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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys!! I am the sponsor while my fiance (applicant) is living in the Philippines. We have met in person but majority of our relationship was long distance. We are so close to gathering all our documents and requirements, and we are planning to lodge our application in March 2019. I just have a few concerns and would appreciate some advice! ♥ ♥ - quick relationship background - * We first met as friends in 2011 at our high school. I migrated to Australia in 2013, and our relationship started/developed when I reunited with him when I went on a vacation to the Philippines in Feb 2017. (This was the only time in 2017 where we were physically together, for around 2 weeks only) * Ever since I went back to Aus in March 2017, we have remained in contact and continued our relationship. We started talking about our future and getting married in Australia constantly throughout 2017 to present. QUESTION 1: Does this count to 'when we got engaged'?? or only when he actually proposed to me with a ring? Is there a certain requirement for how long we are supposed to be engaged for? * I went on a vacation to visit him in the Philippines twice in 2018. (first visit was for almost 2 months, and second visit was for 1 month). We did talk about him getting a tourist visa but he has not yet had the opportunity to visit me in Australia due to college and work (and He has never tried travelling to other countries before, but he got his passport earlier this year) QUESTION 2: Is that going to be an issue to be concerned about? Does he need to visit me in Australia first prior to lodging our visa? * We both met each other's family in 2018. I only have 3 photos together with us with my family, and only 2 photos of us with my fiance’s family. (We met up way more times than this, but we just did not take lots of photos back then when i was in the philippines twice in 2018). As for friends, we also only have 1 photo with our friends in 2018. Our friends are graduating from college and some are working full time, causes a clash in our schedules which is why we didn’t really get the chance to spend more time with our friends (plus we were honestly focused on spending our limited time of being physically together alot more) Will this be an issue of concern? Do I need to provide more photos than this? QUESTION 3: Will this be a problem? Do I need to supply more photos than that? * As of now, I will be visiting him in the Philippines again for a month in mid January 2019, and in February we are going to be travelling together for the first time (and his first time travelling in general) to Singapore for our 2nd Anniversary. * During my time in the Philippines in Jan-February 2019, We are planning to get his medical exams done there in advance and then lodge our visa in March 2019. As for our Notice of Intended Marriage, I am planning to get that done in early January 2019 before I leave Australia to go to the Philippines. QUESTION 4: Will this be okay to get these documents a month prior to lodging our visa? Is it allowed? These are also a list of relationship evidence requirements that I have gathered so far: - 2017 call logs and message history - 2018 call logs and message history - 2017 social media posts - 2018 social media posts - receipts of gifts we gave to each other (with bank transactions) - receipts of our hotel bookings (with bank transactions) - receipts of uber ride histories showing us visiting each other’s houses, going to our hotels, dates, etc (with bank transactions) - timeline of our relationship that shows photos of significant events and joint activities - receipts of times money was sent to fiance through remittance website (with bank transactions) - receipts of our hotel and flight bookings for our trip to singapore in feb 2019. QUESTION 5: in regards to ‘ proof that you and your prospective spouse have met face-to-face as adults since turning 18 and know each other personally’ in our written statement it is mentioned that we met in 2017 when we were 19 years old. What other evidence can I provide for this section? Question 6: in regards to ‘proof that you and your prospective spouse genuinely intend to live as spouses’ We included talking about our plans to live together in our written statements and also included screenshots of chats/messages about this, as well as links of rental properties we both liked that we sent to each other. Question 7: I only have 3 photos together with my fiance and my family, and only 2 photos of me with my fiance’s family. (We met up way more times than this, but we just did not take lots of photos back then when i was in the philippines twice in 2018). As for friends, we also only have 1 photo with our friends in 2018. Our friends are graduating from college and some are working full time, causes a clash in our schedules which is why we didn’t really get the chance to spend more time with our friends (plus we were honestly focused on spending our limited time of being physically together alot more) Will this be an issue of concern? Do I need to provide more photos than this? Question 8: In regards to joint activities, I can only think about including photos of us going on dates. We never travelled anywhere in 2017 and 2018. We have never went on weddings or parties (only one family reunion event). What are other examples of joint activities?? Question 9: In regards to Form 888 Statutory Declarations, I am planning to get 3-4 stat decs to be completed in Jan 2019 (2 months before visa lodgement) is this okay? does it matter when a stat dec is made? Question 10: In regards to fiance’s Form 80 Character assessment.. My Fiance does not hold a bachelor’s degree since he decided to stop his university studies mid 2018 in order to work full time (his first job) to help save for our future and for the visa. Will this affect our application, or give a bad impression ? Question 11: Since philippines is a high risk country, does that mean processing time for our visa will take longer? IM SO SORRY for the long post and the many questions. I am just feeling scared and overwhelmed, only a couple more months until we plan to lodge our visa! We really want to be approved same as everyone else.. We truly appreciate it if you could let us know anything we are missing, any kind of advice, suggestion, or important info! THANK YOU SOOO SO MUCH!!
