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Found 14 results

  1. Im sorry but are some people so naive, it's well known you get ripped off in these types of places:no: SINGAPORE - How does one end up paying more than $2,000 for an item that costs only about $900? Filipino client support executive Nicholas Frias, 23, who visited Singapore last month, did. He paid $2,106 for the 64GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi to a shop in Sim Lim Square. Mr Frias, who arrived in Singapore on June 20, first went to other malls but found that they were sold out He then went to Sim Lim Square around 4pm on June 25. He was, at first, delighted to find out that the 64GB iPad 2 at Mobile Evolution LLP cost $890, before taxes. The same model is priced at $928 at the online Apple Store. The salesman, Eric, then charged Mr Frias another $68 for taxes, and asked $958 for the device. Mr Frias agreed to pay another $28.90 for a warranty which came with a free case and screen protector. Eric then left the shop and returned 10 minutes later with a $1,148 bill that shocked Mr Frias. Apparently, the huge bill was for coverage for two years and the $28.90 quoted was the monthly premium. That added up to a total of $693.60, still $454.40 short of the $1,148 charged. The shop did not state what the additional $454.40 was charged to at that point. They also refused to reduce the warranty period when Mr Frias asked for it. In shock and not wanting to cause any trouble, Mr Frias just signed for it. He ended up paying a total of $2,106.
  2. A major problem today is that the media and the blogosphere are dominated by the 1 percent. The 1 percent control everything, and they control the news that they drip fed to the masses, to the 99 percent. It was revealed recently that the Australian real estate industry actually pays shills and spruikers to 'talk up' property on forums and blogs (yes even blogs like this one) to plant positive spin, to post as if they are one of the 99 percent when in fact they are the 1% pretending to be a normal blogger. Watch this for evidence, it includes a video that Bernard Salt probably wishes was never recorded: On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog, or a paid property spruiker Are your eyes open yet people? Don't believe what you read, anywhere. The problem is the 99 percent don't read blogs like this. They don't find out the truth. So pass this on, pass the message on to everyone. Tell your friends what's happening. Make them read this article. Make then watch the Bernard Salt video (he's a public figure, they might have heard of him, they might listen to his scheme and revolt against it). Above all, remember, the 99 percent are fed lies by the 1 percent and this is a huge obstacle we must overcome. But in time, the truth must come out. It always does. We are the 99 percent.
  3. Hi all, As the title suggests I am confused about who pays for the visa when being sponsored. My boyfriend just got a potential offer for sponsorship and I have been on immi.gov looking through the visa options. It says on there about 1st and 2nd installments that need to be paid. Who pays for this? Would we pay or the nominated employer? I am an Australian Resident and my dad got job sponsored when we moved over 6 years ago. All they paid for with regards to the visa were medicals and police checks. Can anyone offer any advice? When reading through the visa 121 timeline thread I see that they have been sending IMO...i assumed this was international money orders but i thought visa class 121 was a fee free application. Confused.com Thanks in advance for any help and sorry for the ramble!
  4. Ok, so here is the situation. We pay the recprical costs of around $75 a month. We also pay (family of 4) $370 a month for platinum cover with HBF. I am sponsored on a 457 Visa. Other people at the same place of work on a 457 who arrived earlier than me have private cover paid for by work. Why dont I have the same arrangement? Because the company did not offer it to me and i was advised that I needed to arrange private cover separately. Is this ok? or should the company pay for me as well? I know what i want the answer to be....... Thanks. Steve.:cool:
  5. A DALBY company is prepared to pay at least $100,000 a year for some of the 75 labouring jobs it needs to fill. http://www.couriermail.com.au/business/out-west-pays-best-for-100k-labourers/story-e6freqmx-1226041806904 If I was under retirement age I would be there in a flash
  6. Hi, My wife and I are both in the early stages of retraining to allow us and our daughter to emmigrate. She is in the process of training to be a midwife. I am looking for something to do but obviously want to be able to make as much cash as possible... Any one know who's earning the big bucks at the moment???? Considering a bit of mining but not too keen on been away from home for so long. Thanks for reading
  7. Guest

    457 visa who pays what

    I want to find out if sponsored on a 457 who pay for what and what assistance does the sponsoring employer give give you :daydreaming: I am hoping to as i was ask by a company for more info and they said in a few weeks they while hold skype interviews i just want to know what i am talking about then :unsure:
  8. Public apology announcement!!!!!!!!!!! The Bruce in Perth has paid his debt at last in the form of some 2 sticks of Blackpool rock..........only 18 months late Daz eh........but gota say thankyou ........:biggrin: Lots of love Vonnie & Andy xx
  9. Hi all, Well, it's time for my partner (British) and I (Australian) to submit our de facto visa application. Just out of interest, how many of you paid the visa charge together as a couple, as opposed to having the applicant pay the full amount? Ironically, my Scottish partner feels compelled to take the full burden of the fee, whilst I feel we should share the cost equally, as it's a means for our relationship to continue in Australia. The two of us earn roughly equal salaries, so I think it's more a matter of principle for him. No, I don't think he's being insistent due to any lingering plans he may have of leaving me for some hot, Swedish lass after the two-year qualifying period (in case that's what some of you may be wondering Be interested to hear your thoughts.
  10. emmaj

    Lafha? Who pays it?

