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Found 5 results

  1. The Pom Queen

    Prawns down your pants - YUK!!

    First don't they think people would have thought something smelt fishy:wink: Secondly I am surprised that cases like this don't end up with their visas being revoked:no: THREE European backpackers with champagne tastes have been caught shoving seafood down their pants in a supermarket deli. The German and French nationals, who faced Maroochydore Magistrates Court in Queensland, will be eating "only pasta" after vowing not to steal any more food during their trip Down Under. The trio were arrested on Monday when they were sprung sticking mussels, prawns and other gourmet foodstuffs down their shorts. German tourist Jan Schieck, 20, pleaded guilty to stealing $6.60 worth of mussels from the Woolworths deli about 2pm on Monday. "He placed the item down the front of his pants and left the store without paying," police prosecutor Rick Pallister told the court. "(When questioned) he said they were too expensive." Duty lawyer David Kolbe said his client could pay the $6.60 restitution sought by Woolworths as his client had $200 with him yesterday. Schieck's French travelling buddies, both 22, also pleaded guilty to stealing prawns, gourmet cheese, chocolate, iced coffee and hazelnut spread. Mats David Gabillard was ordered to pay $5.20 for the prawns he smuggled out of the store, along with a chocolate bar. Maxime David Minier was more "Dare-ing", stealing a bottle of iced-coffee, two jars of Nutella and Italian cheese. He was ordered to pay $18. All three escaped further punishment. Outside court the trio, here on tourist and working visas, said they had learnt from a night in the lock-up. "It was very boring. We spent 20 hours and there was nothing to do instead of sleeping," Schieck said. "It was a good experience. Now I think we'll stop the shoplifting." The men admitted Monday's incident had not been their first attempt at a five-finger discount and that they could have afforded the items. "We were really hungry you know, we were just stupid and we didn't want to pay - that was the reason," Schieck said. "We just wanted to cook something. We just thought, yeah, we'll spend a little bit less money (and steal the items). "From now on we'll eat pasta again. Only pasta, nothing else." They also said they hoped to find work in the Brisbane area to finance the rest of their trip.
  2. anlopa

    Exchange Rate Is Pants

    Just noticed that the exchange rate has dropped again, I need it to go up please. Going to Aus on 29th of May and don't know weather to hold on and see if it goes up or bite the bullet and get dollers now before the rate drops any further. Does any one know if you get the same rate to exchange back cos I could get now and then swap back and re buy (if that makes sence) ARRRRGGGGG :arghh:
  3. The Pom Queen

    Happy Birthday Mr Luv Pants

    Happy Birthday John!! Just seen on todays birthdays that you are 42 today congratulations!!! I can remember when you had all the girls hearts racing last year with your avatar:laugh:
  4. mr luvpants

    Merry xmas from the pants!

    Lisa and I just wanted to wish everyone a good one.We have one more in the UK before we are off! Cant wait. A bit of gossip! This is my 7th Xmas despite being 41.How you may ask? Well I was one of those sad ****** that ruined your xmas day by knocking on your door and tried to talk to you about the bible.I was a jehovahs witness! In fact I was given an advent calender the other day by a witness. I waited till the 1st December to open the first door, cracked it open and there were two of them behind it! We hope next year brings whatever you are striving after. JOHN AND LISA
  5. We have just lost our 4th buyer on our house drop out! That's 4 in six months... fanbloodytastic!!! It wouldn't be such a problem other than we leave the Uk in 5 day's! :shocked: My head hurts.... why oh why did the muppet chancellor not suspend stamp duty instead of messing about with VAT....! it could have made such a difference to so many people... Wingy ramble moan over... Onwards and upwards! :eek: James...