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Found 72 results

  1. https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2018L01472 More commentary soon. Best regards.
  2. slashoholic

    Migration Pathway Dilemma

    Would appreciate any kind of possible help folks...have entered a migration pathway dilemma I am an international student from India and am currently pursuing a 2 year MBA course in Australia. My MBA course commenced in Feb 2017. The sole purpose of my coming to Australia, as many others, is to obtain a PR in Australia. Need help with the best possible route and options for me and my partner. Following are my circumstances which would give you a better understanding of my case : About ME (Currently residing in Australia) Male, 32 yrs DOB – Nov, 1984 Marital status – Unmarried Sister is an Australian citizen since 7 years, residing in Sunbury, Melbourne – 3429 Have completed a 3 year “Bachelor of Science” degree from India Have 9 years of work experience in Human Resources No professional Human Resource degree like MBA Currently pursuing a “2 year MBA course with specialization in IT” from a university in Melbourne About my PARTNER (Currently residing in India) Female, 24 yrs DOB – Dec, 1992 Marital status – Unmarried Currently residing in India 4 year “Bachelor of Technology” degree (Electronics & Communication) from India 1 year “Bachelor of Education” degree from India Total of 1 year of teaching experience in 2 different schools in India No engineering based work experience
  3. Hey all, I've been trying to get answers from migration agents who say i 'may be eligible' but i have to pay to get all the forms etc, and also TRA don't really answer specific questions so i'm hoping someone here can help I start my career as a barber/men's hairdresser informally as an apprenticeship in may 2004, i worked and learnt until january 2005 until i was a competent stylist. Therefore do i have the needed 900 hours formal training with in house training? I also have about 500 hours in college although for i left my first college and went back to qualify in another one in 2007 as a Barber nvq level 2. so therefore i have 5 years experience 900 hours training on an apprentice and 500 hours in college, i'm only qualified on paper as a barber, will this matter as long as i have always worked in places for example called ' joe's men's hairdressing' i'm hoping my qualification doesnt hold me back as my job title has always been stylist or hairdresser do you think i'm eligible? any help or advice would be great i'm thinking of sending off to get assesses with TRA next week and just hope for the best Thanks
  4. We are in discussions presently with TAFEs in Australia about workplace assessments being carried out in Australia for certain occupations. In turn this should facilitate an AQF Certificate III qualification (recognised by employers in Australia => increased employment prospects) and a positive skills assessment from Trades Recognition Australia under Skill Pathway E. We anticipate that the process will involve individuals with trades skills carrying out an initial assessment of their existing competencies while outside Australia. Assuming all (or substantially all) of these competency requirements can be met individuals would then travel to Australia when a practical assessment would be carried out. Recognising that Australian qualifications are often not the same as UK qualifications any gaps in competencies that are not major would also be dealt with at that time, perhaps requiring an additional 2 or 3 days of tuition prior to the granting of the AQF III. Costs of this exercise are not yet finalised, but are likely to be significantly less than those being quoted by workplace assessors visiting the UK. I would be pleased to hear from individuals with one of the following occupations, who would like to receive more information as we progress discussions with the TAFEs: - Painters and decorators - Plasterers - Hairdressers - Chefs - Welders I can be reached by email via alan - at - gomatilda - dot - com Best regards.
  5. Guest

    TRA assessment pathway E?

    I read that if you get an AQF III cert in your trade, This will enable Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) applications to proceed under Pathway E of the Uniform Assessment Criteria (UAC). Just wondering, what is pathway E, and how does this effect my TRA application? Will it be faster?
  6. doing a geographical

