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Found 76 results

  1. Hi all! We are about to pay for the 309 visa, but does any one know if the sponsor can use their own credit card to pay for the 309 visa? I am the sponsor, and we would prefer to use my credit card to pay rather than one of my partners, or out of our bank account. Thanks in advance.
  2. egrek

    Reclaim Super - success!

    So we have been back a few months now, but about 6 months since we left Australia and only tonight can I say I have my Super! The process is simple. You get the form from the ATO, fill it in and send it off. They come back saying yes, you've left and visa ended and forward it to your Superfund. The superfund then check details and give you back your money! In theory. Well we applied as soon as we left Australia - partly as we knew there was a 6 month timeframe to get it sorted. We were travlling around New Zealand. My partner gets an email saying she needs to get certified copies of everything and send them in. Not great when we're travelling but found a policeman who could help, if was bewildered why in the sounds, he was certifying UK docs for Oz reclaims! Send off and hear no more. So 3 months later we arrive back in the UK and start to chase - whats going on? My partner is told they send a letter and a cheque. Did we nto get them? No. I'm told they sent a letter - no emails - did I not get it? Somehow from 3 items posted, none reach our shores? (and yes, they both had the right address) Some chasing and hassle and a cheque is reissued and my partner gets hers. Mine? Well I get told a list of items I needed to get certified and then sent off. Certified, on the whole, by Autralian professionals (not easy when you're not in Oz) - but I manage it, send them off. Nothing. Thus I begin to call once a week. They had the documents but now they sent them to another department who needed another form. And email was recieved telling me with with 'the form attached' (nothing was attached). Replying got me no where. When I asked the 'financial support' I was told I 'had to do the process' - the fact there was no £$£$%$£%$£ing attachment seemed to bypass this simple instruction. Pointing this out. No reply. When I finally called and got through to someone I was told I needed to fill in the form. Can they send it? Yes. Could I get it online (as there seemed to be a 30 min delay from them sending emails to me getting them - i know as I wouldn't let the guy off the phone till I got it). And no. You can't search for this mythical form as it's not availiable online. Brialliant. Finally get it and find my 2 month delay is for me to fill in my name, address and sign. Obviously this couldn't have been sent and requested with all the other information I sent in. Nor could they process my claim without me writing out ALL THE SECURITY INFORMATION THEY ASK ME ON EVERY GADDAM CALL! So 2 months of chasing a form with nothing new on. Still. It's sent. Then nothing. I call up again. "They have it and no one is doing anything with it". What? Even the girl on the other end seemed a bit confused. "I can see you have sent in everything, just no one has checked or looked at your emails and information" ... At this point it was 'escalated' (I didn't have much faith 5 months after I started at this point) But 2 days later it seems it was sorted. The 38% tax rate (checked, that's what is is now) is removed and the money put into my bank (not all need to be cheques sent to the UK it seems - though my partner was told her Super couldn't put it in a Australian account) Not that anyone said anything. I had emailed. No response. When I called to try and speak to a manager at this point I'm first told my account is closed. Closed? Apparently a letter was sent out (probably never get it if it's anything like the initial ones) and all the requests I made in email, letter and on the phone - to be emailed and notified if ANYTHING happened with my account - were more wasted time and words. But it's done. Just need to transfer the last bit home and we're done with the AUD! Seems you CAN get your super back, but with varying degrees of chasing and hassle. And we both needed docs signed and verified before anything would go on. Not quite as easy as they make out! AMP. Can't say I recommend them. But being home, same crap here. Idiots in positions of power screwing up our lives. Have a good xmas all! One less pile of cr@p for me to stress over now (but plenty of others)
  3. Guest

    Progress after VAC2 Payment?

