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Found 45 results

  1. Guest

    tax for whv on an ABN

    What implications are there for not paying tax in Australia when working on an ABN? The number of irish lads I have spoke to who are ‘doing a runner’ is ridiculous. Obviously it will mean they cant return to oz, but would it carry onto any other countries?
  2. Hi can anyone advise if the private schools in this area are all over subscribed. I have read many conflicting opinions but these go back 4-5 years, so was wondering what the current situation is like. Our children are in years prep , 4 and 9 as of the new school year jan 2012. They are not baptised into any faith. Many thanks
  3. Could someone please advise where possible, how my employer would be able to pay me in Australia. I work for a UK company but I will be going out to Australia soon on a 457 visa. The company will pay me from their UK bank account monthly into my Australian bank account and want to be able to deduct Oz tax from my salary. This will happen until they generate revenue in Australia and subsequently set up an Australian Company. What do they need to do for this? Please advise if you need more info Thanks in advance
  4. Guest

    paying mortgage from oz

    hi just wondering if its possible to pay our mortgage from oz? my husband has been offered a job in perth and they want him asap, we still have older children living at home so cant sell the house yet, do we have to tell the mortgage that we have gone because we are not renting out just letting our children live here untill we decide its the right time to sell up, any info will be much appreciated
  5. Cal2

    Paying tax on MA fees

    I'm in the UK with a MA in Oz, should I be paying tax on his bill, quite happy to, but I just wondered thanks Cal
  6. Cal2

    Paying tax on MA fees

    Hi, we're in the UK and paying a migration agent in NSW, we pay via our bank account in Australia, hoping to emigrate later this year. Can we claim our tax on the MA's bill back from anywhere, we pay our tax in the UK at present thanks Cal
  7. Hi all, can anyone tell me if money paid to o.h. from UK whilst he is living in australia, (it will be within the uk tax allowance) so no tax in UK, will be taxable in australia? Thanks Sam :wideeyed:
  8. Hey guys, I've been offered a job in Brisbane and will be starting 1st week of Jan 2012. I'm about to pay for the flights for 4 of us so looking at around £3000+. Should I book and pay for flights now or wait til I receive confirmation that my 457 visa has been approved. My future employer is taking care of all that stuff but when I asked them when they were starting the visa process they said it would be later on in the year. Does anyone know of 457 visas not being approved for any reason by the dept. of immigration. I don't want to waste £3k.
  9. Guest

    medicals up front paying?

    Hi all wondered if anyone could give me info on medicals, rang today to find out about booking our meds, knew would be around £1000 mark for family or 4. They said that when you book you need to pay at the same time, i was quite shocked as thought that prob left deposit and paid rest when had them done. This is at the brentwood centre as we are in essex, is this the same for all medical centers? or do some just take depositi? just was hoping could maybe try and save the money before we go as booking for 8 weeks time as need to lose a bit of timber first like you do, we are going on strict diets and excerice . |any infor would be good thanks :jiggy:
  10. Hi all, I am Tunisian citizen. I am planning to apply for GSM visa-Subclass 175. However, I am confused with regard to the method to pay the visa charge fees (2575 AUD). I went through the DIAC website and I didn’t get the exact information about how to pay the Visa charge fees. I can’t have international credit card here in Tunisia as well as there are no local banks affiliated with Australian banks and no Australian banks in Tunisia. I am wondering if it’s possible for me to pay these fees via International Money Order from France and apply for visa by courier from Tunisia. Any clarification or answer will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  11. Hi to all, I was just wondering if the contraceptive pill is on free prescription in Australia like the UK? If it isn't, does anyone know how much it costs on a weekly/monthly subscription? Many thanks
  12. We are looking to complete our import license application this week and we need to pay $50 with the application. How have people done this in the past? What is the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to do this to get the $50 cheque/money order? Our bank in the UK was going to take 3 days to do this and charge us £20 for the pleasure. We thought at that point, that there must be a better/cheaper way. Any help would be great, thanks guys.:biggrin:
  13. mr luvpants

    Paying tax on UK savings?

