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Found 5 results

  1. pablo

    The pin up thread!

    Lets see how PC PIO is:cute::biggrin:,i'l start:wideeyed:male or female,im not sexist:biggrin: [YOUTUBE]vB8ItNKaCZU[/YOUTUBE]
  2. TheClarkeFamily

    Very Confused Nurse here!!!

    I seem to be reading mixed information and am hoping someone can clear up a few queries I have :wink: 1. I have recently been told that currently to get my UK pin changed in Australia, this is taking 6 months??? Is this true? Can we not apply once we have our visa approved or do we have to wait until our feet are literally on Aussie soil? 2. My husband is the main applicant so he is sitting the IELTS soon. A few nurses have said I will also need to sit mine before I am allowed to work as a nurse in Australia? Our migration consultant has not mentioned this before so am unsure. 3. My qualification is a diploma rather than a degree, I have heard rumours that I would have to change this to a degree in Australia yet our migration consultant says diploma is accepted??? Basically I am an RGN, qualified since Feb 2007 (took a year off in 2009 for maternity) experience in both hospitals and nursing homes. As I say my husband is main applicant, working in IT. We started our visa application for SS skilled 176 in October last year and are ticking along nicely so far. I just need to get my head around everything and be prepared, if the above is correct, to wait a while to get my pin sorted when we move etc. We are heading for Perth. Thanks in advance to anyone who answers :notworthy:
  3. Hi guys, I've spent countless hours reading about the best palces to live in Sydney and still have so many options for us that I thought I would ask for all of your great advice. My wife and I (both 35) are moving to Sydney in Q1/Q2 next year. I will need to be within a reasonable commuting distance from the CBD. I don't mind train, bus (up to 45 mins) or a cycle (of up to 10 - 15KM). We want to be by the water - although not too worried about beach (sailing and fishing ability is more important than sand and surf). We're also bringing over our two cats - so looking for somewhere leafy and quiet, but with decent restaurants etc. We have a budget of $800 to $1000 per week and would be looking for a 3 bed house. We love the look of Avalon, but it just seems too much of a commute - is it an hour? (I currently do 1 1/2 hours into London on the train and getting away from this is part of the reason for moving). We've heard both good and bad things about the Shire (places on the Georges River). We like the look of the area, but we're young and into our art/music/cutlure and we hear the Shire is quite conservative and quiet (not that this is particularly bad - just what we are picking up from the web). Manly/Mosaman are in great locations - but for the money it looks like you'd end up living in a box. Balmain looks great - but is it too inner city / urban for our two (currently village living) cats? Any advice would be very welcome as I am sure many of you have had the same dilema... Many thanks, Mr Choo
  4. simonwilliams

    Australian pin ???

    Hi, I'm worried about whether i would be able eligible to receive an Australian pin. Im currently in my third year due to qualify in feb! my parents have received there visa in which i am on as a dependent and are moving over in dec (they have booked their flights) I really want to be able to go straight to aussie as soon as i qualify and apply for jobs.. does anyone know if this is possible?? i have emailed countless people in regards to being able to gain an Australian pin , just waiting on replies. i wont have any experience except placements as a students , and a few years healthcare assistant. any help would be appreciated many thanks Amy Williams
  5. Hi All There was some interest at the Perth Girls' night out at Chutneys for there to be a night out ten pin bowling in Rockingham, Western Australia. Just thought I would gauge definite interest and get some days of the week and which month people would like to go bowling. So let me know if you are interested once you have checked out the info on the website AMF Bowling Rockingham, Western Australia They do a number of packages from $35pp for the one below to a $55 one or even a $75pp one. Any extra drinks are able to be bought individually :biggrin: 2 games of bowling and shoe hire • Classic hot dog • Crispy calamari rings • Mini spring rolls • Fresh vegetable bites and dips • Tempura fish bites • Seasoned potato wedges • Beverage (your choice of a bottle of beer, glass of wine or soft drink) I'll inquire with the company in Rocky to see if there are any minimum numbers etc. Look forward to hearing from you re when and on what night you'd like to have this event held on. Anyone travelling a fair distance from outside the area - I do have a spare room with a nice queen sized bed (as long as you do not mind dogs as we have 4 of them) but they have their own beds in our room. The spare room is a dog free zone :biggrin: Cheers Julia