    I paid my VAC 2 on 29 Sep, 2011. DIAC sent me the receipt of payment the very next day. Could someone tell me how much time final Visa grant would take after payment of VAC2??
  4. Hi there. Me, my wife and 3 children arrive in Perth on 1st November 2013. We are aware that school fees of $4000 per child are coming into effect in Jan 2014 for each child of a parent on a 457 visa attending a public school. Does anyone know how the payment will work? Can you pay in monthly instalments or do you have to pay it all up front? We have 3 kids at school age so finding $12000 at the start of the year will be a challenge. Thanks, Philip
  5. Chardy

    TRA online payment ?

    Anyone successfully used the TRAs EasyPay service ?? Having trouble finding the link to it !
  6. mtlboi

    Payment for Defacto 309/100

    So, I finally sent my application in for a 309/100 (defacto)... They received it by 0930 this morning as a special delivery. I literally burst out laughing when I noticed they had taken payment by noon! I have to laugh at how quick the process is when it comes to taking payment!!! Hopefully, the rest of the process will be just as quick!!... LOL!! :biglaugh:
  7. Does anyone know the limit of stirling you can take into Oz before attacting tax there. Many thanks.
  8. Hi there, We will be moving to/back to Australia on a permanent visa in December this year. It has turned out that I will be about 7 months pregnant then so won't be working once I get to oz. Having looked at the Centrelink info it looks like we would probably be entitled to the baby bonus. The maternity payment looks like an even better (v good) alternative at $541,per week for 18 weeks. The only problem is, all of my work to meet the "work test" (ie worked at least 10 of of the last 13 months) will be in the UK. I was wondering if anyone else has been in this position, having worked all or part of the qualifying time abroad, and if so whether they were still eligible in the end. I can't find anything about this online at all, only references to being an Australian permanent resident and planning to stay. Thanks, Sarah
  9. Guest

    Payment of 176 Visa - Dilemma

    Hi there, I wondered if anyone can help. I will be paying for my 176 visa online (£1880!!!) but I dont have a credit card, I never have had one either! Would I be able to give a friend/family member the money and use their card do you think? Or will I have to get a card just for this? Thanks. Luke
  10. Hi, I am aware there are a few topics on this subject but none of them actually contain an actual answer. I am currently in the UK but have been in Oz for a few years previous and a new job requires me to have a Police Check from my time overseas. I'm applying for an National Police Check (NPC) from then Australian Federal Police. I have just had my fingerprints taken by my local police station. Now I need to send them off but the issue I'm facing is payment, it has to be a cheque or money order but... "Any cheques must be from an Australian Bank or a bank that is affiliated with an Australian bank" "Payment must be in $AUD" This is causing me a lot of problems. I've been down my high street and basically no banks seem to be affiliated with aussie banks or have any idea how to do it. (I haven't tired HSBC yet they shut early but will in the morning) Surely someone has done this before and how did they go about it? Thanks, Si
  11. Guest

    Payment Method for VAC?????

    Salaam & Hi everybody, just received the request to submit 2nd VAC........... Curious about payment method; as I am not using any credit card these days. So, I'll need to send a bank draft to pay the amount probably. I think this draft will be in name of immigration department but I am not sure about the address to send it. Can anybody share his/her experience. I don't want to introduce unnecessary delays in the process therefore I need to be 100% sure that I am making the payment to the right department..... Thanks for the help. Kind Regard
  12. dazla80

    visa 176 payment help?

    hi my visa 176 was lodged by paper on the 9th of june 2011 and i spoke to immigration this morning who said they will be taking payment any day now as they have had a back log. Will the payment charge be what it was when i applied? or will i have to pay the new visa charge as they are taking the money after the 1st of july? i thought it would be the cost when i applied but the person i spoke to made it sound like i will pay the new visa charge. i'm calling them again tonight but i thought i would try and get some opinions on it. thanks!
  13. Hi all Just about to submit our online application and have got to the payment screen Its says payment by credit card but does anyone know if this could be a visa debit card? Can't find the answer anywhere so would be grateful if anyone has paid by debit card could let me know Thanks
  14. dazla80

    payment for visa 176

    Hi all, does anyone know when the payment gets taken for the visa 176? i posted it yesterday so the dept in Adelaide should recieve it on thursday or friday according to fedex. Thanks!
  15. Hello all just putting the final stages to our visa application and hopefully ready to send off paper application next week, just one thing is stumping me how easy is it to pay the application fee when you do not have a credit card, have a debit card which they won't accept with a paper app, thought of getting a bankers draft raised but should that be in dollars or sterling and which banks will they accept a cheque from. Again am aware that personal cheques are a no go. Any advice would be ssoo helpful right now and much appreciated !!!!!! TT xx
  16. Waitingawhile


