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Found 185 results

  1. kellyjamie

    Passed My Essay

    Hi all so i passed the english assessment for writing my essay on is the grass really greener, thanks to all who read it and commented x
  3. Andy & Kelly

    Anyone passed TRA for locksmith?

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has successfully passed TRA for locksmith and wouldn't mind emailing me a copy of what was sent so i have an idea of what i need to do. Many thanks Andy
  4. I am a little confused! My boyfriend can apply for a 176 ss visa and we want to do this before 1st July. however does he need to have taken the skills assessment and passed this before we can lodge an application? If we do then i am worried as i understand that we may not get a date before then. If so i am assuming we can't apply as he wont qualify after July 1st. does anyone know please. thanks Sally
  5. n111kkx

    WOW - Passed my medical!!

    Just checked on line and my application now says medicals finalised and further processing!!! Great news I had a hole in the heart, split valve which was only discovered after I had a stroke. the stroke has left me with no side effects, the hole in heart has been repaired but the valve is not brilliant. I was able to send in copied of my latest echocardiogram along with a nice letter from the heart specialist. Fantastic - I will now send for the police checks. The case officer has been fantastic and allowed us to hold off on sending for these until the outcome of my medical!! :biggrin:
  6. brideycollette

    Responsible cat ownership laws passed in WA

    Not sure if this has been posted if it has i apoligise :wubclub: Responsible cat ownership laws passed 3 November 2011 - General News Local Government Minister John Castrilli has welcomed the passing of legislation which will help reduce the thousands of unwanted cats euthanised each year in Western Australia. The legislation means all cats: • must be sterilised unless being used for breeding • microchipped so they can be returned if lost, stolen or stray from properties • registered so local government can readily deal with cats without owners To ensure this Bill does not cause hardship, cat owners and local governments have two years - until November 1, 2013 - to prepare themselves and their cats. This is the first time there has been legislation in WA to deal with domestic cats. Dogs have been regulated since 1976. View the full statement by the Minister here. Brides x
  7. http://dreamsofalife.com/home/newspaper
  8. Finally, now perhaps we can have something else in the news to read about and perhaps things can settle down. I believe we have to do something to help our world for future generations and hope this is a step in the right direction. A stitch in time saves nine
  9. klm081

    Finally passed IELTS!

    Hi everyone just wanted to share the joy around! Needed all 8.0 or higher for the extra points for the academic test and got my results today! PHEW! Had already missed out once (got a 7.0 for one of them) so wanted to say thanks for all the tips and advice sent my way! Now onto the next obstacle!:biggrin:
  10. WOHOO! I just received my IELTS exam results and all the hard work (practised like mad for two weeks) has paid off : 9/7.5/8.5/9, overall 8.5. I needed 7 and was not expecting those results at all, SO happy! :jiggy: I also had an email about my skills assessment which sounded positive, all that's needed is a further confirmation of my employment dates because there was a typo in the original reference... And now the job hunt starts! How scary! And exciting! Scary exciting!:biglaugh:
  11. ok my husband passed his medicals but now his file has been given to a senior migration officer because he has a criminal record.has anyone on here ever had that happen and if so how long did it take and what was the outcome? i am going out of my mind my hubby and i have now been seperated for 10 months and its killing me.
  12. For the last 6 years, apart from giving birth and bringing up my children, I have also been studying for an degree with honours in English language and literature with the Open University. The last few months have been really stressful because there has been so much happening in our everyday lives which really affected my studies. Yesterday I got my results..... I got a 2.1 and I'm really really pleased :biggrin: Sorry I had to share. Nicki
  13. ScotsQuine

    Passed blood tests first time!

    Hello... Thought I would share with you guys as when I had looked through PIO re blood tests for our dog I only found info re failing them! Our large (45kg) GSD had his annual vaccinations on the 3rd December 2010, he had also been vaccinated against Leptospirosis as we hadn't been planning a move to Oz at that point. But things changed at the beginning of this year and our visa was granted and the next hurdle was our dog. He had his blood test on the 20th July and the phone call (finally!) came from the pet movers today to say he had passed!!! I was absolutely gobsmacked as I was so sure he would have failed as it had been under 8 months since his Lepto jab? Other posters have had their dogs fail with a longer period between vaccinations and bloodtests? But, while reading through all the threads on 'Failed Blood Tests' I had found some very reassuring information from both Moving2Melbourne and BobPetairUk, so if your dog should fail for whatever reason, there is a light at the end of the tunnel - don't despair!! Good luck for anyone else in the same position! :hug:
  14. Guest

    First step passed

    Hi all, I have just started the process of applying for a 176 visa. I have passed the skills assessment and was wondering what comes next. I am a plasterer and have found a few good sites with jobs on. I am excited to get under way as I have someone waiting for me over there already. Is there months of paperwork waiting for me or is it a fairly quick process. I read some where that certain trades are getting pushed through quickly? Which obviously makes me wonder about costs, Visa prices and if I have to have a certain amount in my bank account similar to a working holiday visa? All help would be appreciated!
  15. thewaltons

    Tra passed

  16. Guest

    passed my TRA!!!! yay

    I just wanted to be someone with a happy thread lol, Ive just this minute received my outcome letter from TRA to say my application has been successful. I was paranoid with the documents i'd sent. Im a self employed hairdresser by the way lol. :-))))))))
  17. Hi there, I'm quite new on here but have been reading and learning a lot on here over the last couple of weeks. I was up until 3am this morning reading about the discrimination some poor people on here have suffered due to having disabilities. We are at the stage where we are about to submit for a 176 SS visa but have just realised that my son's medical condition could mean that he fails the medical. He has been diagnosed as having a significant expressive language and speech disorder or phonological disorder. His speech therapist mentioned that he has an aspect of Dyspraxia but I just called the hospital and they said that they wouldn't give him that label, it's not in any reports (as far as I know) so there's no need to put that on any forms. He is 4 years old, very bright and has no other problems except for his speech, which is improving all the time due to Speech Therapy and all the work we do with him at home. I have to say that I am really gutted at the thought that this dream could be all over for us and am not really sure what to next. Do we get a medical done for him now to find out if he will pass before wasting time, money etc on the visa (have already spent on agent and Vetassess fees) or do we just give up?? We were going to try and get a job offer then go this year on a 457 visa, but what's the point if we will have to come back after 4 years? I'd be really grateful of any advice.
  18. Finally got my vetassess result for my bricklaying practical today. Took 2 weeks to come through. Didn't receive an email just checked into my vetassess account and i was successful. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  19. kellyjamie

    We passed Ielts!

    Well thankgod we got results thru today and passed Ielts! cant tell you how relieved we are and we are so happy this evening! Jamie scored 7, 7.5, 8, 9 so 8 overall. This was the last hurdle so now we defo have more than enough points and hopefully we get a case officer soon x:yes:
  20. Guest

    Vetassess paperwork passed....

    Hi All, My OH has just had his vetassess paperwork passed as a brickie which we are so pleased about, it was a long struggle to get it all together!!! We have now found out that the next stage (Practical) dates may not be until the end of this year or even beginning of next year!!!! So were just wondering if anyone knows if there is anything we can be doing towards our visa in the meantime......or if we have to just be patient and wait????:arghh: Thanks
  21. kevin jc

    Get In! Vetassess Passed

    Hello All It's 01.27 and I wish I had not checked the vetassess web site for my practical result's. I done the plumbing test on the 27th May in accrington and just got a successful result, now i got no chance of getting to sleep anytime soon so thought i would share the new's. Needless to say im well chuffed, I know it is just another step and there is a long way to go but it is a step closer all the same. Also I know i was very nervous about the whole thing and it is easy to say now but if you are getting set to do the test on the next round dont stress yourself with worry, Please feel free to message me for any advice, I know the guys that helped me with advice before the test helped no end, So thanks to Nick in worthing :wink: Rob in Adelaide :wink: for the heads up and to John,,aka wingywangwoo for the thread ,,,saga of the day. Sorry to rattle on, just the wife is asleep and had to tell someone :wink: YES,,,,GET IN :jiggy::goofy::wacko::jiggy: Kev
  22. Just got the call from the vet to say both had passed all blood tests! Thank god for that! A week to the day since they took them too, very impressed! They also told me they had overcharged me so £30 in credit (which I need as they are going to charge me to fill in their DEFRA forms!) Back in on the 14th Feb for the final parasite treatments then taking them to the airport on 16th Feb! Eeeeeeek! Hope everyone else is getting on ok.
  23. Guest

    Practical assessment passed??!!

    Hi, Does anybody know how vetassess notify you of practical assessment results.......Email, post etc?? I have looked on the vetassess website and it says successful but not sure if this means successfully booked or passed.......Probably me being thick, just don't want to get my hopes up!!:confused: Cheers
  24. brideycollette

    Passed TRA today !

    :jiggy: OH paased TRA Electrician( special class ) today :jiggy: One step forward , now just hope it is on any of the smps lol
  25. Just wanted to share the news that OH has passed the first stage of his vetassess and is booked onto the bricklaying practical in Preston on Tuesday 30th November :biggrin: Really happy as our agent thought it would probably be February ...... anybody else heading to Preston on that day ????? Tracey :biggrin: