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Found 18 results

  1. Hi everyone! If a company sponsors a temporary resident from the UK (457 visa) to become a Permenant Resident, is there any limit to the payback restrictions they can impose on the person if they leave the company afterwards? E.g. 100% of PR costs to be repayed if leaving within 12 months, 50% within 24 months, etc. I heard somewhere that such restrictions were illegal, but that's probably hearsay. Thanks heaps
  2. Hello, Can anyone clarrify what visa process I'd have to look into to move back to NSW. After about 7 years living in Syndey we moved back to Europe for a few years so our kids could spend time with grandparents. We were initally buisness sponsored and then independent permanent residents and our first child has an Australian Passport, but not citizens. Still have superanuation, have degree from an aussie uni etc but no property. We stayed away longer than planned as additional children followed on but now are thinking of moving back We have now been gone just over 5 years ( other than a month long holliday a couple of years ago) which looks to be problematic but but have maintained good ties and could easily have my employer move my job back with me. What approach should we take? Can we use a resident return visa? Should we look at a family visa based on our son? Would I have to go down the route of another buisness sponsored visa. Cheers
  3. Hi . can anyone tell me if they have managed to get permenant residency in Australia once they had gone over 50 years of age. this would be without having a diploma qualification.
  4. dudleydog

    permenant residency - now what?

    Hi, Just got my permanent residency - at last! now I need some advice, what do i need to do now? I know i need to contact medicare and change from my temp resident card to a permanent one but what else?
  5. Hi Guys, Just a quick question re. "upgrading" my defacto visa from temp to perm. I have been in Melbourne for just over a year and am absolutely loving it! Took a while to get over missing friends and family in the UK, but now I feel completly settled. Anyway I was speaking a friend of a friend recently who told me that she knew people who hadnt spoken to immigration soon enough regarding changing their defacto from an 801 to 820 and as such the visa had expired and they have had to leave the country! Now I dont know how true this is, but it has made me wonder how do you go about changing your visa to permenant? Do immigration contact you or should you contact them? Obviously I dont want to get deported back home to the UK if I can help it and Im sure this is the usual scare mongering, but obviously wouldnt hurt to know the process so we can be organised. Also I cant seem to find any info about it on the immigration website, so any advice / experience on this would be great. As always, anyone whos going through the defacto process should feel free to PM me with any questions, I know how stressful that bit is! D
  6. Rhian1

    not a permenant stay.

    Hi all, My husband and I are living in Melbourne at the moment, we arrived in October and plan to stay here for 2 or so years - we then want to move back to the uk. We have residency but got it because it was the easiest way of moving here to give us both as much flexibility with jobs not because we planned to stay here forever. We came here with an open mind, but feel we'll return after this time. Mainly because we miss our family and friends and we also miss the UK! We are really enjoying our time here, we have seen so much so far, we are enjoying our jobs and life here is good and we have so much planned this year. We both just don't want to stay forever - is this ok? we have had some mixed reactions from people here - whywould you want to go back to cold uk? eveyrthing is so much better here!! We are very close to our families, my OH's dad was very ill last year with leukemia and that made things hard. We came here for an adventure - to live and work overseas, to have an experience, grow as a person and see as much of the place as possible. Anyone else had a similar experience? x
  7. Hi, was wondering if anyone could help? My OH is a 42 year old Electronic Engineer and is currently on the new SOL but without MODL or SS falls short of the 120 points even with the full score points for English. We were and have been waiting for the SMP to be released but now these may be delayed? Confusion over the hung parliament etc? We have applied to attend the Skills Expo in London in September but as yet not received any reply. My question is? If my OH was offered a 457 job sponsored visa and went out to OZ before the family, who sorted out the house here then went too, how easy is it to then apply for a permanent residence visa on shore? and what one is it? Can you apply whilst on a 457? Are we better off waiting here til SMP are released? Any advice welcomed. Just want to get to OZ!! Thank you Julian (42) Jennie (45) Abigail (11) and Melissa (9)
  8. Guest

