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Found 11 results

  1. Guest

    Calling all ACT PIO'ers!

    I was thinking the other day when I logged in and saw a few ACT SS posts that there seem to be alot more people applying for ACT sponsorship then what there was when we applied.... So i thought i'd start a thread for all us Canberra PIO'ers to discuss where we are with the applications or actual move! And then hopefully organise meet ups in Canberra through this thread... Well where should I start.... We have our visa and are currently trying to sell the house.... headache central!! There are 5 of us moving, me (Emma, 22), my dad (11026 on this forum), my mum (not on PIO still trying to train her up on a bluming computer) and my 2 sisters (1 is 17 and the other is 20). We have to validate the visa by February but we are hoping to move for good in January Anyways I'm hopefully going to go to Canberra Uni and my dad is going to get back into some IT related job haha!! Be good to hear everyone else's story.... YAY ACT :jiggy: BOBJ > No sarccy comments about canberra please haha!
  2. There does seem to be alot of good news on the visa front, lots of PIOers are getting there visas which is great news, has things eased up? It doesn't seem long ago that lots of poor souls were waiting and waiting, but there doesn't seem to be as many now. Have Australia eased off with the delaying of visas? And who has got theres recently. Best of luck everyone and if your still waiting, i hope you get your visas soon.:wink:
  3. paulv

    Some PIO'ers of yesteryear?

    Check out this motley crew http://www.howtobearetronaut.com/2011/01/australian-criminals-of-the-1920s/ The website itself has lots of amazing picture galleries to suit all of your whims, check it yo!
  4. hevchick

    Visa granted! Thank you PIOers :)

    Still in shock :shocked:. Our visa was granted today! Very happy and extremely excited :jiggy::goofy::jiggy::goofy: Considering we thought we'd be waiting at least 3 years when we started this process we are both really pleased how quickly it has actually happened. I'd like to say a great big thank you to everybody who contributes to this forum. Thank you everyone :hug: It has been a lifesaver for me since WA SMP plan opened up. It was a huge relief to find out I wasn't the only one on an emotional rollercoaster and with an extremely bad case of OCD when it came to checking emails and the on-line check a ridiculous amount of times per day. The support and information that is available on PIO is fantastic, I have learnt so much and felt so welcomed. It is amazing that having a common dream can bring people together to help each other. Good luck to everyone waiting for a visa to be granted or for a CO to come along and to those about to start the process. I hope the waiting won't be too long or too painful (it's the worse part). Good luck also to those who are packing or about to arrive in Oz. Take Care and all the best Hev xx (I'm off to look at the threads on removals and finance forums now :wink:)
  5. Hi all, A guy at my work has a kitten that needs a kind and caring home. My colleague's son found it dumped behind his school and she's so tiny and small and needs a home. Unfortunately they can't keep her themselves so I'm just putting this out there to see if anyone is interested in saving this kitten from the cat shelter, where although they are kind to animals, over 80% of cats who are abandoned end up being euthanaised. :cry: She is grey and white with a stripe down her nose and she needs someone to love her!!! Poor little thing. MY OH and I are curently building a house and so are moving between house sitting and back and forth to mum and dads place, so we just can't take her ourselves... so I thought I'd ask if there were any PIO'ers or their friends and family who were interested? Cat loving people only need apply! :wubclub: Please PM me if you would like the contact details of my colleague.
  6. Guest

    ACT PIO-ers! Make A Stand!!

    Hi all ACT PIO-ers! I know there's plenty of us still left back here while JacquiB, Samfire and Catherine and Rob are starting their new lives in canberra ! (Good on you all - hope you're having a top time and look forward to all your news ... we'll need you all to keep our dream alive for a little while now!!) For us left here and now looking like it will be another 3 years - PLEASE MAKE A STAND!!! I wrote to Senator Evans yesterday to raise my concerns on the way the new direction has been handled and pointed out how it was unethical and wrong to be asked by DIAC to obtain medicals and police checks only to find a few days later everything had changed and as the checks are only valid for one year etc etc ... I copied the letter to the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister and also copied in the ACT SS people for information - they seemed pleased that people are making a stand - If you are close to getting your visa and this has affected you - I would urge you to write and raise your concerns (in an unemtional/unpersonalised way!!!) - the more this point is raised - the better .... I have also raised my concerns with the Australian Govt Ombudsman too. I'm sure there will be people ready to 'put me down' for this thread but personally I don't believe in lying down and being walked all over - this is my money and my family life they are playing with ... Happy days!
  7. Just wondered what your views are about 475-type visas that guarantee you nothing in the long term. My plans are going haywire somewhat (don't they always?) and without waiting for a change in DIAC and other agencies' attitudes, the only way we might have of getting in in the next couple of years is using a 475. My concerns are mainly about moving the family and being beholden to a company and having no PR to show for it. Quite a big risk when you are not the master of your own destiny. Welcome your general thoughts.
  8. Guest

    PIO'ers Meet Up!

    I have posted a date for a meet up in King park for March. It is by no means set in concrete, so if you feel an alternative date would be better, then by all means feel free to suggest one. Just thought it would be great to get together, share stories wine and burgers. Let me know if you're up for it, would be great to see as many down there as we can. Janette x
  9. I'm a BCS member but was wondering if I can transfer my status to the ACS? I don't need ti for my visa as my OH is the main visa holder but it might be handy to be a member of both. Chris
  10. The Flinns

    Tip for PIOers

    Just reading a thread asking about furniture packages and it got me thinking about all the great advice on here and as to what people do with it or how they remember it. I personally have set up a folder in my favourites in Windows Internet Explorer called 'Oz' Within that folder I have sub folders such as, banking, removals, real estate, jobs, foreign exchange, car hire etc. So that when some knowledgeable PIOer posts a recommendation for a query, such as Fantasic Furniture on the above mentioned thread; I will do a google search on the recommendation (if a URL has not been posted), go to the website and, if it is useful, I will then just save it to the folder for future reference. I find that this really helps as I am the biggest sieve head in the world!! Howard.
  11. Hi I am 25 & my OH is 20. We're coming to Oz in 2 wks, staying in Spring Hill for 6wks whilst we find our feet. Where, in ur opinion, should we look to live? We are thinking relatively close to CBD (around 20-25mins max) and the main things we're after are: 1. Close to public transport - trains and bus routes 2. Close to shopping centre and/or local convenience stores 3. Some nightlife/bars/restaurants Any opinions and views would be greatly appreciated. Oh and if anyone wants to meet up with us for a few beers and a natter then we'd welcome that too! Want to make friends! Thankyou all! Scott & Francesca... :twitcy: