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Found 16 results

  1. We are a family of 5 from the country in Ireland, and like many families in here, We are experiencing sever financial difficulties I have missed paying my mortgage this month and last month, we live off credit card from the 2nd day of the month and our financial situation will only get worse as the time goes by. Although, I am working full-time, the base salary does not stretch much more than social welfare, which is a big price to pay for not being able to spend time with my 3 children. My partner can not find full-time work where we are from either. Thankfully, I have been offered a really good job with a company I have previously worked for (in the UK) in Sydney with excellent promotional prospects back in March 2011 to start in October (which I will never get anything similar here) and the chance of a life changing for the better experience for us all. We are currently in the Visa process , however, we have hit a Major stumbling block, the Visa Agent is looking for the consent from my ex partner for my son or a court Order stating that my ex has never applied for guardanship in the past I cant get this information for 2 months the courts are off till Sept. in Ireland and I cant afford a solicitor. (I am the only legal guardian), My ex-partner who is an M.D. of a firm will not consent, even though he left me and my son a week before my sons first birthday in the U.K (he returned to Dublin) My ex is not even aware of the sickness my sons has had through the years, the most recent requiring a hospital visit with suspected meningitis, my sisters were immediately in contact by phone (from Sydney and Korea and both have very responsible jobs). My sons dad has now, instructed his solicitor to bring legal proceedings with regard the "Guardianship's" to block me from taking my son from Ireland, the court will look at the "best interests of my son", so it looks like it could ruin our chances of being able to provide for my 3 children and our future in Ireland looks very bleak, with no pension, health care and one house that we will not be able to pay for soon. I am at my wits end and I have even suggested family mediation with my ex, which he agreed to attended last week (unfortunately, as I was leaving the office to attend this meeting, I received an email from his solicitor about the legal proceedings). I am crying now as I am writing this becuse I cant figure this out on my own. How will my in my sons "best interest" effect my other 2 children and my son? How long does this process take and will I lose the job offer in the interim? having a job offer in Sydney where my sister (who is also my sons Godmother and like a second mum to him) in a company I have worked for before with benefits and excellent working conditions is not an opportunity we cant afford to miss out on. I fear I am at that point where the company pull the offer, and we lose out Big Big time! Any advice is greatly needed URGENTLY and appreciated? :sad::mad:
  2. Guest

    parental issues

    :arghh: Hi to all looking for some advice and if any one has same issues please help im looking to move out asap my troubles are my ex husband with whom i have a 13yr old son with we divorced 4 yrs ago but i couldnt locate him then papers in court for him to object now the tricky bit do i need permission from him to take our son out of UK to OZ ex has had no contact with our son for 7 yrs or more not help financially for over 6 half yrs .our son doesnt want a relationship with him ,he sees my partner of many yrs his father and is most excited to move out if you have any info or gone threw the same i would be so grateful for your help thanks :confused: kat
  3. Hi all, Happy New Year. I am new to the site & hoping that someone may be able to help. Mum & Dad currently at last stages of Contributory Parent Visa & plan then for me to apply for Last Remaining Relative as my only other family, my sister, is Australian citizen. My issue is that I have 2 children with an ex partner (never married) & I have been advised my Immigration in London that I require a letter from a family solicitor advising that he has not applied for joint custody as I hold full Parental Responsibilty under Uk law. He has had no contact for 2 years. I have spoken to solicitor who advised that there is no UK register to confirm he has not applied for custody. How can I sort this out?:wacko:
  4. Can any one tell approx , how long to wait, until i am informed, if i will get a visa. Every thing is in ,sons bond , police checks,medical, 3 weeks ago, Of my two year journey this is the worst bit. Nigel the waiting pom.
  5. Hi , just wondering if anyone else has experience in taking children to australia who are under 18 without fathers permission, my son is 17 and daughter 16 we have decided to apply for a 176 family sponsor visa as we could be waiting months for the SMP's to be released, anyway months ago I managed to get in touch with my Ex huband (who has had no contact with them for years, we moved to England 9 years ago) he agreed he would get a statutory declaration signed giving permission for them to live in Australia, I even sent him a form with all the appropriate details all he has to do is get is signed in front of a solicitor,since them I have sent messages asking when I will get it with no response. As both my children were born in Scotland, the Scottish Law states that once a child reaches the age of 16 the parental responsibilties cease,except for guidance until they reach 18,therefore my question is that on the visa application form , the question "Does any other person have custodial,access or guardianship rights to any of these childre" Will it be OK to answer no? Any help in this matter would be apprecited, sorry for such a long post. Veronica
  6. Hi there! I've recently landed in Oz with my husband and daughter. My partner has gained a skilled migration visa and myself and my daughter are on tourist visas (as i hadnt met my partner when he made his application). Im looking to apply for the partner visa asap, but i have bno contact with my ex partner and it would be difficult to find him/get him to sign a stat dec. I've read some previous posts and found that i can apply to Her Majestys Court Services to prove that i have sole parental responsibility for my daughter, but i cant find any info on here or their website as to how i go about it? I think i have to write to them and ask them to do a search but does anyone know if there is a standard form to use and how to pay? Any advice greatly welcome!! Valley
  7. hi i have been advised by diac that i need to provide evidence that my ex partner has not applied for joint custody but sols are unsure how to prove this does any know or had similar experience please as my mum & dad about to part with cpv money thanks
  8. Hi, We're currently filling in the online application for a 176 visa. We've done the preparation for is by printing out the paper version but the section on parents is confusing us. Online it asks for "all your family details" while on paper it requests "your and your spouse/partners family details". Logically, we think it just means the main applicants parents, but having read the paper version we are now wondering what if...? Also the drop menus only give the option of 'parent' and not 'parent-in-law' or 'sister-in-law'. This is one of those simple questions that is doing our heads in. Can anyone help?? Thanks, Sam
  9. Guest

    Parental Visa strategies???

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me with this problem. My partner and I are keen to move to Adelaide to join my son and his family. We are both 59 and meet the 'balance of family' test. As I understand it there are three options, the Parental Visa, the Contributory Parental Visa and the Aged Parent Visa. The simple parental Visa taking much longer than the contributory one. Fair enough. So far, so straightforward. Our financial situation is such that if we could - as it were - avoid the contribution it would help us a lot. At the same time we don't want to be stuck in a queue for ten years waiting. I have two basic and related questions. 1. Is it possible to apply for a non-contributory parental visa and get on the list, but then enter Australia and live on a kind of 'bridging visa' until our number comes up. Would that bridging last until whenever...and could we buy property etc? 2. IF a bridging visa be possible, what would be the heathcare situation. My partner is on Methotrexate here and will be for the rest of her life and so we would need to make sure she was covered. Similarly when we are 'in' proper (by whichever visa) what would be the situation be. Would be very grateful with any help on these topics. Thank you DoA
  10. Guest

    Parental Responsibility

    Hi, We are thinking of migrating but have a large hurdle with regard to my daughter who is 7. A Contact order was set up in 2003 which was broken by her biological father very soon after. No contact has been made since. His name is on her birth certificate along with mine however the Australian government have advised that if parental responsibility was sought (which her bilogical father did but did not get it granted) then I need to contact him or go back to court to obtain a letter stating that he allows her to go. I really don't want to contact him as I know he will put the breaks on any plans to migrate. Anyone had any similar experiences? :unsure:
  11. Guest

    Which Parental Visa?

    Hi all, I would be very grateful for advice on my following concerns. My daughter and her husband are due to get their full residency at the end of 2009. She is my only child and my partner and myself would live to migrate out there to join her and her new family. I wonder about the type of visa though. I am now 64 and retired and so discount the 'long wait' of the staight parental visa. My choice seems to be between the Contributory Parental Visa OR the Age Parent one? Can anyone please advise me of the following: 1. The relative costs between those two options. I suppose i am asking is the 'Aged' option cheaper. 2. The degree of waiting involved. (and IF the 'Aged' is cheaper is the saving on money worth setting against any longer wait. We are keen to join them as soon as we can really. 3. Although I may quailify as an 'aged' parent, my partner is currently 52 and although unmarried have been verifiably together for 23 years. Does that 'complicate' matters?? I would be so glad to hear your thoughts on these matters. Thank you Mugwump
  12. :unsure:Hello Does any body have any advice on parental visas? My OH and I were granted our visa 2 weeks ago and hope to fly out to Aus late September 2008. My parents are particularly interested in coming out to Aus to live- I am an only child. Does this make any difference to their application? Thanks for any help. Dugong:notworthy:
  13. Guest

    parental visas

    hi all sorry for bad spelling but can anyone shed any light on costs on parental visas my brother in law is in nsw and my brother is in adelade both my parents and jo's parents could possibly want to move out in the future when we are all settled now i belive its 15000 pounds each but when my brother was having his training in the police in sa someone from emigration came in and they said its 15000 per visa now does that include mum and dad and could that be just in sa he said they were keen for parents to come over so to keep the workers there also my dad has a lot of tablets for blood pres etc and need them all his life to control it and my mum isnt on medication but is borderline diabetic would this be a problem if they can support themselves thanks for any info jez
  14. Hi there, I have just read another post concerning taking a child to aus without consent, my problem is that my 5 year old was born before the automatic parental resp came into place but like an idiot I awarded my ex parental responsibilty after our split when my son was 2, however he has not bothered to see or contact my son since, it was as if he wanted that and that was it, i have a letter from his solicitor 3 years ago staing that he does not want direct contact anymore only indirect (as in letters, which he obviously has never sent) but In a few years time when we are ready to go will this be a problem? because I know for a fact that if they contact him wherever he is, he will put a stop to us goin to aus even out of spite....has anyone got any advice for me or has anyone been in the same situation and what was the outcome? Thank you for reading.
  15. TriciaP

    Parental Visa

    My daughter and her husband are starting their process of emigrating to Australia with their two children. They should not have any problem getting in but they would like me to join them as soon as is possible. I would be very grateful if anyone is able to fill me in on the criteria required for me to gain entry on a parental visa and how long my daughter an her family need to be there before they can sponsor me. In anticipation. Regards Tricia
  16. Sids Dad

    Parental Visa

    Hi all, first time on here, I'm getting a little nervous as i know it will not be long before we hear from the DIMA, we applied last May and I think by this May we may have some progress. I have one worry though, (well two actually!). First our son is living on the gold coast aboard his Yacht in Surfers Paradise. He is a bit of a free spirit and works when it suits him so the problem that has surfaced is that he will not be able to give us the assurance of support. Does anyone know what options are open to us? also I'm getting anxious about the medical as I'm diabetic type two and although this is under good control does anyone know of any problems that I may have passing the medical? Thanks, Alan.