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Found 17 results

  1. Hi How long does it usually take to obtain export/ import permits for shipping a dog from UK to Aus? Thanks Julie
  2. Guest

    How long for dog permit?

    Hi guys, Just wondering what your personal experience was of getting the import permit? We applied online today - the site says 15 working days and someone else mentioned that it takes at least a month. Would love to know how long it took to come through for people on the site ... Thanks! Kate.
  3. AndyW

    Import permit

    About to apply for the Import permit for our Wilson and was thinking doing it online. Straight forward or are we better off doing it another way? Which way did you guys apply? Cheers Andy
  4. Hi All, I have few doubts in mind, request all of you to share your thoughts/experiences. Suppose if someone gets rejected in one occupation from ACS and gets himself re-assessed in some other occupation, does work permit indicates in which ANZSCO code or in which skill one has obtained work permit. Does Australian organizations/companies ask for a relieving/experience letter from the last organization ? Regards.
  5. Guest

    Permit to work

    Hi all. I have just sent the forms in for a permit to work. I am on a bridging visa A. Has any one been down this wallaby track? My permenant visa waiting time is around 9 months so I need to work now as the red backs are thinning out! Thanks alot.
  6. Guest

    permit to work!!!

    Permit to work just arrived. I am on a bridging visa A while my permenant residence visa is being processed. This, I have been advised by the imigra, could take 9-12 months. If any body is in the same position out here, apply for the permit to work & you will earning big bucks very soon. There is loads of work & the wages are great. As the flooding has wrecked the place, there is ample oportunity to live the dream & still stash money in the bank. Good luck to all of you waiting on your visas!! Having a barbie to celebrate. Hic.
  7. I was looking through this forum and someone mentioned a DEFRA permit to export dogs. I already have my aqis permit for my dog but have never come across this DEFRA permit anywhere.:confused: We are living in Greece and exporting my little buster (sad eh!) from here so was wondering if it was only required in UK? Does anyone know? We are getting buster his 30 days prior to export vaccinations very soon as are looking to move end of feb. thanks anyone who knows anything!
  8. Hey all ! im finding it very hard to get info on how to get a import permit for a VAN! i've looked through the import permit application & cant find the category a van would fall under! there is tailors, rally cars, etc & then "personal import" but im told i cant take a van over on a personal import, cars only... I've had the van for 2 years before i came over & can prove it! if anyone who has imported a van here can shed any light on this it would be very much appreciated. cheers!!
  9. RoseBrown1972

    Import permit for car and motor bike

    Hi Has anyone any experience with applying for import permits for a car and motor bike? Submitted application for my car and hubbys bike early June and today I recieved an email about the car but so far nothing about the bike. Although I suspect based on the time of the email the bike one could arrive during their next working day. With the application I provided a copy of the email confirming our short term rental in Perth and a copy of our one way flight itinery but they want more information to prove our intention to move permanently: Copy of rental agreement in Oz (won't receive until in oz) Copy of Oz utilitie agreements (included in rent) Offer of employment in Oz- not anticipating getting work until we are in Oz Proof of sale of house- on market but not sold and still moving even if it isn't Oz bank account- can open on line but not moving until Nov and you have 3 months from date of opening to provide ID either in Oz or london branch so too soon. TFN number, medi care and driving licence application- can't be done until in Oz The only option they give that is possible is a letter from my employer saying that I have advised them of my intention to leave, this is not possible for husband has employers have no idea of our plans and it is better to leave it this way for now! However this on its own doesn't give sufficient points. We leave on 20 Nov and my car will go either then with our household goods or possibily earlier if the house sells but we wanted to send the bike ahead to be there more or less when we arrive. Anyone else had this issue and how did you get round it? Thanks Rose
  10. :huh:My oh would like to bring his prized motorbike in our container. I have had a look on the customs website but i could not seem to find the permit application form. I have emailed them direct but to date i have not heard back from them. Does anyone have the link to the application form so that i can download it? Thank you
  11. ]Hi everyone We are in the process of organising our import permits for taking our 2 cats to Perth in November. Does anyone know about the Consignee and what they actually have to do?? Iv.e been told that I need an address and a contact number for someone there that goes on the permit? We dont really know anyone there and dont have an address yet there? Any ideas or advice on what we can do?? Do they actually phone the person and what do they need to do?! Any advice please I would really appreciate it!! thanks Erika
  12. FlappyChicken

    Which Visa until Work Permit Approved

    Which Visa should I apply for until my Work Permit is approved? eVisitor (subclass 651) visa Business - Short Stay (subclass 456) visa ETA (Business Entrant) - Long Validity (subclass 956) visa I need to be in Australia from February to commence work and not sure which visa to apply for that will enable me to do 'skilled' work until the WP is approved. Thanks for any advice! FC
  13. Hi , can anyone tell me what the best route is to get work as a sparks in Aus ? Ive been told you need a work permit first to allow you to work with qualified electricians whilst you gain experience to apply for your licence.Or after reading other coments from sparkies it might be best to just apply for licence as soon as you land in Aus.We are heading to Brisbane as soon as our visas arive (any time now) So if any one can offer any advice it would be most appreciated.
  14. Hi - can I ask those of you who've imported pets to Australia what you did to provide the required Aus contact address and telephone number? Can I use the details for a friend but my name? :unsure: Seems like a really silly requirement seeing as many of the people importing pets will be migrants who, when applying for a permit several months before moving, are unlikely to have Aus contact details! :wacko:
  15. Hi, I'm actually looking for a company who will be willing to sponsor me. I am a Personnel Officer with 4 years of working experience. I am even willing to pay all visa expenses. Is there any recruitment agencies who can do that for me? I've tried all kinds of agencies but to no avail
  16. Guest

    international driving permit

    Can anyone help us please, we are heading for Perth in August and have seen threads relating to international driving licences is this the same as an international driving permit. If so how long does it last until you need an australian one and are they hard to apply for? Jan
  17. Guest

    Import permit - cat

    Hi I don't suppose anyone knows anything about the import permit form you fill out to take your pets over to Oz? Quick question about the importer question (no 1), they want your details and address in Oz, you are not allowed to put "to be advised" and I won't have an address until we get out there. Has anyone any ideas? I was thinking about putting the pet carrier who we are using to take our cat from Sydney to Brisbane? The forms are just as complicated as the visa form for us! Thanks Zeta