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Found 22 results

  1. Guest

    VETASSESS Pending...........

    Hi Guys Just wondering, I submitted my General Management Skills assessment with VETASSESS via the internet on the 29th June 2011 and paid the assessment fee at the same time. Took me a few weeks to get the required documentation together i.e. references etc and then certified. Sent that off over 2 weeks ago using Royal Mail's 5 day international signed for service. Yet when I keep looking at my application status online is remains as "pending" is this right? Should it say documents received or something or am I just worrying for nothing. Royal Mail can only track the documents within the UK so cant ask them to confirm receipt. Someone help!!!
  2. Guest

    New Career Pending.

    OK, after recent events in the media, well in truth for many years I have decided to become a 'Social Commentator',:idea::yes:. It seems to me that 'they' have something to say about EVERYTHING going on in society at the moment, from the price of a stamp to the latest 'Jeans Around The Bum Crack' phenomenon. Lets face it I, and loads of us on here talk utter crap, why the hell shouldn't we get paid for it.:biglaugh::biglaugh: Cheers Tony.:chatterbox:
  3. Does anyone know the numbers of pending GSM applications DIAC has pending by priority group? For instance, there are X number waiting for visa grant in Cat 3, X number waiting in cat 4 and so on...
  4. Hi all! I'm a cat 4...on 5 July the CO sent me a e-mail stating that he will contact me when my application is ready for finalising, and that is pending the outcome of other checking processes. Anyone has any idea what that means?... Since the e-mail all the requirements are showing "met" except the specific work experience wich is still "required"... Has anyone been through this experience? How long did it take untill the finalisation of the application? Thanks...I'm really boiling here...and my brother already got his 176 after only 3 months, imagine how that makes me feel 'cause i'm waiting since july 2010...
  5. roflie

    Visa pending Insurance

    Hi guys, i've had this debate a few times and discussed it at length with my agent before submitting my Visa application 16 days ago... Basically i was concerned that my agent said i didn't need no additional insurance to submit with my application as i would be eligible for Medicare on arrival in Aus..... I had read that a lot of people had taken out private/travel insurance ahead of applying for their visa... ...Soooo today i receive an update from the agent that my visa has progressed and they are only now asking for one bit of information; The Proof of Health Insurance.... She has asked me to e-mail medicare with a copy of my passport to sign up... I've just read on the immi website (http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/457-health-insurance-faq-visa-holder.htm) that you can't sign up for Medicare until you are in Australia!!! Grrrrrrrr:arghh: Sooo what to do... i'm thinking about just getting some travel insurance ASAP to cover me in the short term as the Medicare auto-reply e-mail said it would take up to 10 days to reply.... I know some people have gone down this route so wondered what the quickest way to go about this was.... which companies.... Also what dates to i request the insurance from/till as i don't know when i will be flying out....? All help greatly appreciated as i'm getting a tad frustrated today! Roflie
  6. I am just wondering if that is still possible, my 885 application is from 8/2008. Thanks
  7. Morning all, I currently have an offshore partner visa application pending (in South Africa) and had a query regarding travelling or working abroad while I have a visa application in. I only got my file number on 14 October and don't have a case officer yet. The reason I am applying for the visa is because I was made redundant in the UK and have an Australian partner, and since we were already planning to move to Aus eventually we are just making the move now. However, I had to come back to South Africa to make my visa application and while my application is being processed I am unemployed. I have been looking for a job, but not very successfully although I have just been notified of a potential short (1-2 month) contract in Singapore. I tried to call the embassy to find out about it, but couldn't get through to anyone so have sent an email. I was hoping to get answers a bit quicker though as emails can take a while to get a reply. The partner migration booklet implies that I should be able to travel as long as I notify the embassy, but I just wanted to check up about going abroad to work for a couple of months. Does anyone have experience/advice on this subject? Thanks Matt
  8. Hi all! As everybody today I was very exited about the latest news from Victoria about their Eligibility List for SMP. :biggrin: I very appreciate all the help PIO members give to each other. Would you please help me with one question I have in regards to the announcement of this Eligibility List? Does anyone know if it's possible of switching from Category 4 to Category 2 for a person who has: 1. Pending application at DIAC 2. Sitting in Category 4. 3. No sponsorship. I heard that from July 1, 2010 DIAC eradicated possibility fo switching from an existing 175 application to a 176 one. But I also remember (but not sure) that this was applied only to new post-June applicants and those poor souls being in Category 4 have a possibility to get a sponsorship under SMP and move to Category 2 priority after SMPs are released. I would be grateful for any information on this issue, especially the links to the DIAC website (though, I haven't found anything about 175 -> 176 transition for existing applicants there). Thank you and have a great week! :notworthy: :hug:
  9. Guest

