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Found 18 results

  1. upgradingdegree

    Upgrade Education to get Permanent Residence

    Hi all, I'm already in Oz on a 457 temporary visa although my company won't nominate me for PR after the mandatory two years! I'm now looking to go independent as a skilled migrant but I have the following unique issues (I think it's fairly unique). I dropped out of University (in the UK) and was awarded a Diploma (one rank below a full bachelors degree). If I take a top up course with the Open University (the British one) and upgrade my diploma to the full degree, will that be acceptable? I need to get a skills assessment from the ACS. What I'm worried about is: I think the ACS say that any years of experience you have before your degree is awarded are not counted towards the requirement to have 2 years experience as well as a degree; am I reading that wrong or would my several years of experience I have gained (that are closely related to the nominated job on the SOL) be counted towards the 2 years experience requirement as well as having a degree? I'm a little confused by this. note: for a software engineer, the SOL says you must have a degree and 2 years of experience. Any knowledge is really appreciated! Thanks Adam
  2. hi guys im 22years old currently in Brisbane on a holiday working visa. im a roof tiler/ slater by trade with 5 years exp, I have minor exp n roof plumbing roof tiliing or slater isn't on the skills list. im wanting to get my permeant residency here in Australia just wondering if anyone can help me out and give me some advice on what to do, I don't care where I have to live in oz aslong as I stay here I love every place ive been too much appreciated
  3. Hi all, just discovered pomsinoz and hoping someone will be able to give a little advice i am a hairdresser currently working in Melbourne on a 457 sponsorship I have been on this visa for 3 and a half years now, the problem is my employer does not want to nominate me as he has not fofilled his visa duties , example ;not paid the nominated wage award (was agreed at beginning ) Not used 2%of the company's income on training and education and am sure there is a few other things,, so am wondering what happens once I reach the 4year mark? Am I able to apply for P.R without nomination? or am I better off looking for a new employer who will nominate me??? any help would be much appreciated !! therr could be a haircut in it for you regards beandos
  4. Hello, Our clients are well established crash repair centres, looking looking for.... EXPERIENCED & QUALIFIED PANEL BEATERS EXPERIENCE ON SMALL TO LARGE REPAIRS ATA QUALIFICATION IS HIGHLY REGARDED Car-o-liner experience preferred For suitably qualified and experienced candidates, you will receive an excellent salary package and the opportunity to progress your career as well as working in an excellent team environment. These roles are for an immediate start or once your visa is issued. You will be offered sponsorship for a 457 visa and later the opportunity to apply for permanent residency. If you are interested in this position, please forward your CV outlining your experience and qualifications to info@thamesmigration.com Contact Thames Migration via the website http://www.thamesmigration.com quoting PB2014
  5. I had done Bacholers in Electrical Engg. Then I came to Australia, and now just completing my 1st one year M.Engg (Electrical Engg.) degree from University of Western Sydney (Australia). Now according to immigration rules, I have to do one more 1 year degree to complete 92 weeks of study, to be eligible to apply for Permanent Residency in future. Now I am confused, that Can I do MBA as my 2nd degree to complete 92 weeks of study? Or should I have to complete 2nd degree relating to my 1st M.Engg degree? As I am confirmed that I can apply for Engineering Management degree or any other Masters in Engineering degree which will lead me further for PR, but the fee of these degrees are too high. So i want to apply for any degree with normal fee, like MBA. But not confirmed that in which course should I apply further. Please help me. And I someone gone from same situation, please let me know. Thank You.
  6. Hello, I've just joined this site like 2 mins ago so plz be nice Ive got an admit from Monash Uni for Masters in Business (My intended major is Project Management). I intend to stay back in Australia and hence need a PR. Part 1: The likely outcomes from my major dont seem to be on the SOL (There's one called construction project manager,but i dont see myself into construction). Does this mean I wont be eligible for a PR? Is it absolutely necessary to have an occupation on the SOL? Part 2: IF i dont choose Project Management,the other majors that I'm open to are Information technology Law and responsible business Managing human capital Marketing Responsible management Risk management Supply chain management Is any of these likely to get me an occupation from the SOL? I'm from India and intending for the Feb 2015 intake. Also, I've seen certain occupations that i may be eligible for on the CSOL. But these seem to have no mention on the Victorian govt's SOL..!! Am i eligible for CSOL in the first place? Secondly,what if my nominated occupation isnt on the govt's site? Plz help. I'm investing a hefty sum here. Wanna make an informed decision. Cheers..!!
  7. Hello all! Does anybody know if you can gain permanent residency off a working holiday visa? I know you have to work 3 months on the land in order to extent the visa for two years and you are able to work only 6 months for each employer, but are you able to get sponsored by that employer and then move to a temporary work skilled visa (457)? My job is currently on the CSOL list but I'm only needed in the Northern Territory (I don't really understand this as after looking on seek there are only 25 jobs needed in Darwin in comparison to 1200 in Sydney, 400 in Brisbane and so on). Could I work in a larger city if I find an employer to sponsor me rather than the state sponsorship? Next issue, what are the possibilities for a person on a working holiday visa to get a job in an office such as a property manager? Thanks for reading!!
  8. Hello, Im in need of any advice/guidance for what has become quite a complicated process from 457 visa to PR. My partner has been on a 457 sponsored visa since July 2012. We only had the visa approved for two years and it will expire in two weeks. His employer agreed to nominate us for the 186 subclass employer nomination visa under the Temporary Residence Transition scheme. We were advised from the Dept of Immigration that it is "risky" but we would have to lodge both the nomination and our application on the last day that our 457 visa expires as we won't be eligible for it before. However we have since learnt that my partners employer has already put in the nomination 4 weeks ago without us knowing and received an acknowledgement and TRN number. Its my understanding and info from immigration that if we now apply for this visa it will be cancelled as they nominated us before the 2 years had been completed on the 457 visa. Fortunately we have not started or paid any of our application, just gathered all our documents/evidence. Does anyone know if my partners employer could cancel this and do another nomination through the direct entry scheme? and if my partner needs a skills assessment (as required for direct entry) could this be completed after we put in the application as we are running out of time? Or any other ideas whatsoever? Thank you for any advice/info.
  9. mwn123

    Points for Masters degree

    Hello, I have got a positive assessment from Engineers Australia and it mentions the following statement regarding my Masters Does it mean that I can claim more points for my Masters? FYI, I intended to claim the following points AGE: 30 English: 10 Overseas skilled employment: 5 Educational qualifications: 15 (Bachelor) Can I claim additional points for the following criteria as mentioned in the point table? Thanks in advance for your cooperation. Regards, MWN
  10. Paterson00

    457 to EN186

    Howdy all, I am looking for a list of things I will need to prepare for my application for my transition from my 457 visa to a EN186. I will be applying in Feb and the company I work for are probably going to pay for it so I want to be as ready as possible. I know a few things that I will need to prepare but I am struggling to find out exactly what will be required from me. I cant find much on the DIAC website and end up going round and round in circles. I phoned them up the other day and sat on hold for 20 mins and had to quit waiting because my kids wanted to have some fun. I have asked my HR dept but they will hand over the application to a company called Fragomen and I also called Fragomen and they will not divulge the information until they know they are going to get paid for helping me and my company are still not sure if they will be doing so (althought there is no reason they wouldn't) so I am going round in circles and getting no where fast. Does anyone know if it a simple list and a standard list or is it case specific. I have heard tha I will need to find things like a list of every country I have been to in the last ten years and also dates, police and health checks in both countries.
  11. Are you looking to move to Australia? Looking for a better lifestyle, better opportunities and better weather? We currently have fantastic opportunities for qualified Motorcycle Mechanics! Live the Dream and relocate here to Australia with 457 Visa sponsorship. Join great teams across South Australia and Victoria. You will have the chance to work with some high profile brands in excellent conditions in one of the most highly regarded Motorcycle shops off the South Coast. Expect highly competitive wages, Great team environments in a dynamic and expanding business. Roles not only for mechanics but for supervisors, if you have a qualification and experience as a motorcycle mechanic - please send your resume now, detailing your skills as a mechanic and as a leader. Supervisors will be overseeing teams of 3-6 including apprentices. Customer Service Skills and a Strong Work Ethic Essential http://www.seek.com.au/Job/motorcycle-mechanics-jobs-in-australia/in/rest-of-the-uk-rest-of-the-uk/23384597 Please send your resume to mattreilly@southerncrosspersonnel.com
  12. Hi Guys Can anyone out there help? I am looking to get my proof of continuous employment/trade from 2002 onwards from the HMRC in the UK. I need this to get the maximum 15 points for our 190 permanent visa, I am in Oz on a temp visa at the moment. I have my P60s from 2005 - 2012 but you need to prove 8 out of 10 years in the same trade (Fabricator). I have emailed them with no reply, has anyone else had to get these from so long ago and if so could you please tell me how to go about it? Thank you:confused::confused::confused:
  13. As the title suggests - If a potential 45+ migrant with positive skills assessment & IELTS gains Employer Sponsorship/Nomination but has an unskilled partner what future prospect is there for them to achieve Permanent Residency?
  14. Guest

