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Found 11 results

  1. Guest

    In a pickle

    Hi guys, This is our first time on here even though been in Oz for about a year now. Initially when we came out we were offered a place in rural NSW (thankfully we didn't have a regional visa). We hated it there so much, my wife is a nurse and I look after our daughter, I have a degree in geology and a another in surveying but are from some time ago. After about 5 months we decided to get out, our recruitment agent was a bitch saying if we moved we have our visas revoked, all rubbish according to immigration, we seriously thought of going back to Cornwall/Devon but decided to give another place a try. We ended up coming to Perth, which we do like but after a while it has just sunk in how much we miss home. I have found it really difficult to get a decent job, luckily my wife is working in a good nursing role (although they are so backward here in relation to the NHS it is untrue), I recently applied to the police and passed all the tests but they are cutting back on recruitment now. I look after my daughter which is a privelage to do. But we are really missing home, I wanted to come out to kickstart a career, did some FIFO gold exploration but the family just hate me being away and so do I. Before we came out we had a good life, a cottage in the country, wife had a good job, I had an ok job, but it wasn't good enough for me and I wanted to come. We know we are going through a period of homesickness and have done many times, but this one appears to quite prolonge this time. We have very little money left and a couple of small loans for cars. We are going to give it another 6 months and reassess our decision, little one is 2 so no real worries in taking her out of school. We are just coming to realise what we had and what we gave up. Oz is great and we have had such a great time but we just feel now it just isn't what we had before. Trouble is we have very little money to go back with, my wife could more than likely get a role within her nursing specialism and on the nhs job site appear to be a number. We just are in such a dilemma at the moment, we have a pro's and cons list and there are more pros for Oz, but it just doesn't feel like the place we want to end up staying. Don't know why I am writing this, I know people love this place and if we could spend a few months here and the rest in the UK, great (although I would prefer capetown it is nearer and just as nice). what if we cant afford to pay off the loans here, as they are attached to cars, could we just give the cars to the finace company? HHHHHEEEELLLPPPP!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Guest

    17 and in a pickle

    So I currently live in the U.K with my mum and my Dad is out living in Oz. I am currently working full time and my life seems to be going nowhere fast. I have been invited out to Oz to stay for a couple of months to see if I like it or not. I have been out there twice before for a month and have really enjoyed it but then again have got homesick but when I am back in England I really do miss Australia. I am just questioning to see what peoples opinions are on the big move is it worth it I know now England is going to take a massive hit with the Tories making all their cuts so if I did go would now be the best time?? Just wanted to know different peoples opinion thank you.
  3. smokyflipps74

    A bit of a pickle.....

    Hello all, This is my first post but I have been a lurker on here for a while. There is just so much great/useful info. Thanks. Our situation is probably similar to a lot of other previous posters but here goes. Neither of us have been to Australia before, but after a period of unemployment for myself in the UK (and still looking) we decided to enquire about the 'big move'. After approaching several companies and having interviews I may be in a position to have offers on the table. The decision is two-fold: 1. Stay here and take any job for now and hope things pick up (ahem) or move for a new opportunity to Australia (untested) 2. Assuming move to Australia, Brisbane or Perth? As others before have probably gone through the whole range of emotions, doubts, elation, ups and downs, just after some advice on what to do next. Help.....:arghh:
  4. Guest

    Friend In A PR Pickle

    Hi I've an Irish friend who arrived over in January 2010. Himself and his wife are on her student visa, she's a mature Irish student studying hairdressing in Melbourne. She's completed Cert III , nearly completed Cert IV and will continue her Diploma in August. They've 2 sons both of whom are over 18. One has since returned to Ireland. Hairdressing was removed from the Skills list in July 2010. Neither have recognised qualifications and are both in their 40's. He's doing some manual work, 20 hours per week. I'm no expert in migration issues but seen as we're going through the PR process and I can see how cut and dry they are here, my assessment of their situation is pretty bleak. Their financial situation is precarious and they need to make a decision soon whether they chance an application or just return to Ireland. Any advice would be great.
  5. Guest

    not sure what to do!

    Hi, it's almost a year since we decided to move and we've scrimped and saved ready to start the visa process. My husband is a motor mechanic and we were going to apply for ss from Qld in the hopes of moving to Brisbane as this seemed a good option for me getting a place as a post grad midwife as i qualify in 18 months, hence applying now for visa, and we have 4 children 14, 11, 10 and 5. Whilst researching yesterday i checked Qld ss and motor mechanics are now not sponsored although its on the sol list. My dilema is do we apply next year for a temp visa and hope we he gets offered sponsorship or move states possibly perth and apply for 176 ss wa, for peice of mind. I dont want to work in the uk when i qualify and wait a year, would be lucky to get bank shifts the way things are, and we so desperatly all want to move to Oz! Not sure what perth would have going for my eldests son who will be 16 when we move, hence the other reason i want to go then, not giving him the option to stay in uk! Not sure how likly it is for Qld to maybe change their ss list! Thanks for reading, feeling confused and anxious Lisa x x
  6. Guest

    RSMS- a pickle of a situation!

    Hi, I have received my RSMS visa nearly a year now. I have what may seem like a very strange complaint to make- as I have read through other peoples comments where they are being treated unfairly etc in their workplaces. My boss is a very kind and very generous person who I consider a friend. However on a daily basis he visits the local pub and the rest of the afternoon is completely overtaken with listening to a one sided drunken conversation. I get no work done every afternoon and often the mood isnt great in the mornings with a subsequent hangover to follow- My patience with it is wearing thin. I feel like I'm not using my brain anymore!! My boss has also lost his driving licence and so I am a full time chaffeur- which is really no where in my job description- and its driving me crazy (excuse the pun!) As far as my job description goes I barely do anything on it- from time to time I do- but its not very difficult and I feel that mentally I am not developing- I studied in university for many years and I have excellent qualifications that I do not want to go to waste. I really want to leave my employer and start in a job where I can use my skills and progress them- but I dont want to insult my employer (the drinking issue is not one I feel comfortable bringing up with him- as he does not see it as an issue!) Is there anyway out of this situation? A sober and frustrated employee!
  7. Guest

    I seem to be in a pickle!

    Hello, Im new to this, so please forgive me if im doing this wrong! The thing is, i dont know what else i can do!! My pickle is that my boyfriend is Australian.... I went over to Australia last year on a e767 visa, i stayed for 6 months went to Vietnam (in order to be granted another 6 months i had to leave the country) when i arrived back at the airport i was grilled about where i was staying, and how i was supporting myself (the e767 visa is NON working). My boyfriend then appeared and said he was supporting me. The Immigration guy made a note of all of this and let me pass. I left Australia last December and ideally wanted to be back by January. This is where my pickle began. My visa expires on the 23rd of Febuary 2009, and i was advised that i needed to re new my visa before i re entered and i couldnt be in Australia on a expired visa. I decided to re apply for the same e676 visa, because my boyfriend will be supporting me we had to supply statement both personal and bank. They replied to me on Friday and told me i was not going to be granted the e676 visa, based on the fact that i was going there to be with my boyfriend and not for Tourist reasons. I was told i should apply for a sponser visa. Again, back we go to my pickle..... Although i lived with my boyfriend for 9 months, we didnt start our relationsip with any intentions, so i wasnt on the flat lease, or the interent, or the telephone. We alsonever bought item together.. Thus meaning we dont qualify for the de facto visa.... I believe my other two options are the marriage, or the engagment?! These are descions i want to make with my boyfriend and not over the phone or skype. Thinking about it, i now want to go out on a 3 month ETA. Within those months, my boyfriend and i will do what it takes for me to stay there. I guess what i want to know is, if i go out on a 3 month ETA will i be ok when i arrive in Australia. I was advised that i would be granted this visa, but they couldnt promise me id be ok once i arrive at Australia Immigration?! If anyone can advise me i would be so grateful!!!! Thank you so much for your time, Jennie P.S. I have already had my working visa....
  8. Hi All Didn't know if anyone can help me here........?? We lodged our visa on March 30th and are going as permanent residents to Oz on a 176 visa. We front loaded our medicals and police checks in June this year and are currently waiting for a Case Officer......I have just found out i am preganant! Does anyone think i will have the visa come through by early next year so i can go and have my new baby in Australia? I know there is a big delay with the processing....Also i presume if i had the baby there my baby would become and Australian Citizen,,,,,would we qualify to become citizens too? Our Migration Company cant give us a clear picture and has just told us it is a grey area..........anyone have any clues?? :shocked:
  9. saunders clan

    Branston pickle

    Does anyone know if a jar of Branston Pickle will get through customs? What about Creme Eggs? Thanks. Kate
  10. Guest

    in a pickle after london expo

    Hi all i went to the expo on saturday at 2pm, really wanted to check out about SA but they only had a couple of stands but one stand really imressed me and that was the Canberra stand, As i am in I.T i was going round and not many people knew a lot about I.T but Simon Kinsmore had a big list of skills for in Canberra and after i had told him what different skills i have in I.T he said straight away that they will sponsor me. He gave me his bussiness card and some information, then when i went back at the end of my 2 hours to say thankyou a women called Jandy from the Canberra stand spoke to me and offered to rewite my C.V in OZ format and pass it on to Canberra uni as they have a position in I.T coming up. So when i got home i email her my C.V and she replied at 05-15am sunday saying she is sorting it oput and will let me know what is happening this week. All sounds good BUT!! a skilled sponsored visa takes 12 weeks and the DIAC told me yesterday that my online applicatiopn will only take 12 weeks too so what should i do wait for a job/sponsor fron Canberra or carry on with my 175 visa and go out in september( I hope)??????? Any Advise?