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Found 21 results

  1. markandtraceyessex

    another boomerang / ping pong family

    ok, i kow this has been discussed on numerous occasions but i felt the need to share our storey; we gained our visa early last year (2008), sold our house and car, pack up work and moved to nsw in september, we know of 2 families in oz and 1 of them live in nsw and laid on a stretch limo to collect us from sydney. i had a job and after a rocky start we found good schools for our 2 daughters. i honestly thought all was going well and to plan, i was loving every day. i would often stand outside the front of where i worked (on an industrial estate) and look at the clear sky, rows of palm trees and gums, exotic birds all round and think to myself "this is the life". (sadly, i even recorded a drive home from work as it was so breath taking!) slowly tracey became more down and sad, escalating to a "worst christmas day of our lives!". After millions of conversations throughout that christmas break we decided to call it a day and return to uk. as a husband & father my duty laid with the wellbeing of my family. i handed in my notice at work, we reloaded up our belongings into yet another 20ft container and flew home on 26th jan 09. colleagues at work suggested i send tracey and girls back to UK for a short holiday, my boss even kindly offered to pay for the flight! i got my old job back, taking advantage of the current market we bought a lovely house. after an exausting campaign we managed to get the girls back into their old school and rejoined after school clubs etc. last month (july) tracey informs me that she wishes to return to nsw!!! now its not all tracey's fault, she said had she of returned for a holiday to the uk it would not have been long enough as it has taken her 5 months to realise she should have stayed in oz and stuck it out! plus circumstances and various pressures in oz all played a part to leaving. migrating is a HUGE step and not be be taken lightly, it drains all your energies and emotions not to mention your expences! as i said before i loved every day but i torn between my heart shouting out "YES" i going back and dispair at reliving the whole process giving fresh heartache to 2 sets of grandparents etc. if will go back it will be next summer as we intend to let our eldest finish school next may and go to her prom. our visa expires in 2013 phew,hope that all makes sense. i suppose what im looking for by writing this thread is; have people been in the same situation?, did they go back? did it work or not? thanks for reading, hope it doesn't all sound like gobbledegook. mark.
  2. Waitingawhile

    going to be a ping pong pom?

    anyone moved back and kinda knew they would be moving back to OZ before they got on the plane?:swoon:
  3. Juliep

    ping pong oz

    we moved back to the uk in Dec 2010 after nearly 2 years in Brisbane, we was home sick and my daughter was still studying in the uk. we got our PR then went back to the uk, didnt miss oz one bit until now! the uk is 'home' but there is nothing in this country for us and for my children so we are pondering if we should up root and move back to Oz, but we was thinking trying Melbourne this time as Brisbane was a little to hot for us, whats peoples thoughts ?? thanks
  4. aharcall

    Ping Pong Poms

    Hi We moved to Oz in Sept 2009 and moved back to the Uk in April 2010. Been home over a year now and having thoughts of giving Oz another go next year before our Permanent visa runs out in Jan 2013. Would really love to hear the stories of other ping pong poms who have been back and forth to Oz and whether things have finally worked out how they wanted or envisaged and what made it work the second (or third) time around, if it did. Our sons are due to finish A levels and GCSEs in July next year and that feels a much better time for us to try again. There were a number of reasons it didn't work out for us at the time but we feel that we have a better understanding now of the whole process and hope we can overcome the feelings of home sickness with the benefit of hindsight and make a good go of it second time around.
  5. nicandjay

    Ping pong

    Hi All Have any Ping Pongers regretted there move back to Oz ? We returned in Jan but have a burning desire (we think) to return back to Oz......nicx
  6. Guest

    Ping pong !!

