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Found 67 results

  1. We are about to have all our worldly possessions shipped over to Perth [emoji51] and for some reason have LOADS of vacuum pack bags. We have had mixed messages about whether to use them or not. One removal company said yes the other said no- you could get mould due to items sweating inside the plastic. What did anyone else do? Anyone had experience or advice about this? Just thinking it could save us money with the space!! TIA [emoji846]
  2. I know there are a few threads on the subject, just thought my own experience might help. I know I trawled the internet looking for reviews! The choice: MoveCube or packing company? I found the prospect of self-packing and loading quite daunting (I was on my own and had some pretty heavy stuff to move). So for peace of mind I went for Anglo Pacific (which had been recommended by two friends who had moved to Australia) over MoveCube. Preparing the move: getting a quote, an estimate, a date - Quote: I had a phone call to AP during which I was asked to roughly estimate how much stuff I would be shipping to Oz so they could give me a provisional quote. No fret if it's a bit off the mark or if you can't think of everything, they want a rough idea and if on moving day it turns out you are bringing more (or less) than estimated, the quote will be adjusted. Just don't forget to mention the piano or any Big Thing that doesn't lead itself to improvised packing Moving day was confirmed over email. - Making a list of my belongings: it helped for getting an accurate insurance quote, but also for flagging any problematic stuff that customs might object to (organic material, tools, etc...), and which will have to be declared on the customs form. - Insurance: AP offered insurance, but following the general wisdom I went with a third party (Letton Percival). In the end I had no claim to push so I can't tell you how Letton Percival are in a time of crisis! All I can say is that I found them very efficient and professional in our communications. - Arranging parking space for the truck: I had off-street parking so that was never an issue, but this is definitely something they will ask you about. Moving day Miscommunication between the office and the packers meant the truck was 5 hours late... so that wasn't great. But I have to say that once there the packers worked with incredible speed. In less than an hour they had packed and loaded about 25 boxes. Which was a good dozen more than estimated (I had way more books than I thought during that first conversation with AP!) but that wasn't a problem: the packers are prepared for that turn of event and always bring extra boxes. The quote was re-adjusted accordingly, but I thought the final quote was fair. The packers bring their experience of shipping goods to Australia and can advise you on some items you're not sure about (I thought about bringing sand and seashells from the motherland but they advised against it, so I left it behind). They also put all the potentially problematic stuff (I had objects made out of wood) together and labelled the boxes accordingly - that way if Customs wanted to check all the wooden objects they could go straight for those boxes instead of opening them all. All in all, knowing my belongings were packed in accordance to customs requirements justified the extra amount, I thought. Not breaking my back trying to load a dozen box of books into a cube is also pretty neat. Row, Row, Row Your Boat The container took a couple of months to arrive in Australia, which was the estimate I had been given. AP kept me up to date with the shipping status over email and gave me a tracking number as well. Christmas Delivery Day Once in Australia, Allied Pickfords took over for delivery. Once again, the office and truck didn't seem to communicate that well as my delivery didn't arrive on the agreed day, so I had to call again and rearrange the delivery. All boxes were accounted for, HOWEVER a couple were bashed in... one of them pretty seriously - though thankfully the content was unaffected, so I didn't have to investigate any further. But there is no telling when that occurred: on the truck? on the ship? in customs? It's not like anyone left a note saying hey, sorry we handled this one a bit roughly... The boxes containing my wooden objects looked like they had indeed been opened by customs. Nothing was removed/destroyed. In the end my belongings arrived pretty much in the state I had left them, save for a few books which ended up with crumpled pages, and a couple of tins which suffered some bumps. Pretty sure this occurred during packing, as the packers probably wanted to make up for their late arrival and just crammed things into boxes. But this is very minor stuff, and there's not telling I'd have done any better! And on the other side, all my fragile objects (vases, frames etc) were completely fine. So there you go! Not perfect, but nothing is, and overall I'm pretty satisfied . Should I ever need to move back to Europe(God forbid) I'd probably use the same companies.
  3. Does anyone know any shipping companies who let you pack your own boxes (but not furniture) for shipping? I had PSS round to do a quote and they said as we only have about 200 cubic foot it would cost the same for them to pack it as if we packed it ourselves, which seems a bit weird. We partly wanted to pack it ourselves for convenience, partly to save money, but also as it's all done on space I (perhaps stupidly ;-)) think I can pack a bit more in (or at least have a greater incentive to). Anyone packed thier own? Thanks Sophie
  4. Hi there, we are moving from rental to rental and stupidly gave back all our moving boxes to Crown when we moved here from NZ. Does anyone have any moving boxes in the Gold Coast/Brisbane we could borrow/have? Many thanks in advance:cute:
  5. Hi All, We are in the middle of packing our stuff up (yes house is full of boxes, bubble wrap etc etc) so tell me what is the best/most useful item you brought with you and whats the worst/waste of space item you packed thanks for reading, look forward to your replys :notworthy:
  6. Hello Stupid question :goofy: - but when you go on an areoplane you get asked so many security questions - it is pretty hard to do anything you shouldn't - thank god. But if you are trusting a packing company to pack everything for you, for them to then take it to their depot and fill the container (our house does not have easy access for a 40ft container) - who is reasonsible if someone in the company is dodgy and no one knows till the container gets to Aus????? :frown: Told you it was a silly question !! Any thoughts????
  7. Hi All. Being packed up ready for our move to WA. Flying out this Wednesday. Had eight quotes and decided on Anglo Pacific. We have Rob, Jim and Ross here packing as I write this. They are doing a great job. Polite, efficient and very careful and thorough. Highly recommended. Who ever you chose make sure there is plenty of tea/coffee/biscuits - (it seems the kettle goes in last!) Cheers and off we go. Spindrifter and family
  8. :confused: OK - we were told that a 4 bed house needs a 40ft container - now we are not taking beds, wardrobes, fridges etc, sofa, in fact the only furniture we are taking is a table and 8 chairs, one dresser, 3 wooden tables and lots of boxes about the old tea chest size and they say we need a 40ft container still - WE JUST DONT GET IT. How do they pack them - do they not go up to the roof with boxes, do they only put one row of boxes on the floor and leave the rest empty????? They then want us to put our mini on a trailer and a 2nd mini in another 40ft container - so from crown - we need two 40ft containers which when you put actucally measure things we could get it in one 40ft container. At this rate we will not be able to go as it will cost too much - :cry: Are we missing something???
  9. Guest

