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Found 15 results

  1. London framed print, brought a year ago. Looks great on the wall, a statement piece. Size: 980mm heigth x 680mm width $100.00 Located in Perth WA
  2. Hi people, I am a first time renter and just paid my bond + first month's rent. Lease signing will be done soon. I need some advice. I have read that I should take timestamped pictures of the property when I move in and keep them as evidence. Now this may seem very stupid, but I want to know a good camera model which timestamps the pictures. I am not a big photography enthusiast - my only camera goes unused most of the time and doesn't have the feature. Any pointers on a good cheap camera that I can buy would be much appreciated. Any other tips/tricks/words of wisdom are also welcome. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply to my message.
  3. Just saw this on FB-- thought Ill share-- dedicated to the wonderful nurses here on PIO.
  4. I started doing this in the UK when I found a good set of pictures of The New Forest where I live. Now I do the same thing in OZ, bought two packs of first day covers, already stamped for worldwide. Some of them are Xmas-themed, others Aussie-themed. I sent all ten off on Friday. I find it more 'authentic' and i like to add a short message too. I hate getting a card from ten thousand miles away with no more than 'Merry Xmas Dave' from 'X' & 'Y', written by 'X' when 'Y' is supposedly my friend.
  5. tonyman

    Picture in Our Heads

    As Tink mentioned we probs all have a picture in our heads of many on here and what they look like ...............a lovely bunch of people............or not...........so what pictures do you have in your head of certain people on here ............send in your pics or descriptions ect of certain people and what you imagine them to look like to win a prize...........:biggrin:
  6. Hey all, Just trying to decide if we should move to WA or SA, when I look up my partners trade and my job on seek website there seems to be a hell of a lot more on WA. We are going on a 176 under my partners trade as a 1st Class welder, when I search his trade there's about 100 in Perth and Only say 12 in Adelaide. His job is on the list for both states, so I wonder why there is such a difference and looking at SA you wouldn't think there was much demand for his trade with what is advertised. I just wonder is its a true picture but I found the same thing on a different site too. Thanks for your help. Lucy:hug:
  7. Guest

    profile picture

    hi me+hubby are new 2 the site and have tried 2 upload a picture for our profile but it says that upload has faild cud anyone please advise what 2 do so we can start enjoy using the site and hopefully start making new friends thankyou Gaynor+Paul :biggrin:
  8. Australian Government LURED us here by making us think that we would get permanent residency if we studied in Australia for 2 years and lodged our applications when the profession we studied for was still on demand, and now that they have taken our money (and I don't only mean the application fees, I mean rent, colleges, phone bills, transports, etc. - let's not forget that education is the 2nd largest export industry of Australia) and years of life, they wanna KILL our applications. If the Cap & Cease Bill is passed, it will be safe to say that International Students are COCKROACHES to Australia.
  9. Hi Guys FIRSTLY apologies for the shocking title of this post, i have only justed noticed the rubbish spelling and grammer once i clicked post- sorry should be Some Old Pictures Of Perth!!!! Tough day ahead me thinks! ;o) Anyway.............I have just created an album of some pics of Perth from way back in 1868 to the 1960's, my friends who lives there sent me some. Dont know about anyonelse but i found seeing this historical stuff quite interesting and comforting as i count down my remaining 61days before we bid farewell to the UK.:wideeyed: I cant figure out how to attach them to my post but if you click on the link to my picture gallery on the left of this post you should, i hope, see them there! Hope you like them :biggrin:
  10. Just wondering if any of you here in Oz can help me with this. I'm on an Optus contract, I regularly send text messages to my folks back in UK but last week tried sending a photo I took. No can do. Tried it with the wife's phone, No can do. Anyone know why? used the same numbers as we use for ordinary text messages +44 etc., but it just won't go. Anyone know what the problem could be. I went to the Optus shop today but the queue was out the door. :arghh: I hope someone can help because my son back in Britain is laughing at me now reckons I can't use a mobile phone. (Cheeky git) Thanks, REDDERS
  11. The Age WHO are we? As THE SUM OF US shows, we are a surprising group. We once thought of ourselves in timeworn platitudes: the sunburnt country, the lucky country, the land of the fair go. But we knowmany of these old cliches no longer hold true. For a sporting nation, we are rather overweight. For a rich nation, many of us are heavily in debt. We once spoke of a classless society, but wealth distribution is severely lopsided. We know we no longer ride the sheep's back, and, when it comes to "young and free", we are getting less young every year. Fewer of us live anywhere near sweeping plains, and, as working hours and commuting times increase, fewer of us fit the image of a laid-back Aussie. We kno wthere are slightly more than 21 million of us. The census counted 4,591,520 dependent children in Australia, and 2,489,158 families with dependent children. One of us dies every three minutes and 57 seconds. An Australian is born every minute and 55 seconds. Our median age is 36.6 years, and there are 120,800 more females than males. We live in the sixth-biggest country, but rank about 50 for population. And we are bunched up, for the most part, on our vast continent's south-eastern corner. Almost one in three of us live in NSW, almost one in four in Victoria. We are diverse. There were 260 ancestries listed among those who filled out census forms in 2006 - including Tokelauan,Uygur and Zulu. The most common non- Australian ancestries identified were English, Scottish and Irish - much the same as it has been since white settlement. More than 14 million of us were born in Australia, 147,106 in India, 13,881 in Romania, almost 1300 in Morocco and 146 in the Netherlands Antilles. Slightly more than half a million Australians are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island descent. Indigenous Australians have a median age of 21 years - much lower than the general population. On average, if we work full time,we work about 41.7 hours a week, and we earn about $58,400 a year. The average household net worth is about $563,000, based on the Australian Bureau of Statistics' last major study of wealth distribution in 2006. But if your household does not seem so rich, you are not alone.
  12. Guest

    Profile Picture

    Ok forgive me if im being blonde but i cant get my profile photo to be visible on my threads, its keeps saying uploading failed, what am i doing wrong. Lisa:unsure:
  13. Can someone please give me advice? It's a bit of a daft question, but as there is a restriction on bringing things made of wood in to Australia, what about my framed pictures ? And what about mirrors with a wood surround? It's only a little dilemma, but I have about 20 small and 4 large pictures, and don't really want to leave the frames and buy new ones in Melbourne. But does the "no wood" policy extend to small things like pictures? I wouldn't like to think they would be stopped at Customs and perhaps destroyed, as they are very special - kids' photos, paintings of our holiday places,etc. Sentimental, but really important to me!!! Thanks for any help . ( I just read a post saying there is a problem bringing Xmas decs - so will leave most of them behind.):cute::twitcy:
  14. Hi to all Joined in March and seem to spend a lot of time on poms in oz. Its bothering me that my contact name is just 'Eddie', and i dont want Tina to feel left out, so does anybody know how i go about changing my name on threads? And also how do we go about putting a picture on? We're not that great on computers. Managed to clear our cookies for the first time ever after readin a thread a couple of days ago, been trying to do this for ages, so as for changing our name and getting a picture up its beyond us? Eddie and family (hopefully we'll be known as EddienTina)
  15. Stuju

    Joke picture

    Just had to share this with you all, found it rather amusing !!!! off to watch the FA now geeeeeeeee its getting late here - not quite the same as watching it in the uk ....... enjoy the pic