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Found 33 results

  1. Guest

    honeymoon period

    you jump through all the hoops to live in australia,and after a while whilst living in australia the reality may kick in,and doubts may set in:no:just how do you deal with this--theres lots of things you can do to make this life changing experience a fulfilling one-but what are they:wubclub: this thread is to help people who may have doubts about how they feel--thankyou --so if your unsure about how you feel please share--you are not alone:wubclub: talking helps
  2. Guest

    Citizenship period.

    hi, travelling overseas for 1 month, does it prolong the period of citizenship as i have to be on PR for 12 months before applying for citizenship..plz let me know if anyone know about it....thnx
  3. Thought i would put a post on here to promote my house for sale, need a quick sale due to moving to Brisbane. This a lovely, large 3 bedroomed detached with huge driveway, period features like open fire and log burner, original flags and wooden beams etc. Located in small village in Overton, Nr. heysham, lancashire. PM if more details needed, thank you. :jiggy:
  4. hi i came into the country on a 457 and moved to 856visa , that 13 mnths on 457 and a year on 856 , i am curently having problems and am thinking of leaving , but now am suffering in decission because someone told me that if i decide to leave the employer now , the employer can report me to immigration and they will revoke my visa saying that it was fraudlent due to the short time i have spend with the company , so my question is how long should someone stay on an 856 visa before leaving for it not to be termed fraudlent , please help , coz its stressing me up :arghh:
  5. Guest

    Probation period?

    Hi, My hubby received an offer from a company in Perth, initial e-mail stated a permanent position, salary etc. They also indicated they wanted him over there ASAP. That was last week Thursday. Today he recieved an e-mail stating they would pay 50% of his visa and flight for him to complete his assessment, training and 3 month probation period. This was never mentioned in any correspondence to start with and has left us feeling confused and not sure what to do. They state that if, after the 3 months, he has successfully completed his probation and is still interested in staying, they would "move to get his family here". So, it would mean him resigning from his job in the UK, taking a chance for 3 months, leaving the family behind with no assurance of anything at the end. Is this normal for Australian companies? Why would they initially offer to sponsor all of our visas with confirmation of a permanent job and then change the offer a week later??? Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. I have certified copies of some documents dated 11 Jan 2011. Could I use the to apply for a visa nowadays?
  7. Hi I just wanted feedback on the processing time period for the permanent residency visa after nearly 2 years married please. I believe Immigration contact you 2 or 3 months beforehand to request a completed application with proof of an on-going relationship, so how long have fellow PIO's applications taken before they have got PR. Thanks Smiler :biggrin:
  8. Hi everyone, i am applying for the 857 regional sponsored visa and i was just wondering if somebody could confirm the "2 year obligation." The immigration website says: The employee must meet the following obligations. commence employment within six months of arriving in Australia or within six months of the visa grant if they are already in Australia remain employed in the nominated position in the regional area for at least two years. Granted i havent read the statutes on this, but above it doesnt specify when the 2 year period starts? Am i bound to two years upon the date of my visa is granted, or is it from the date i started work for the company, or is it the date that the position was nominated as valid by the regional certifying body? I have worked for my employer for nearly 12 months already, i lodged by 857 visa app in november and i am still waiting for the outcome. Thankyou
  9. cyclone22