    chef skill pathway for 856 2 questions

    Hi all, I'm on a 457 visa as a chef. Since I've been approved as a chef already, do I need to do the TRA skills test for the 856 PR application. If not, great. If so... I've been a chef for about 9 years but have no formal chef qualifications. I've got good experience tho and definately think i'm up to AFQ3. Problem I think is lack of evidence. I'm not sure which skill pathway I should go for on the TRA application (for 856 visa). I have an HND in International Hospitality Management (which included practical formal training, but not in an NVQ sense). But most of my experience is informal training. It says in the smallprint on the TRA website that I can do Statutory Declarations to document any experience that I cant prove. Will pages and pages of these with my HND do? I know its not an easy question, any help would really be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.
  7. Hi We are in the process of applying for TRA but are unsure if we wil pass as part of husbands experience was gained before he obtained his qualifications so not sure whether we will pass on this so..... We also also looking into Pathway E. As I understand it he would have to get a Certificate III and have the requisite amount of experience. So my questions are: 1) What is the requisite amount of experience? Is it less than the 5 years under the other pathways? 2) How do we find a course. I have googled it and found coruses but they are 2 and 3 year ones. How do we find out if they just do the assessment? do we just have to write to them all? 3) I assume if we do find somewhere that he woudl have to fly to Oz, do the assessment (which I assume will just be a day or so) and can then fly back home? Any info greatly appreciated. He is a stonemason by the way. Many thanks Michellle
  8. :shocked:Hi all this is my first post - I am hoping to get permanent residency via a regional sponsered visa in Western Australia, my nominated occupation will most likley be as a Welfare worker - has anyone already undertaken the assessment under pathway B and if so do you have some tips? I have already contacted the relevant assessing authority for initial advice and they recommended this route given my combination of skills and experience. However another route for me could also be as a Drug and Alcohol worker which carries 10 less points. Both these appear on the Western Australia state skills in demand list. I am interested in other peoples experieces in gaining a positive skills assessment for either of these two occupations and any hurdles problems they faced. The Welfare worker route reminds me of preparing a full NVQ file OMG! (Anyone who has gone through this will know what I mean):biglaugh:
  9. Hi, just joined the website. Well here is my issue, I am hoping some of you guys may be able give me some pointers and help (or closure) I went to Australia for three month back in 2007. Since my intial three month career break. I have return twice on a working holiday visa. With a break of 7 month inbetween each visa back in the UK. During the two year period in OZ, I worked and lived like an Aussie in Sydney, I held down a good job all the way through. I even got took on by the same firm again, with a pay rise. Once I was on my 2nd working visa, and I was allowed to work for them again. I had an awesome set of Australian mates, who I miss more than anything. I like them was devastated when my 2nd visa was up and had to go home. The airport was 1 of the worst days of my life, for me and them some said. I just got back to the UK and pritty much felt like my life here is pointless an going nowhere, just like two year back. I have been looking into the student visa thing for about a month. I went to see a migration agent, who told me if I was looking for PR. I would need to start from scratch. My banking/exprience is not worth anything on the SOL list. He also dispelled a few myths I heard over the years as well surrounding PR. So it was money well spent, I guess. So I have been looking on the computer nearly 24/7 researching websites, going to expo days etc etc. So I am looking at doing a course in bricklaying or Tiling, for two years so I can get the 60 points I need to obtain my goal of PR. Major change of career, but I am serious about doing whatever it takes. People always say you need to change your career totally once in awhile. I have looked at a few places Perth (Silver trowel), Gold coast (TAFE Nambour) and Melborne (Holmesglen College) that run these courses. I can cover the cost of tutiton fees but it will cost me everything I have saved up for since I started saving lol. Plus reading the stories on here, I have read things can go wrong so quickly and immigration change the goal posts a lot. So it seems like a gamble that could fall apart. But I cant give myself a few month to think about it becuase I have reached 28 years old. So I need to get this on the ways as when I hit 30years old I loose another 5 points. Which brings me down to 115 which is no good. I was hoping to get advice off any other people that maybe going down this route in order to obtain PR or are on it. Plus any advice people can give me in gerneral would be much appreciated, as my head is all over the place with this stuff at the moment. I not going to make any descions on this till the DIAC, release the changes to the student visa, which I have read are going to happen soon. Returning to Australia is my dream, and its all I think about from the moment I open my eyes to the moment I close them again a night.
  10. Guest

    pathway D closure

    before you jump on me and ask why im bringing up a thread that was discussed to death in 2007/8 i just wondered where all the people who got caught up in that initial debacle are now , it seems as though because of this latest carry on by the DIAC that those people have been somewhat forgotten or are they just caught up in the backlog of the 23/9 changes sorry if im a bit ignorant but i just wondered cheers Tom
  11. Guest

    Pathway D/TRA bother

    Hi all, A quick intro as I'm new here - me and hubby Paul started our application in Feb 2007 and are basing it on Paul being a Fibrous Plasterer. As I'm sure it's already been talked about on here, the TRA have decided they want people with NVQs and not just experience. Well, Paul's got 10years experience but no qualifications so our application is at a complete standstill. Annoying thing is, his mate and his wife applied same time as us, with the same job and using the same agent and his visa went through about a week before the TRA changed, so he's flying out next month and we're stuck at home not knowing what's going on! :arghh: Is anyone else having the same probs with TRA? And have you been given any info about what can be done about it? All our agent keeps saying is "hopefully by the end of the month we'll hear something". By the way, if Paul does have to get qualified, will he need an NVQ in EVERYTHING? Cos Fibrous Plasterer includes jointing, boarding, coving and loads more, which are all separate jobs over here. Please give us some hope!!! Thanks, Leah xx
  12. Guest

    Tra pathway b

    Hi all please can anyone tell me if Pathway B is open for TRA assessments now?? My cousin is thinking of applying but they dont have an offical apprenticeship just 10 years experience as a general communications engineer and loads of internal training courses . If anyone knows if the can apply to get skills assessed under pathwway b can you let me know or any other options they may have . Any info would be greatly appreciated ta Lynn x
  13. I have posted different treads on here about dodgy agents and pathways dissapearing, but have regained my momentum and some energy to start all over again. I have looked at different avenues, and sort advice from many, most haven't got back!! I have learned from my previous lessons, and am not willing to part with money and be ripped off again. However there does appear to be a glimmer of hope!!! :yes: Therefore if you have been through the process I am looking at, I would welcome your advice!!! I am looking at my husband obtaining and AQF III (LMF30402 Certificate III in Furniture Making (Cabinet Making) As he is a kitchen fitter with 22 years exp and no formal quals except gas, pluming and elects but those pathways are not suitable. Then going down pathway E with the TRA, and then going for the 175 visa. His trade is on the SOL, and on the MODL. I have found a company called ACTS UK, based in Cheshire, UK. I have have a good lengthy chat. The guy I spoke to seemed really nice and helpful, had a lot of knowledge of the industry and what was going on at the mo. But I am aware to ask others before I embark on parting with lots of money again!! Has any-one used them or been down this route? My husband has tonnes of evidence to produce so it seems to be the answer for us. However I would welcome any advice or experiences of people who have been down this route, or gained an AQF.
  14. Guest

    Which skills pathway?

    I'm a bit confused as to which skills pathway to take. I have completed an apprenticeship in electrical engineering, have nvq 2 + 3, national certificate and hnc. I originally thought i would apply through pathway a, but after asking my agent the question he said i should go through pathway c. I only have the basic package with my agent and can only ask questions online. I am seeking assessment as an electrician (special class). Can anyone help please?
  15. The Government of South Australia is re-introducing its capital investment Bond, allowing many intending skilled migrants who have been in limbo to progress their applications to visa grant. Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News Best regards.
  16. Guest

    Pathway E Info needed

    Hi everyone, Happy New Year! We had a problem with the TRA assessment, we were refused do to know formal qualifications as my husband has gained all his knowledge in Telecoms through work experience and courses, he has been employed in Australia for the last year on and still got refused. We have been told to apply via pathway E, which (I think) means we need to get a RPL assessment (someone to come and assess his work to enable him to obtain a Certificate III, Does this sounds right?Anyway I managed to find an CRICOS Registered Trainer to assess him for $400 and this should give us the Cert III he requires. But my question is once I've forked out $400 and have the certificate that TRA say I need, what then? Do we have to apply for the whole TRA app again? Or is different way for Pathway E? Has anyone done this and got an approval from TRA. I don't want to be spending more money if it's not gonna lead to a successful TRA outcome. Are we just better to wait another year, as we're on a 457 and the 2 years is up 2010. Just feel like we're always spending money and getting no further with this. Thanks to anyone who can offer nay advise Suey
  17. Guest

    pathway c help

    can anyone explain to me what pathway c entails, from what I can gather you need to off completed five years training am I right does three years count working and one day a week at college then a further three years full time at college studying BTEC?:wacko:
  18. Lynandsean

    Pathway E maybe??

    I am trying to find a way for my daughter's boyfriend to gain his own PR visa - preferably 175 skilled independant and was hoping that Pathway E would offer the quickest route. He works/is being trained as a Landscape Gardener (which is now on the MODL) and has been since Aug 05. He studied and completed what appears to be the equivalent of an NVQ2 possibly 3 about 18 months ago. In order to pass the TRA I figured that he might be able to get his skills assessed in the UK via a workplace skills assessment with the likes of TradeTrain to gain an AQFIII certificate but they have said that he needs a minimum of 4 years work experience (and as it turns out don't assess Landscape Gardeners anyway). I thought that if you had an AQFIII then you only needed 900 hrs work experience??? As TradeTrain don't assess his trade I have found another company that will assess him here in Oz via the RPL (recognition of previous learning) and he may or may not have to do a bit more study to gain an AQFIII with them. It would be a short course (max 34 wks) depending on which extra units he may need to do. If he were to do this, would he then meet the requirements for the 175 skilled independant? His only other alternatives would appear to be a sponsored 457 as it doesn't seem to need a skills assessment pass or a working holiday visa in the hope that he could gain work in landscape gardening that would get him to 4 years. My main confusion seems to be with the amount of work experience he needs to acrue to qualify for a 175 skilled independant:- is it 900 hrs or 4 yrs along with an AQFIII certificate via Pathway E? or as his work experience and training would appear to amount to an 'informal apprenticeship' does he have to wait to gain 5 yrs experience under one of the other pathways? I hope this makes sense to someone out there as my brain is totally fuddled :unsure: Thanks Lyn
  19. saunders clan