    Hi I am right in saying that we will still pay tax on our UK savings if we leave the money in the UK whilst we live in Oz? JOHN
  14. Hello my name is Sam. I would like to apologise because I know that this is a completely different topic to what this forum is about. But I could not find anything to do with health and things like that. (I am fairly new to this) I am moving to Australia in the next 2 years or so and I am on Diabetic tablets called Metformin. I am on a 500mg dose and I get it free in England for obvious reasons. But I am on this tablet for life. I also cannot go on any other form of diabetic treatment. Could you please answer me these questions as it is quite important... How do I go about getting this tablet over in Australia? Would it be free? Thank you for taking the time to read my post and for your help. It is much appreciated. Take care everybody :cute:
  15. Please can one of the Moderators possibly help me to help my friend out...... They are cuurently here on a Student Visa and Tony is due to be signed off from College in the next couple of months. They have recently been droppped a huge bombshell that they are not eligible to send their children to Public State Schools here in Perth FREE of charge, so it it is actually dearer than if they were going to a Private School!! (approx $5000 each child they are being charged). Tony was told to change over to a GRauduate Visa once he completes his college, but they have been told that they will still have to pay these ridiculous school fees and need to know if that is true. If so, what other Visa options do they have? Please can someone help me to help them, this is the difference between them staying here or going home, which they really don'ty want to do! thanks, Nikki. :wacko:
  16. Saw this earlier and i think its wrong, especially for people with children who cant always recognise they need the loo until the last minute. Now i dont mind paying extra for overweight luggage, food etc etc but the toilet?????????? Ryanair to charge passengers to pee | Courier Mail Any Views? Cal x
  17. For several reasons I wanted to ask how I might delay my Contributory Parent Visa (CVP) one main reason being the extremely poor exchange rate at the moment. My application was June 2009 so i am expecting word around Sept/Oct for the visa. How can I put off paying the 2nd installment without messing up my place in the queue? I had heard something along the lines of transferring to a non contributory parent visa which of course takes a great deal longer to get. However, my queries about that are: 1) How is that done 2) What effect does it have on reverting to CPV at a later date 3) Does it adversely affect the waiting period 4) Is there a cost involved Is there any other way of delaying paying the 2nd installment? All help would be much appreciated.
  18. Hey guys, I am new to PiO so please do be gentle if i make any mistakes or anything. I applied for 176 SS Offshore.I live in Victoria right now. I am very worried because i told my bank to stop paying the car insurance company and my fitness club centre any more. Even though i still had afew months to pay them. By the way lived in Scotland. Will these got anything to do with my 176 visa application? thanks Leed
  19. Hi there, I was wondering if i start working in Oz and pay tax will this help and speed up my cat5 176 Victoria SS? I have been in Oz since Feb 2009 and haven't worked yet. Apart from three months seasonal work which i had to do to be able to renew my WHV. Your comments are appreciated! asad
  20. We are about to submit a paper application for a 176 visa. I have spent weeks trawling the internet looking for how to pay the fee but keep drawing blanks. Can somebody please advise / help point us in the right direction. Also - will we have to pay the 2nd installment if my wife doesnt sit the IELTS test even though she is English? Thanks
  21. Hi there, Can anyone help with this? My partner is applying for PR on an 176 relative sponsored visa and has the 100 points needed to pass. He could get more points for the proficient English and I as his partner could get another 5 points if I did the skills test but both these cost quite a bit of money. Is it worth paying for the tests t o get more points to make the application more convincing or is 100 enough? Many thanks threlaf7
  22. HI everyone I am living Australia. I bougth the house using the mortgage broker with 80% borrowing. However, before I bought the house, I had my saving (70% of the house value). I also let the broker know about my saving. After I bought the house, I immediately transfered all of my saving to the mortgage. The mortgage is now only 30% house value. Today my broker called and ask how I keep up with my mortgage. It seems to me that I reduce the level of the mortgage too much, don't I? Do you think there will be any implication on me? I am very anxious now. Thanks for your future answer.
  23. Was hoping someone might be able to clairfy things for me. living in perth in the northern suburbs, renting a property paying $400 which we think is a lot for our 3 bed place. it has NO cover outdoors, seems like we are the only house in australia that doesnt! so we shelter inside a lot and with a baby it gets too hot to go out. Have just been told by a friend this morn that we should not be paying $400 when we dont have an alfresco area, there is a law about it or something? can anyone shed any light on this for me???
  24. exenger

    paying duty on tools sent to UK?

    hi I just wondering as I maybe returning to the UK soon, If I sent my hand tools and electrical tools back to the UK, probably by ship as its the cheapest due to the weight....would I have to pay some or any sort of duty on arrival in UK because the tools were purchased here? Combined value of the tools would be no more than $3000 cheers
  25. lsbc1976

    paying for visa,multiple cards

    Hi All. Can somone please help us.We will be submiting our 176 visa application in the next week or so.Is it possible to pay for this using multiple credit cards as we dont have enough credit on any one card.MERRY XMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR:biggrin: