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Found 42 results

  1. Guest

    Passport Photo Certify

    Hello everyone, So glad I found these forums, they are such a wealth of knowledge and I'm sure I will have plenty of more questions over the next few weeks. My partner and I are applying for a defacto visa and I understand that we need our passport sized photos certified by someone who has known us for 2 years. I can't find what they actually need to write though. Do they write it on the back of each photo? I assume something along the lines of 'I certify that this is ....' Help! :huh: Thanks in advance
  2. Sol2Oz

    for the passport photo...

    ...the one you have to submit with your visa application - can you smile in it? I took a photo, but I came out smiling, and now I'm wondering if it wont' be accepted. (I heard that smiling messes up the biometrics they take on you). What do you think? Should I retake the picture?
  3. cassy

    Uk photo licence

    Hi All, We are moving to perth in august and was wondering if anyone could tell me if I need a uk photo driving licence to swop over to a wa one? I still have the old paper one!! Thanks in advance:wink:
  4. I think this is a Huntsman? On the wall of my unit in Surry Hills. Is he/she missing a leg?
  5. dalejaneaustralia

    Online Passport Photo

    Some kind person put a link to a decent online passport photo website, as usual I can't find it! Can anyone recommend anything? Thanks
  6. Guest

    Help...with photo evidence...

    ...im almost about to hand in my application but im stuck on how to present the picture evidence we have, we have got thousands of photos so what type would they be looking for, how many do they consider enough and how many do they consider to be too much, and when it comes to displaying them with our application do they need to be an actual photo or can i print a few to a page with a caption next to each one, and is black and white ok or do they have to be in colour (i dont have any coloured ink left in my printer) any advice will be much appreciated Emmmylou x
  7. Hoping someone can guide me Does this just mean I need to get passport photos and scan them or do I take them myself and upload if so any ideas where I will get template etc?
  8. Found this amazing photo of perth on one of the gadghet websites i frequent. just follow the link... http://gizmodo.com/5806939/the-craziest-sky-ive-ever-seen
  9. Amateur Photographer Shoots Largest Ever Photo of the Night Sky Michael Zhang · May 04, 2011 Share266 What you see above is the largest true-color photograph of the night sky ever created, shot by 28-year-old amateur astrophotographer Nick Risinger using six astronomical cameras. It’s not just the view of the sky from one location, but is instead a 360-panoramic view of the sky taken by trekking 60,000 miles across the western United States and South Africa starting in March 2010. The final image is composed of 37,000 separate photographs. Check out the massive zoomable high-definition version of the photo here. Fantastic photography.:jiggy:
  10. Lauren82

    Tyne & Wear - Photo Opportunity

    Dear All, As you may or may not know my partner Lee is a budding photographer and he is looking to build his portfolio in preparation for our move down under. With this in mind we have booked a photography studio for a day and hope that some of you may like to take up the opportunity to come along. When: Sunday 24th April Where: South Tyneside Who: Individuals or Groups, Old or Young. We are hoping to do a range of shoots over the day. So whether it be a family portrait, little ones, big ones, model portfolio shots/alternative portraits, musicians/bands, formal or casual, Lee is happy to work with you. Cost: £15. For this, Lee will provide you with an 8 x 10 print of your favourite picture and electronic copies of your 10 favourite shots. (You can have more printed/electronic copies at an extra charge) Of course if you are unhappy with the pictures you will be given a full refund – but I don’t anticipate this happening. If you are interested let me know and I will happily book you a slot. Feel free to extend the offer to any friends or family who may be interested. Thank you. Lauren www.leeknowlesphotography.com
  11. Guest

    Some photo's from my trip.

    Just a couple of photo's from my short trip last year, this is why we love the UK. Please feel free to add your own.
  12. Please help anyone who knows the answer. We have just completed the forms for the police checks (latest version dec 2010). The part which requires your photo to be endorsed states that the person endorsing the photo should sign and date the back of the photo. Okay fine with that, however .... at the bottom of the form it states that the person endorsing etc should state "this is a true likeness etc" So which is it do they a) just sign and date or b) sign, date and write the "true likeness" blah? Any advice most welcome please please with a cherry on top and fluffy pom poms. Sincere thanks in advance, Lorraine x :shocked:
  13. pumpkinpie

    Online photo companies

    Guys, As per my usual self I'm not organized for Christmas.... I'm wanting to get a photo of my daughter printed and framed online to send to family in England, using a UK company (the reason, because I don't have enough time to print and post from here in time) So do you know of any sites where you can upload a pic, then they'll print it and post it? Thanks!
  14. ck10_9

    Australia Photo Blog

    Hi Everyone I have decided that Australia is such a beautiful and unknown place that I am going to post a different photo every day from around the country into my new blog "Australia Daily Photo". For those of you looking to move here.... it may well get your juices flowing For those already here... it might give you some ideas for where to go and see some great places. Hope you enjoy - Feel free to "follow" the blog over on blogspot Australia Daily Photo
  15. swifty99

    passport photo on visa

    hello again, just putting the finishing touches to our spouse visa and i have a question. on the application it asks for 4 photos of me and summer my daughter and 2 of laura of sponsor. do i need to right anything on the back or just put them in with the application. Any help would be great. thanks in advance. MATT
  16. I just saw a similar entitled thread and thought what a great idea! Lets have a thread where us in Australia can post a daily photo (one we have taken ourselves) to show all the prospective visa applicants exactly what its all about!! A good way to share our pics too... I'll go first...http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=1868&stc=1&d=1277806503 It's the city of Perth as viewed from the Esplanade by the Swan River
  17. swifty99

    Photo evidence colour???

    In the process of completing our Spouse visa off shore and wanted to know if the photo evidence needs to be printed off in colour, we have scanned them in dated them and put the location and who is in the photos but just wanted to know if need to be printed in colour or if black and white is ok? Thanks
  18. Guest

    photo evidence

    hi there, just a quick question here regarding photos some of our photos dont have dates on them but its evident that it was taken a while back because we were tanned, had different coloured hair and were skinnier! i was just wondering would these still be good to send into immigration if i wrote a rough time frame they were taken? also could i write at the back of the photos where and why they were taken or would immigration not bother reading it? thanks alot
  19. Jackboots

    how to photo upload ?

    Can some kind soul tell me how to take a picture from my documents and post it onto a thread ? PLEASE... in very slow idiot proof steps :wink: not sure what im doing half the time , i seem to get nothing or a massive picture or a square with a red cross ( scrathing head and shouting at poor pewter at this point !) .:confused: Thankx
  20. Peach

    Australia Daily Photo

    As someone who occasionally attempts to blog, I often wonder if people click on the link in my signature (hint hint). Whenever I see that another forum member has posted a link in their signature, I make a habit of checking it out. In the case of Australia Daily Photo it's a real winner and definitely worth a daily visit! Go on click it, they deserve your attention for the effort that has been put in. :jiggly:
  21. I can see the recently updated ones. At the bottom of the new posts page, how do you browse the others (im nosy ssshh)
  22. janine the party queen

    Strange photo

    Just took this photo of the sky above our house. What is that strange outline at the bottom ????[ATTACH]1612[/ATTACH]
  23. So sending off my police form but Ive come to page 6: http://www.acpo.police.uk/Certificates/Police%20Certificates%20App%20Form.doc where it says your photo has to be authorised by a person on the list. It also states: "this list is not exhaustive but you must ensure that the endorsing individual is a professional" My friends boyfriend who I have known for 3 years is a managing director at a broker company, would he be suitable? I don’t seem to know any teachers or solicitors, and as Ive moved around a fair bit a lot of people who might fit the bill havent known me for long enough! Help!
  24. I did application, but I donot know how to attach a passport photo? What is the requirement for the photo, I just wanna scan one of my passpor photo into my laptop and attach it ,is that OK? Is the size satisfy their requirement? And another silly question is that after I apply online , they will send me some confirmation to my email address, right? How long it takes for u to receive it? Coz until now I have not received it. Thank you for ur help!
  25. Hiya i'm about to submit my documents for our 176 application ... sorry if this is a daft question ... but ... do I submit one page of photo's - with 2 passport sized photo's of each of us (x3) in a PDF or do I save each photo seperately as a PDF and size it accordingly or just send as a JPG? Thanks lots! and I'm thinking these don't need certifying? THANKS in advance!!