    Pathway E

    Has anyone else or is anyone else applying to the TRA via pathway E??? I'm just interested to see what the success rate is like I suppose. If I get no replies then I guess I'm on my own!!!!! Cheers Kate
  20. Hello, (deep breath, and.......) I have been in contact with Silver Trowel (perth) and they fly back and forth to UK assessing roofers (and other trades) with the ultimate goal of getting an AQFIII for prior recognition of skills. Brilliant I thought, then I contacted thinkingaustralia.com ( agents) and they told me that all these companies are jumping on the band waggon to get our money, and are a waste of money. First I thought, rubbish, but then Im thinking, I still need to use them as an agent, regardless. So why so adament it is rubbish? Is she unaware of Pathway E? Is this new? Silver Trowel cost around £2200K, and if this gives me an AQFIII, but TRA dont accept it, whats the point? As anyone got their AQFIII who has been granted their VISA? Or at least been accepted by TRA? Im Pee'd off with all the stress!!! It was expensive enough, but now for the AQF's aswell thats more cash!! As long as it gets me in its well spent. I wanted to get the ball rolling before 1st Sept, as I would expect there to be a flood of applications. Anyway, look forward to posts.... Mark & Family.:nah:
  21. Guest

    Pathway D

    I am currently using 'Access Migration' (has anyone heard of these) and am feeling very fustrated. My OH is a Painter & Decorator and was orignally told by our agents that they only way we could emigrate to OZ is by Pathway D. Of course, this has been removed and are still waiting to hear which road we can go down. Our agents keep telling us that we should hear first in March, then 1st July and now 1st August. Still have no idea what's happening. Is there anyone else who is in the same boat us? This has been going on now since Auugust 07 and still no joy. Please help!!!! :arghh:
  22. Guest

    Pathway D

    Hi - anyone know about the situation for pathway d?? :unsure: Re-introduction was due 1st July. Thanks Catherine
  23. Ok, maybe I am jumping the gun a bit early here. I thought I would wake up today to find loads more information on the new Pathway D proposal. I cant find anything. I just want someone to tell me in plain english what the new proposals mean for people in my situation. My husband works in I.T. but because he has worked there since leaving school he has no formal qualificaitons. Can anyone tell me if the new proposals say anywhere that it will improve the system for people with no qualificaitons.? Its all very confusing to me and as we dont have an agent yet most of the jargon you read means nothing to us as yet. Help before I go insane :cry:
  24. Guest

    Pathway D

    We today received a copy letter from our Agents............................as follows - Dear Members, The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations have finally responded to lobbying from the MIA in relation to a replacement for "Pathway D". The exact nature of the new pathway has not yet been determined and the MIA will be formally consulted next week as DEEWR is working to a tight timetable that aims to have the new pathway introduced from 1 August 2008. I will report to members after those consultations but I would be very surprised if the new arrangements continued to place heavy emphasis on evidence of skills based on employer references. I expect that the consultation will focus on practcal issues around a new pathway that might give recognition to prior learning, formal qualifications, guild membership, trade licences, government or educational institutional recognition of skills, etc. The MIA will put forward suggestions about how trade skill recognition could be broadened so that Australia resumes accepting skilled tradespeople whose expertise is based on their experience. This will include suggesting that such applicants be given the option of demonstrating their skills through a skill-testing arrangement. In short, there are good prospects for a new pathway soon but it is likely to be onee that is quite different from the previous "Pathway D" MIA Ltd Seems to us that even if there seems to be a delay in developments at least there is a tiny bit of info coming through - so if the 1st July comes and theres no news then this thread can be assumed to hold some truth................................ More wine please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:spinny:
  25. Guest

    Pathway D

    It seems to be all we harp on about these days..................but basically if this is not reintroduced we are stuffed. Not much chance of getting in any other way really.........OH a carpet/laminate floor fitter and we are going through an aoption as we foster two kidz we want to take along ............................so if we cant get in then we have put lots of people through lots of stress and its looking like all for nothing. Feeling a bit disheartened really. We are aware that things are strict and feel that a good thing as Aus has better regs than the UK who let almost anyone in but we are genuine workers who want a better life for our kidz...................................... :arghh: Got a meeting with our agency we applied through in Feb but if pathway D doesnt come back we are looking at rainy dayz in the UK..................................... :wacko: