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Found 80 results

  1. majjji

    Pakistan PCC

    Dear Experts, I had submitted my visa application in 2018; however, my CO has just contacted me regarding the PCC. Just to give you an overview, I got my PCC issued from SSP (Senior Superintendent Police) as mentioned in the homeaffairs website for Pakistan that you need to get PCC from SSP office. However, I have got CO contact and her comments are: ------------------ Police clearance certificates - the document you have provided recently was not issued by the regional passport office in your city - making this document unsatisfactory. It is a requirement that you provide a Police Clearance for your city and any other state or region you have lived in for 12 months or more in the last 12 months issued by the regional passport office/embassy. ------------------ I went to my regional passport office and they said that we do not issue any PCC here. Therefore, I have 3 thoughts in my mind regarding this that I myself have framed: 1. Should I have to go to the foreign office in my city and get that PCC (already issued by SSP) attested by the foreign ministry? 2. After I get the PCC attested by foreign ministry, should I have to go to the Australian high commission in my city to attest the PCC further? 3. Once I get the PCC attested by both foreign ministry and Australian high commission, I should upload the scan copy of it to my CO? Will it suffice? Experts! Please suggest if anyone of you have came across such situation especially those who applied from Pakistan and are offshore applicants
  2. Hi Folks, Applied for 190 visa on 20/3/17, was asked to provide more work history, form 80 and medical on 28/3/17 . Everything submitted by 10/4/17, medical clearance on 12/4/17. Just wondering.. my partner had 4 cautions on his UK police check from more than 5 years ago - will this affect the visa at all? If so, how? How long normally does it take to hear back from all submitted paperwork for visa grant? Will 3 arrests be an issue? Feeling nervous.. Thanks x
  3. Greetings, Case officer has emailed to undergo health checks and submit Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) within 28 days. My wife is 6 months Pregnant and we are not interested to have X Ray conducted so decided to defer the medicals till birth of baby. We have following queries 1) I have unfortunately not updated Case Officer with pregnancy status yet. Should we respond back the email with Doctor Report or we have to attached Form 1022 (change of Circumstances) as well? 2) I believe its not possible to submit my medical right now and submit wife medical later on? 2)Is deferring Medical at this stage due to medical reason have any negative affect on the case? 3) What about PCC, should we submit them with in 28 days or should submit it after baby birth along with medicals? We would like to have PCC submit with medicals so that in case of any unforeseen delay we don't need to resubmit PCC. 4) Furthermore as per my understanding I need to submit single PCC for Single Country, doesn't matter if I lived in different cities. Thanks for your support in Advance. Regards Malik
  4. Joachim


    Hi Just wondering is there a form to be completed for the PCC or do I just contact the police department in the country (Ireland) and request a statement? Also do I need to get this statement certified before I upload it? Thanks in advance for any help
  5. Both me and my wife have lived in two different countries in last 10 yrs time. Currently we are living together but several years ago each of us lived in different countries. For visa 189, we know that the initial entry date is defined by the date of your PCCs. Since the two countries in which we previously resided take several months to issue PCCs, we are considering seeking PCCs early on, before we apply for visa. However, we are afraid that if the PCCs are issued this early, it might cause a (perhaps unnecessary) constraint on our visa - we would be required to enter Oz by the earliest of dates of the PCCs from the two countries we lived in several years ago. Later on, we would get the PCCs from our current country of residence and obviously, the dates thereof would be later than those of the PCCs from previous countries. The question is how DIBP or a case officer chooses the date of initial entry in such cases? Will they just take the date of earliest PCC or will they take the date of PCC of the country of current residence? Thx
  6. Satbir Sohal

    Indian Police Certificate from RPO

    Hi Guys, This is my first post in the forum, hopefully I am able to get some valuable information from the group. So I am on a student visa and now applying for the Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485). As part of the documents I need an Indian Police clearance certificate (PCC). I am visiting India, I would like to know if I can apply for the PCC in my local RPO (Processing time one day) and WILL THAT CERTIFICATE BE ACCEPTED BY DIAC? ORDo I have to apply for the PCC in Australia through VFS (Processing time 1 week to 8 weeks) and ONLY THIS WILL BE ACCEPTED BY DIAC? Please share your experiences if you have had the same or similar case. As the processing times are different and I don't think I can spare 8 weeks. Thank you guys.
  7. Hi, visa type: subclass 189 (Skilled - Independent (SI 189)) Today after quite a wait, a CO has contacted me asking for Overseas Police Clearance - National. The strange thing is that the same scanned document has been attached on Elodgment profile page about 3 weeks back! On my profile page the status of this particular document has changed from Required to Requested. I plan to mail them the same scanned copy of the Overseas Police Clearance - National (PCC) but before that would like to know if anyone has gone through a similar incident. Thanks and regards Ambar ACS: 11th April 2014 | IELTS: 30th May 2014; L:8,R:7,S:7,W:7,O:7.5 | EOI filed: 4th June 2014 | Invite: 23rd June 2014 | Applied: 30th June | Medical: 11th August 2014 | PCC: 5th September 2014
  8. I am hoping someone can help with this little confusion i have. I think i just need to know if what i am thinking is correct. I copied the below statement from the immigration website: "You will need to provide original penal clearance certificates from overseas countries if, since the grant of your permanent Australian visa: you lived or travelled overseas since the age of 18 years or over, and the total time spent overseas added up to 12 months or more, and the time spent in any one country was more than 90 days, or you are requested to do so by the department." My understanding of this is that you will need a PCC when applying for citizenship if you meet all of the first 3 criteria, OR if they ask you to get one. So, if you were overseas for 120 days but did not spend up to 12 months in total overseas, you don't have to get the overseas PCC. Is this correct? Thanks in advance!
  9. My question is to all Pakistani members or anyone who can answer for that matter: I need to get PCC and Meds done. Can anybody who has recently done these checks please guide me of the process please? I am from Lahore BTW. Thanks in advance
  10. Hello, Is anyone in a similar situation to mine to obtain police clearance on oneself who lived in Canada? This seems to be time-consuming and complicated for those who left Canada. Apparently, RCMP requires digital finger printing before issuing any sort of clearance on an individual. Anyone who left Canada has to get his finger prints taken manually at the local jurisdiction, after which the prints can be sent to any of the agents approved by RCMP in order to have it all "digitized", that in turn can be sent to RCMP...... so tedious! One side-question: I never visited Canada after I left. So, if I get a PCC, will it have an indefinite validity? I mean, the records on how I lived and what I did there will not change with the passage of time unless I visit again. Please share your experience if you have any. :-( Thanks.
  11. Hi I have lived in countries other then the country of my passport for last 25 years Will I still need to obtain PCC from the country of the passport for Australian immigration purpose? Appreciate if anyone could share their experiences on this Thanks
  12. wanderingwheels

    Police Certificate enigma!

    Hi folks, I'm still in the early stages of my application. IELTS done and waiting for skills assessment but I'm certain of a positive outcome. Very recently, I found that I will need to get a police certificate for the last 10 years so I am planning to get it in the meantime to avoid delays. Following is the requirement stated on www.immi.gov.au When is a police certificate required? If you are over the age of 16 and have lived in any of the countries listed in this document for a total of one year or more in the last 10 years, you must get a police certificate from that country. The certificate must cover the period of time from the issue date back to the age you ceased to be a minor or must cover the whole time you were in a country. For immigration purposes a police certificate is deemed to be valid for 12 months from the issue date. To give a brief history about myself, I was born in Feb 1990 and grew up in Muscat, Oman and was there until April 2005 (15y), when I moved to Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa. After spending about two years there, I moved to India in April 2007 (17y) and since then I've been residing permanently in India. After reading the above requirements, I'm almost certain I wouldn't need to obtain a police clearance from Oman but I'm confused about Tanzania. The text states, "The certificate must cover the period of time from the issue date back to the age you ceased to be a minor" So, what is the age of minority for the purpose of this certificate, completion of 16 years or 18 years? If it is 16 years, I may have to obtain certificate from both Tanzania and India but if it is 18 years, I will have to obtain it only from India. Does anybody have an idea? Please help me out. Am I missing something here?
  13. I am concerned as to my Indian Police Clearance Certificate. I am currently under the process of getting all my documents readied for a smooth processing of my 189 visa application. I have been lucky and swift to have been able to upload all the required documents necessary up until now, except for my Indian Police Clearance Certificate. I have been living in two other countries , including Australia and I have managed to get PCC's for these two countries without much delays and hassles. For India, I just applied for a PCC 2 days ago. I have been reading forums and I understand that I could be in for a slow processing. There have been lots of improvements in the way our Government agencies work and I hope that it works in getting my PCC as early as possible. I'd like to know if anyone else on this forum had to get an Indian PCC and whether their experience was smooth or rough! Hoping for the best. Ranjith.:policeman:
  14. my cousin he stayed for 6 years in uk 3 years on student visa and 3 years fighting an appeal:cry:. sudden shut down of the collage ruins his career.UKBA hold his passport for one year :frown: as he has given for second time extension of student visa for the same collage.HE WAS ALSO DOING ACCA SIDE BY SIDE.they hold it for a year and as soon as they started shut down of collage they give him rejection after a year saying ur collage is not bonofide. he fight case as he was innocent and wanted to study further but no collages has given him admission saying u don't have valid visa.they refused his case,he then appeal,they refused it saying we have to call panel for ur case as it is considered as special and have no right to say"u can stay or leave uk". :chatterbox:. then he wrote letter by himself after all his appeal where refused,then they reply to give them 20 days to think meanwhile my cousin left UK as it was seems worthless to live.then on the 2nd day of his arrival they reply that u r not falling under the section in which u have been refused and leave uk coz u don't have any status.lucky hime he already left before this reply without any inquiry or hassle he arrived safely to his backhomeNow his file open for Canada immigration.he is happy but confused ??? in what to write in "status column" and past history of 10 years???????????????????????????????? he don't want to miss this chance Almighty has given to him.:embarrassed:can any one help to get rid of this confusion. HE IS ALSO CONFUSED ABT GETTING PCC FROM UK.
  15. giri1979