    Visa pending

    My OH is the main applicant for the 475ss visa that was lodged in September 2009, this visa is still still pending an outcome based on the release of the SMP. I want to apply for a offshore student visa, would this affect the application for the 475 visa that OH has lodged. My concern is that there might be a possiblity that the visa he is waiting for will fall away. Please can any agents help, or someone that has been in this situation before.:wink: Thanks
  10. Let us count how many CSL category Visas are pending. Specially visas applied in 2009. CSL -J2ee Specialist -175 applied on 15th Oct 09 All docs met on 7th June. Country : UAE/India Still waiting .....
  11. It's only about a month left before the CSL list is revoked. As new GSM apps have been suspended, there's a general expectation DIAC is currently working hard to process as much of the pending CSL queue as they could until July 1st. In this light I thought it might be interesting to get a rough figure of how many CSL applicants out there still waiting for their visas. I know the timeline websites could give an idea on that, but some people are reluctant to add or update their entries. So please reply to this thread if your on the same boat as I am. Maybe, provide brief details of where you are now. I'll be updating this post with the numbers. Thank you! To start, I'm Drifter :biggrin: and my ASPC timeline is: VE 175 (2231-79 C++/C#) applied online on 20.01.2010, CO since Feb'10, Meds/PC/spouse IELTS requested, provided and finalized in Mar'10. EDITED: 26 CSL applicants reported themselves by the time of this edit.
  12. Guest

    Pending State Sponsorship

    Some friends of ours who are waiting to hear about their pending state sponsorship with Queensland have received correspondence from the Q/land gvt stating that diac have suspended 176 visa applications as of 7th May. Our friends have already submitted a 175 application a year ago and are hoping to change to a 176 application should the state sponsorship be granted. I am aware that the suspension relates to new visa applications, can anyone tell me should they get their state sponsorship, as the 175 is already in place will their application be processed along with the current cat5 applications? I am thinking the correspondence has been sent on the assumption that they had applied for state sponsorship prior to submitting the visa application.
  13. Guest

    Relocating while 175 is pending

    Hi all - I've applied for a subclass 175 visa in Dec 2009 and my nominated occupation is on the CSL and also the new SOL. I've submitted all the requested documents to my CO a month ago and I'm still waiting to hear back. I'm currently in the US and I'm planning on quitting my job and relocating closer back to home for a short period of time. Does anyone have an opinion if this is something advisable to do while while I'm still awaiting a decision on the visa? What might be the potential implications? Thanks.
  14. Guest

