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Found 21 results

  1. ian and laura

    paint sprayer info plz

    im a car paintsprayer and moving to either brisbaine or perth depending if i can get work.are there any other sprayers on here?just wanted to know what the workshops are like ie does it get too hot?what sort of hours do u work and whats the pay like. thanks guys lets get a sprayer thread goin :biglaugh:
  2. Hi everyone, new to the forum so I don't know if i'm posting this in the right section. I'm just wondering if anyone could give me a rough estimate as to the wages of a Vehicle Paint Sprayer in Sydney?
  3. Guest

    paint sprayer

    hi all! anyone know what the average wage for a paint sprayer is in oz? many thanks james:notworthy:
  4. rockola57

    The price of Paint here!

    WOW!:shocked:We just viewed a good solid house with a view to buying it as a Do'er upper,coz it's in a good area and a great price on big land.Any'ow,it needs painting from top to bottom ,inside and out,after doing other jobs.Now the big problem here is that paint is about 50 to 60 dollars a tin for 4 litres(or more) And i wont be happy unless 2 or 3 coats are applied,especially on the gaudy old dark colours.Looks like our loan(if we go for it)will have to increase significantly!:wink:Also,have the Aussies never heard of Varnish and interior wood stain?How i yearn for me old 10 litre of Crown Emulsion from B and Q,for a tenner,or a Glynn Webb discount warehouse!'Avin a laugh they am.:yes:
  5. Does anyone know if Victoria will put paint trades worker back on skills list? Am I right in saying new smp skills list will be released on 1st July?
  6. i have got 15 years exp. i can paint in water or solvent . i am currently employed at a vauxhall main dealer .i can also mig / spot / plastic weld . verry competent at body repairs . i am spraying with DUPONT cromax water at present. i can send my cv , cover letter and refferences on request. i am seeking sponsorship. thanks dean
  7. Guest

    Dulux Paint Pod

    Hi guys, can anyone maybe send me a empty paint pod paint container at all. Will pay postage etc of course. Thanks
  8. i have 15 years in the trade i can paint in solvent or water i have got main dealer expierence and i have worked in smaller garages. i have got panel beating skills plastic and mig welding skills. i am not looking for an easy ride i am prepared to work as hard as any body els and do overtime
  9. hi if you are in the motor trade and in oz or am going can you let me know how you got there how you am getting on over there , or how you am getting there, who you are dealing with thanks.
  10. Guest


    Hi I am due in perth early next year, any one know any good paint contractors, am a paint subbie in uk,
  11. Guest

    paint sprayer

    any1 looking for a paint sprayer thinking ov moving to manly, sydney in nd ov october
  12. hi every one i am new to all this i am a car paint sprayer- panle beater and into custom paintwork looking to move to aus i have 15 years experience with a hvlp diploma and have carryed out a few compliant coatings courses im not shore the best way to go about it any advice guys many thanks big johnny
  13. Guest

    Shop to buy paint for a car

    Hi, Does anyone know of a shop in Melbourne where I can buy touch-up paint for a car. I just noticed that someone has scratched my car today! Thanks
  14. im moving to manly at the end of october is there any paint spraying jobs available??????
  15. Could anyone please help me we are on the move to Adelaide and my other have needs a job. He has sprayed cars/boats/lorries/vans for 21 years now and we have been looking around from the UK and there seems to be nothing around. can anyone help me?
  16. Hi Guys Has anyone took an AFQIII in paint spraying ? Whats involved etc ? trying to get visa for WA but need to complete this quification/test. Any info would be appreciated . :unsure: j
  17. Guest

    Dulux Paint Pod

    Hi Everyone, Just a quick question incase I decide to buy one to take to oz with us, can you buy the paint pod paint in Queensland? Cheers, Kim
  18. Hi to everyone, first time Ive posted a thread, we too are affected by the TRA situation, does anyone have any contacts for sponsers in the field of Panel Beaters or Vehicle Paint Sprayer??? We just want to be in Oz, got 2 sisters and their families already there and a nephew and his family all in Perth but we will go to any state. KathynBasil:notworthy:
  19. Hi We are an Accident Repair Centre based in the Northern Suburbs of Perth and are urgently looking for a fully qualified and experienced Vehicle Paint Sprayer. The business is owned by 2 ex-pats, both panel beaters who are looking for someone to join the team, excellent rate of pay for a 38 hour week. The right place to work if your a golf fanatic! If not, don't worry, you will be soon enough! If you are newly arrived and looking for work either send a private message or email us at repairs_narc@bigpond.com Enjoy your new life in Oz!
  20. I know this might sound like a barmy question, but can anyone tell me if there is Dulux & Crown paint in Australia? The only reason I'm asking is I've just decorated a room here in the UK and I LOVE it!!!! It's a Dulux make....I love it that much that if they don't have Dulux or Crown paint in Oz (we're moving to QLD) then I'm going to put a couple of tins in our container and get it shipped over with the rest of our stuff!! ha ha. It matches my furniture beautifully :yes: Hope you can help Jenny x x x x x
  21. Guest

    Taking tins of paint!

    Has anyone taken tins of paint in their container - if so, did they survive the journey intact? I enjoy painting old furniture and like to use Farrow & Ball paints here in the UK. Unfortunately these are not available in Australia but I have been in touch with the shippers and we can take them as we have sole use of a container and the paint is water based eggshell) - I am just wondering how best they can be packed so they don't burst open and spread everywhere as we would have to pay for any paint damage to the container....... Weird request I know but any advice would be helpful, cheers Cheryl (The Picketts)