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Found 2 results

  1. Firstly apologies for not replying to messages the past 3months has been a whirlwind! So we are in Perth and are currently settling in to our 12month rental in Mindarie, north of the CBD. It has been a great few months and it has also been pretty tough too! Within the first week of being here i sumitted CV for jobs using seek.com.au and also got my tax file number which can be done online and is easy. Heads up - WA is known for actually meaning Wait Awhile and when it came to agencies getting back to me about jobs it really is the case except for one which happens to be the job i am in now! I got work in my 3rd week of being here and started just before Christmas - got invited to all Christmas Do's plus got paid for the public holidays! NICE! :biggrin: Christmas was odd but good, it was strange having it hot and it didnt feel like christmas 100% but the friends we stayed with put up a tree and a few decs and the actual days was full of food and drinks - to be honest it was a great day and we were still 'holy cow we are in Aus' mode that it didnt sink in at all. Best bit - all the prezzies our family sent over, we opened up on the beach on the morning - just gorgeous! OH struggled to get a job, he is safety netter by trade and its specialist, WA doesnt really have his skills on the construction sites yet but they are slowly introducing them. Anyway, he was out of work for around 6weeks which drove him and me nuts!!...my white underwear will never be the same again, its now grey!!!! We used up all over savings in the first 2months - we brought over bout $8k - its not enough if you dont have the funds or jobs lined up to support yourself you wil struggle setting up and that is my word of warning. Knowing what we know now we would of stayed a few more months to get at least $12k in the bank. Anywho, he has now started work after chasing and chasing companies he was given a contact and, being a small small world, he is now working for someone he used to work with years ago back home! Spooky! So my thoughts and words of advise and warnings which i would have liked before i came over would be: 1) Bring everything if you have a container, fill it to the brim include coat hangers, hoover, cutlery, pack some bin liners (very useful when in packing!), food storage containers - if you can pack it pack it! 2) Cost of living is a little more than UK regarding food and clothes, stock up on Tshirst ect from Uk as best you can , clothes are not cheap here. Beddings costs a fortune! Stock up before you come! Buy Flat sheets, you wont use duvets in summer unless aircon is on high! Food, you have to shop around the supermarkets and markets, each week one supermarket seems to be doing specials on one things, whilst another is doing specials on another! tactical shopping!! 3) cars are not cheap - be prepared to pay min of $3000 for somethin as rubbish as 24yr old car! Most of our savings went on a car. The choices is way less than in the UK and if you dont have money to pay cash you will struggle getting finance being new in the country on a car less than 2001model so your looking at $10k + for a car. 4) We didnt have a problem securing a rental but they have funny way of doing it here. You have 15min window where you can go view the house - if you turn up late you wont get to see it, in that 15min you have to sell yourself to the agent who then puts you and your application fwd to the owner. We managed to get a private viewing of a house a day before the show day - if can do this try, its much nicer and you have more time to look around and talk with the agent! 5) Aussies - whilst i dearly them - cant drive!! you have been warned! :eek: 6) Be under no illusion it really is same s**t different country and take alot of adjusting but on the days that its hard just sit on the beach or in my case a pint in the bar at the marina and just remember where you are. Its real easy to forget your in Aus when bills, work and routine creep in but on one particular low day i had - must say really havent had many - i sat with my pint and watched the boats come in from a days sailing and as the sunset two dolphins appeared in the marina and played in the water! I think i can handle same s**t if its in this country. 7) you have to try - you have to make friends and you have try and fit in, friends dont come to you. A few people i have met dont like it here coz they miss their friends but they dont do anything about and just sit at home with the kids and wait for hubby to come home - that wont work it really wont. i ahve joined a dance class - something i would never wld have done in UK, and practically interviewed for friends meeting up with POI people and others who we met randomly. Get out there and just go for it, dont regret what you didnt do coz you think you cant do it. So there it is guys, its a long'un and im sorry if your now bored our of your brain but i wanted to tell ya'll how its all gone and my thoughts on the whole experience. Whilst some may read this as negative i dont mean it to be, i just want people to be aware that its not an idilyic dream filled country, you have the same things here as you do in the uk but everything seems that better when its bathed in sunshine every morning. I walk to work in the sun, i go to get lunch in the sun and i walk back from work in the sun and its just that little bit better! Public transport is awesome - i use the train to get to work. Weather is gorgeous, people nuts & cant drive, lifestyle is very focused on the work/family balance - its so much more chilled than the UK. In short no regrets. Good luck to everyone waiting to come over, dont give up, its worth it.
