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Found 55 results

  1. Pretty simple, 1 persons says a word and next person carry's it on to make a story OK here goes. Suddenly -
  2. RaT

    Visa label - in person?

    Having now got the 175 Visa grant letter, is it possible to go to Auss house in London to have the visa put in the passport there and then, or will they only except it by post?
  3. I have a question around lodging the de-facto spouse visa application offshore in London. The plan now is for my partner (the applicant) to go to Australia House and hand in the application over the counter in person. I have a few silly questions: 1. Do you put all the application form, documents and supporting evidence sealed in one big envelope for handing in? If so, what do you write on the big envelope? Also, we are a little stumped with the 47SP question where it asks "Have you paid?" and if you answer No, it directs you to the next question "How do you intend to pay" - where you have to provide your credit card details. 2. If the application form is lodged in person, do we hold off completing that question and pay on the spot to the staff, then mark the question as "Yes we have paid"? After that place the application form in the big envelope and the staff will take it in? 3. Or should we answer "No" and then just leave the credit card details in the following question and assume the case officer would process the payment based on the card information provided in the application form? Appreciate the advice. Thanks.
  4. We are moving to a smaller place and have no room for our cool "York" 'Barrel Chair' It is a big round chair, It is REALLY comfortable and 2 people can sit in it comfortably. It is under 12 months old, in excellent condition and was purchased from Harvey Norman for $999.00 We paid to have it Fabric Protected also, that way any spills/marks will be easier to clean. We are asking $650 for it and will be sad to see it go - it really is 'different' and very comfortable We are hiring a moving truck on the weekend of 11-12 Sept and if you are fairly local or would like to give me a little extra I'll deliver it to you. Pick up would be from Wooloowin, Brisbane - Please e-mail me any questions PS here is the link to it on Harvey Norman:- http://www.harveynorman.co.nz/york-barrel-chair.html
  5. Has anyone here received State sponsorship as a single person without any dependents?
  6. Hi Guys, please can anyone tell me IM SO WORRIED !!!...i am a born australian woman living in the u.k and i am ( 32 years old) with her fiancee who is a british man of (29 years old)....we are both currently preparing the paperwork for his aplication for a partner visa subclass 309/100 so he can come and live in australia with me on a permanant basis.....however i have just found out today that i might need to go out to australia before him and before his visa has even been applyed for ......can he still be sponcerd by me from australia if he has to stay in the u.k until its granted.......under the plan he will come out a few months after me once his visa is granted??...PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP ??. x:chatterbox::wideeyed::eek::shocked::unsure:
  7. Guest

    Bridging Visa B in person

    Hello people, Due to the delays in processing of our Partner visa 820 I now need to get a bridging visa B to travel in november. When I rang immi they said I could post the app in but seeing how long its taken for us to hear anything regarding my substantive visa (9 months and counting) I would prefer to bring it to the office in Sydney. I was planning on bringing down the details of our flights, 16th nov-7th dec, my passport, our receipt and details showing my bridging visa A and obviously the form. Can I definitely speak to someone in person to get a bridging visa B and can it be issued on the day? Thanks!
  8. whichway

    Last night as a fat person

    Yes folks, this is my last night as a fat person. Tomorrow I will be an ex fat person. I am having a full fat coke, I was tempted to have the mini bottle of pink sparkling wine that's in the fridge but then I know I'll have the yellow too, then probably walk to the offie and be too hungover to commence my ex fatness tomorrow. I am hoping this post will help me fully stick to my new lifestyle. Wish me luck:eek:
  9. First post on here so be gentle with me. My wife and I are looking to move out to Melbourne around June next year and I have the task of arranging the logistics. Not surprising high on my importance list is my Malt Whiskey collection. Apart from having a very expensive party to say goodbye to the UK can I ship them? Some are open some not. Thanks for the help and Hello.
  10. Are there any limits to sponsoring a person for the General Skilled Migrant Visa Subclass 176? For example If I sponsor a relative, will that prevent my spouse from sponsoring another relative for a family sponsored visa within a given time frame say a year or a couple of years? If you have any references you can point me to, that would be nice. Thanks!
  11. Who stands out as the most interesting person you ever met?Someone you'll never forget.Just asking as iv'e just had a flashback to four years ago,when,as a Cab Driver in Liverpool i picked up a woman who was 100 yrs old,and had a good chat to her about her life.I was spellbound beyond belief.She told me many interesting things about how life was in the early part of the 20th Century.She was born in Southampton,and as a young girl used to go with her 2 older sisters to wave the Troops off to Northern France to fight in the Trenches.How she coped during WW2,after the war and how the world has changed since she was a girl.Fascinated was i.Has anyone got to you like this?
  12. RoseBrown1972

