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Found 33 results

  1. I have a small problem in that i have job offer in australia, just need my prospective employer to get his sponsorship status to start with. My partner has a 5 year old from her previous relationship and we need his fathers permission to take him out of the country( have not asked him yet we going to get new year out the way first) and it could be fairly simple or it could be expensive and a trip to court. We dont really know yet how he will react. I can get a 457 visa and could come out as soon as its granted and start work or i could hang on until we get everything sorted this end, not much work in uk so i am keen to get out to oz and get started as i been offered a fairly good job. What i am trying to find out is that if i come over on my own to start with, what is the process my other half would have to do to come and join me, I dont think we can apply for a visa for all of us as it would not be granted until we have the clearance from his father or the court so i need to make my own application. Has any one else had a similar experience?
  2. Hi I am applying to emigrate to Oz with my 15 year old daughter. I see from the forms that I should have permission from her father to leave the Uk. However her biological father has had no contact(I left him during my pregnancy) and he lives on another continent( not Oz) There is a blank on her birth certificate under father's name. I am assuming therefore that there will be no issues moving with her...but I though I would check?
  3. Cinders5055

    Permission to take my daughter

    This question has probably been asked before but here goes... I am hoping to come out Feb 12 with my husband and my youngest daughter age 12, and I'm just waiting for my nursing reg to be awarded to apply for my 457. I was going through the check-list of documents I need to get ready and one was form 1229 Consent to grant an Australian visa to a child under the age of 18. My daughter is from a previous relationship,(we were not married) and her father has not even seen her or made any contact since she was a year old. He knew where I was as I stayed in the same house for a further six years after we split up. I managed to track him down a few months ago and asked him to sign a Stat Dec stating I could take her to Australia and that he had no objections ect, which he did. On form 1229, which I have sent him to sign, - it asks for photo ID, he tells me he does not have any. No passport or driving licence. Do you think immigration will accept a certified copy of his birth cert - or do you think I will have to pay to get him a passport or get a court order?? I'm worried as I don't want this to stop us getting to Oz. Has anyone been through this? any advice? Lisa
  4. Hi all. Is there anybody out there that have rented there UK property without the permission of the bank. ( There cost are alot!!!! ) We will be renting our home out, and would like to know the best ideas how to do so, to save on cost etc.:wink: Also what is the full process, we know the obvious like safttey certificates, what other forms would need to be filled in. Any advice and to hear from people going through the same thing would be great guys. Cheers
  5. Hi, I posted this originally on Poms In Adelaide and was advised I'd get more feedback here - hope that's the case! I'm due to start a new job in Flagstaff in May 2012 - had enough of working in the UK, desperate for a new start for my health and quality of life, and for my daughter. Trouble is, her bio father won't give permission for her to emigrate with me so I'm having to go down the route of applying to the courts to override this. Has anyone been through a similar process? If so, were you successful and how long did it all take? Please help! Thanks
  6. we are in the middle of filling in our online application to emigrate my ex is happy for us to take our 15 year old what do we need to get from him to say he gives his permission and will this take long as we need to send of our application asap any advice would be really helpful thanks
  7. Just wanted to say hello to everybody. My husband and myself and our four kids have just started the emigration process for permanent residency. I have tried looking through the threads but am having trouble finding anything similar. My ex has been denied contact with my daughter and we have a court order. She is 2 now. Do we still need his permission to emigrate? Waiting for an appointment with a solicitor. Just wondered if anyone else has been through this process. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks X
  8. Guest

    Absent fathers permission?