    This may seem strange but in paying for visa applications and state sponsorship etc has anyone found they had to overcome not having a credit card such as mastercard or visa- we don't want to use them and i know we can get one but why should we have to just to pay this one thing? We have bank cards which use visa debits? i have already met this problem in applying for skills assessment that my bank cards could not be accepted and am thinking ahead! In this instance got a bankers draft but such a pain to sort out!
  17. Hi All, I have lodge a application to ACS for skills assessment and made the payment via a International Fund Transfer. I got a confirmation mail from local bank it's been transfered correctly. Also I have attached a proof for payment certified with by Bank officer with the parcel send to ACS. However from last Tuesday in online system status displaying "Awaiting Payment". Please note I have also got a email from ACS saying they got my parcel with all docs on last Monday. Please share you guys exp. .. Thanks. Anne :wacko:
  18. Hi All, I've sent my skills assessment to AITSL (primary teacher). I sent it recorded and it was delivered and signed for on 15th March early morning (Oz time). I realise i'm being really, really impatient but they haven't taken the money from my card yet- do you think this is because something is wrong? Should I email them? Or just chill and get ready for the first of many long waits!!:daydreaming: Thanks for advice :err:
  19. Guest

    Payment to DIAC

    What r the different options for making payment to DIAC? I have to apply to DIAC for 176 application but my credit card limit is less than required. WHat other options are available for making payments to DIAC other than using credit or debit carrd? Regards Ali
  20. Since I havent yet followed the online application method, please could somebody tell me if the last step asks for the way I want to pay (through a credit card or in cash) ? So in case of cash what I am asked to do by the online application? (to determine this method of payment, finish the application and pay the cash at the counter of the Embassy an other day?) Thank you in advance!!
  21. Greeetings to everyone!! Does anybody know when should I make the payment, after completing the online application form?? I really dont know if the last step of the online procedure asks for my card's number so as to be charched immediately... Also one of my methods of payment is through a VISA type Credit Card. However I do have a VISA type debit Card. Is this card acceptable??? Thanks in advance!!!!
  22. I cant seem to find this in the forum, I am able to pay for my visa online. When will the DIAC take the money? Some people have said it wont be taken unitl 3 weeks after the application has been
  23. Hi John, Hope all is well :smile: Just a quick question please. Is the GPS system an online application where I can setup the bank accounts etc and do transfers online at my leisure from home? If so, how can I get access to the GPS system? I am already a moneycorp member. Cheers B!K3R
  24. Guest

    Payment Method

    This may be a stupid questions: Can you pay for visa applications using a visa debit card? I know it says no debit cards for applications by mail but I was wondering whether this is more relating to Switch/Maestro?
  25. I submitted my ACS online application today but towards submission, it gave me the following denial message: Your payment was not accepted (DO NOT HONOUR). However your application has been lodged and you will be contacted in the near future to provide an alternate payment method. I contacted my bank and their computer system wasn't probably up at the time. They confirmed a request for payment did come over but was denied and if you try again now it should work fine. In the ACS FAQ, I read that they try twice before asking for another mode of payment. So my question is : 1. Do they make both tries at the same time? If not, how much later after the first try do they attempt the 2nd try to charge $400. 2. Suppose, the 2nd attempt also gets denied, how soon do they inform you about it asking for the second mode of payment? 3. Is that ok to hold the certified copies for now until I get a clear picture on the mode of payment? Anyone ever gone through a similar scenario or know what the next steps usually are after a credit card payment denial?