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Found 41 results

  1. Good afternoon everyone ~ and a Happy 2021 to anyone I haven't spoken to already! I hope this year (& beyond) you'll be blessed with good health, good fortune and the continued support of good friends and family. Rather than reflect on the year that was - our Global Economists thought they'd take a look at what's coming up in the year ahead ~ hopefully a lot more positive than delving into the past! Here's what we're thinking for 2021: https://www.moneycorp.com/en-au/news-hub/the-future-of-currencies-in-2021/
  2. Susan from Moneycorp

    That was the week that was.....Issue 11

    Australian Retail Sales up; Better than expected economic data for the UK; Low sentiment and low hopes in the Eurozone, and the relentlessly Un-United States of America. That Was The Week That Was. https://www.moneycorp.com/en-au/news-hub/weekly-brief-27-november-2020/
  3. Susan from Moneycorp

    What's been happening with the Economy?

    With so much economic and political news bombarding us all, especially in the most recent few months, we thought we'd clarify what's been going on for all our friends at Poms In Oz as we head towards the end of our year ~ Here's the round up: https://www.moneycorp.com/en-au/news-hub/aud-update-as-we-head-towards-the-end-of-the-year/
  4. Susan from Moneycorp

    That Was The Week That Was..... (11)

    The Reserve Bank confirms another AUD base rate cut; The new NZ Cabinet is officially assembled; The UK "unprepared for the changes coming" and; The citizens of North America finally go to vote. That Was The Week That Was. https://www.moneycorp.com/en-au/news-hub/weekly-brief-06-november-2020/
  5. Susan from Moneycorp

    That was the week that was.....Issue 10

    Further rate cuts on the horizon for the AUD; an expected landslide for Jacinda Ardern; a barely-acknowledged Brexit deadline passes for Boris Johnson and continued chaos in the clearly un-United States of America. That Was The Week That Was. https://www.moneycorp.com/en-au/news-hub/weekly-brief-23-october-2020/
  6. Susan from Moneycorp

    The upcoming U.S. Election:

    With less than a month to go until the U.S. Election, we look at what may be in store for the currency markets: www.moneycorp.com/en-au/news-hub/can-trump-win-again/
  7. Susan from Moneycorp

    That was the week that was.....Issue 9

    Heightened tensions with China, Slow but steady in New Zealand, Encouraging numbers from the UK and the continuing demise of the extremely Un-United States of America. That Was The Week That Was. https://www.moneycorp.com/en-au/news-hub/weekly-brief-4-september-20203/
  8. Susan from Moneycorp

    That was the week that was.....(8)

    With division growing wider by the day in the US and Consumer confidence at a 6-year low, stronger than forecast Retail Sales seem to be giving the AUD and GBP something unexpected to smile about in the short--term ~ https://www.moneycorp.com/en-au/news-hub/weekly-brief-14-august-20203/
  9. Susan from Moneycorp

    That was the week that was.....(7)

    The fears grow around an Australian second wave; true extent of UK unemployment causing concern; a few (Japanese) stumbling blocks for the NZD and the US seemingly going from bad to worse. Depending on whose Tweet you read. That Was The Week That Was. https://www.moneycorp.com/en-au/news-hub/weekly-brief-17-july-2020/
  10. Susan from Moneycorp

    International student budgeting ~

    With many governments now relaxing their Covid guidelines on the International education sector, overseas students have started to return to their foreign campuses ~ https://www.moneycorp.com/en-au/news-hub/top-ten-budgeting-tips-for-international-students/
  11. Susan from Moneycorp

    That was the week that was.....(6)

    The second wave in Victoria; UK pledging another £30B to keep the economy going; An up and down week in the Euro and yet more division and dis-unity in the un-United States of America. That Was the Week that Was. https://www.moneycorp.com/en-au/news-hub/weekly-brief-03-july-20202/
  12. Susan from Moneycorp

    Security of your Funds

    With reports of regular breaches of online security, it would be wise to fully understand how your chosen Financial Institution protects your money. Here we detail how Moneycorp stores your funds securely and ways to protect yourself online: https://www.moneycorp.com/en-au/news-hub/staying-secure-online/
  13. Susan from Moneycorp

    That was the week that was.....(4)

    Further threats to Australia from China, Chaos and turmoil in the Un-United States of America, Painful statistics out of Europe, More concern in the UK and Nothing but good news out of New Zealand: That was the Week that Was. https://www.moneycorp.com/en-au/news-hub/weekly-brief22/
  14. Susan from Moneycorp

    That was the week that was.....(4)

    Evening everyone ~ China imposing taxes on Australian exports, NZ’s Performance Services Index showing the lowest activity since 2007, The potential for negative interest rates in the UK and, Nothing good whatsoever coming out of America: That Was The Week That Was. https://www.moneycorp.com/en-au/news-hub/weekly-brief/
  15. Susan from Moneycorp

    That was the week that was.....(3)

    New Zealand bounces out of lockdown - and their currency falls heavily; America announces it's highest unemployment rate - but the USD rises; The UK, especially, seems to be going through a particularly low point and Australia looks best-placed to emerge soonest and more positively than most - but the AUD lost ground to the USD. That Was The Week That Was.... https://www.moneycorp.com/en-au/news-hub/coronabrexit-woes/
  16. Susan from Moneycorp

    A quick guide to sending money overseas.

    Hi everyone! I hope this finds you all well today and in good health ~ We've had many members take up our special PIO promotion of up to £50 cash back - which is great to see! Don't forget you can all benefit from this until the offer closes on 31. May. For the members new to Moneycorp & currently making their first transfers with us, I wanted to give a quick 4-step process to opening your account: A Guide to Sending Money Overseas More than a thousand Poms in Oz members have benefited from using Moneycorp for their international money transfers. Moneycorp’s services are straightforward, simple to use and will save you money. Here's the 4 step process and how it works: 1. Set up your Moneycorp account To start making money transfers, you will need to open an account with Moneycorp. This can be done online and only takes a few minutes - click here to register Opening an account carries no costs or obligations on your behalf. 2. Choose the best solution for your needs Once your Account is set up, your personal account manager will contact you to identify and discuss your specific requirements. They will be your personal point of contact for all future transactions and will explain the proposed course of action and options that best suits your personal needs. 3. Arrange your finances Once you have verbally agreed to a money transfer with your personal account manager, you will be sent a Contract Summary outlining the details. This document will include giving you instructions on how to transfer your funds to Moneycorp. Your account manager will also explain how to send funds to your nominated bank account(s) following the transaction. For further information regarding the different options when buying your currency, please click here 4. Payment methods You may use one of a variety of payment methods to send your funds to Moneycorp. Everything will be explained clearly by our staff and there is a dedicated customer service team who can help you with any questions you might have. Poms in Oz & Moneycorp Exclusively for PomsInOz members, you will not pay any transfer fees when sending your money overseas. Register with Moneycorp by clicking here For more information call +44 (0)20 7589 3000, or +61 2 8228 1490 ~ please remember to quote PomsInOz.
  17. Susan from Moneycorp

    That was the week that was.....

    HI everyone, With the currency markets being understandably volatile at the moment, I'm going to start posting our weekly reviews to clarify what really happened once the headlines died down. Here's a summary of last week: https://www.moneycorp.com/en-gb/news-hub/weekly-brief-24-april-2020/ As always, feel free to call for a chat anytime: there are a lot of questions at the moment - and they're all valid ones! 0414 838 586 Susan Watts Director of Business TTT Moneycorp PTY Ltd Australia T: +61 414 838586 Weekly currency summary - 24 April 2020.pdf
  18. Susan from Moneycorp


    "We know that behind every currency transaction is someone’s ambition, passion or dream and we’re entrusted with something very important." Our Managing Director Lee McDarby shares some well-rounded thoughts here on the current situation for those changing currency, making foreign payments or buying shares ~ https://www.linkedin.com/posts/leemcdarby_stayhome-staysafe-moneycorp-ugcPost-6652844440283160576-Jnvf
  19. Guest

    457 & tax payments????

    Hi, Can anyone help please....? My husband is about to receive his first wage packet by the UK company sponsoring him on a temporary 457 visa. He is being paid in UK Sterling pounds into his UK bank account and paying UK tax where and when applicable. Does anyone know how he avoids paying tax again in Australia? Really confused:wacko: HELP PLEASE??? LOL!
  20. Guest

    Visa Payments

    I am in the begining stages of trying to find the best visa for my family and we are looking at the 475. There are 2 payments for this visa... when do you make the second payment? I am new at this and very confused. Thanks a TON! :hug: ~Felicia
  21. Hi all, Does anyone know how the government monitor wage payments made to 457 employer sponsored visa holders? Is it: A ) By wage slip proof B ) By bank statement transfer proof only It's important we know as soon as poss so any help would be greatly appreciated on this issue. Also, can a 457 visa holder take a months " garden leave " from working when first arriving in Australia and then start the sponsored work? Cheers all! :smile:
  22. Hi all I just posted this in another forum too but basically we need help in making a decision. Moving to Melbourne as unhappy in the UK after travelling and have itchy feet. We will be looking to start a family in the first few years there and am worried after looking at posts from people than it woul ruin us financially. OH is a Plumber so can earn 60-70 once he has his licence. I am in Public Relations and can get 50-70 depending on the role. So I imagine if we both get jobs at first we would be okay? But what happens when I have a baby? Can you manage on 60-70K? Not much point moving halfway round the world to struggle more is there? Is private health insurance really needed? Are there things not included with Medicare? We have to pay my OH's skills test fees ($2400) this week so want to try and make a decision before we do this. Help needed please xxx:arghh:
  23. Hi, I wondered if any had any experience / advice on super payments after leaving Australia. I had 3 years on 457 visa, then 5 months only on 857, but had to return to UK permanently due to family health reasons. Its extremely unlikely I will ever return to live in Australia, therefore I would be ineligible to claim a pension when I reach retirement age, so am wanting to claim my super payments now. I did not fullfil the required conditions of the 857 visa as i did not complete 2 years with that employer, so I am assuming my visa will be revoked / cancelled soon. All the information I can find on reclaiming super payments is related to temporary visa's, but if my permanent visa is cancelled, how could I ever return to claim a pension? Any advice would be most welcome!
  24. hi there. myself, my husband and daughter are moving to melbourne area in feb/march 2011 and wll be renting. we were just wondering if renting in oz is the same as uk- ie pay 1 months rent in advance and deposit on agreeing to rent a property. just trying to work out how much money we need to have prepared for our accomodation. thanks. ruthx:chatterbox:
  25. Has anyone advice on paying aussie credit cards from the uk when you have closed your aussie bank accounts . If the payments falter do they track you down in the uk or do aussies debts stay in australia.?