  2. Well......hold on tight...I think this just may be a long one...I will do my best to keep it short and sweet and pain free as possible. :wubclub: We started our journey back in 2006. We talked about coming to Oz. Did the usual, check out our possibilities, and decided to start the TRA process in June 2007. Permanent Residency applied via agents January 2008. Got the Visas DECEMBER 2008....(I know..seemed to take forever)...We validated visa's last year April 2009....and honestly...thought we would never get back...!!...we had some days when we thought we should give up...and then some days where we thought we were idiots..!..and then some days when we just wanted to be here sooooo bad...!!...so many different emotions..!!...:wacko: Like many...we couldn't sell our house...so decided to rent it out..(well.. actually we got full asking price after we dropped £75k)...and decided to take full advantage of the low interest rates on mortgage...!!..decided that we would mortgage our selves silly...( yes..yes..I know..)...and rented our house out...!...rent in...pays for mortgage...and we got some $ to bring with us...!...yay..!!...(we also lived in a tourer caravan for 8 weeks...YES...8 weeks before we came...!!..lol...and believe me...if you ever met me...I really don't do caravans...(..i do now,...lol):mad: So....here we are....5 weeks in...and...so far...so flipping BRILLIANT...!!..The flight here was really great...(singapore airlines)...but unfortunately..because we valiated last year...they wouldn't let us have double baggage allowance...!!.. We sold all our belongings before we left...!!...and I know this isn't everyones cup of tea...but for us...we wanted to start a fresh here..!...(also property in Uk is older...built in 1930's...and some items wasn't worth bringing..!).....and it meant that I got to go shopping...!!....and BOY have i SHOPPED...something i personally think I'm quite good at...lol...!!...:wink: We did however bring 10 boxes over with us...we used U-Bag...very very good...can't fault them...and our boxes varied from 20kilo to 30kilo...and a door to door service worked out about £80 per box..!...We got our boxes in less than a week...which we thought was excellent. Our fist week consisted of endless driving around different suburbs...trying to get the 'feel' for all the areas...and eventually we have settled in the area where our holiday let is...whiich is in Butler. We love it here. for us ...it has everything we need..!... We have found the people here to be soooo friendly......the weather is good..the food is good...and the alcohol is good......the beaches are good....!!...so far...ALL IS GOOD....!!... :smile: We bought a little run a round in the first week....sorted medicare cards etc...validated bank accounts...!!...easy peasy lemon squeezy..!..nothing is tooo difficult...!!... my hubby is also out this week....he is working for free this week..YES...FREE...in the hope of a job offer...and if he doen't get this job..he will get a reference...!...It is hard our here if you are a tradey......Licences are a headache..(hubby plumber/gasfitter)...but we also did our homework and prepared ourselves for it being tough) This week...my girls started school in Butler...and believe me....as a mother...i was having kittens about it...was it the right school...?...would the school be 'good enough'...I checked the reports and school performance tables...blah..blah...:rolleyes:and worried myself to death......I cried all the way home from school yesterday...rang my husband sobbing....and the girls had the best day EVER...and LOVED the school...!!... :biglaugh: I even got my beloved pampered pooch this week...!!...we used petair...and they were superb...can't thank them enough...!...they were the only ones to inform me that when I was getting quotes...Perth qurantine is a small place...!..and that they also had a waiting list...so Petair arranged for the spoilt pooch to be sent to Sydney...did her 30 days there...and then arranged for a guy to 'pop' her on a plane to Perth....!!...(to my husbands delight)... We also have secured a rental...4x2 with a pool...!!...yay...!!...we only managed this though because we offered to put down 6 months upfront...!!...as obviously being newbies...we didn't have any references, and it was something we were prepared to do..!!...(with a pooch..rentall is then limited as some peeps don't like pets)... So......there you have it...!!..sorry if you have fallen asleep during my little essay, and take what you will from it....I have been taking info from this forum for some time and hope to be able to 'give a little back'...:wubclub: I know it is early days for us...and I know so far it has cost us a lot of money.....and yes we are far away from our family and friends,.....but honestly...it has been the best thing that has ever happened to us as a family....!!...I just feel sooooo happy here....and long may it continue.....!!... xxx