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Found 27 results

  1. hi everybody... my spouse has some problems with IELTS test, so does anyone know when the second instalment (2925 AUD) must be paid to the DIAC ? at the beginning of the processing or after the visa is granted ? I'm afraid to wait again for another test of IELTS, this will waste allot of time, and till know my profession is still in the CSL but who knows what will happen:chatterbox:
  2. In the last few weeks we (me, wife & 2 kids) put through a Skilled Migration application & our credit card has been taken for $2500. We put it all through in my wifes name - she's a senior doctor here in Victoria. In the meantime I've got myself sorted in an IT Recruitment role. I've got all the relevant degree qualifications. While I haven't pushed it with the new company I'm with, I think the possibility would be there to go down the Permanent Application route through them. My idea would be that I'd offer to pay whatever it costs - $7k to $8K from what I've heard. Main motivation behind this PR application is because it's costing us close to $40K a year for childcare for the 2 kids. My understanding is that we'll get half that back if we become permanent. My questions are as follows - can I get that $2500 back and start the application again - if so how? Is there any risk that the company takes in letting me put the application through them (would be good to be armed with any important facts before approaching them)? Do things progress a lot faster when it goes through the company rather than off our own stream? I heard that once the application is submitted, we're entitled to the childcare rebate - is that true? If there's any feedback on our situation, it would be great to hear. Cheers.
  3. I have just confirmed quarantine for my four for later this month and saw on their website that from the beginning of Feb the fees will have to be paid upfront at the time of applying for the import permits. That will make the process that but harder to manage financially, I've at least been able to pay for my lot in stages with quarantine being the final thank god. Good luck to all that are going, this time two weeks my furries will be there
  4. MazPaul

    Pre Paid Internet Dongles

    Hi just looking for some advice and info on getting pre paid internet dongle once we land in Melbourne. Also if we are just checking emails and looking at housing what sort of data usage will that use up. I have seen them with 3gb on them is that easily used up just browsing.:biggrin:
  5. Hello, I am a British male aged 28. I have a 12 month working Visa and will be ariving in Australia in September 2011 and am trying to assess where the best work opportunities are. I am very flexible and prepared to live and work outside the big cities. I understand that many migrant workers/backpackers preference is to work in such places but this is not a priority for me. I am from the English countryside. Growing up on a farm I have labouring and agricultural experience (driving farm machinery etc) but no specific qualifications. I am physically strong (6'2 14 stone) and can handle labouring work. I understand that there is often well paid work on farms and in the mines for people who are prepared to work in isolated locations doing unpleasant/physical work. I also have a university degree related to Leisure and Tourism. I understand that this is a big sector in Australia. I question whether any employer would take me on for a full time position given I have only a 12 month visa and limited work experience in this sector? I also understand that in Australia, like the UK, there are many people whith such degrees (too many) who can't get work in their chosen areas? What/Where is the best paid semi skilled/unskilled work? Where are the best work opportunities?i.e. plenty of jobs available. Where is the best place to save money? i.e. decent wages and lower living costs. How is it best to find work in advance of arrival in Aus? I have family in Sydney and will be staying there initially. How is best to look for work in other regions once I've arrived there? From what I understand arriving in September should be a good time as there will be seasonal work. Is there any seasonal work I should look out for? i.e stuff that is only available a short while that I should take as a priority as it will only be around for a short while. I could then move onto something else afterwards. My plan is to work and travel but would like to work first and save up as much cash as possible. I'm a hard worker and want a job where I can get stuck in and get plenty of hours. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Got to my new job today and this is the badass baby i shall be driving for the next few week seeding!! 12.5 litres of straight six, turbocharged, tracked diesel power!! pulling a 40ft air seeder and four 3000 litre tanks!! to say i'm excited is an understatement lol!!!
  7. Hi everyone, I am doing a 4 yr BSc in midwifery and started my paid internship on 20th Dec. I was just wondering if anybody knows whether this will count towards my 12 out of 24 mths work experience? I don't actually qualify until Sept, get my Irish registration mid-Oct and by the time I get Australian registration it will be at least Jan 2012 and over a year. It will make a difference as to which visa I can apply for. thanks Anne
  8. The Government of Victoria is currently conducting research on the experience people from the UK have when migrating to Australia. As part of this research, they are keen to talk to people who have moved to Australia in the last 7 years. You will be paid for your time. The research company, Colmar Brunton (members of the Australian/New Zealand Market Research Society and signatories to the Code of Ethics of the market research industry) is conducting the research on behalf of the Government of Victoria and can contact you in one of two ways – in person or via telephone. Both methods will be audio recorded however the sessions will be completely confidential and names will never be disclosed or provided to any third party. The in-person discussion (preferred) will take approximately 90 minutes and we will pay a one-off payment of $150 to families who participate or $80 to individuals who participate. The phone discussion will take approx 30 minutes and we will pay a one-off payment of $50. The research will ideally be conducted in February 2011. If you would like to participate, please send a PM • Name/s of participants to be interviewed • Occupations of participants • Age/s of participants • Total time in Australia • City of residence • Email • Phone number • Preferred time for interview (morning, lunch, afternoon, or evening) • Preferred method (in-person or telephone) On behalf of the Government of Victoria, thank you for your time and consideration.
  9. Hi all, I'm flying out to Brisbane in 6 weeks and trying to nail down my finances. Could anyone in the know pass their eye over these figures and confirm if I'm close? $130000 - Total Package minus $40000 - LAFHA (estimated at 15k for food and 25k rent) Leaves $90000 minus $8100 - Super Leaves $81900 minus $8586 salary sacrifice for maintained lease Leaves $73332 as taxable salary 4650 tax up to 37000 and 30% over that comes to $15549.6 in tax Leaves salary after tax of $57782.40 plus 40k LAFHA gives take home salary of $97782.40 or $8148.53 a month. I hope that's right
  10. Guest