    Pending cases and new SOL

    Hello everyone ...and finally we've got new SOL I lodged my application in 2008 (175 skilled independent-MODL non CSL) my occupation is in the new SOL. I'm wondering why should all the people like me wait till 2012 ( as they said before) As I understand they reformed an old system to ensure that new strategy will deliver better control on the current labour market needs. so if my occupation is in the new SOL and I have the skills and qualifications that meet the Australian standards. WHY SHOULD I WAIT TILL 2012-2013 !!! ??? They have to do something about it don't you think my friends ??? If they need us now let's do it now !!! all the best my friends bye
  15. Is there any couple on POI that have two 175/176 applications pending. We are considering this, would love to hear from others. More info on our story on the thread link below. http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/82027-175-csl-cat-4-time-frame.html
  16. Hi guys, I got a position as a medical practitioner in Sydney and shall come to Australia with a 457 visa. We planned to be in Australia about 6 weeks before I commence work. According to a friend who migrated to Australia 5 weeks ago with a pending 457 visa, it should not be a problem to enter with a tourist visa, work contract and transaction reference number and any proof that you have enough money to be able to fly back in case the visa is not issued. She did it that way and had no problems. Today I called the Australian embassy in Germany, they told me that I have to wait until the 457 visa is finally issued... So I really don't know what to do, because I absolutely don't want to arrive in Australia and start working at once... Is there someone out there who has been in a similar situation? Thanks for your help! medicus
  17. I would be interested to hear the comments from 175 applicants who have had an existing visa application pending for 3-6 months, already have a C/O assigned, have completed medicals/PCC's, are NOT on the CSL or MODL list and received the standard email from DIAC yesterday????? BTW and not surprisingly, this applies to ME and I now have several concerns.... 1) How will the global economy pan out over the next 12-24 months, which might affect processing further? 2) No point adandoning my application because they say I won't get a refund. 3) My medicals and PCC's will not doubt expire before my visa gets processed now so I may have to get them all done again at extra cost! Very annoying... 4) Do I look for a job now in NSW and switch to a sponsorship visa? 5) 2011 seems a long way away...but maybe DIAC are just covering themselves by suggesting it may take this long, when in reality it may probably happen sooner? Since i'm not ready to go right now, this might actually be a blessing because from the point of approval you have 5 yrs to make the move, which means I could have the next 6-7 years to think about it...etc? Should I be successful in my original application! Lots to consider and think about but i'd like to hear other thoughts, complaints, issues...etc????? It's always good to hear what other people in the same situation are think/considering.... Thanks in advance Kev
  18. Hi, I have a couple of questions that hopefully someone can help me with. I completed my application for a 175 visa online on the 5th August 2008 but havent heard anything since. Since my occupation is now on the critical skills list (Motor Mechanic) i would have thought i would have heard something by now - all i have is the confirmation of the application When i check the progress online it is asking for the Health and Police checks i thought the case officer asked for them? - would it be wise me doing them now, as it has been 5 months since i submitted the application? Also i have changed address in the UK, does anyone know how i go about informing the processing dept in Oz, as my mail redirection over here runs out in a month and dont really want to renew just for anything that may come from Oz. I did use the contact us part of the Online visa application but haven't heard anything back. If anyone can answer these questions it would be a great help as i am desperate to get out to Oz now, i was hoping to be there by July, but am not holding out much hope at the minute..... Thanks Martin
  19. Hi All, I read so many of you complaining and getting frustrated with 2007 and even 2008 applications pending. Imagin my state, waiting for the last 21 months. Applied for Visa Class BN - 136, General Independent Skilled. Application received on 19th December 2006. Anyone to beat that waiting record out there ? Applied through an agent. Have also contacted DIAC directly many a times. All I get to hear is that the application is actively beeing considered but no time frame can be given. In fact during one of my calls I was even told - `it can take as long as it takes'. Anyone knows whats the maximum time they can torture a guy ? Daughter needed to join college in July 08, now we are keeping our hopes on the smester starting in January 2009. She will loose a academic year. I am not taking on new jobs fearing I may noy be able to complete them as any job takes 3/4 months to complete ( Air conditioning Trade ). Been in this state for the last One year now living in the hope that it will happen anytime now. But my bad luck and ill timing along came the Sept 2007 changes, backlogs, etc and you all know the rest. To add to this I am in a High Risk Country. Well have reached a stage where it does not hurt anymore but the desire is still alive. Any words of solace are welcome. Cheers - Fizz
  20. I've just had an email from my CO. I've got my temporary residence visa :smile:- that's the good news.. Unfortunately, she is still assessing my dependant's application. I'm absolutely beside myself with worry, and thinking that there is probably some problems somewhere, if not, it would have been straighforward approval for hubby and our daughter. Also unfortunately, the visa is also only valid until 30 june 09!!! It is only a 1-year contract, which my employers have said they will renew if both sides are happy, but when they applied for the sponsership visa, they applied for one-year period starting from the date of their application. grhhhh. So even if DH and DD get their visa, looks like we'll have to go through this mindboggling process again really soon. If it doesn't work out, we'll be facing another British grey and damp winter. I obviously won't go over on my own It's an emotional roller-coaster - this ride seems to go on forever and forever!:no:
  21. Guest

    1st July 2008 Pending

    Hi all, I thought I would set up a new thread about 1st July. Who like us are waiting for news on Pathway D, I just wish it would come round a bit quicker.At least then we would know if we can go to Oz. We will have to have a party on here at midnight on the 30th June. It will either be good or bad news for us all, but we can still get the drink out. So come on you lot, let us know how you are all feeling and share your thoughts :notworthy: While we wait for D Day. Speak soon Luv Gwen x x x x
  22. Hi All Well I finally sent of my application today after pussyfooting around for long enough. I have a trip to Australia in March and I know that previously someone told me that if you have lodged your visa application, you need to notify DIMIA that you will be in Australia so that they do not continue with processing your application during that time. I have looked on the DIMIA website and the only form I can find is Change of Circumstance, but that relates to job, address changes, etc. Which form do I need to send to DIMIA to inform them that I will be in Australia? Thanks Karen