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Found 61 results

  1. Hi have been looking on this and other sites now for about 3 weeks trying to get the ball moving on a move to OZ! thing is im a painter and decorator and dont hear much said about the trade. Just wanted to get somthin started. Does anyone have some info (mainly on wages) on the demand for p&d's over there, whats the best area, how much we can earn and so forth or if anyone has any contact details for a p&d who is out there doing it. Many thanks!!
  2. Hello, I am Max Konnov, a professional painter in Melbourne. I have my owned Plastering and Painting firm named with Konnstruct. Our team provides top quality plastering and painting service at best rates in Melbourne and its surrounding areas.
  3. Panel Beater & Painter Auto Panel Beater/ Painter Full time permanent position, Rural Qld location Genuine career progression opportunity We have a few panel shop roles to fill! Our clients operate high quality Smash Repair services in the rural areas North of Brisbane – (Bowen Basin) and West and (Darling Downs and Surat). The companies are both small businesses who thrive on providing quality workmanship and good old exceptional customer service. They have been around for the past 10 years + and in that time have been approved as a sponsor of overseas workers –( #457 visa) and enjoy many long term contracts with some major insurers. As Auto Panel Beater / Painter it is essential that you: Are fully qualified with previous experience in a similar role Possess skills to work on either small or large smash repairs Have the ability to multi task within a very busy working environment Can work well in a team and focus on the job at hand Have modern paint spraying techniques Hold Health and Safety in high regard In return you can expect a friendly and supportive environment with long term security within an organisation that has developed a strong reputation that prides itself on outstanding workmanship and customer satisfaction. You will be joining a close knit team that enjoys a challenge and a culture that celebrates and recognises high work ethics and pride in workmanship. On offer is a salary in the right range and will depend on the skills you will bring to the table as a Panel Beater / Painter. If you feel you have the skills and experience for one of these exciting roles click on Apply to submit your CV. gary@skillsondemand.com.au
  4. Hi, Can anyone help in providing information on the licensing requirements for painters and decorators to work in NSW (over and above the requirements for visas)? I am trying to find out exactly what licensing is needed to actually start work in NSW as a painter and decorator, and how to go about getting this. I have found a lot of information on TRA certificates, etc. for visas, but after doing some research, I know that a trading certificate/ license and blue card will also be required to actually start work. Does anyone have experience of this and could tell me more, or could refer me on to someone/ somewhere for help? Most websites also refer to the Australian qualification of BCG30603 Certificate III in Painting and Decorating being required in order to get a trading license for NSW. Is a TRA certificate be acceptable instead of the BCG30603 Certificate when it comes to getting the trading license? Any information would be appreciated - it's all v confusing! Thanks
  5. good morning my fellow poms, i have just registered on this site in the hope of obtaining some helpful information regarding employment sponsorship and whether it is enough for me to obtain temporary residence and eventually permanent residence: I'm currently working in christchurch as a painter and decorator fixing all these shaken homes. I've been working for the same employer for about 6 months now and have been offered 'sponsorship' by that employer.......by that i mean he says he is willing to offer ( and put this in writing for immigration purposes) me continuous employment if i can legally work in NZ. I'm currently on a 1 year IEP work visa which will expire in October. The occupation in question isn't on the long term shortage skills or the immediate shortage skills list, neither is it on the recently introduced canterbury shortage skills list. It is however on the ANSCO ( skilled occupation list ) however to qualify for this i may need to have trade papers ( which i don't have ) of some kind, but i'm unsure of this. I completed a dummy run of the Skilled Migrant Category Points Indicator and my score was 135 points which apparently qualifies me to submit an expression of interest to the immigration bureau.....however: A big chunk of this 135 total (50 to be precise) came from my qualification, i have a HND in graphic design which incidentally is identified as an occupation of future growth in NZ. I'm unsure as whether or not the employment offer I have has to relate to the qualification or not?........obviously a qualification in graphic design is unrelated to a job offer as a painter and decorator. Also i didn't gain any points from experience as a painter and decorator as i can't prove any, other than experience gained with my current employer ( which doesn't count for anything as it's only 6 months).....so the 50 points for my qualification is the deal breaker.....without this i'd drop below the 100 requirement mark. So that is my situation, does anyone know if i'd be successful with my expression of interest?......i'd be grateful to anyone who has any sound knowledge of my dilemma. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi folks, we are currently waiting assessment with TRA for my trade. I'm a fully qualified painter+decorater and drywall finisher or gyprocker as its known in oz and I've been in the trade nearly 20years. I am applying for government sponsored skilled migrant 176 visa and heading to Perth. Reading job descriptions for my trade it states you need a blue or white card, how do I get that? Will the TRA assessment provide it or do I need to sit a test to get one? I'm sure I read on this site that you have to reapply to prove ur trade once you get to oz as the TRA is just for immigration purposes. Some jobs also indicate that you must have the right to live+work in oz to be able to apply, once I get my visa successfully issued can I then apply for jobs while still in UK prior to our move? Any info greatly appreciated. Dave
  7. We are seeking a painter & decorator to join our family business, must have vehicle, own tools, blue/green card, whites & abn. We have work available for the right applicant to start Monday 22nd August 2011.
  8. Hi, I'm 34, single and in the U.K and unskilled. I visited friends in Victoria this year and fell in love with the place (although my Aussie obsession goes back for a good few years) Having been recently been made redundant this year (for about the third time) I'm at that point where I'm considering my options in regard to what I want to do with the next 5 years of my life, career wise. I've had a serious think about what I could possibly retrain in and have come up with Painter/Decorator. At the moment it is on the SOL list, but I believe it has been flagged so may not be included in the future. Do some skills drop off the list only to resurface a few years down the line? My thinking is, if I retrain, at the very least I will end up with better career prospects, and give myself a small chance of one day making it to Oz. What I was hoping to find out is the minimum level of work experience and minimum skills level (i.e what level of NVQ would I need) to possibly obtain a visa? Having postulated that I have 12 months work experience and a sponsorship by the regional govt - I passed the 475 State Sponsored Visa with 65 points but failed the 175 & 176 Visa Would that be realistic, or is it hard to obtain sponsorship by the state govt? I know this is very much like putting the cart before the horse, and probably quite laughable in many respects...but I would greatly appreciate any feedback in regards to this post. Thanks
  9. nicmark