  2. Hi all, My wife is a dual citizen (British/Philippines). She arrived in UK January 2010 and lived here ever since although has returned to Phillipines every 2-3 years for extended periods of 3-4 months (one time 6 months). As I understand it, a police check is required for every country she has lived in over the last 10 years so roughly 2008 to 2010 would require one from Philippines and 2010 to date UK. I was hoping for some clarity on the following: 1. Is it possible to obtain a police check for Philippines whilst we are in UK? If so, typically how long does it take to come through? 2. Will the Philippine police check automatically cover all the times my wife has spent extended periods of stay in Philippines since 2010 or do we need to stipulate the dates? 3. Will we receive the Philippine police check electronically or a hard copy through the post? Many thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, Is anybody in Sydney planning to ship a container to the Philippines? I have some friends with about 1 cubic meter looking for a less expensive option than DHL!! TIA LL
  4. The Pom Queen

    Filipinos in Australia

    Filipinos are well-known as one of the world’s most hardworking individuals as well as for being dedicated and loyal, striving hard to be excellent in everything that they do. For these reasons, many foreign employers prefer and request Filipino workers to be their employees. There are a large number of Filipino communities as Australia attracts lots of immigrants and workers all over the world because of their economic stability. Over the years, Australia has been a haven for Filipinos aspiring immigration to Australia for better work and a better life. With the current booming economy, driven by its mining and resources boom, nowadays, lots of job opportunities are available in Australia, from accounting to translation/interpretation, and many more other jobs in between. These days, the booming mining and resources industry along with the looming retirement of the baby boomers had triggered a great demand of skilled workers in Australia as well as a rising reliance on 457 visa, Australian skilled visa. A new report by the Victorian Employers Chamber of Commerce revealed that Australia will have a skilled worker shortage, with the county requiring 1.4 million additional workers by 2025, unless steps are taken. This huge demand is great news for many job seekers especially for Filipinos who are aspiring to fulfill their Australian dream of working and Australia immigration. As Philippines is the largest exporter of nurses in the world supplying 25% of all overseas nurses, with an Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development study reporting that one of every six foreign-born nurses in the OECD countries is from the Philippines, along with the impending nursing shortage in Australia brought by the looming baby boomer’s retirement, health care jobs like nursing is a great job to apply for in Australia for Filipinos. Moreover, because of huge infrastructure and mining projects as well as ICT infrastructure in mining, oil and gas companies absolutely critical to the way they operate, Australia is in need of skilled ICT staff, engineers, trade and construction workers, as well as the health professionals as the country’s ageing health workforce begins to retire.
  5. Hello, everyone! My husband and I got married last January. We're both Filipinos, but I'm a PR of Australia since 2009. He is still in the Philippines and we have already lodged his application on 27 February. We have completed all necessary documents and he was already asked to undertake a medical examination on 2 March. He did so on 7 March. We haven't heard from a case officer though. How long should we wait? I've heard of somebody being given a visa in 18 days from another country. Is it possible for those from the Philippines? I will appreciate your input on this. Thanks!:cute:
  6. morning ladies and gents :jimlad: Migration Agent said: I can have your Spouse Visa approved in 3 months.:biggrin: D.I.Y websites say: There's no need to use a Migration Agent.:err: What do my peers in PomsInOz say?:idea: I am very interested in those of us who have submitted their own applications and their experiences...:smile: Forgive me if the question has been addressed beforehand, I have limited time to look into the issue and go back through the millions of threads :GEEK: The situation is that my wife is a Phillipines citizen.. and I have my Australian citizenship. We have been married over two years. Cheerio :jimlad: Daniel J Richardson