    flights not paid by our sponsor

    we were sent home due to the salary increase to $45,220, our sponsor Warrnambool Locksmiths has refused to pay our flights home so we had to sell all our belongings in a garage sale , so we could return back to the uk, IMMI are doing nothing about enforcing him to pay for our flights, this is a regulation 2.80 that he has to pay our flights , what is the point of making the regulations for the 457 visa when they dont have to be met. stuart sam . :policeman:
  11. emmaj

    Paid Sick Leave?

    Ive just received my new employment contract and reading it through it seems that I wont get any sick pay until i have worked for this company for 12 months. Is this the norm? Thanks Emma x
  12. Guest

    how is medicare paid for?

    HI We have seen medicare come up in a few posts now and assume its the same sort of thing as our NHS, but is it paid for automatically through your pay or do you have to take it out off your own back? Also how much is it likely to cost for 2 adults and 1 child all healthy. Thanks Steve
  13. Hi all, My partner has 4 years work experience in IT and we are hoping to apply for a 175 visa, if we get approved by the ACS. The 4 years includes a 16 month full time, paid, work placement in between his 2nd and 4th year of uni. Would the ACS see this as 16 month's experience and go towards his 4 years of experience? Has anyone included their work placement and been accepted by the ACS? I hope so! We really don't want to wait another 16 months before we can apply...:unsure:
  14. Hi all, Well as the title goes, hubby was paid off on Friday from a job he has been at for ages knowing he only had 7 working weeks to go:arghh: Tam is a sub contractor, so unfortunately THEY don't owe him anything. He has worked really hard for this company, doing what they ask of him. He has had to work on some pretty dirty jobs, down tunnels that nobody else would do, but he knew he needed the work, just like everyone, so carried on working away, he did the extra hours for them when they asked, but when it came down to it, and one guy needed moved from another site (nobody knows what this guy has done) and because he is an employee of the company they decided to get rid of Tam after assuring they would keep him on until we fly out to Australia:arghh:. Oh well, need to look on the bright side of all this, and at least we will be in OZ in 8 weeks and thankfully he does not need to be worrying about looking for long term work over here, would have just been nice to have the extra money seeing as we could not sell the house!!! Sorry for my rant, but now over!!!!!
  15. kernow43

    Proposed paid maternity scheme.

    Do you think it is a good idea? :unsure: http://www.news.com.au/couriermail/story/0,23739,25099741-953,00.html
  16. happy valentines day all I paid tax and did my tax return as a resident last year here (am still at the same address) Am on a WHV but had passed the 183 day rule as advised by ATO and Tax accountant, and had been in the same place to qualify. I just heard on the news that the payments will be made via centrelink Swan says stimulus cash to be mailed out does the tax office send the details to centrelink to make the payments? how will they know where i live?? as I am not registered with Centrelink, only the ATO How will I know for sure if I am eligible? If the Government are happy to take my tax off me, and class me as a resident, then but dont class me as a resident for this payment. I think it is unfair and stinks!
  17. Hi All, Just wondered if anyone has gone for a job from the uk, that states a respectable salary, visa sponsorship, relocation, flights & fees paid? Are they all that they are cracked up to be? Would love to hear from anyone that has gone for this!
  18. Am considering leaving my UK pension to be paid in the UK then transferring it on an ad hoc basis. What are the tax implications of that in Oz. I realise that I'll pay UK tax etc. (and `suffer' the vagaries of the exchange rate) but I've also heard that UK/Oz have a reciprocal tax arrangement; is this correct? Is anyone else in a similar situation and can give BTDT advice/experience. VMT in anticipation.
  19. Hey everyone, I was told i would find out if my application was successful to Australia in November. Last week my agent called and told me that my TRA was not being accepted so i needed to pay £1500 asap for a place on the VETASSESS practical in October in Glasgow. The amount of £350 which i had paid for TRA was deducted from the VETASSESS amount which was £1850. Is this normal? My agent is a bit fluffy on the reason why TRA was refused. I told my agent i couldn't pay £1500 just like that he told me i could take it out of my savings for Australia. I paid it but this doesn't seem fair. I was refused a place in the February practical. Can anyone shed light on this? Thanks :no:
  20. Hi Everyone My wife, baby daughter and I are planning to relocate from Scotland to Australia. We were considering Sydney, but after careful research, we both think it's very expensive for housing(what you have to what you can get). We lived in London for 10years, sold up, and moved back to Scotland last year. I own my own Carpentry company which is doing very well, but the weather in Scotland is awful, we both feel Australia will suit, but where? We lived in Sydney for 4 months in 2000, then travelled up the east coast. 1)I would like to know, what a carpenter gets paid in Sydney and Melbourne. 2)Is there plenty of work? 3)What would a 4 bedroom house, nice suburb and what suburb in Sydney/Melbourne cost . Hope someone can help Kind Regards Mike
  21. Sunshine11

    Paid annual leave

    Hi all, can anyone tell me how much paid annual leave/holidays you get in Oz? Thanks in advance!
  22. Guest

    Pensions paid to Oz

    I am moving to Oz at the end of the year, I am retired and need advice please about having my pension paid into Australia, someone mentioned TAPS payments through The Bank of Scotland as the best way to do it. HiFX also do pensions tranfer, any advice would be welcomed
  23. Hi. Any help or hints appreciated! I am the director of an small agency in the UK. The company has no PAYE employees (other than myself), but uses contractors in the UK and around the world. Can anyone give me any hints as to the best way to deal with my finances? Before I go to an accountant I want to do as much groundwork as possible and try and get a better understanding of the way things work. These are the questions that I have... 1. Has anyone experience of running a UK company from Australia and/or in tandem with running an Australian company doing the same business in Australia? 2. I am anticipating receiving income from dividends from the UK company – I assume that tax will have been paid in England - how is this taxation treated in Australia? 3. What to do about salary that would have been paid PAYE in the UK? 4. I also have a personal pension that is paid into by my company? Is there anything I should think about in connection with this? Any other hints, tips and guidelines would be appreciated. Thanks!
  24. hi. We are looking to go out in 2010. My wife is a student nurse and qualifies at the end of the year. She will not have a problem getting a job I don't think! I am a Fire fighter and although I will try and get a job over there, I may not in the Fire service and may have to settle for something else. Has anyone on here immigrated and had to take a job with lower prospects and pay? More importantly was it worth it in their opinion. John
  25. Guest

    My gamble has paid off!

    After arriving in Perth to spend my savings whilst waiting for my 175 visa to be processed, I followed the advice of many wise locals and approached potential employers for sponsorship. Today it has been confirmed that I have been offered a job and a 457 visa application. Not totally there yet but a lot, lot closer. :cute: Karen