    Has anyone returned to the UK from Oz and regretted it ? If so....why did u leave Oz in the first place and why was it a mistake !! Col x
  7. I could to some extent could be classed as a 'Ping Ponger/Pommer', have been back and forward more times than I can remember, mostly due to unforeseen circumstances or for other people involved,:wubclub:. And if things turn out we will soon be making our way back again. I would like to point out that my/our returns to the UK were not because we 'wanted' to, just circumstance is all, and I appreciate that many return to the UK because Australia (at the time) didn't tick certain boxes. So for those of you who have returned other than 'having' to because of family reasons AND are thinking of going back do you 'think' that it is still the best idea. I guess what I am trying to say do you just remember the good times and forget (often sub conciouslessly) the bad times, or even the very thing that made you return in the first place. I don't want to uproot any bad memories, just wondering for those that have tried on several occasions to emigrate do you still go with eyes wide open or say to yourself, 'This Time It Will Be Different'. And in all honesty I know of a few migrants who have indeed been out there twice or more and in the grand scheme of things they have 'settled' far more successfully because they have learnt from previous mistakes. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  8. Hi all I'm new to this forum - good to meet u all :-) I'm finding myself in a major dilemma at the minute and was after any advice or just to get other people's view point. Basically my story is this: I went to Oz in 2006 on a working holiday visa (aged 25) fully intending to stay for just the year and ended up meeting my boyfriend (Australian) after about 6 weeks! Things with the bf were great but I didn't really enjoy being in Oz probably for about the first year and a half - I was in Melbourne and altho I enjoyed certain aspects to my new life; the weather, food, great service etc, it was a bit of a culture shock compared to the U.K. I got really depressed and after my holiday visa expired the company I worked for sponsored me on a 457 but I didn't really enjoy the job. I felt really trapped at work, and felt like I was missing out on everything going on back home with friends/family. I often thought about going back to the U.K but at the time it seemed too complicated for my bf to try to get a visa (we needed to live together for a period of time to qualify for a visa for him). Anyway I got my permanant residency (defacto spouse visa), changed jobs to something I really wanted to do, made some friends and things were going well. I went back to visit the U.K once (in 2008) and loved catching up with everyone. Everything seemed like a novelty too, the cheap clothes, variety in shops amongst other things but I had fun although I did feel a little bit detached from the old 'me' who grew up here. So for the next 2 years in Oz I was slowly getting homesick, missing family and friends and just generally thinking how much better life would be back in the U.K. Grass is always greener anyone!?! My boyfirend and I had often talked about living in the U.K as a couple as he had never really spent any proper time there. Sooooo to cut a long story short in August 2010 I applied for a job in London and got it. We packed all our stuff into storage in Melb and I flew over in Oct. My bf had to wait 2 months to get his visa but he joined me in Dec. After 4 months down in the U.K and this is where my dilemma is...I think I have made a MASSIVE mistake coming back. I feel like I don't belong here anymore and am properly miserable. I keep thinking how much better my life was in Oz and counting down the time when we can go back. I don't want this to be a slagging off England post and I appreciate England has some good qualities to it as a place to live but I am almost convinced it isn't for me now. I am actually shocked by how little money I have now. In Oz I was saving like crazy and able to go out for dinners, get a nice haircut, weekend away now and again but here I am struggling. Even tho food is cheaper here, after council tax, bills, rent I almost feel like I am working for nothing. I am also miserable about the weather, the service you get in shops/restaurants. I also expected we would be catching up with family and friends all the time too but that hasn't happend much either as everyone is busy with their own lives. The problem we have is we haverented a flat which is a minimum 20 month contract so are pretty much locked into that, also I am worried if I leave my job after such a short time it wont look great and it is a good job. I will also have the issue of having to get a job back in Oz (My job is very niche and not that many jobs out there in the field). On the other hand we have only been here 4 months ish and it is winter, we haven't had much time to save up money for holidays etc so maybe we should just stay til the end of our lease and then move back to Oz. My main concern is am I only wanting to go back to Oz cos I'm in the U.K now and vice versa when I was in Oz....?!?! Is the grass always greener? Will I be a serial Ping ponger forever?!!?!? I feel like I need to settle in 1 country in about 2 years and want to stay there and bring up some kids. Any advice would be appreciated !!!
  9. Guest

    Ping Pommer!

