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Found 33 results

  1. Hi im after a bit of advice. We are wanting to apply for a visa but I am worried we will pay the money out for it but i will fail my medical as I have renal damage and high blood pressure. Has anybody else been in a similar situation and what do you think my chances of passing my medical are. Anyone know what grounds they fail you? Its just a lot of money to waste if ive got no chance of passing my medical in the first instance. Any advice big or small would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Stacey :confused:
  2. My partner is a plasterer who left school in 2nd year (2nd year of secondary school). He was a messer and got himself expelled:tongue: Like alot of people, we would have preferred to be applying for the PR visa before July but have no choice now (apart from sponsorship). He is reluctant to look for sponsorship in case he's unhappy in the job etc.... I would class him as having a high level of intelligence, he is still running his own plastering company during this recession. He has a great memory, is a great storyteller and he would have done great had he finished school... but he can't spell for **** :err: And he is Irish, so is speaking English his whole life. So my questions are as follow... * Would he have a hope of passing the IELTS test and getting an 8 band across the board (with questionable spelling skills!). Stupid question??!! I know you don't know his ability from Adam, but maybe someone has been in the same boat and passed? * & can anyone recommend a good place to start in getting started? Many thanks for your replies guys :wink:
  3. Cal2

    Pass Plus

    My son passed his driving test last year and is thinking of doing the pass plus as it will bring down his insurance in the UK, would it count towards insurance in Australia, or is there a scheme he could do over there thanks:biggrin:
  4. Guest

    Pass words ,user names

    Its a bummer when you forget your user name or pass word ,when you want to log on to a site i would say , after 5 goes i am out and 15 minutes to kill :arghh: :frown: Oh well ,glads thats off me chest.
  5. Hi all, I've just sent in an online application and payment for my GSM175. I had my TRA as General Electrician from 2007 which they told me is still valid. I'm a little concerned that I didn't reach the pass mark on my points test. I only scored 110. I am applying for my wife and two sons to come with me. I cannot score any points for my wife's job as it does not appear on the SOL list. She works for the CITB in the apprenticeships department, which is a key role in most tradesman's careers. Do I need to do the IELPS test even though I am English born and bread, or do they look in to your application and your family to see that fact? This would get me the extra 10 points I need. Thanks, Mick
  6. Just a quick one to put my hubbies mind at rest. We have just found out the we are Cat 2 on SA's list and I am wanting to go for the medicals before we start trying for another baby but the hubby is concerned. He is 6 foot 2 and weighs around 17.5 stone and is a 36/38 waist but he is concerend they will fail him on the medicals because of his weight. Can anyone let us know of their experiences????? Thanks
  7. Guest

    Will I pass a medical?

    Hi :cool: I have found a post on a migration agents web site that suggests anyone with a health issue is unsure whether they will pass a medical could " lodge a visitors visa application (676), have a full permenant resisdence medical, then request the medical to be assessed for PR by DIAC" - This being a cheaper/ quicker alternative to finding out if you are likely to pass a medical than waiting untill the end of the visa process. I am considering this option as my daughter has a congenital heart problem, and I have had cancer (4 years clear) Has anyone tried this route??? Is it just a con to get more money out of me? If possible I would rather find out now, if we have a chance or not. Thanks in advance for your help
  8. Guest

    Ielts pass score????

    Hi everyone, been a while since i been on here due to a delay with our migration process. Had the IELTS results today and cant for the life of me remember what the pass mark is for a RN. My wife is in work so she said for me to open them as she is at the end of her tether with it. Thanks Sean
  9. My wife and I are looking to get skills assessed for migration. It seems (relatively) easy for me, I'm and Engineer, but the trouble and strife seems to be having, well, trouble and strife - yet we need her skills assessed to gain 5 points for spouse matching skills. Emma is a solicitor and it seems that she can't pass skills assessment without being admitted onto the roll in Aus. And to do that she has to live there - we're in the UK making the application and do not plan to move out there for another 12 months. All seems a bit odd - has any one else ran into this issue, and if so, what's the answer? Thoughts and experiences appreciated. Cheers, Rob.
  10. I have a son who has turned 17 and was wondering whether to get him through his driving test while we are in the UK or to leave it until we get to Perth ?? Any info would be welcome on driving in oz.:confused:
  11. Guest

    What is the ielts pass mark?