    Painter & Decorator

    Hi all, My husband is a self employed (12yrs) painter and decorator, trained by his dad but has no formal qualifcations. We have permanant residency and are going to Perth, but are worried that he won't be able to be employed as a painter and decorator when we move. He can provide customer references but don't think this will be enough, i suppose as always i'm after the PIO speciality advice .:wubclub: Much appreciated Nik x
  10. Guest

    Motor trade painter

    Hi all, I'm new to the site and been thinking about looking at jobs over in OZ... I have been in the motor trade for 10yrs+ preparing, painting using both water born and solvent based paints.... What is the best way to look @ possible vacancies within the motor trade over in Australia? Many thanks in advance Dan
  11. Hi Everyone. I am hoping to move to oz with my wife and two kids on a skilled visa as i am 41 and been runnning my own painting and decorating business for 20 years. Hope someone can help me , I have been dealing with easy migrate in Perth, Trying to get my trade assest for the past year. First the trade assesment said i diidnt have the proper certificate, so went and got my nvq painting and decorating now the goverment in oz says it is not the correct thing, I dont know what else to do . Can anyone one suggest where to go next. :arghh:
  12. Marc the Painter

    painter needs to go to melbourne

    I need to go to melbourne but I'm not on victoria smp eligable skills list. My skill is on sol but 175visa says waiting time 18months too long. anyone any ideas? I don't have employer sponsor
  13. hi we will hopefully be in perth in the next six months just need to sell our house........ my husband is a painter and decorator and also has a ticket for multi trade in the uk he works for companys who do all the council housing maintenance. can anybody help with some questions please ? is there much work around for this trade what sort of certificates will he need or licences what sort of pay can he expect and can anyone offer him a job pls:biggrin: many thanks in advance jools x
  14. Hi There, I am a 26 year old English man seeking a descent employer willing to sponsor me on an ENS (Employer Nominated Sponsor). This is a perm visa and only takes 6 months to complete, I am willing to pay costs incurred so that the employer isn't out of pocket. I still have my working holiday visa to use, I am planning on coming to Perth at the end of September, I will have my own transport and most tools. I want to live in Perth as I have family and friends there already and I know my way around! If there is anyone who is looking for a hard working, keen, young worker then look no further. Thanks Dave
  15. Guest