    shipping and packing

    hi all Need help!!! Had Crown out today and they are expensive :eek: So any suggestions if we can get a container and completely fill it - as it seems companies like to only half fill them - ie not to the top of the unit. Also any ideas on what wood you can use to make crates???? Any help or ideas would be great.
  10. MicheleW

    Wanted: Packing boxes Brisbane

    Hi there, We are shortly moving out of our rental accommodation in Brisbane into our new place and we need packing boxes - particularly book boxes. Does anyone have any that they need to get rid of - we are happy to pick up. Thanks :smile:
  11. Kilmarnock Removals turned up just before 9 and have made great progress - most of the packing is done now! Couple of hiccups which were my fault - a manky rug got packed but was v easily unpacked, and I'd left my wee toolbox in the living room from taking a table apart, and needed it for the bed, and it was packed by the time I went for it! Managed to retrieve it easily though. We are supervising a bit less now, hopefully there won't be any surprises at the other end. Pub later I think - stayed up until 2 this morning and up at 7!
  12. Hi all, The packers come next week (omg, it's finally happening) and we have a few complex items I'm not sure about: 1. Should we take Corkboard - made from corks from bottles of wine we've drunk over the years, lots of memories but no real value. Aqis ICON says cork will be ok, but I'm not sure, but I'd like to take it! And here it gets complicated (yep the OH's guitar and workshop stuff) 2. Woodworking tools - he's wiped them clean, but should he spray with Jeyes as well? He's worried about them going rusty 3. MDF guitar templates - not painted or laquered, but made only from MDF, with paper patterns attached to them. Will they be ok do you think? 4. Partially finished amplifier-cabinet: machined, assembled and sanded timber, but not yet varnished or painted. Made from lovely wood, he's not sure what finish he wants on it yet so would prefer to leave it 'au naturel' if he can! 5. Partially finished guitar bodies and guitar necks: machined, sanded but not varnished or painted. Made from more lovely wood, he'd rather not laquer/oil them before shipping unless he has to. Thoughts? Help? Anyone sent unpainted/varnished wood stuff before? And I know lots of people have sent tools over.....
  13. Hi, Has anyone used the vacuum seal storage bags to move?? We have had quotes for a 20ft container and are just over the size limit - am wanting to vacuum packed clothes and linen etc (to save some space). Was wondering if anyone else has done this and if they had any problems with it eg mold and mildew sue to the heat and sweating inside the container on shipping Thanks guys - looking forward to some advice! Visas approved Skilled 176 (Aug 2011) - hoping to be outa here in October! Tina
  14. Guest

    Packing in drawers

    Hi Folks, have finally started packing boxes. Qucik question to those of you have packed everything. Can you put things in drawers? ie pillows in drawers???I'm using anglopacific, any feedback would be good..Once last thing is I have brought new lines which I was just going to put in boxes, will I be asked to pay tax on theses items as they are new.... The move is now becoming real..Fly out on Thursday..:biggrin:
  15. rockola57

    Packing up to move!

    Well i spent 12 hrs today getting ready to move out of this crap rental,and ca'nt believe the stuff i,ve hoarded over the last 3 years here!An old canoe i've never sat in since i got it 2 years ago!A table tennis table that's been in the garage since i got it,apart from i week,ceramic pots that's still in the box from the shippers ,scrabble i've never opened,a toaster new in box that neither me or her remember buying,crap books ill never read,crap clothes ill never wear etc etc.Put loads of it outside on the street today,and loads has gone already.Going minimalist in our next place(i hope):wink:Stressful or what,all this palaver!:arghh:
  16. murky

    Packing problems

    Hi everyone I'm in the middle of sorting all our belongings for shipping and being really brutal as money is really tight for us at the moment. We have decided to pack our own stuff and have come across items I need help deciding how best to pack, is there anyone who can tell me how their shippers packed small electricals like plug in alarm clocks? I seem to be going crazy with the bubble wrap can electrical items be wrapped in plastic or will they condensate and end up not working? Also do they bubble wrap everything and pack things in tightly so they use smaller amounts of filling? Sorry about asking so many questions that might have been asked before but this is doing my head in at the moment. Mrs Murky
  17. gilliantay

    Let packing commence !