    PCC requirement

    I got the invitation to apply for the visa through skill select. I have lived in U.S. for more than 1 year but never continuously for more than 9 months. Do I still need to get the criminal record check from FBI?
  16. Guest

    PCC from Sri Lanka

    I will be the primary applicant and my husband and the daughter will be included in mine under the sub class 189. I would like to know more information about the sri lankan PCC process. This is because my husband was having court case and he was paying some money as installments. I would like to know whether this will affect my VISA approval if I say to questions which ask about Cases etc.. Who are the bodies invocled in PCC process in sri lanka and what do they check? Thanks
  17. I got my PCC from malaysia embassy. In the letter it stated ''based on the statutory declaration by xnamex on xdatex with passport number xxx, the malaysian government finds him a person of good conduct'' .. stamped and sealed. is this acceptable by DIAC ??
  18. I wanted to know if I need to get a PCC from AFP for character requirement for my 189 visa application even though my combined stay in Australia would be less than a year (around 8 months to be precise)? Do I need to get it positively if I am presently staying in Australia?
  19. Guest

    Medicals Before or After CO?

    Just wondering if anyone can share their experience with this. Applied for our visa a couple of weeks ago and was wondering how many people go ahead and book medicals and PCCs before being allocated a CO? We have booked in a medical for Tuesday, is this a bad idea? Thanks
  20. Hello, I have applied for NSW state sponsorship and awaiting their result. However I wanted some information about the PCC requirement in order to complete the visa application process for visa subclass 190. As per this link http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/character-requirements/character-penal.pdf anyone who has stayed for more than 1 year in any country in the last 10 years needs to get PCC done from that country. So I had spent 13 months in Netherlands and returned back to India only in Sep 2003, so I guess I will need to get the PCC done from India which is the country from where I come from and also from The Netherlands since I had spent more than 1 year there in the last 10 years. Can anyone provide me with information on how to get the Netherlands PCC done from India? Thanks in advance. JB
  21. Hi, I am a 175 applicant. We have been assigned case officer on 23 Jan 12 and before that we have front loaded everything except our India PCC. Its been 2 months and 2 days till now since we applied for India PCC at VFS sydney. And there is no sign of my PCC.They have even kept our passport. Can anyone who has a similar experience let us know finally after how much time they got their PCC. I got my australia AFP check in 1 week, but this thing is taking unusually longer. The VFS guys have no clue about anything and all that do is read whatever u see in the online status page. I am unable to get any meaningful information out of those parrots
  22. Hi, If PCC status is set to MET, does this mean that the external checks have been cleared?
  23. Hello All, I have a question regarding obtaining the PCC from the US and I will appreciate if someone can shed some light on this. I have lived in 3 states in the US for the last 8 years, so do I have to obtain PCC for all the 3 states along with the FBI clearance certificate? If yes then how long do DAIC provide to submit the same? I heard that FBI clearance takes around 2 months. Is there any way I can apply for that in advance or do I have to wait for the DAIC to request for the same. Also need to know regarding the meds as I am not aware as to how long DAIC provides to obtain the same and again the same question, will the time be sufficient to provide the meds and if not can it be done in advance? Please let me know of the same. Thanks.
  24. Guest

    Medical & PCC – Saudi

    Recently CO asked me to provide medical and PCC, I am in Saudi Arabia and I will appreciate if anyone can tell the current process of PCC and Medical . Regards
  25. wensmal

    PCC from Vietnam

    Hi all, Can anyone pay some light on this issue. My husband has to attain a PCC from Vietnam as he has worked there.But,I am confused as how to get it .As to my knowledge you have to reside for a certain period of months to attain a pcc.But, my husband works for an offshore company[oil rigs] He does not reside in his work spot he goes on sea for 28 days and returns home[india] for the next 28 days .So, how am I supposed to get a PCC .And more over he worked in vietnam in the yr 2006 .So, how is this gonna help. Some help will be appreciated