    Aged person health check

    Hi We're just trying to sort out a visa for my in laws to come and visit us and when i went to apply for them it said my father in law would need a health check as he's 83. Does anyone know what this involves and how much? He's in really good health so shouldn't be a problem, we've already booked the flights and paid for them so hoping its not too expensive! Thanks Rose
  13. My husband is the main applicant for our visa application. He is Irish but England has been his permanent residence since 2001. We were married in 2001 and i'm British. Does anybody know what we should put down as his current citizenship on form 80? Irish or British? By birth he is Irish but because he's been here so long is he considered british thru naturalisation? Or should we put he has dual citizenship? If we say dual then what date should we put that his british citizenship was granted? I am soooooooooo confused. Please can you help??:confused:
  14. Hi all, just a quick question- i need to supply further evidence for my partner visa and i want to get it done asap. my CO emailed and said the best way is to mail it in, but even with express post it'll get there friday (sending it thursday because partner's employer is away until then), then the long weekend, and by the time it gets out of the mail room and to the relevent department it'll be all up a week. Would it be quicker if i just handed it in person? my friend went and saw a migration agent not too long ago and the agent says that she hands them in person it just that immi wants more people to post it so they say only to post it in by mail. Anyone else reacently handed in evidence in person at sydney?:mask:
  15. Well hello there. My wife, dog and I are looking to emigrate to Oz, we will have many questions for you all. But I have been reading the forum and there are some great posts here. When we do eventually get there I will have a massive supply of Fry's Turkish Delight as this is the only thing I seem to miss when I have lived abroad. Oh that and Bacon but I gather you can get bacon over there.
  16. I am looking for a rental for myself (my wife & 3 kids will stay in the UK) for the whole of April so I can meet up with my potential employer/sponsor, also I can check out the area, housing, schools, job layout etc,etc. Must be in or around karrinyup with good public transport. I hope someone here might be able to help:biggrin: Thanks cobbler
  17. Guest

    Met A Lovely Person Today

    I met with my second PIO'er today, last week I met Daniel,:notworthy:, bought me lunch, so a bloody good chap he is,:jiggy::wubclub::wink:. And today I met a second PIO'er, won't name them as they may not want it broadcasting, but I met with them, their husband (really genuine and nice fella) and two really nice kids. But as I was talking to them it made me think. I went through the migration process many moons ago, and have been backwards and forwards many times, but what surprised me was the fact that as a fairly dyed in the wool 'ping ponger' we (I) forget at times the stresses and strains put on us all when migration is spoken of. Though the person in question had been before to Australia as a migrant the thoughts and worries in their head were as real as any one of us. I truly hope they make a go of it this time, they are a loverly family and hopefully everything will work out for them, I truly hope it does. They are not going out with rose tinted specs, or even high expectations, just a realisation that Australia may be able to offer them a little more. Family, housing, jobs, etc all played a part, and like I said at times it is very easy to forget what a life changing decision migration is. To me migration is a huge passion in my life but I speak very personally when I say I forget all too easily at times what impact it can have on other people. The family I met were realistic, and expected it to be a bit of a slog, but the overpowering thing that came through from them was their determination and resilience, an emotion I hugely admire. So I will say this to not only the family I met today, but to all potential migrants, good luck, onward and upward and I truly hope all your wishes come true. And when your husband goes to Australia soon, if it all gets a bit much you know where I am and will always have a chat if needed. PS. To the lady in question, it was a pleasure to meet you and your family today, you should be very proud of the family you have, and I hope it works out for you, hubby and loverly kids,:wubclub:. PPS. I'm now going to put on my slippers, suck on my pipe, and have a doze,:biglaugh::biglaugh:. Cheers Tony.
  18. Guest

    most luverly person on pio

    another poll:no:sorry--but some people enjoy them--who is the most luverlyist person on pio--the one you just feel at ease with,and gives you that feel good factor:wubclub: and why do they make you feel like this--for me its britchick,shes just such a charming young lady,and is allways there for anyone in need--aye a special girl indeed
  19. I am looking to bring my classic car with me that was built in 1981. I have had a look at the forms and there is only a small part of it that needs to be completed for an older car (pre 1989 I think). This is my hobby car.We also have a family car (built 1994), which we would also like to also bring import. Phil is the registered owner of both the cars and the main name on the insurance (for financial reasons). So technically both cars are owned by him. Is there a way that we can import both as from what we have read, one person can only import one car. Would this rule still stand as one of the cars is an older one and does not seem to have to meet as much of the criteria as the newer ones. Or do the Australia government realise that one person in the family can have two cars against their name? Has anyone been able to do this, import two cars?
  20. Guest

    The Ugly Person PIO Club

    In this world where looks, are far more important than substance I thought I would start this thread. I appreciate what sh7tman is doing, I do indeed admire his looks and personality, he is one thoroughly good looking fellow. And it is only right that he should start a thread for the better looking members of PIO, BUT. WHAT ABOUT US THAT LOOK LIKE A SACK FULL OF SH7T. Where there's YING there has to be YANG, so this thread is for those of us who often look at ourselves in the mirror and scream at what lays before us. It is a club open to both sexes, no matter colour, creed, sexuality. To acknowledge our ugliness is only being open and honest, once you have done so I think we can all love ourselves and bathe in the glory that is maybe to some not so attractive. So I ask all PIO members who consider themselves at the back of the queue when looks were given out to enroll now and in so doing I reckon it will not only be a very cathartic experience but a select club that allows our inner beauty to shine through.:embarrassed: PS. I have a feeling we will be able to have our AGM's in a telephone box, :biglaugh: all I ask for is honesty people.:wubclub: Cheers Tony:wink:
  21. Hi, Does anybody know how to contact the person at the ACS managing your application. I applied online last week and tried to pay by my credit card and it got bounced because the transaction was in Australia according to my credit card company. When this happened the online system said that they would contact me to arrange an alternative payment method. They haven't yet but I noticed today that somebody is managing my application now so wanted wondering if anybody know's how I can contact them. Regards Lee
  22. Hope this hasn't been posted yet. Fresh from the department's website. Client Service Charter
  23. I've looked at sooooo many posts today and my brain is frazzled, can anyone give me the link that I'm sure I saw somewhere today about us oldies being leap frogged or having to re-apply. I'm sure I saw a link and it wasn't just a post from Alan Collett. Apologies if I'm going mad and there isn't a link. Thanks Gemma
  24. Guest

    Authorised person

    Hey just a quick one, on the working holiday visa it asks for an authorised person, along with contact details. Does this have to be anyone in particular? Not too sure what i'm being asked for? Thanks
  25. Hi all I wondered if anyone has any information on the cost of living in the UK for a single person. I own my house but am finding bills, rates, utilities and the cost of groceries to be escalating in Australia beyond common sense, making it difficult for a person living on their own. I want to move back to the UK for many reasons but worry about finding a job which will pay as well as what I earn here. I've heard in the UK council tax/rates are discounted for single occupants, has anyone else heard anything that could give me some idea? Many thanks. :biggrin: