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Found 25 results

  1. Hi Am about to book my shipping for a 20ft and wondering what prices you got for your shipping as packing service is way to much and self pack is the way to go. thanks
  2. Ok I will try and do a list of hostels/backpackers in each area. Please feel free to help me out. The first list is in Cairns JJ'S Backpackers Hostel http://www.jjsbackpackers.com 81% of backpackers loved this hostel. A great little hostel conveniently located close to the Esplanade with friendly staff and laid back atmosphere. Offers small dorms, twins & doubles. Includes breakfast AND dinner in the price! * FREE Pickup* * FREE breakfast daily * FREE tea/coffee all day * FREE evening meal daily * Discounted Tour Booking Office * FREE Luggage storage * FREE safety deposit * Pool * Video nights * Table Tennis Table * BBQ facilities * Laundry * FREE linen supplied * Fully Equipt Kitchen * Secure off street parking * All U Can eat BBQ's * Owner occupied * FREE tour advice * Lots of fun !! Internet available
  3. just had 4 guys in from john mason packing our belongings to begin the journey to sydney. just want to compliment the removals team. the four men were professional, helpful and knowledgeable. we were told when quoting that we wre about 200 cubic feet over the 20ft container so has resigned ourselves to leaving a few possesions here or paying a £1000 for a shared container. Eric and the rest of the lads went the extra mile to fill that container to the rafters and got everything in!! there wasnt any unfilled void. they even specially dismantled some things such as an odd shaped wardrobe and a chest of draws to make sure we wouldnt be leaving anything. credit where credit is due, thanks lads
  4. Grateful for any advice on this one.......we've got the packers coming in tomorrow and I'm just wondering if I should tip them, assuming they do a good job? I'm a bit loathe to do this since the shipping is costing over £6k, but on the other hand I don't want to find my stuff has mysteriously vanished to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean!! Thanks in advance for guidance! Ali
  5. Guest

    The packers are here!

    OMG, now it is getting really close. The packers are here and we fly next week. I can't believe how quick the time goes. Be all done tomorrow lunchtime. Then just have the lovely task of painting before the tenants move it. Eeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk!
  6. Smirfyduo

    Packers are here!!

    Ok, so we are only moving from Melbourne to Mackay, so not too dramatic!! But we spent ALL of yesterday making sure that everything was ready for them - and now we have nothing to do??:err: Seriously - we are sitting watching the tennis on tv :eek: whilst they pack all our stuff away. Doesn't quite feel right. Has anyone else felt this way when the packers are in? Any ideas for something to do??
  7. mr luvpants

    The packers are here!

    After 3 long years its all coming together! PSS are here and packing our stuff to go! JOHN
  8. Guest

    Urgent Packers here but will

    A twelve year old TV work work in OZ ? dont know wether it will or not and dont want to take it if it does not
  9. Hi, things finally starting to move for us.......too long a story! Anyway, I have booked packers and they are coming next Thursday 9th Sept and then the following Monday & Tuesday. So............. 1. I know they will pack everything for me but should I 'categorise' my belongings, as in books to go, photo frames together or do they just go round room at a time & pack to their hearts content? 2.Should I have someone in the house ,the whole time they are there?, I will be at work but can get a parent to house sit if necesarry! 3.Any new items.....should I rough them up a bit! Or will customs be concerned about a brand new Tesco value kettle? Hope someone can help me! thanks in advance, mhags
  10. ....they were fab!!! Couldn't fault them! They came and wrapped everything yesterday and this morning they finished wrapping and then loaded the container. A great team of 3 chaps all employed by the company (not subbies) would thoroughly reccomend Robinsons so far........now the container is on its journey fingers crossed everything else goes as smoothly :biggrin: It sets sail next Tues 3rd August and is due to dock in Brissie 16th Sept again fingers crossed!!
  11. Hi All, Have had shippers in and have pretty much decided on who we are going to go with, we are just trying to get the price down a bit more. PSS use Overseas Packers and Shippers Brisbane. Has any one used this company recently? What did you think of their service? I have searched the forum but have not come up with anything specific for this company. Thanks KJJ
  12. Guest

    Packers in on monday!

    Got john masons coming monday to ship our stuff. Was quite relaxed about it but have just realized how much more has got to be done! Yet here i am sitting on the comp surfing for porn( in the shape of boats for sale in bris area) Suppose you cant rush these things. Anyone else logging it off?
  13. Guest

    The packers have gone....

    Hi guys, didnt post yesterday, as far tooooo frantic, packers came at 9.30 and were gone by 1.30, now the house is bare with only a few essentials . We fly outon the 25th July and now having leaving dos, had a few wobbles but they seem to be gone now, just cant wait. Beckyx:wubclub:
  14. Well - after arriving 6 hours late because of the M25 fire the packers arrived at 2pm and set to with vigour... However, now they've gone for the evening we're worried. There are no inventories for the boxes that they've packed, and the outsides don't really have any details either - just Kitchenware, Miscellaneous, Crates etc - the later being my collection of plastic boxes that hold all sorts of things so not AT ALL descriptive - and which falls very very far short of even what the packing company sent us to say what we should do with any boxes we packed ourselves - i.e. list everything in it etc Also they are all completely sealed up so it would appear that they have no intention of opening them tomorrow to list the contents. What should we do? What have the packing companies done for those of you who used them? how detailed were your inventories?? Eg. we know a wooden plate has been packed... but there is no way on earth we could find it if Customs if they decided they wanted to look at it...! They're in all day tomorrow too, then the container is coming Thur am now instead of tomorrow afternoon cos of the delay this am, so we may have time to rectify things if needed... but we need to know what to say to them... Help!! Furball... (panicing, AGAIN! :arghh:)
  15. Omg I have so much crap! Where does it all come from??? I have done four trips to the tip and two trips dropping stuff off at the charity shop and that's just today!!! The house is such a mess, stuff everywhere and I just can't see an end to it! And to make matters worse we have family coming round tonight to celebrate hubs birthday! Ahhhhhhhh! Deep breath! And relax Emma X
  16. I understand that packers, pack absolutely everything for you which is excellent, but do they list everything too or do i have to list every single item that we are taking with us? I cant get my head round how i would be able to do that for each box if they pack? Pls help a confused gal lol Thanks Emma x
  17. We have a guy from Anglo Pacific coming tonight to give us a quote. But with baby Bubz sick, us not having had one viewer for the house yet and no visa yet, I can't help wondering why we are bothering! Not point to this post really... just wanted a rant! On a more productive note.... we'll make sure we get more than one quote before we decide who to go with!! I feel... :wacko:
  18. ... and I don't know where to start!:arghh: The house is a tip, we have no phone line (relying on mobile phone for internet etc), have two grumpy teething children and I have no idea of what I am supposed to do about the packing etc. So far I have sorted all of the cupboards etc out, I have started to pack the suitcases and our air-freight boxes but I don't really know what to do about the rest of our things. Can I just leave them in a big pile and let the packers sort them out in to boxes etc? We sold most of our furniture, so I have nothing to store things on or in so the house is a mess. I just have some boxes/crates etc with books and the ornaments are in the kitchen. Do I just leave it and direct them where to pack or do I have to put things together? I can't think straight and can't see the wood for the trees if you know what I mean. Please help me!
  19. emmaj

    Packers / Shipping Question

    Can someone please confirm something for me please. If we use a shipping company that packs for you, do they pack absolutely everything for you or just furniture? If you have to pack things like clothes etc yourself, do they normally provide boxes? Many thanks Emma x
  20. Hi We have had Pickfords in last 3 days. 3 super blokes who did what we thought was a really good job. Everything from a 4ft fish tank to teaspoons were listed and packed with care. I can highly recommended them. We have paid £4200 all in and feel we have got a good price. There is a branch in Perth, so at least if we have a problem we can contact them there instead of chasing them up in the U.K. We are having a 20ft container. They could not get it into our drive so have brought a lorry for last 3 days. They picked up every last bit of packing tape and bits and pieces and worked hard. I know quite a few people ask about packers and this was my feedback with Pickfords. Claire
  21. Hi there, Happy New Year to everyone! We are planning on getting quotes for packing companies in a couple of months time. We just wondered where we stood on re-packing some of our possessions in their original packaging (such as my rower). Do the packers insist that they do all the packing themselves and us not use original packaging as items packed by customers won't be covered for the journey? Thanks in advance for any help you can give us. KK. :huh:
  22. Hi folks We are hoping to be taking smaller items with us (not too much in the way of furniture aprt from one tv cabinet) but mainly personal effects, dvd's cd's photos and toys etc..So I was hoping that someone may be able to recommend a packing company. Cheers! Mandy x :cute:
  23. Guest

    todays the day packers arrive

    hi all todays the day packers will arrive about 10 hoping they dont pack my pc till tomorrow . don't think i have had much sleep and have cleared so much out cant believe there is anything left to take . feel quite sad now walking round our home so god help me when everything has gone . :cry: countdown to oz 10 days and we fly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! take care all and merry christmas haze x
  24. Guest

    Dawn arrival of the packers!

    Well, not exactly. The phone call was at 7 to say the address wasn't on the A to Z, at 8.30 they were here. Now on their second cups of tea and most of it is packed already. I remember this is always the easy bit because SOMEBODY ELSE IS DOING IT. They are working hard (Eagle Relocations, by the way) and very sensibly left me the computer until later so I didn't have to threaten to fight them for it. After that the master plan is a lap-top and wifi....scary high-tech stuff as far as I'm concerned! This time next week I'll be there. Feeling much better after support from all of you. I will try to post when I can with any bits and pieces that might be useful. Anyone flying from Heathrow next Wednesday?
  25. Anyone let us know how clean was their outdoor things. We are in the complete mess of packing for the packers on tuesday and we can't believe we are going to be ready for them!! Unfortunately the great british weather has struck again and its pouring and we are trying to power wash bikes and trampolines and out door furniture and then get it DRIED !! My question is really to do with the following: RUST - do they mined a bit of rust on bikes ?? Also our trampoline has a few tares around the blue edging and although we have powered it and washed down with jeyes, are they going to think because it is a bit tatty, they won't let it in ?? Our out door table is iron and was hand made but again there are some rust bits on it. What does anyone think?? My god I wish we had started the cleaning and packing and dumpping alot sooner!!! Yvonne