    Permenant Resident from 457

    Hi all, I've had a search around the forum, but am struggling to work out what my options are for applying for permanent residency. I'm on a 457 currently (moved over October last year) Is it possible to apply for PR now or do I have to wait 2 years? many thanks Kate
  9. Hello I got a doubt about CPV though child visa (permenant subclass 101) offshore My husband will be sponsoring our son on Child visa offshore and i wll be accompany our son on a evisitor visa as he is too young to be alone he is only 3.5 yrs old. My husabnd has divorced me so we cant go for spouse visa. My husband will be sponsoring me on CPV on behalf of our son. My husband is an aus citizen and settled there in aus. My question is, when can we apply for CPV is that do we have to wait until 2 year since our son arrives aus or is it possible to we able to apply for CPV once after his Child visa (subclass 101) gets granted offshore? Any solutions? please Help Thankyou, Claudya
  10. Hi Im just looking for a bit of advice/ to see if anyone has done it previously and can help. Basically im 21, about to graduate in the UK with a mathematics degree (hopefully a good one!) and I want to get my ass over to Australia n be able to stay there permenantly. My problem is that obviously I dont qualify for a worker visa since I dont have 18 months in a job on the SOL list. I know i could just get one and then apply etc but I really dont want to have to wait! Ive been looking at goin back to the university i studied abroad at and doing a PGCE or the australian equivalent and then applying for a worker visa as a teacher but im worried that if i cant get one does their certificate qualify in the UK? I dont want to spend 5 grand then get rejected from aus n find out its worthless over here!! any advice anyone has for anyway for me to "cheat the system" and get a visa would be much appreciated Thanks Lisa
  11. Hya Does any one know which visa to apply for at the end of 457 visa, which is only for 2 years in order to get a permanant residence? many thanks
  12. I know this sounds daft, as my partner and I hope to validate our 175 visa next year and intend to be there for 3 weeks. Do we need to apply for a tourist visa whilst we are there for the three weeks or will the validation of the 175 visa cover our 3 weeks? Thanks
  13. Guest

    Permenant Visa Problems?!!

    Hi Landed in sunny Darwin a few years ago on a regional 457 visa - after the two years applied for Permenant and was granted March 07. Wasn't aware that it states we had to do at least another two years in Darwin as part of the permenant resident visa conditons Left for the UK in Oct 07 (6 months after being granted) for a holiday but ended up having to stay a while due to family problems. Got a job in Townsville so returned June 09 (after a 20 month break in the UK) when i arrived wasn't sure whether I was gonna be turned away but they let me in and have a great job and life here. Now a bit concerned they could turn up and throw me out as not adhered to the permenant visa sub conditions and if I was to just keep working and then apply for citizenship will they look into the fact I didn't do the two years in Darwin? I did phone immigration - was told to complete form 1022 to explain change of circumstances but i think they were under the impression I was still in Darwin - very worried now as not worth staying here on this visa if I can never be granted citizenship - would be best to start again under skilled migration visa. Any help appreciated From a worried Pom
  14. With my VISA I will have PR, however how do I get citizenship, why would I get it and what does it entitle me to? Sorry if this seems blunt (or obvious!) but I was asked the question last night and didn't know the answer!!! Cheers
  15. Guest

    Permenant Residency

    Hey We are looking into emigrating to Oz to support my dad through his illness and after chatting to him today, i need some advice! We moved, as a family, to Australia in 1975 - In 1978, we returned, as a family, back to the UK as my mum missed her parents - i was born in 1970, so quite young at the time, however, my dad has just told me that we were granted PR back then. What im wondering is, could we, by some small chance, still have PR considering it was given such a long time ago ?- I know the immi rules change all the time, so would be interesting to find out! How would i go about finding this info - im quite sure that back then, nothing would of been computerised so someone somewhere would have to find the paper trail! Any info would be greatly appreciated! Kells
  16. escape

    sponsored or permenant visa?

    Hello all, Just a quick question :GEEK: Was considering doing state sponsorship to SA as I thought sponsored visa's are processed faster. Agent has said we can go for permenant. Which route if any is fastest? Thanks!
  17. Hi, After reading through many of the posts on this website, I was able to answer one of my initial questions about how long it roughly takes for a 457 to be processed....so thanks for the help with that one! :smile: I still am totally lost though, as to how I would be able to go from initially being a temporary resident whilst working for a sponsored employer in Australia, to becoming a permanent resident. I have been told this is possible, but am unsure as to what the process is. Anyone please able to shed some light on the matter? GG
  18. You'll have to forgive me but I have got my thick head on this morning!!:goofy: I am applying for a 475 Provisional visa and have been checking out the job prospects in SA. In most ads it say must be permanent resident, does this apply to me or not? I am guessing it does but not sure Thanks in advance.