    Hi Everyone I think I am what is generally known as a ping Pommer! We have had Visas for two years and spent five months in oz When we first got the Visa. For many reasons we foolishly came back to the UK but almost immediately knew what a mistake we had made. So here I am, House sold Visa in hand ready to head back down under. I hope to make new friends and contacts on the forum and maybe eve help out some newbies to the whole process. Eve :goofy:
  10. As a vetran ping ponger (5 tours of duty) I have decided to offer some advice. 1. Moving countries is not that big of a deal if you plan well 2. It gets easier the more you do it 3. It gets easier the more often you do it 4. Don't slag either country, just say youre moving for work or fancy a change 5. Its always hard leaving but great fun landing 6. Ping ponging is fun so enjoy it! 7. Buy light cheap furniture or stuff that stores well 8. Always keep your options open 9. Follow the work, thats a good enough reason to move anyway unless you were born with a siver spoon in your mouth 10. Get Skype 11. Ping to OZ in November and pong to UK in April 12. Keep your licenses and tickets up to date, don't leave it too long between moves 13. Anyone of you could be a future ping ponger, accept this possibility and it will be easier to deal with if it happens 14. Be happy that you have the option of ping ponging 15. When it stops being fun it might be time to go 16. Keep the goodbys short and don't waste money on going away party's, you may be back sooner than you think 17. You will loose more money on car transactions than anything else 18. A good car is more important than almost anything else and a wagon/estate is best for ping pongers 19. Travel light 20. Don't eat yellow snow I hope this is useful to all you potential or novice ping pongers. It's all based on experience
  11. Hello, Can anyone please help. We had a tra assessment done about 7 years ago . On the certificate itself it has electrical mechanic - asco4311 . My question is am I still able to use this - is it still valid?
  12. Proview220

    Ping- pong!

    It would be interesting to here from our PIO members that have emigrated to Australia and found it's not for them, then once returning home finding out they have made a mistake and wanting to return to oz, How long did you stay in oz before you returned home? How long did it take you to find out you made a mistake by coming home? What state do you prefer? proview
  13. Guest

    Ping Pong Poms

    Just curious, how many on here are ping pongs? what's your story? :cool:
  14. mrsindecision

    Stop me from becoming a ping ponger

    HI all most of you will be familiar with our story about returning to Uk for better opportunities and education for the kids and ourselves. We know it was a head decision and had timing not been critical we might have stayed for another couple of years. But I was afraid the longer we stayed the harder it would be to leave and you start to compromise on yourself. So we're back and things here have changed - thankfully. We have moved to a town 20 minutes away from where we last lived with the kids (20yrs).Its a beautiful part of Uk. Unemployment extremely low, near London good job prospects. Friends and family are really happy to have us back and truthfully even family have changed and improved ( maybe its my rose tinted glasses) or maybe I have changed and am less judgemental but we are having lovely times hanging out with them and I love having my Mum near by. But I really do miss the blue sky and cleanliness of Oz more than anything. Not the heat flies etc. I keep wanting to run back to a place of safety ( which I thought UK was) but realise this is a bit of a fantasy in my head. It might help to know that we have left our eldest out there and I am pretty bereft without him. The kids here are up and down as would be expected. 15 year old better as she has hooked up with some old friends and really enjoys being with her Nans and cousins but misses her friends in Oz badly. My 19 year old is bored - hooked up with a few old mates but most have moved on and he is just waiting to start uni in September. I just keep wanting to make everything right for them but cant - we all have to go through this period of re-adjustment. I am sure everyone goes through it to an extent after about a month - I am hoping it's not just us destined to live in limbo land. I just keep telling myself we have to be here for four years to see the kids through their next stage of life and then we can go anywhere including back to oz if we want. Hoping others have gone through something similar and can tell me how long it can take before felling some kind of normal again.
  15. Hi Guys Just after a bit of advise. We are returning to Melbourne in November and have already been there once on a single ticket and validated our visa - we flew with Emirates and were given double luggage allowance. Although we still ended up 19kg over weight & had to send a case with Sky Cargo. So when we go this time round, for good this time again on a one way ticket, does anyone know if we can get the double allowance again, were flying with Singapore this time. We are shipping our furniture & belongings over a month before we fly out and so the dilemma, here it will be winter & in Oz it will be Summer so im going to need completely different clothing. So Im sure we will end up with lots of stuff to take on the flight! :arghh:
  16. Guest

    Champion ping pong pom

    Are we the champion ping pong poms? can anyone beat this? 4 times in 10 years. 2000-2002 QLD 2002-2005 UK 2005-2007 QLD 2007-2008 UK 2008-2009 QLD 2009-2010 UK 2010-???? QLD again maybe soon!!!! Bet you can't!!!!:goofy:
  17. 20yrspommie

    Another ping pong story

    We moved back to the UK last Aug ,family of three , with car, dog etc but have decided to move back to OZ . I really dont want to put anyone off and mine is just another story and I read plenty of others before embarking on this decision so if it helps at all here goes: We left Australia after 20yrs , with one son 12 we were mostly happy there but over the years often felt like would like to live again in the UK mostly because of family there but also missing the usual stuff , like the culture and history , being close to Europe, lovely countryside etc. Its such a hard decision but finally timing seemed right with a good exchange rate and son about to go to HS it seemed a good time to finally make the move. We moved to a lovely house in a very pretty village but we all so miss Australia, our friends and the lifestyle we had there. I personally feel that it is really hard to start over after 20yrs , we do have friends here and family who have been fantastic and really tried so hard and we tried too , went to social events in the village and joined local cricket and football clubs , it just hasnt worked out . The main reason overall though is the job situation it is so bad here and without regular employment too hard and that soon overtakes everything else Maybe it would have been different if we had moved back a few years ago when things were not so bad here and our son was still in Primary as he has struggled here - I thought 12 was okay but I really underestimated how established he was at school with friends and activities here he is spending lots of time on his own . I am glad we came as I especially always wanted too and I have really enjoyed spending lots of family time but in the end its not enough to keep living here , at least we tried so it has answered that feeling once and for all Have sold our house and now starting the whole process again - but I will always come back as lots to like about the Uk but a visit will do in future:arghh:
  18. markandtraceyessex

    ping pong 2nd house sale, here we go again

    :biggrin:hi all, well history is repeating itself and for the 2nd time in as many years my wife and i are placing our home on the market for sale. estate agents are visiting on friday 22nd jan to value and pic take. i have been d.i.y'ing this weekend in readyness and have next thurs / fri off for last minute panic fixing n cleaning :eek: we will keep you posted with how we get on :wacko:
  19. Hello. We had visas that expired in 2008 :embarrassed: Never got round to going back after a family death. Nor did we make the 2 years :embarrassed:. I take it we have to re-apply again ? Will this mean doing all the stuff again ?? How long is it taking for sparks? I am thinking things have changed alot in the past years since we first started all this :err: Things seem a bit more daunting this time or perhaps its because we are older and kids are older etc...
  20. Guest

    Ping Pong!

    Hey guys Don't know if there are any old timers on the boards who remember me, but we shipped out to Oz in October 2006 - then fled back home in january 2007. Well, guess what. We were talking at the weekend and it's come to light that Mrs Choobs and i both feel we've made a horrible mistake and would quite like to give it another go. The visa lasts until 2011, after all. Except this time we don't have house equity and the current policiy of 'if it moves, tax it; if it doesn't tax it anyway' that Britain is labouring under is likely to make it very difficult to save. So, in the words of Homer Simpson - 'D'oH!' All you guys over in Oz who may be feeling homesick - don't give into it - it'll be a lot harder to get back the second time :-/ John
  21. Guest

    Worried ping pong pom

    We have been watching down under revisited. And realise how much we really want to go back to Oz. We flew out on the 5th June 2007 to Brisbane and returned becasue we were on a 457 visa but the sponsor didnt stick to the deal. The thing is when we went out last time we were not very confident that we would get in didint think my partner had enough expereince etc. Now we are wanting to return as a PR, we have applied for TRA. My partner is convinced we wont get in because we returned last time and immigration might say no because of this. I want to know how many ping pong poms there are, that have gone back and forth and either did return or were refused. Any help appreciated