.au/migration/pdfdocuments/SIR_skills_in_demand_summary_25052010.pdf - sponsorship. Hopefully the moderators will set up a thread where this information - and other SMPs - can be displayed. I'll post it to the agents only sticky thread as well. Cheers, George Lombard
  23. Alan Collett

    NSW Migration Plan is Published

    The last State Migration Plan - that for New South Wales - has been published. The Plan has 138 occupations, several of which are not on the Department of Immigration's Schedule 3 Skilled Occupations List (SOL). Note: To recap, skilled visa applications with occupations on the Schedule 3 SOL are next in line to be processed after those that are sponsored under a State Migration Plan. Those with occupations on the Schedule 4 SOL are likely to find that their visa application takes some two to three years (and possibly longer) to be processed to a decision. The way out of such a long processing timeline is for the occupation to appear on a State Migration Plan and to secure Sponsorship from the relevant State Government. Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News http://www.business.nsw.gov.au/live-and-work-in-nsw/visa-and-migration/state-migration-plan Best regards.
  24. Guest

    Making a plan and finances

    Having read lots of posts about the dilemma of moving either way from the UK to Oz or back again, I thought I'd offer these thoughts seeing as I've recently returned from living in Australia and I'm now very happy back in England. It is a huge move, there is no doubt. Moving countries changes your life hopefully for the better but not always as it effects people in different ways and you cannot know how it might affect you until you try it. There is an old saying, if you don't go, you won't know, and if you stay, you might decay so nobody can make the decision for you except you. The best tip I could offer if you decide to move either way, would be to keep all options open until you decide if you've done the right thing. It takes approximately 2 years to grow and acclimatise into a new life and it's not always easy making the adjustments. Once the honeymoon period is over and the reality hits, that's when the homesickness kicks in and it can be temporary or permanent. It depends on the person. You need a realistic amount of capital to take to any country so you need to research how much you will need to live on realistically. It's also a good idea to work out the absolute minimum you can live on. This way you haven't inflated the costs so everything else that comes as a extra is a bonus plus it prepares you for a lean time, if you don't get a job straight away for example. Personally, I find Australia has a lot of hidden costs and prices can change in the blink of an eye so you need to make sure you do not shortchange yourself when you're doing finances. When adding up projected bills, work on the broad side. Switching on the air conditioning can rocket when it's 45 degrees and you can't breathe. People assume there are no heating costs in Australia so this will cut the costs down, however air conditioning in the heat can cost much more if you're not on tariff 33. If you don't have tariff 33, it can cost several thousand dollars to install it. :yes: A pool pump can increase your monthly electricity bill by one third so these are all unknowns until you try living the Oz lifestyle. The extras can seriously add up. You need to preserve your capital so my advice is to keep it in the bank and rent for a year or two, until you decide if the UK or Oz is really where you want to be. Yes, renting can be dead money but you're not trapped into owning a property you might not be able to sell easily and you're not paying for the maintenance that goes with owning your own home. If you don't get a job or you lose your job, you have instant access to your cash. For the first year or so, don't spend your capital, sit on it, explore your new environment and take the time to see if you like it. Don't take out loans, buy a brand new car, buy furniture on loans or take out credit cards. Basically, don't get into debt. Wait, test the water, see if it meets your expectations before you spend all your cash or get into debt. Leave options to return home if you think you might need to. Keep a bank account active with a direct debit paying a credit card off. It pays to do this because it keeps your credit rating alive. This means if you return it's much easier to get a loan, rent a house, buy a car, obtain credit, etc. Stay as flexible as possible and at all costs, keep your money where you can get to it. The first 12 months will tell you if you really want to stay or leave whichever country you're in. If you know you're not where you want to be, make a plan to return within a reasonable time frame, again weighing up the costs and keeping your capital easily accessible. I hope this helps anyone who is currently trying to decide if they should leave or return to the UK.
  25. Also posted on PIA Hi We are currently looking into migration to SA. We aren't planning on using an agent as I think my application should be fairly straightforward but just wanted some opinions on the following plan and to see if some of the assumptions I have made are correct. My husband is an Information Security Specialist and we could probably get around the RPL with the amount of qualifications he has such as CISSP/CISM/MCSE however he has extensive experience in this field and some of his qualifications were gained too early for ACS to recognise them. This being the case we have opted for the easier option of applying for the visa under my skilled occupation of management accountant so the plan is as follows: - Both CPAA and SA require me to have a minimum score of 7 in all areas of the IELTS. CPAA require me to pass the academic version and so I have booked to sit the exam on 12th Feb. Hopefully I will get the result I need within 2 weeks so by the end of Feb will be able to apply to CPAA for my skills assessment. As far as I can see all that CPAA require from me are my CIMA membership certificate (as CIMA is affiliated with CPAA and therefore they have already assessed the suitability of the syllabus) and a copy of my IELTS report. If I am wrong please correct me on this front! CPAA reckon the skills assessment takes 10 days. I'm assuming it will take longer because I have to send docs to them and mail is slooooow. The next step would then be for me to apply for SS with SA. Now, Management Accountant requires a minimum of 3 years experience. Looking at the FAQs it states that this must be post qualified experience. My CIMA membership certificate is dated 7 May 2008 so I'll need to hang fire and apply for SS after this date. Now the question is that as far as I can see SA are not asking for references as back-up documentation for my nominated occupation. Am I correct in thinking that SA will assess my application on the basis of the skills assessment from CPAA and my CIMA membership certificate? The reason I ask is that I have just been made redundant whilst on maternity leave (completely illegal but that's another story lol) so I'm currently not gaining any experience between now and May if I don't find another job. Whilst SA are assessing my application I should strart getting my documents together for the 176 application so that I can lodge very quicly after getting SS. Am I correct in thinking that this is the point I will need references? I can see my old employer being slow about sending them out as I have contested their decision to make me redundant and they are slow responding to everything! I am hoping I don't need references before this point so that if I request them now then even the slowest of companies would have sent me them by this point (famous last words!). Sorry for the long post. Any thoughts or insight would be greatly appreciated.