    All the boxes have been delivered today and I am getting to self pack - I have been waiting for what seems like an eternity for this day to come and now I find that I am just standing looking at all the 'stuff' and wondering......................'what the hell do I do'..... where do I start'.................. Looks like I will be knee deep in boxes, paper and tape for a good few days.............:yes::smile:
  18. Hi All, I am starting the long task of packing our possessions to take to Oz, but not really sure where to start! We are renting the place out here, so it's only going to be personal possessions that we will send over in Boxes. What I need to know relates mainly to what is restricted and how others have packed their goods. So .... what is not allowed into Oz? I have wooden picture frames and other wooden things - toys, ornaments. Don't think anything is authentic untreated stuff. How about photos, papers and documents etc? Is there a special way of packing these to protect them from wet or any other type of damage? How did people pack their clothes? I am hearing whispers about moisture absorbant silicon gel packs, are these worth it? I am bubble wrapping all my breakables and packing them in polystyrene pieces. I am also using some used and spare boxes from when we last moved. Some are a bit dusty from being in the shed, but will the customs pull us up on dust/dirt???? Beginning to think I might be better to employ a professional packing company to take care of it all. I am still trawling through the difficult task of what to keep and chuck - I'm a bit of a hoarder! Would welcome any advice or point me in the direction of similair thread already out there. Cheers Jo
  19. Bit of a poll attached to see what others have done :arghh: We have spent the weekend trying to decide what to take and what not to take. We have been working towards this for about 4 years and living light in a small flat and not buying any big purchases. It looks like we have 2 options. Go small and just take essentials - but we do have a lot of precious things that have to come with us and I think we would be looking at a minimum of 3 m3 Or do we take a few more things - the bed, chest of drawers and probably 6 m3 - but then will we get fed up waiting for these things to arrive? Any comments about your own experience welcomed Vicky .
  20. We have been flicking through this forum from time to time and picked up loads of tips in the last few weeks - what a brilliant little web site, only wish we had found it at the start of this project. Anyway, the movers come next week to take our stuff away in a metal container. We have been so relaxed about it all...... until now, and all of a sudden there's PANICK in the household. Holy crap, are we doing the right thing? Have we forgotten anything? If it all goes wrong will be my fault? I am having sleepless nights (hence the reason why I sit here at gone midnight) . Oh my word - what a responsibility. I could do with a copy of some sort of last minute 'belt and braces' check list. Can anybody direct me to such a thing somewhere on the internet. If I can find an all encompassing one, perhaps the act of tick stuff off might go someway to calming my jangling nerves. Thanks in advance of any help provided
  21. Guest

    DIY packing!

    Can I pack my own container? Got 5 months till we go and thought I might pack my boxes pros and cons anyone Ping Pommer
  22. redrobbersdog

    Packing and moving tomorrow

    Hi fellow pio'ers! We have Anglo coming in tomorrow to pack and ship. They said that it will take two days. Just wondered if anyone had packed stuff themselves before hand or just left it entirely to the shipping company? They said that they do everything and not to worry but I have packed some clothes and wanted to get all our clothes sorted before tomorrow but I'm running out of time. So what did they do for you and what did you do? Any comments and experiences would be appreciated. I just dont know what to expect. Thanks Dawn x
  23. Hi All My family and I are hoping to move to NSW in Sept 11. At the moment we are living at my fathers house so all our belongs are in storage and it has cost us way more to store than what the items are worth i was gutted when i worked it out. Now its going to cost a whole lot more to get them over there, but, seeing as they are more or less packed i wondered which removal companies would let you pack your own stuff and does it work out a lot less? :eek: All help welcome Mrs Murky
  24. Just packing my boxes for shipping now :biggrin: We are just sending a few tea chests and book boxes. Wondered if anyone would advise letting your jewellery go in them or best to take on the plane? Have 2 big jewellery boxes that need to go in so just deciding whether to empty them or if they'll be safe in there? Probably sounds a bit meaningless with all the other questions but I appear to have hit a packing block and can no longer make decisions on my own! :rolleyes:
  25. Hi everyone and appologise if this threads alreadybeen done. The time for us to move is fast approaching, started to get removal companys in for quotes and they all seem to be coming back around the 4k mark with free this and that. Now I'm just wondering if anyone has gone down the route of packing their own stuff, organising their own container and transport to dock, then shipping of container and then transport from dock after fee's and customs have been dealt with. Just wondering if anyones gotany pointers, companies, horror stories or just plain advice. Maybe I'm just being stupid thinking about going down this route. Shane, Kerry, Jessica & new born Callum