    I know this has been asked before but I'm confused. The living away from home allowance - is it that you just don't get taxed on more of your wages or does your employer end up paying you more? Does it cost your employer anything to give it you? Anyone on a 457 managed to get it? Thanks Emma
  11. Guest

    Visa delays....we pay(s)

    I have lodge a Visa 176 in Feb 2009, 9 days later I was informed that my visa is not going to receive any processing at that time. So... I asked my employer to sponsor me. Because I have a trade on the “highly skilled” list I did not have to wait the two years before one can apply for PR, I did not know that, at the time I lodged my 176. I applied for a fee-free application Visa 856 a few days ago (missed informed by Immi officers several times that I do not have to pay again). Guess what… I got a phone call today saying that if I do not fork up the $2525 by tomorrow, my application will become void. I love AU and I have a lot of respect for Immi, but come-on people…. We came here with a suitcase of clothes and a few dollars change. Use this url for visa times and Frequently Asked Questions: 457 Visa | Updated Priority Processing Effective from 23 September 2009 Frequently Asked Questions
  12. Landed a job in Melbourne with a 457 visa with a respectable International company. I opted out of the relocation package as it meant a reduced salary. However, I am not getting the best first impressions from them. In my contract (which I have signed and sent there was no mention of the visa costs, however the company have paid a migration agent who has just lodged my application with Sydney Immigration. I paid £200 (standard fee I believe) for both myself and my partner and the courier costs for medical chest x-rays. I was hoping to be reimbursed these costs. I quote from one of his emails I received after he had received my contract: So I emailed him after my medical to ask if I would be reimbursed my medical costs to which he responded: What would you advise? Bare in mind I think this will be my future boss so not sure if I want to already get on his bad side but at the same time Id like to challenge it just for the principle that I think Im in the right? Its not about the money, its more the principle - im just beginning to get the feeling that they arent treating me quite as nicely as I was hoping. Would be interested to hear your opinions and if other people on 457 visas dealt with medical expenses.
  13. hi there if we get recipricol who pays for emerg/medically nec treatment? on workign hol and applying for 457 - hosp said UK pay as we are UK citizens?? anyone know for sure?? cheers!
  14. Guest

    Pays to look around

    Just thought I'd share this with you. Scratched my car yesterday reversing into a car space. No TP involved just a pillar. Problem is I can't blame her indoors because She was with me in the car at the time. Buggar. :daydreaming: Not a lot of damage though just a scrape above the wheel arch. Cleaned most of it away and polished it off today before taking it to get a few quotes. Reason for this post is to warn you guy's. I live in West Brisbane area, so I went to the local Mitsubishi garage in Toowong who referred me to a place called, Toowong Milton Body repairs. Guy came out examined my car took a picture, made some notes and I explained I would pay the repair myself not Insurance. He said OK we will E-mail the quote to you. Fair play, by lunch time the quote was here, very detailed, even changing my petrol cap, new windows and tint. My car is just 2 months old. Opened the quote, read it, read it again and read it a third time. Luckily I have a degree so I was able to read it and understand it, boy was it full of detail and crap. Final price $1,112.98. At this point I went to the bathroom to look in the mirror because I was sure there must have been a tatoo or something on my head saying clown or mug or something. Anyhow cutting a long story short, off I went to my local area and at Seventeen Miles Rocks a suburb near to our area, got 2 more quotes from 2 reputable repair shops, both Insurance work approved and the work guaranteed. Second quote $571, the 3rd quote $470. All quotes typed up on letter headed paper and the one I chose at $470, are full with work until October 6th. So that sounds encouraging. Point is, as back home, never take anything first hand or at face value, and whatever we sometimes feel about Australians being more laid back and more approachable or friendlier people than back home, fact is where money is concerned they will turn you over just like the next man. I could have been done for $650 by the first guy, I can't wait for them to call me tomorrow to ask me what I thought of the quote. So just make a note of the name, Milton Toowong Repair Centre, one to avoid I reckon, The B*******ds :arghh: REDDERS