    Hi does any one know if i still need an absent fathers permission for me to emigrate? my daughter was born in 2004 and his name is on birth certificate,but hasn't seen her for 6 years and doesn't contribute financially for her. Many thanks
  9. Hi all, i hope someone can help me im on a bridging visa A current- no leave permission. ive called immigration twise to confirm what steps i would have to take to apply for another bridging visa to leave the country while my spouse application is going through- my sister back home is very ill and i need to go back and see her. on the first call the lady told me to go to the immi office and put in an application for a bridging visa B on my 2nd call another lady said that she'd have to let the relevent department know i intend to leave and that they'll get back to me about what to do next. im pretty pushed for time no.1- i badly want to see my sister, we're 2 peas in a pod, no.2- my current flight back runs out in may so i'll have to rebook but before the 22nd june otherwise i have to book another flight all together and immi said that the waiting time for the visa is 4 weeks! so im wondering, should i just go down to my immi office and put the application in in person or should i wait for them to get back to me? we all know how slow immi's responce to anything is! any help would be great
  10. Hi Hope there is someone that can help me. Me my husband and 3 girls are in the process of migrating to perth, my eldest daughters whis is 11 still see's her dad and his name is on her birth certificate but he does not pay maintenance and by english law has no parental responsability (she was born 1999 & we were not married). Does anyone know what i should send with our visa application to surport this? I spoke to Australia House last year and they said a stat dec confiriming no PR would be fine which i got from a solicitor, but now after all this time my agent thinks different. Does anyone know how i stand in regards to the australian law? Any help would be great :arghh:
  11. My nephew has just found out that his ex-wife is thinking of emigrating to Australia and taking their 4 year old son with her ..... I take it that she will need to get his permission, if he refuses to give his permission is there any way that she can still take him ? Any comments would be very much appreciated. Tracey x
  12. Hello everyone I'm in the process of applying for an onshore spouse visa.Soon I'll be on the Bridging visa A but as I'm here on a tourist visa at the moment I will have the same conditions - no work permission. I understand that I can apply for temporary working rights while my visa application is being processed based on financial hardship. I still find it hard to believe that this wouldn't have a negative impact the visa application as the sponsor has to state that he is completely able to support the applicant for 2 years.But apparently the sponsor only has to have an yearly income of 35k to be eligible as a sponsor and if you can proof that you have high spendings you could still apply for working rights based on financial hardship to support the household. First of all can anyone confirm this? Has anyone gone through this process and could share his experience? How do you lodge this application?Form 1005,is it? What kind of supporting documents do you have to provide with it? (I assume bank statement showing financial situation- income,rent,bills ) Any help and info is much appreciated! Cheers
  13. Hello, I am a teacher who is currently on a 457 Visa entitled to work at a Primary School outside Melbourne. I am waiting for my Partner Visa to be approved (that we applied for this past November) and have not yet been assigned a case officer. Unfortunately, the teacher who's mental leave I have been covering for a year has decided to return to the classroom which cuts me out of earning a regular income (as they only have room and funds for me to work as a Casual Relief Teacher now). I have been told by Immigration that it could take another six months to process my Partner Visa but I don't want to wait that long with only sporadic work available to me. I found Form 1005 which allows me to change the terms of my bridging visa however I am not sure if I will be able to qualify for the permission to work as it asks: Q. 20- What savings do you have? I do have savings which I intended to use for a down payment on a mortgage once I got approved for my Partner Visa and which I'd rather not spend supporting myself for six months. Q. 27- Who is your family in Australia and why can't they support you? My partner is currently doing his articled clerkship for a law firm. Will they simply say he can support me? We have also just moved in with his parents last month (a move intended to save us a bit more money for the down payment), would this be cause for refusal as well? I can't imagine not working for six months and I really want to be earning money and not spending what I have worked hard to save. Any Advice?? Thank you.
  14. Black Country lad

    Defacto Visa/ Permission to work

    I have just been to the Gold Coast last week to submit my partner Visa along with all the supporting paperwork, I was unable to submit in Brisbane for obvious reasons at the time "Flooding". While there I also submitted a bridging visa requesting permission to work, and providing evidence of my skills and my abilities to be able to offer several organisations the experience & life skills having worked as a business improvement consultant Manager and having extensive project management skills while also being trained and worked as a Fire Fighter with Shropshire Fire & Rescue in the UK for 5 years. I was amazed at the response I got from the immigation agent who was dealing with the paperwork, she blatently told me that had I been applying on the grounds of financial hardship she could have signed the permission to work straight off and because I was applying on the grounds of work/life skills she would have to send the paperwork to Brisbane to let them make the decision! " I think that meant NO?" however she did say to me that I could resubmit on the grounds of financial hardship if I get turned down! Now I am sure that it states that you must have enough finances to be able to support yourself while you are here in Australia? so why would anyone apply on the grounds of financial hardship to get permission to work? Now I am not financial hard up by any means although the reality is I have not been able to work for the last 12 months and it could take them another 9 months? maybe to grant my visa, so as you can imagine that will be a big drain on my savings not to mention the potential of going insane while not being able to work! If you were to lock a dog in a house and give it the bare minimum of food and water but no social life, I think most people would call that cruelty? yet the immigration here can keep people dangling on a thread, even though we still have some kind of life to lead or maybe they just like the thought of people arriving here on boats only to wait for the tax payer to return them to the countries of origin? now me like many others, have always had to have a return ticket back to the UK, Sorry Austrlia your immigration stinks not to mention that you still bear our flag, Oh and by the way an English PM. Also there is no other service that I know to that you pay for before having recieved the goods? so whats the payment for of $2500 you dont even get a contact name for that!!! If my partner was not Australian I wouldn't be here, still nothing like home as far as I am concerned, for god sake immigration get your act together the service is appalling. The key to this is make sure that you put financially hard up and they may even provide you with a house and a car along with a job!! :mad:
  15. Hi sorry just posted this on the end of a thread, just new and getting to grips with the forum. Anyway I have full custody of my two children who are 3 and 4 years old and i currently live in the Uk with my New partner. The childrens dad lives in spain and sees them generally once a month. Am I going to have problems legally emigrating to australia as a family, is he within his right to legally object to this move lots of thanks x
  16. Just found this site and wondered if anyone knows the law regarding taking children to oz. I'm a divorced mother and my ex-husband won't give consent to take my two teenagers. I need to go because my whole family is there except one brother. But he is going soon too, with his family! I don't want to be left on my own and would like my children to have more family around them too.
  17. Hi everyone Back again!!! I have been nominated for a 457 visa by my employer which is great. I applied for it in good time and awaiting an extension of my bridging visa A which never came through. Although i rang immigration several times and they told me to be patient etc i decided i wanted something in writing and headed to the immigration dept in Brisbane. They told me i was on a bridging visa C with no work permission!?!?! so i cant return to work for the company offering to sponsor me which is annoying. Financially i cant afford to be out of work so i was advised to submit a form 1005 to get permission until i was assigned a case officer to look at my 457. That was done last week and was told a supervisor had looked at it and would be in contact. Still no word today so chased up and was told i would have to wait a few weeks before a case officer was assigned and looked at my 457 paperwork?!?!?!? what was the point of lodging the 1005 for work permission if i have to wait anyways?? the information i have received from immigration does not match what this person is telling me...surely i have to support myself and surely i can get work permission before they look at the 457 paperwork?? should i just go in and do this in person? will that help?? Thank you Joanne
  18. Guest