    Regarding 175 Visa from India

    Hi All, I am applying for 175 visa for Australia.I had passed the points test and scored 65 points and completed my IELTS and secured a score of Band 7 in all the modules.I have few questions before applying for the Visa. 1.Am married for 11 months now so my question is Do I need to show Genuine and ongoing relationship proof like utility, joint accounts counciltax etc? If yes do I need to get the declarations from friends attested by a JP/solicitor? 2.I was working in India for 6 years and recently I had resigned and moved to UK after marriage.So do I need to be working/employed as am the primary applicant? 3 .As we are now moving back to India in couple of months , Do I need to show current contact address as India or UK in the online application form. Please do help me , as am willing to submit my application by this week. Waiting for reply. Regards, Sree
  15. EugeneS

    176 Visa = PR ?

    Hi folks, I'm on my way to getting the 176 State Sponsored visa and I have a question. Many times I hear the term "Permanent resident" or shortly PR. So I wonder whether the 176 visa and PR are actually the same? As far as i understand, the 176 visa grants you the right for permanent residency.. Am I right? Thanks!
  16. HI EVERYONE! just wanna say this forum is awesome! Right now I'll explain my situation... lived in oz for 8 months on a working holiday visa where i kinda fell in love with the country and a girl (she's a kiwi) but she's living in Melbourne and i wanna go back desperately for ever or atleast another year! I was just wondering how long i have to wait to get another working holiday visa for oz or if its even possible?? I know that if i get one of them i could try and get sponsered while over there again by an employer or my great auntie that lives over there. My profession is in the Media Industry and I'm university educated (don't know if that even matters) but any suggestions what so ever would be greatly appreciated! what do you guys think my best best is regarding eventually getting residency in oz??? Thanks Alot Scott
  17. I have done commercial cookery and applied for TR 485 on 27th, Aug 2010 , i would like to know the translational arrangements still apply to me if so can i apply for PR after 1st July using old point system. Thanks for reading. Sara
  18. Ratchet

    PR with heart 'issues'

    Hi, onetruechris on the better halfs login Put in to go from 457 to pr, all agreed with wife’s work paid money used all documents from 457 all to do just wait for visa. Cue real world pricking the bubble. They've 'lost' my medical from the 457 (only mine not wife or sons!!!!!!) And I need to get another one done Thursday only problem is I had a heart attack 4 years ago (no damage just put on pills for life & did medical in uk last year) Last week had some chest and neck pains went to a & e here they didn’t find anything but put me in to do a stress test today which had abnormal results (not enough blood flow to an area of the heart) this will obviously show up on the Aussie system. Me thinks the fates are conspiring. Trying not to stress but my sons been delayed at school already so if I need to go back its going to have to be soon to get settled and get him in somewhere by September. (Oh and the whole might not make it to a ripe old age) Arrrrggghhhhh!!!!!!!! Someone tell me I'm stressing for nothing