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Found 20 results

  1. Hi All, Just watched ep4 I think, about the flooding, meter girls help, backpackers, and RM Daz from Redcliffe who moved 2yrs after ex wife and 2 daughters. He holds a special place in my heart as has had a similar journey to me when I went to QLD, in that he has cancer since his arrival. I am now back in the UK, but planning a return 2020 or before all being well. Wondered if anyone knew Daz, or could pass him onto this thread as would love to hear about his journey, treatments and share stories together. Hoping he is well, and enjoying the QLD fun. Thanks :biggrin:
  2. Sorry, I shouldn't be using cliches - lazy writing but then again, I am a lazy bloke. Heavy rain overnight in Sydney so not sure where to go for a swim. Harbour beaches they say you should avoid for three days for fear of stormwater contamination. I might go and have a look at Bronte or Clovelly. Maybe go to North Bondi RSL afterwards for coffee instead of Rose Bay RSL.
  3. Guest


    Welcome to paradise?...This article is out of the Cairns newspaper...All is not well in Australia unfortunately.... EIGHT teenagers have been caught hunting and killing wild wallabies during cruel attacks with spears in bushland near homes at White Rock. Residents tipped off police after seeing large groups of distressed wallabies scattering through properties near Giffin Rd. They told police the animals were being speared, hog-tied and tortured by a gang of teenagers that had set up a hideout in the bushland and regularly hunted in the area. The youths, aged 13-15, have each been charged with animal cruelty after officers searched the area and found two spears. A White Rock resident, who asked not to be named, said the community had been aware of the attacks for months. But the frequency of animal cruelty complaints to police in the area has increased during the June school holidays. "We end up with enormous amounts of wallabies flying through where we’re living because they’ve been startled down where they’re grazing in the big open area," the resident said. "Since we’ve found out what’s happening down there, we vigilantly check what’s going on every couple of days – all the local residents have been going down there to check." RSPCA officers searched the area without finding any distressed animals, but people from neighbouring properties have found tortured wallaby carcasses. "Last week, we went for a decent walk through the area and there were quite a few carcasses," the resident said. Other residents in the area said the animals were being speared and hog-tied by the youths. Acting Sen-Sgt Tony Anderson said five of the teenagers were charged after a police search on Friday and the other charges were laid after further investigations this week
  4. OzDreamSeekers

    We are off.......to paradise!

    Hi All Its been a while since we received our visas (two years to be exact!) and we held off making the move due to drops in UK house prices, exchange rates, etc etc.... However, sometimes you have to listen to your heart and be realistic for your kids and close family. So ...... we have decided to actually make the move ...... just property to sell and a business to sell, then its Brisbane all the way. Counting the days and looking forward to what is the biggest and most important decision of our lives! LIFE IS FOR LIVING - GO LIVE IT! All the best everyone. Adam, Michelle, Jordan and Emily (possibly two cats being dragged along for the ride!)
  5. shirleyt

    Poms in Paradise

    Loving my weekly episodes of Poms in Paradise. Want to gate crash one of Lorraines parties when we eventually arrive, seems like a right laugh. Felt abit sorry for the couple that couldn't sell their house but cant help but think they are looking back with rose tinted sun glasses, the smells? of Stoke on Trent. More like wake up and smell the coffee , after being in Oz 20 years, I think she'll be in for a bit of a shock. I think it was a good example of people who make the effort to join in and make friends and those who find it harder and blame other people.
  6. ghost

    Poms in paradise tonight.

    Looking forward to tonights episode. Lets keep the comments respectful people !!!!
  7. jimithechew

    Poms In Paradise ITV @1930 Ep 2

    Episode two now on ITV, tune in... And after last week 'comments' on PIO lets all be nice.......:wink: :biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh:
  8. Guest

    Gold Coast - Surfers Paradise

    Anyone got any good hotel recommendations???? Looking at all ends of the scale price wise at the moment!
  9. thewebweazel

    Feral Pig Plague in Australia

    For all those that are tired of the usual _________ (add you own expletive(s)) offered to us trying to entice us to Australia. Invaders -Feral pig plague. Series concerning creatures that have adapted to new environments. This programme highlights the damage done by millions of feral pigs loose in Australia On National Geographic 20 May 2011 @ 20:00
  10. Just wanted to give anyone interested the heads up about a new ex-pat documentary show starting on ITV in the next few weeks. It was filmed early this year and is set in and around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. More info here - http://uk-tv-guide.com/programme-details/ITV1+London/11+May+2011/18%3A30/Poms+in+Paradise/Documentary/ Cal x
  11. young2682

    Poms in Paradise??!!!!!

    Hey all, We are currently in the process of the big move 'down under', should be there by August this year! We are moving to the Bentleigh East area in Victoria. Has anyone seen the adverts for this new tv show in UK starting Wedesday evening called 'Poms in paradise'? I am nervous about what the show is going to be about and have a feeling its going to expose Australia and its bad sides...... Nothing wil change my mind about emmigrating, I know that nowhere in the world is perfect but dont want to feel less positive about the move! :swoon:
  12. paulswin

    Poms in Paradise!

    Just thought I'd let everyone know Poms in Paradise is on ITV 1 at 7.30 on Wednesday!!! I'll be watching lol!!
  13. Our family are heading out to Aus on the 2nd October, I am Australian but have been in the UK for nearly 14 years (Hubby's a Pom). We will be living with my parents who live near Paradise Point and I always remember it being a great place for people to take kids on the weekend for a swim, BBQ/picnic and a couple of cold beers! Thought I might put the feelers out and see if anyone fancies a meet up in November, either the 13th or 14th maybe. We are 32 and 33, have 2 kids, our daughter is 3 and our son just 11 weeks at the moment, would really like to meet other families in the area and I think Hubby will be desperate to meet some golf buddies and someone to watch the soccer (sorry 'football') with by that point too! If anyone thinks would be a nice idea and would be interested in coming along, let me know. Thanks The Rogers family (Gemma, Paul, Grace and Ethan) xxxx :v_SPIN:
  14. Guest

    Trouble in Paradise.

    Hey all, I moved here to Sydney 6 months ago with my Aussie partner from the UK. I'm on a visa subclass 309. Truth is, recently I've been longing to go home for good, for a number of reasons. If I do decide to go, then our relationship will end (because I will end it). Now I want to get my facts straight before I make any hasty decisions or do anything I can't undo. So my questions are: 1) Should I ring immigration now and ask their advice or are they best left out of it till I make a final decision? 2) If I do decide to end my relationship and look to move home, will immigration give me a definitive time in order to leave, like 4 weeks or something? Of course I want to stay on the right side of the law and my visa but I just want the facts before I do anything. Many thanks for any help Sam
  15. Hi all, Expats on the Gold Coast (Group on Facebook) have a meetup arranged for this coming Sunday 21st March at 12pm at Paradise Point with a BYO BBQ/Picnic. All welcome we will be near the play area opposite Billys Chicken with our Aussie flags.
  16. Hey there. I'm livng in Brizzie at the mo and I am heading to Surfers for a few days on 30th and 31st Jan. Unfortunetly I'm here opn my own. I was wondering if anyone in the same position would be up for hanging out? Mainly going out for something to eat at night as I don't want to ask for a table for one. :sad: On the Fri night I'm going to Hard Rock Cafe and the Sat night I want to go to Dracula's. No idea what I'm going to be doing during the day but if your up for it we can hang out then as well. I'm originally from Blackpool and I'm 23. Off back to UK in 11 weeks though. So trying to fit as much as I can into that time. Also if anyone is up for going to Movie World and Dream World sometime that would be great. Hayley
  17. Hello all you lovely Ladies out there, We are goingg to Paradise Point on Friday 19th Dec at 12.30 for our weekly meeting. As the children are now on School Holiday's. I have never been before so can someone please advise us of a good meeting point. If you would like to join us please feel free, we are growing in numbers each week, with different ladies popping in to say hello. All are welcome, you don't need to be a Scrummie Mummy infact you don't even have to be a lady.., Dishy Daddy's are also welcome. You will meet some really lovely people and it will help to build friendships with people in the same position as you. Look forward to seeing you all there. April xx
  18. As the title say's we are meeting tomorrow to celebrate Lee's BIG 40! We are meeting at Paradise Point by the play area. My Family and I are aiming to be there at about 12 midday so look forward to seeing you there. Oh yeah while I'm here HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEE!! Looking forward to tomorrow. April xxx
  19. Guest

    paradise point

    hi does anyone know anything about paradise point on the gold coast, whether it is a good area and schools etc? and also what the cafe/bar life is like around that area? thanks Kay
  20. Hi all, Just incase anyone didnt know there is a fireworks dispaly and live music festival on tonight in surfers paradise 6.30-9.30pm. Gold Coast Events - GCBazaar - Festival of fashion, food & fun Em x