    Hi just got OH ielts test results through.I know you need 7 or more but is that in each section or the overall band score. He got 7.5 listening,5 reading,8 writing,9 speaking and an overall 7.5.
  12. Double sofa bed - yellow. Mechanism works fine. The origial yellow sofa cover is well used, and marked, but we have a red cover which we use over it - looks fine like that. Single Winnie the Pooh duvet cover and pillow case Single tweenies duvet cover and pillow case Barbie Curtains Forever Friends Curtains (a bit faded) Bag of linen and cutrains (not new stuff by any means!) I may add more stuff as I find it!!! Send me a PM if you are interested. Pick up is Thornlands. Love Rudi x
  13. Guest

    Ielts pass mark?

    Just wondering if someone who knows may be able to help me with this. My Sister in law is putting together her Skills assessment and then Visa application. She is Foreign and although she speaks English fine, she is about to start the IELTS course in her country. Can someone confirm what the pass marks are now for IELTS. She is applying for a skilled independent 175, as a Computer professional and I'm not sure does she need a 7 on all categories? Any help would be great, Thanks, REDS :laugh:
  14. Oh did his joinery vetasess on 6th august. We have had successful on the Tradassess website for over a week now, when will we get the certificate/letter that we can send off with stae sponsorship?
  15. Assuming all the paperwork is correct how long does it take to get a pass from vetassess on paperwork. We are cutting it fine to get in for the practicals in July
  16. watneyni

    ACS Pass

    Just got my ACS result back...PASS...took 6 weeks only !!! :notworthy: Luckily, my forgotten 1999 mcse saved me loads of extra work with my application! Just a word of advise -> be very specific with your references and if your HR department can not give you the required detail also get a colloegue to do the technical reference.
  17. When you apply to join the Army you will be required to pass a number of tests. These tests are known as the BARB TESTS and the higher your score the more options that are open to you. We will not only show you how to score highly on the BARB TESTS but also how to pass the entire selection process at the first attempt.Visit jointhearmy.org.uk
  18. This doesn't affect me but some people have asked the question. And i'm curious! Darren:unsure:
  19. Hey everyone. Yesterday we received my skills assessment results from the ICAA, so we are very happy. The next step is the VISA application, which we are completing online and without the help of an agent. We choose not to use an agent because we believe that we are fully capable of going it alone (Skilled Independent 175). Quality Emigration Agents, such as Go Matilda, are fantastic for those applicants who do not wish to go it alone, have a complicated situation, require assistance with the onerous VISA application procedure or just need some comfort or support during the process. All the best to everyone and festive cheer to all. Take Care
  20. Just had an email, I thought I'd pass on the details. Dreamworld are reducing their annual passes until 24th December, reducing them from $194 for adults and $135 for kids, to $115 per person, plus if you book online you recieve a $20 merchandise gift voucher. Theme Parks Gold Coast Keeps the kids busy over the holidays! Jo
  21. Hi all , Got the letter from my agent this morning. Yep It was a pass. Where that loody visa app gone too. Did my test 17/7/08 in Accrington All the best to those people waiting on there results
  22. Guest

    Vetasses Pass

    Yippee !! heard from agent that we have passed the paper part of the skills test, just hoping and praying for a place in July practicals, although they are pretty full at mo, but after getting all that info together and stat decs. etc in about 4 days what a stress :nah:it paid off. One hurdle at a time, I am so pleased just got to rely on the OH to do his bit now. Will be having a little drink tonight to celebrate so far :jiggy: Lori
  23. Guest

    Vetassess Pass

    :jiggy:Just heard that my OH has passed his 1st assessment with vetassess so its onto the July practical, he has been put through as a carpenter is anyone else due to do the same test? hooray things are finally moving!
  24. Guest

    Vetassess Pass!!!!

    Hi All Just a quick message to say Mark received a successful Vetassess practical reply today.(Sparky) Yippee!!! Now it's time for the long haul with the main visa. Oh what joy!!!!!!! At least we're on the right path now - hope it's not too long and winding though!! Congrats to Mike for having a successful outcome too - Shar07's husband. To all other sparky's waiting on info for paper & practical will post soon on Jobs & careers!! Mark & Ginny
  25. Guest

    what score for IELTS to Pass

    Does anybody know what score overall you need to get the extra 5 points for visa from the IELTS test Thanks