    Painter & Decorator

    My husband is a Painter of 24 years. We live in SA at the moment & are relocating to QLD. What is the work situation like at the moment - any advice appreciated. Thank you
  16. crosshill

    help needed for painter & decorator

    Hi can anyone help! My husband and i are looking to move to Brisbane. He is a painter decorator and aimes taper and has been time served for 28 years, he is 45yrs but could work any younger man under the table.The past 8 years he has been self employed. We had great feed back from agencies until today when told his age would probably go against him for immigrating. We are looking for a company who would be willing to sponsor him in the area of Brisbane, he would be willing to come to Brisbane for a couple of weeks for any work trials required. Can anyone help?
  17. Ive been a Painter & Decorator for ten years, I need to get my skills assessed my Trades Recognition Australia my concern is spray painting its something Ive never done. Has anyone been assessed as a Painter & Decorator? Can you tell me how the process went?:confused:
  18. andyjackie

    painter dec work in Queensland

    hi can any bodie tell me the work situation in cairns and mackay mainly but Queensland in general for time serven painter and dec i can also dry line -tape and joint :radar:
  19. Guest

    Painter in Adelaide

    Hi i've just moved to Adelaide on a whv...I'm just wondering if there are any painters in the area that have work going...I'm a fully qualified painter, I've been doing some scouting around and most people want someone on a sub-contracting basis which is fine if nothing else comes along but if anyone has any work on time then it would be great!!...I'm currently in the southwest suburbs of Adelaide, cheers!! bren
  20. Tommyg

    Painter from Scotland

    Hi everyone. Meeting our agent tomorrow to fill out forms for moving family to oz. Getting excited about the process. Any painters with advice on the tra
  21. young2682

    Spray painter and VETASSESS

    Hi all, We are a young family hoping to move to Oz, we are using an agent who is dealing with everything. My oh is 32 and been in the car body repair business for 16 years as a paint sprayer, I am a beauty specialist and we have 2 children 2 and 4. We submitted my oh application to VETASSESS at the end Feb, we were told by our migration agent that they would receive the documents after 5 days or so and then take the payment 5-7 days after that. Well we are still waiting and are trying to keep the money in our account (you know how it is!) Has anyone else had experience with VETASSESS? We have to wait for them to approve our documents before my oh can take his practical exam, we need this test done before July because of the possible changes that may take place! Also my oh is taking his IELTS test on Saturday and is DREADING it to say the least, he has been holding a spray gun for the last 16 years not a pen! Its seems all very confusing because we cant seem to figure out whether he needs to get a 7 or a 6 in the IELTS exam. We attended the Australian expo in London yesterday and spoke to a few people who said he only needs a 6 as he holds a british passport?? Basically my brain is fried and feel MEGA stressed out with all the worry about paperwork, timelines, where to live in Oz etc...... Any advice or anyone having a similar experience we'd love to hear from you!
  22. atlime

    Painter trade evidence

    Anyone done skills Assesment for painting and decorating ? I have to detail the last 4 years month by month!! No way I can remember that far back! Can it be guessed? Do they check it? I always thought it strange how some people keep work diary but wish I had now!
  23. Guest

    AQF - painter and decorator-

    hello all, i am a painter and decorator who's about to do my AQF in England, is there any p and d's out there who have already done their AQF and passed? cheers Wayne- Leicester
  24. hello, i am seeking a sponsor for painting and decoration, i was in oz sep 2009 -2010 i took the recognition of prior learning aqf3 at tafe, i have my ielts scores, just about to send off for tra recognition it should take 1 month, paperwork is ready then to put in to either 175 independent visa application or employer sponsor visa. i am 32 fit and healthy non smoker, loves to work and earn money, married, no kids yet, love nsw and qld east coastal areas but willing to go where the work is. easy going person, i am second generation painter so 15 years+ on the tools, spent a few years working as a maintenance manger for big health clubs, and a few other construction positions. contact me if you can help, and i will forward any info you require. ps i am applying for a tourist visa to enter oz in april 2011, so if you want to meet me or want a skills test let me know.
  25. hi all new to this,was wondering if anyone could tell me the sort of money that can earn painting and decorating in perth and is there a demand for decorators . also wondering the best area near perth to live,looking for 3bed house for me ,wife and kids:cute: