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Found 18 results

  1. Ive been a Painter & Decorator for ten years, I need to get my skills assessed my Trades Recognition Australia my concern is spray painting its something Ive never done. Has anyone been assessed as a Painter & Decorator? Can you tell me how the process went?:confused:
  2. Guest

    Boat needs painting

    Hi all. Hopefully put this post in the right folder. Does anyone know of a decent but not too expensive spray painter in the Darwin area. fFinally accepted that to be a true Aussie, I need a boat. Got myself a little project one to restore, a 5m Haines Hunter. I really need to get me boat painted cos it has seen better days. If anyone does know anyone who might be able to help could they please post their contact details. Thanks for the help. The madmunky.
  3. Hiya, Im new to this site and would be very grateful for any info as regards to relocating and sponsorship from companies who deal with my line of work, i already have a possability of perm work and relocation with Ausgroup but just in case that falls through i woud be grateful if anyone has any knowledge of recruitment agencies or companies, preferably in construction/fabrication in the oil and gas sectors, on and offshore who may recruit overseas workers. Basicaly i have 25 years exp as a blaster/painter/sprayer in the marine, industrial oil and gas industries in the uk, full cv, references and training certs all availabe. If anyone has any info as regards to the above please feel free to contact me at tonymjohn@hotmail.co.uk
  4. Hello everyone im looking into migrating to Oz but cant figure if I need to apply for Visa first or get my Skills assesment done? also who do I go to for the skills assesment for Painting and Decorating? I looked on the VETASSESS site but dont see it listed. Im hoping that I can apply for the 175 visa as I have 15 years experience. thanks for any help you can give
  5. Hi everyone i'm a painter and decorator wanting to move to oz but just like lots of people my qualifications aint recognised so i have to do an AQF3. I'm very nervous but worked in the trade for over 10 years, Has anyone else dun the painting and can you offer any advice I.E :- if anything what do i need to swat up on, what sort of questions do they ask, any advice on who to use e.t.c.. Thanks for any help you can give.
  6. Guest

    Painting and decorating

    HI All, As stated previously I have just returned from a year in Oz doing voluntary conservation work under a tourist visa. This was all perfectly legal, due to the fact that I actually paid a lot of money to do this! Prior to going, I was a painter and decorator, with my own business for approx one year, but with no fomal qualifications as such. My question is would this be taken into consideration if I was to get the required qualifications as I am sure they will want plenty of proof of prior work. Any way, I am off to Australia House tomorrow to start picking their brains, any advice on how to play that? Many thanks Simon
  7. Hi everyone, After this announcement of the new SOL on 17 May, I just feel even more confused about what is going on. We are 'DIY' applicants applying for a 176 visa under the Painter & Decorator Trade. Our application is already in, which allocated us 60 points for this trade. Does anybody know whether 'Painting trades workers' covers Painting & Decorating? I know the wording sounds pretty obvious, but who knows in the world of Australian Immigration. Does anybody know whether applications already made can stay 'as is' or do we have to change anything? Many thanks. Sam
  8. Hi all, Im a time served painter & decorator of 19 years & was hoping fo some help in this area... My wife is australian & were talking of doing a years stay to test the water as such & was wondering how much work there is & how easy it is to come by? i'd like to work for myself as i do here so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Guest

    Painting & Decorating

    Hi All Just starting the process of getting my OH skills assessed and wondering what the job situation is like out there for painters & decorators? also anyone know how long it takes the TRA once all paperwork and references have been logged, have been advised by agent to go through state sponsership route as its the quickest way to get out there, would ideally love to be there for June/July 2010. any advice would be greatly appreciated :cute:
  10. Hi I am hoping to work in Australia on an employer sponsored 457 visa (as I am over 45), painting and decorating and wondered if anyone knew the minumum qualifications an employer would expect from an applicant in this trade and whether the typical salary would meet the $43,500 minimum? Thanks Paul
  11. My wife and i are due over march 09 to Rockingham Perth. Does anyone work as automotive spray painter?Do i have to do any sort of assessment to work as one? I have 20 years experience . gary
  12. davet19650

    painting in perth

    hi to all you painter decorators in perth coming over to oz in the near future on a skilled visa trying to get some feedback on the best places to live and work as undecided yet where to move to. can anyone out there tell me what the work situation is like in perth, easy to get a job on arrival , is there much building going on ie new build sites, and whats the wages like compared to the rest of oz, been on careerone.com seem to be a few jobs on there and also as you probably know the weather back here in the uk is naff hows the year round weather like over there ,heard its nice all year round? any info greatly appeciated Dave
  13. I have been a decorator for 4 years proven experience with new NVQ level 2 qualification. Is this enough for me to get in and to get work in Canberra?
  14. Anyone done this who can help me ? Just attempting the competency 'quiz' and need a hand on a couple of questions
  15. would like to know how mutch painters and decorators can earn in perth if you work for a company,,,,,and if you work for yourself thanks all
  16. Guest


    HELLO ALL is there any painters &decoraters working in perth who can give me a rundown on the wages conditions hours etc,I have a mate there who is a brickie and he keeping me posted with work etc thanks hello billy&squad:policeman:
  17. Hiya anyone living on the gold coast & surrounding area's, just so impressed with these guys that I said I would put a post on here for them. Noskie's Painting & Home Maintenace services : Steve 0417 660 152 / Kon 0404 847 668 They are great people and very helpfull and trust worthy in mainaning your home they do everything from painting * Lawns and garden * Rubbish removal and most handyman jobs hope this helps anyone with the above Sarah x
  18. Hi im 26 and go to Australia in December on a working holiday visa. I intend to find work painting and decorating as im qualified in this trade. Im hoping to find a sponsor while im there. Im just wondering whether anybody knows if this work is easy to come by and whether or not people are willing to sponsor if your a hard worker? I will be traveling up the east coast and settling in Brisbane. Thanks for any help!! Stu