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Found 24 results

  1. My first guess upon thinking of this would be to pick someone rich and good looking - but I think this would be rather dull. In computer games we get pleasure from the challenges we face and overcome - having it all on a plate would be like using the cheat option.
  2. Hi All, We are an Irish couple who have 2 young kids ,4.5 & 2.5 who will be looking to rent for a year or so (while we decide what to do with our hse at home). We would like the following....but not sure at what area to be looking at? 1 - Commutable to city for work - will prob only have 1 car to start with so need to be near public transport and within an hour 2 - An area that has good Kindergarden,pre-primary and primary schools as from reading other posts, if you are not in the right area you may not get into certain schools 3 - Would like a stand alone house with a back garden in a green area but yet still not too far away from neighbours and other family so as to get to know them (we currently live in the country on 1 acre but know that this will not be quite yet achievable ) Would probably be able to pay $500-700 pw rent. it all depends if I get a job as well as Hubby though I prob won't until I get the boys settled in their schools. 4 - As we're Irish I would like to be able to get to know some other Irish families (but not be stuck knee deep in them either!!) that would have their kids in the boys schools 5 - I'm a catholic (Hub isn't so not relevant for him) but I would like the boys to go to a catholic primary though it wouldn't be a must, he would rather they don't but it would be great to have that option when that time comes for that one!! 6 - Be nice if we weren't too far from the beach - am I pushing the boat out to far here!! I think thats a long enough list for ye to work on for now... Thanks again for all your help AM:biggrin:
  3. Guest

    a little pick me up!

    dont know if you're aware of this page but it gives me a little shot in the arm when i think australia will never happen- so thought i'd share it with you :0) http://www.livinginsydneyandnsw.com/the-first-dawny
  4. Hi all, I've applied for a Occupational training visa and I'm wondering when/if it gets approved, where do I pick it up from as I'm pretty sure it will be a physical label. I lodged the application from the U.K but I am French, although I am planning to be in Thailand when it gets approved. Does anybody know if I will have to go back to London or France or can I go to the consulate in bangkok? Many thanks Iain
  5. hello. Everyone seems happy to talk about shipping costs but nobody ever mentions the costs to pick your stuff up at the docks. Ive been quoted £766 ($1100) by my shipping company if I pay in advance in the UK for 9 cubic metres weighing 1564 kg. basically 1/4 of a containers worth. Does this sound realistic or do you reckon it might prove cheaper to pay the fees at the docks when I pick them up. Got any ideas. cheers Joe
  6. ranjeetsingh2010

    How much time for CO to pick up 176

    I want to know how time is usually takes for Sponsored (Migrant) subclass 176 (priority 4) to get picked up.. I have just opened an application online. I have 120 points and also made the payment. my occupation is in the SOL list. can anybody tell me with their personal experience if it was picked up earlier... the auto email from mgsm.processing@immi.gov.au says Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) subclass 176 VE 176 (e-lodged): 10 July 2010 VE 176 (paper): 10 July 2010 That is like an year of wait... can I hope for an earlier pick up or this is the actual timeline. is there a way to speed it up.
  7. Hi, Do you have to collect a granted visa sticker (for your passport) in the country where you lodged the application, or, can you pick it up elsewhere (but not in Australia- as application was offshore) ? we will be in singapore and going back to london where the application was lodged from will be a big waste of money if we have to do that. anyone have any expereince of this iissue ? thanks.
  8. Hi All, I am due to fly out to Oz in less than 2 weeks. I have got a 457 visa and I got a spousal visa for my GF even though I knew she wasn't coming out with me immediately. Anyway, she broke up with me a few days ago, probably just to save her from having to see me and the heartbreak it would cause before I leave. The whole move to Oz had caused a lot of tension and arguing between us since I first mooted it a few months ago (I applied for a job here in Ireland for Oz and got it) - my GF had always intended to come out for at least a long holiday but that doesn't look like it is going to happen now. I know that if I stayed at home we would probably get back together, no problem, but I've been out of work for a long time and am desperate to work. And the flights are booked and paid for! We were togerther for 7.5 years and I am scared that I will miss her so much that I will be home in a few months, tail between my legs and back on the dole :cry: (I'd expect we'll be in touch a lot when I arrive there). What do I do? Which is more important, a career or a girl you love?
  9. Hey all, We are going to apply for SS for either SA or WA, but how the hell do you make that decision on which one to pick???!!!! My agent has asked me the question today and I am thinking........I dunno.:swoon: My partner is a welder, we have heard there are plenty of work opportunitys in WA, however my partner has also found out in pass few weeks that his half brother is now living in Adelaide who he hasn't seen for a few years and we just in the process of getting in contact with him, also SA is closer to other states for visiting. I assume if welders are on SA list there would be plenty of opportunitys for jobs there as well. Can anyone give any advice or any sites to search for help. Thanks in advanced. Lucy.:hug:
  10. Hi All, We're an irish couple about to apply for the 175 visa and looking at area's to rent that would have good kindergarden/Pre-primary for our 2 boys (4.5 & 2.5) & also primary schools in the future. We see in these area's that the houses are much nicer/bigger as well as been cheaper!! and are slightly more country feel about them but wonder would they be ok for commuting by train/bus . One of us will have a car but the other will have to use public transport for a while anyway to we see if we need a 2nd car or not. How far would they be from CBD, though we would not be 100% sure that both jobs would be there.. Anyway if ye could rate each area under the following points ( I know, I don't ask for much!!!:biggrin: 1 - Transport links (probably to CBD) 2 - Kindergarden & Pre-primary schools 3 - Nice place to bring up young kids 4 - Local Amenities Thanks all, AM
  11. Hi all, I'm really pissed off that NSW haven't released their SMP yet. I'm eligible for Victoria & ACT, but would prefer NSW but I'm not sure i'll even on on that list. Should i go ahead any apply for Victoria, and if I'm on NSW when it's released, apply for it & then cancel Victoria SS application? Anyone know if i'd still get Vic SS as they're limiting it to 4'500 applicants? Thanks, David (Developer Programmer)
  12. Hi guys i am over from UK on a rekkie till 13th december was wondering if anyone around in point cook wanted to grab a coffee and tell me all about the area and work situations in the building trade, i am stopping at rellys and ive asked him but he as been here since 1972 and is a bit one sided LOL. :jiggy: Andy
  13. I'd be interested to find out how others picked their user names, as you can see Ii have no imagination...
  14. Hi, just about to buy our flights to Sydney spent days googleing and ringing and the more I search the more confused I get, Over the yrs we've flown with Qantas, Thai, Malaysia, Singapore at some point to Oz but its been a while so PLEASE PLEASE help. If you had to pick an airline from Heathrow to Sydney economy class who would you def use and def not? Just want your airline opinion then I can filter out reasonable flight prices afterwards but theres not alot price between any of them at the mo. Thanks b4 I go crazy googleing :confused:
  15. Double sofa bed - yellow. Mechanism works fine. The origial yellow sofa cover is well used, and marked, but we have a red cover which we use over it - looks fine like that. Single Winnie the Pooh duvet cover and pillow case Single tweenies duvet cover and pillow case Barbie Curtains Forever Friends Curtains (a bit faded) Bag of linen and cutrains (not new stuff by any means!) I may add more stuff as I find it!!! Send me a PM if you are interested. Pick up is Thornlands. Love Rudi x
  16. Guest

    Let me pick your brains x

    Hi, I'm really hoping to find some lovely helpful people with advice on moving out to oz x please :notworthy:
  17. Just wanted to get the pio expert views on; If you don't have a job, how do you pick where to live for a LONG term rental? I was just thinking, we don't have jobs to come too ( i know its crazy) we have a seven week rental in Geelong, after which we will need a long term rental. If ( which i think might be the case) we don't have jobs after these seven weeks, which would you opt for........... The place you have fallen in love with that might be a cheaper rental as its more rural or a large city, where jobs might be easier to come by? , but has higher rent? Any thoughts..... just putting the question out there, Jen:notworthy:
  18. Just a quick thread to find out where people go to live, how they find where to live. Have you chosen to live there as you have found a job or has this come after you moved. Im really struggling to know which suberbs are nice or not nice. We are looking at Perth, Cairns , but dont really know where to start. help!!!!!!:cry:
  19. What on earth has happened today, it seems people are out to get our famous Earlswood. Granted he can be a tad annoying but lets have less of the negative comments about Earlswood and lets start a thread showing his good light. What do you say?:wub:
  20. Guest

    can i pick your brain's

    Can i pick someone's brain, my head is buzzing right now, our application has been sent off about a month and a half ago now, how long does it take now i know we gotta have medicals and police checks?. When do i start getting quotes for shipping? When do i get quotes on taking my dog?Whats the problem with taking wooden furniture(nearly all mine is wooden)?Will the shipping company advise me on what i can & carnt take. The other thing is we are going to live with our friends for a while when we eventually get there they live in perth, he is welsh she is ozzy, They are thinking to move to coffs harbour (nsw) by time we get there because it is apparently cheeper to live there. Anyone been to both? what do you think?:twitcy: thanks.
  21. For those of you in the UK, I thought I would pop a list on about the above as when I arrived here I had no idea that these things were, and felt so stupid asking, so here goes. All the supermarkets here are within shopping centres, in a way this is great cos you can do your other shopping and then your food shopping (apart from the alcohol which is a pain). The down fall I felt was then having to travel so far with the trolly & 2 small children to whereever I had managed to park. Then I discovered pass and pick up. You go to the checkout, they pack your groceries and kindly take them to the storage area where they are refridgerated etc, you can go off do your other shopping then you drive your car to the pass & pack up area and they load them in for you! Fab! With Lay-by it took me a while to find out about this as I felt too stupid to ask. Lots of stores (all big ones) have this facility. Basically if you see something in the store but dont have money to pay you can pay small deposit and lay-by the goods. You get a set time to pay off the money and take the goods. I have been told that the big toy stores have massive sales in June lots poeple do their xmas toy shoping lay-by it and pay a little each week up until Xmas. Im not sure if this is due to people getting paid weekly here. You also see on lots stuff "no rainchecks" (mostly sale goods) but if there is a non sale good you want and its not in stock you can raincheck it at that price so when they come back in stock they contact you and you get it at the same price. Dont know if theres any other things poeple can think of that they dont use in the UK but do here. Em x
  22. Something else to ponder before you pack up and move down under ... do you think you will start talking Strine? I don't mean using phrases like "G'day", more just the accent. I didn't think I would, but this week a colleague recently arrived from Cardiff took me for an Aussie. Not sure what to think of that! For myself, I've noticed that people with what I would call 'neutral' English accents tend to pick up a noticeable Aussie inflexion, whereas people with from places like Scotland tend to retain their native accent. What do you think?
  23. kellyjamie

    which city do we pick????

    Hi everyone we are Jamie and Kelly and have 2 kids aged 1 and 10. we currently live in dreary rainy cold scotland where i am re-training to be a nurse, once qualified were hoping to head out to Oz. Our problem is we just cant decide where!!! so far weve thought abot Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth!!!!! we are heading out next year but can only afford to stay in the one place hence our problem, we just dont know where would be best for us, so can anyone plese offer some help or advice its driving us crazy:wacko:weve ruled out Sydney due its expense and i have a second cousin in Perth but we dont know anyone else though have made some really friendly contacts from the internet via outbound publishing, is it a better idea to head somewhere we know people??? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!:jiggy:we may just bring a tent and travel round sleeping on beaches!!
  24. I'm currently living in Sydney on a 457 long-term business visa, and I hope to be granted my permanent residence visa (138) next month. Immigration requires that "offshore" visas be issued outside Australia, so have I leave the country to pick up the visa - crazy really, but that's how it works. Has anyone does this, and if so, where did you pick up your visa? The popular choices seem to be Fiji (Suva) and Auckland, NZ. I have heard that Auckland has long waiting times, and that there is no guarantee how long it will take to issue the visa. Could anyone share their experiences with me? Cheers, John.