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Found 14 results

  1. Peemacgee

    Motorbike parking Sydney

    Hi just wondering if anyone knows any decent places to park a motorbike near Clarence street? I have seen the free parking spots but don't want my bike to get trashed, I have seen the domain car park is $5 per day does anyone else park there or now how easy it is to get a spot?
  2. Hi, I am wondering if someone can help me. My parents are visiting in December, my mum has MS and so it would be good if she had a disabled parking badge. She may also book assistance at the airport. There was a question on the visa application which said "Do you, or any other person included in this application, require assistance with mobility or care due to a medical condition?" They have said No to this question. Has anyone else been in this situation. Currently she will not assistance, apart from at the airport and requesting the parking badge. Does anyone know why this question is asked. Also if you say no is it ok to apply for the parking badge and assistance at the airport. Thanks
  3. zoeburrell

    Parking fines - chase to UK?

    Hi everyone I just have a little question we recently had some people from UK and whilst they were here they got a parking fine on my car. I filled in a stat dec and gave their name and myparents address in UK. Does anyone know if they will chase them for this $80? I feel bad and maybe i should pay it as it is my car. Dont want them to have a black mark next to their name if it just stays in the system?? Any advice gratefull received... Thanks
  4. does anyone know how long the train takes from berwick into melbourne city, and if you have to drive to the station, AND if it costs for parking. I am talking about weekends and off peak times? How about driving in weekend and off peak? Any quick replys much appreciated!
  5. Guest

    Parking in Brisbane CBD?

    Hi Folks, Does anyone know the best(and cheapest!) place to park in Brisbane CBD?...we have to take our son to Qantm College on Saturday for the day(its on Albert Street)..will be all day so trying to keep the cost to a minimum. Thanks in advance, Annie x
  6. Generalis

    Parking in Brisbane

    Need to go into Brisbane tomorrow, is it better to park or catch train in. also are there any places where there is free parking or if not how much do I need to take. Staying in Mango Hill and if expensive to park may catch train, I'm told this is from Burpengary. Any advice. Thanks
  7. Flying this Friday 22nd from Tullamarine for a week, wondering what the parking options are. At the airport cheapest is open parking and costs about $90 (counts as 8 days) and seems to be unsecure. Shuttle bus only appears to go every 20 mins which is a bit rubbish. Goes up to $120 for covered. There seem to be a few places nearby with covered secure parking for about $99, then a free shuttle bus. Some of the buses are on demand, others run regularly. Only appear 5-10 mins from airport, which may be quicker that actually at the airport, plus more secure. Anybody have any opinions or suggestions thanks
  8. Guest

    Parking for boat required

    Looking to secure a 7.23 ( length) and 2.33 (width) boat and trailer in or around the Southern Suburbs,near to C/Beach. Ideally looking for undercover shed/car-port or similar. Will negotiate price, rent or fishing trips in return. New to boating and struggling to find place nearby. Any help would be grand and will even let you fly the ensign from the mast... Well maybe a union jack off the ariel then.. PM if you can help. Thanks
  9. Guest

    Traffic and Parking in Aus ?