    Unlimited permission to work

    Hello, I'm really stuck & was wondering if somebody could please give me some advice... I've applied for a de-facto visa, my application reached immigration in April 09 & I haven't heard much more... Anyway, my problem is that I have had to leave two fab jobs because of the working restrictions on my visa(s). I came over on a WHV, meaning I can only work for six months at a time & I'm getting a bit fed-up with having to change jobs :skeptical: I know you can fill in Form 1005 but I'm confused as to why this gives me unlimited working restrictions...? I submitted form 1005 when during my time at my last job & immigration let me have an additional two weeks there whilst they decided on whether I qualified for financial hardship- which I didn't so I had to leave. What do I need to do to qualify for unlimited work rights? What do I need to put on Form 1005? Perhaps I'm filling it out wrong! I would really appreciate it if somebody could please help me out a bit as I have nobody else to ask. Cheers, Sophie
  19. Hello all, I arrived in Australia on a WHV and whilst in Australia applied for a Remaining Relative Visa, my WHV has now expired so I am on a Bridging Visa (A, I assume). Given the potentially lengthy wait for processing on the RRV (up to 6 years I have read in some places!) I would like to be able to work without the 6-month per employer restriction that I currently have, otherwise I might be looking at getting 12 different jobs before I become permanent! The way to apply for this restriction lifting is using Form 1005 which I am trying to wade through at the moment. Does anybody have any experience with this form, i.e. under what conditions do they lift the 6-month limitation? Also, at the start of the form it asks for a 'File Number', giving no further information as to where this number may be found, any ideas?
  20. Guest

    URGENT - Permission to work

    Hi All You may have seen my previous post but if not in summary I am on a 457 Visa, been here 12 months, the company have gone insolvent and my contract terminated. Found a new company willing to sponsor but they had not sponsored before so it has been 6 weeks since their application to sponsor was submitted with no news at all! Its been 4 weeks since I had any income and we are struggling and panicking a bit about Christmas as you can imagine. (I have hubby and 3 kids, hubby works but it's not enough to cover all basic expenses let alone the luxury of Christmas). Immigration are aware and have been very nice, but other than tell me they are not going to deport us (not yet anyway) they can't assist in any other way and made it perfectly clear that I MUST NOT WORK unless it is for the company that is approved to employ me.... NIGHTMARE! Does anyone know if there is a way I can apply for permission to work under serious financial difficulties? My husbands work said they would sponsor him but he is a car salesman and that's just not on the list of occupations for a 457 visa holder and even if it was that does not solve the immediate issue of running out of money fast! I AM IN DESPAIR! Thanks for listening Hop x
  21. Hi, I have just found out that my 16 year old (17 in October) stepduaghter, will need to get her bio-fathers permission to emigrate with us. However we cannot find him, he has had no contcat for many years, CSA cannot fin him either. I have been to the court an collected lots of forms, c1,c100 etc. I notice on your thread you did yours on your own, could you give advice on what forms I need to complete? Thank you
  22. Good afternoon all Just wanted to ask advice from anyone who has rented their house in the UK out. We have had the house on the market 3 months and are thinking if there is no offer by summer we may rent it out and sell later. I rang the bank to ask generally if it would be possible and they said that is you are going permanantly they will not approve it as it will need a "Buy To Let" mortgage which they (RBS) do not offer. Just wondering if anyone elase has come across this ..... maybe you say you are going for a couple of years? Why is nothing simple :rolleyes: Jen xx
  23. This is something that really worries me. How easy is this? Do they make it difficult? Any got any experience with Abbey National? Thanks!
  24. Hi, I am looking to move ot Oz but looking at the documentation I will need my ex husband to sign a form to let the children go. I dont have any contact with him and my children have not seen him for 5 years. I dont know where he lives or what he is doing although I do recieve maintainance via CSA. What should I do? Is there anything I can do in order to move? Thanks
  25. First post so hi to everyone and am so glad i found this site> Any help most grateful!! I have been and seen a solicitor and they have advised me to go and see about the normal things that you have to do prior to living in a new place eg register my son with a school dentist, doctor etc... As i need to prove that this will be a better life for my child. We are hoping to move to Corrimal and have checked out there website etc... but still not found any links to help me get any further. We are not planning to move until August 08 whivh i feel makes it even more difficult as no one will take us on the regsiter yet. If any one has ever had to do the same would love to know. Spending hours on the net!! :roll: Thanks Shaz