    Proposed period of stay- 457 visa

    In the 457 visa online application they are asking Proposed period of stay for this application. I'm going to work as a doctor and contract is for 1 year .But I hope to stay in Aus for after that. As I have heard maximum period of 457 is 4 years can i put 4 years as the proposed period of stay? Thanks!
  10. Hi can anyone please help me with a couple of queries that I have. I'm new to this PiO website process so please be gentle !! I'm considering applying for the 175 visa prior to the July 1st change. I think I get the 120 points depending on the partner skills section. So prior to shelling out on the visa I would really appreciate if anyone can advise me if I'd be able to claim the 5 points for my partner's skill. Assuming I have looked at the right SOL her occupation could be assessed as; a. Marketing Specialist (ASCO Code 2221-13 on schedule 1) b. Sales & Marketing Manager (ASCO Code 1231-13 on schedule 1 or ANZSCO Code 131112 on schedule 2) c. Advertising & PR Manager (ANZSCO Code 131111 on schedule 4) Can someone please reassure me that I am looking on the correct and latest SOL as I've seen a couple of different versions now and I'm also unsure as to what the schedule no. refers to against the occupation codes as I'm wondering if her skills are actually not on the SOL but on a the regional / state occupation list which might mean her occupation would not give us the 5 points we need. The 5 points makes the difference between getting 120 points (that's assuming I'm capable of scraping a 7 on the IELTS test instead of needing to hit an 8 after July - LOL!!) Can anyone also advise how long would you need to allow for your skills to be assessed and approved by the relevant assessment body (in particular by the AIQS and for my partner the AIM or VETASSESS). From the application form it would appear extremely straightforward but as with most things nothing ever runs smoothly and I would hate to apply to find out that it can take a few months for the assessment to be returned approved to include within the visa application. Would it be reasonable to assume a swift turnaround on the approval from the assessment body ? Anyway, hope someone can help me Many thanks James
  11. ok so you have 12 months from the date of your medicals to enter oz? forgive me for being ignorant but that makes no sense to me? i can understand the meds having a 12month validaty so you would have to be issued a visa within 12mths but why the need to enter oz? why not have a year to enter from the date of your visa grant? also how many of you are going to book meds without a CO as DIAC have recommended? we are very confused as to what to do K x
  12. I have just skimmed over the post by George Lombard regarding front loading your Meds & PCC's. We are just about to submit our SS 176 Visa application, I am sure I have read that you have 12 months from the date of your meds/Pcc ( whichever comes first) to validate your visa. If you front load them does this change ?????? cheers
  13. Hey everyone. We have booked flights for us on 25/2 and are putting the dog on the flight on the 21/2 however, 30 days prior to this is a Sunday. Should i start his vaccinations on the Monday which would be 29 days till he leaves or on the Friday which would be 32 days till he leaves??:wacko: Has anyone else been in this quandry?
  14. Holiday Closure 2010/2011 Friday 24 December Monday 27 December Tuesday 28 December Wednesday 29 December Friday 31 December Monday 3 January Tuesday 4 January Above notice is for Australian Passports Office but I assume it would be valid for majority of the Government departments in Australia.
  15. martin c

    During 457 period???

    Whilst living and working in OZ on a 457, after a time can you apply for PR or have you just got the 4 years and thats that???? Hoping to get a job offer this week, everything crossed.
  16. I have lived with my partner since 1st Nov 2009. However, I have a few questions regarding the 12 month period, as after I read some threads, the COs seem to be very strict on this issue. 1. Our very first letter stating both of our names at the same address is a joint bank statement. However, the statement begins on 28 Oct 2009 and ends on 31 Dec 2009. So can I count 28 Oct 2009 as the start date? And, this bank statement is an online one. We did apply for paper statement afterwards but that's 2 or 3 months later. Will this cause any problem? 2. We have phone accounts details since April 2009. However, again, these are online statements. They show different addresses of us as we did not even bother to change the addresses online. Will these work as contradictory evidences? So, is it safe to submit the application before the end of November? Or should I wait and gather more evidences? Thanks for answering. I'm just a bit nervous and paranoid after reading all the threads... :confused:
  17. Hey all I realise that the huge volume of applications is part of the reason for the long waiting period for spousal visas. But what happens during the waiting process when the application is pretty much approved by the CO and the months before waiting for the actual grant of the visa?
  18. Gosh, it feels like deja vu! Doesn't this sound like the time when DIAC was about to release the SMP in July when suddenly the Federal govt entered Caretaker period for the election?!?! Really pray hard that the SMP is released on 1st Nov! Otherwise, hope that SMP is not affected by the Vict. State Election for those Vict. sponsored applicants awaiting Victoria's SMP. ********************* State Government Victoria: Caretaker Period - Live in Victoria State Government Victoria: Caretaker Period 29 October 2010 Department websites and other websites maintained or funded by the State As the Victorian State election will be held on Saturday 27 November 2010, the Victorian Government has assumed a caretaker role from 2 November. During the caretaker period, content will only be added to this website in accordance with the caretaker conventions.
  19. We are living in Victoria on a State Sponsorship - would anyone be able to give any advise on whether we can move state within the 2 years?? I have read a couple of posts on here about it before but cant seem to find them now. Thank you.
  20. Guest

    What honeymoon period?

    Just wondering if anyone has got to Oz and instantly thought... What have we done? We've only been here a short while but feel we were much happier back home. I don't think it bodes well that we haven't even experienced a honeymoon peroid. Maybe we'll start to feel differently through time :err:
  21. Hi guys, I am about to hand in my applications for my defacto visa 47sp & 40sp (based in oz), while i am currently on a 3month holiday visa. A q. i have is will i at any stage be able to legally work during any such times of my application being submitted or indeed being accepted. ie once applicaiton is in, will i bridge (with bridging visa granted on application) till im granted temp visa-then allowing me to work, or will i have to be granted temp visa and then permanent (after a max of 2years) before being allowed to work.. pwwwweease help. Applied for defacto 7thjuly 2010- Certificate arrived today after 28day cooling off :biggrin: Chest x ray/blood test -Completed and arrived the next day in post (parramatta clinic-very friendly):biggrin: Police reports - completed in england (via emailing my mom and sent to me all within 14days:cute:
  22. Caretaker period leading up to the Federal election On 17 July 2010, the Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon Julia Gillard MP, announced that a federal election would be conducted on 21 August 2010 and as such the Australian Government has assumed a caretaker role. Guidance on caretaker conventions is available from Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet website. See: Guidelines and Procedures
  23. Hi - can anyone share expereinces or make suggestions for these kind of situations:- Although I have been qualified on a Cert Ed in my teaching profession by UK standards for 7 years, Oz did not consider this a high enough qualification. To gain extra points for visa I had to complete a Degree (I never went to Uni) which I did in July 2009. I then sent my certificates and had a positive skills assesment. I now have the extra points required and approval of State Sponsorship. My agent has said that it would be better to wait for 12 months from the date of my Degree certificate as you are supposed to work 12 months within that profession ONCE qualified. This is so frustrating as I have 7 years experience in the profession as teacher and in Curriculum Management and now I have to wait again. Has anyone experienced this? Any suggestions as to what I can do? :confused:
  24. I want to rent the 2 bedrooms unit for 2-3 months. I see several options to do this: 1) Tell honestly from the beginning that I need to rent for short term 2) Sign the agreement for 6 months, then at moment x give 14 days notice and run away leaving the bond. 3) Sign the agreement for 6 months, then at moment x find the next tenant, give 14 days notice and go to another place possibly with the bond. My questions: Any chances to rent anything in case 1? What are the real troubles of case 2? Any possible troubles in case 3?
  25. ....and we are still enjoying living here so it looks like we did the right thing. It's been 20 months packed full with emotion and obstacle, but we seem to be coming out on top now. I take delivery of a new car in a couple of weeks, should be moving into our new house sometime next month, and we should have a new addition to the house by April. No, no, not a baby, a Rhodesian Ridgeback pup. It's not been all plain sailing, we've had redundancy, trying to sell a house in the UK and people sickness (not home sickness) all causing problems, and Christmas is just a write off for me here, but things seem to be coming together now. I'll never be the kind of person to shout "I love it here", thats just not me. Too many people are missing from my life. But we very much enjoy living here, for now. We don't know what the future has in store for us, and there's no point wasting your time trying to figure it out. The future will happen, regardless. I just want to say to anyone who is worried they don't feel they belong in Australia or concerned they have made the wrong decision, don't worry if your feelings aren't the same as someone else's. Just because you don't have the urge to sing from the rooftops that your life is fantastic, doesn't mean it isn't. T xx