    One of the things that really got to me when I was over in Australia which some of you planning on going for the first time may wish to know is the very strict laws they seem to have in terms of car parking there. Now before I go on, I will say that probably 99% of the time I make sure I park legally, because knowing my luck I always reckon I'm sure to get booked. For me Australia was almost farcical in terms of the money I lost. The traffic problem in Brisbane (in my humble opinion) is crazy, especially at peak hours. My son who lives in Liverpool, compared it to the traffic in his city when he visited us and was amazed how bad a problem Brisbane and the surrounding areas have, he thought it was far worse than most places back here in Britain. But in fairness to the authorities there they are striving to catch up with the rapid growth they have experienced and many road projects, flyovers, tunnels etc are a work in progress. In time it will get better no doubt. But someone has to pay for that work!! :jimlad: In parts of the main CBD there are what I guess could be called dedicated bus lanes. Not too long after our arrival there, dropping the O/H off one morning at 8.30am, the drop off was a quick pull in, extremely quick kiss off the O/H and off she went and off I went. Each day there were loads of cars dropping off like that and I didn't think anything of it. About 6 weeks later, I got a Parking violation letter in the post. It was off the Brisbane Council (not the Police) explaining I had been spotted in a bus lane which was not allowed. The letter said that the parking attendant could not issue me with the ticket at the time, which I guess was understandable as not everyone can run as fast as Hussain Bolt. Result was a $100 fine. Now I have to say fair enough, I was in that bus lane for about 30-40 seconds, so I guess I deserved the ticket. I have to admit exactly the same thing happened again in May this year when the O/H complained and was kicking off about the rain and carrying 2 boxes and a bag to her work and I took a chance and dropped her right by the salon she was working at. So I had another $100 fine. Now I may be wrong but as far as I'm aware and according to my neighbour here who's a Policeman, I don't think a Council Meter Patrol man can log a ticket against you without placing it on your car.? Well that's certainly not true in Australia. But I'm saving the best for last. I never knew this one. How many of you sometimes park your car in the UK perfectly legally, but against the flow of the traffic, in other words you park on your right side as you drive?. Well I did once in a side street off a place called Park Road when I went to the Suncorp Stadium. Returned to find another ticket, this time for parking on the wrong side of the road, result $60 fine. My neighbours who were great laughed at this as they always associate it as a very regular mistake a tourist or foreigner makes there. :arghh: That said, and as bad as the traffic was, during our stay there we never once failed to find a parking space when visiting shopping malls and places of interest. The CBD parking is different though and within Brisbane, daily parking is hard to find and mostly consists of Multi Level car parks which can prove mighty expensive much more so than places I have visited in the UK (except London). You learn from mistakes especially one's that cost you in the pocket and I for one won't be parking my car on the wrong side of the road again when we go back, or in bus lanes, and I hope the money I got fined for is being used wisely by that nice Mr Newman, the Lord Mayor and his colleagues in Brisbane council. So you have been warned. Cheers all, REDDERS
  10. gpo1971

    Parking Ticket

    Got a parking ticket today outside my own house. In my own parking bay. Apparently, I was facing the wrong way. In other words I approached the bay from the other direction (its not a one-way street) and parked against the traffic (but, like I said, in the bay). Is parking 'facing the wrong way' a fineable offence in the UK? $50 here. This is my 3rd one in 4 months. The first couple I didn't understand the signs where I parked but I didn't expect one outside my own house. They are mustard over here.
  11. Guest

    Parking Ticket

    WTF!!!! I got a ticket today for parking 3 streets back from Essendon main street and facing the wrong way. There was another car which was parked across a drive entrance and they didn't get one. Talk about being pedantic :arghh:
  12. Guest

    Unpaid speeding & parking fines

    Hi, we will be applying for student visas in Oz in 2010. Now we have started reading all the info on the websites etc my other half has confessed to the fact that he has an unpaid speeding ticket and an unpaid parking fine from a previous trip to Oz in 2007! Obviously he is happy to pay the outstanding fines and I have the original documents he was served. Before he contacts the relevant organisations to confess and pay the fines I just wondered whether anyone had any idea whether this would adversely affect us when making our visa applications? Many thanks for any help you can give.
  13. Just had a great day out at the beach (Shark Bay, Vaucluse) with the kids spoiled by earning my first Australian parking ticket for $81 for 'failing to park with the rear of the car to the kerb'. This is a new one to me - it does say this on the sign (in small print) so I can't argue about it. But what the hell difference does it make whether the front or rear of the car is facing the kerb in 90 degree parking? Is there some rationale for forcing us to reverse park? Sounds like a council revenue raising exercise to me.
  14. Guest

    London Hi Com Parking

    Ha ha ha ha ha We going to london, we going to london.............yehahangdangdoody!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, it's an Oldham thiang!!! OOOOOoooooo we are going to the great metropolis..............we scared!!!!!!!!! Any way, we have the brat nav/ sat nav (mine has attitude since i dropped it) set, filled the jallopy with coal and waterand poised to go to londinium on wednesday to submit our applications for 3 ozy passports,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Yeharhang etc etc..........you get the idea here dont you? Any way, any advice on where to park the old bus whilst we are on ozy soil, we are told our appointment will take 20 minutes give or take. We dont know london at all so somewhere where we can leave the car for a couple of hours while we have a bit of a wander round. Apparently, they have some of that new fangled electricery there as well. As you can tell we are really chuffed as it is a major step towards getting on something called an aeroplane................WWWWWWEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Beer bottles empty now, have to go to stream to get another. Cheers in advance Chris (hic!!!):radar: