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Found 26 results

  1. Hi folks!Me and my wife are planning a short trip on our way to OZ (about 3 months) so we think to send our stuff ahead before we leave (or ask someone to send it after we leave).I have few questions here: Since we have nothing in OZ at the moment, we also don't have an address to send the packages to.. So is it possible to send the packages without giving a destination address, but only the City? Melbourne or Perth for example? I guess that it will be impossible to guess the packages arrival exactly, so there are high chances that I will not be able to collect them the moment they arrive. Is it possible that the boxes will stay there for some time? If yes, could anyone give some approximate costs for leaving the boxes there? Where the boxes actually stay before being collected by the owner? Is it directly in a port where they arrive to? Or maybe there's some kind of sorting and storage facilities? NOTES: There are few boxes not heavier than 20kg We are probably will use a naval delivery which is the cheapest since it is the slowest It's not from UK I'll be grateful if someone could spill some light on these issues and share his own experience! Partial answers are also very welcome! Thanks a lot! Eugene
  2. We are hoping to move out to Perth next year and due to the high costs of buying a home it seems the best option would be a land and new build home package and move on after a few years after finding our feet. My big worries are as follows: Are these estates miles away from any amenities (can't tell from web sites and Google), schools, shopping etc. Are they just for first time buyers. Do they have good broadband connections. Do they sell any better or worse than older properties. Is the quality good/bad. Would we be better buying an existing property on an established estate I know it would depend on the location of the estate but I am looking for any general advice ideally from someone who has bought or is living in one of these land and home sites. My wife is adament she is not moving to a run down 3 bed or a new build in the middle of no where, were we can't meet anyone ( more for the kids than us). Any help or advice would be helpfull.:huh:
  3. Hi, We are coming to Brisbane end of Nov/bginning iof Dec and having problems finding the right accomodation for us, have been on only one site that has the accomodation for us, basically looking for 4 bed apt/house near as possible to CBD George St, Brisbane, can anyone give other rental companies to look at also found livingedge for furniture packages which I like but could do with some more to look at, the rental agent for apts is domain, have tried several other ones but no properties matched what we require. Thanks Jan
  4. Hi, Can anyone help me with a query on sending parcels home from Oz and vice versa? I'm emigrating to the Hunter Valley on the 27th of September and would like to send parcels home as gifts for my friends and family. I'm aware that there are certain things that I can't send or receive (such as certain foods) but can we send dairy products such as chocolate? I've read somewhere that if an item has a dairy content above a certain percentage then it can't be sent from or received in Oz. Does anyone have a list of prohibited items to hand? Also, who would be the best couriers to use either in the UK or NSW? I'm also a bit baffled about how much sending a package would cost, obviously sizes differ but just as an idea does anyone have a ball park cost on say a shoebox sized parcel? Thanks for reading my post, my mum is adamant that she wants to send me little presents from home and keeps asking me the same question!
  5. Hello, help required as we move into rented accommodation at the weekend and trying to sort out utilities is proving a bit of a headache. Has anyone had any experience of the Telstra broadband and phone packages, or can you recommend a good one? Thank you so much Nikki
  6. Hi, what's the deal with house and land packages in Australia. Some of the deals look just as good and sometimes better than buying existing housing stock. I am again missing an obvious catch. What is it? Any info on the house buying market welcomed. Eg. Mortgages for immigrants etc. Thanks
  7. Hi all, Just doing a little research into current house prices within WA and I cam across the house and land packages on various websites. Are they as good as they seem??? What is the average price of a 3/4 bed house within WA? Thanks Lisa :biggrin:
  8. Hi Everyone, You know it's close when you start researching things like this! Had a quick look at a few websites but a little confused by all things technology wise. TV Do you get a few standard TV channels like you do in the UK - if so what do I need to buy to get it? Do they have freeview or do they only have satelliete? Internet Do you need a landline or do they have internet like Virgin Media here? Packages (TV, Internet and Mobile) Is there any good packages people can recommend (not bothered about landline if we don't need one).
  9. Guest

    Salary packages

    Hi , we are hoping to finalise our employer sponsor contract shortly and wanted to find out a bit more on what we should be asking for.We have tried to research on job websites but most vacancies are non specific or don't include nay salary details. So far we have agreed a basic salary after tax.We have had problems with the progress of this visa and are wary of asking for to much but in the same instance don't want to sell ourselves short. Any help please. Thanks Ebstar
  10. Hi All, we are currently in the UK and fly out on the 29th june arriving at our new rental in NSW on 1st July. we have sorted out the gas and electric. we are trying to sort out the phone and internet......telstra / blueyonder we have experience of and dont want them and again. we liked an optus "yes" package but the rental we are moving into is a new build on a new estate and optus cant identify us....aaarrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhh! :wacko: so, any ideas? i've heard internode are good but do they do phone aswell? anyone got experience of a company called westnet? any comments appreciated.
  11. Guest

    Furniture packages

    Hi Newbie here and I am in question mode:biggrin:Just been looking for a good site and found it now I have all these questions I want to ask, so bear with me. I just want to have a nose at furniture packages available in Australia. Just want to get a rough idead of what it may cost when the time comes. Anyone know any good sites. All going well with visa we are looking to move to Townsville. Ta Muchly Janey
  12. My partner is considering buying a house in Sydney (nearer to the city as he can get) but we can't really find anything suitable on the market for the two of us plus our dog. Having a dog means we need a garden, and there isn't really much out there it seems. We don't really want to pay a million bucks for a house, and don't mind living about an hours commute outside of the city, as he plans to work in the CBD and I plan on going to study at UNSW. His parents will be putting in some money towards to house (for investment purposes) but I was just curious to know if we would be better off getting a home and land package? I've seen prices quoted for as little as $187k for a 4 bed 2 bath house (although we probably wouldn't need a place that big!)...but there is nothing about the extra costs involved (land, and other fees). I'm completely new to this, so I was wondering if anyone could explain how it works? Of course, I am just curious as I don't even know if we can find home and land packages in Sydney! See...I'm completely clueless! Cheers :confused:
  13. Guest

    Posting rather than shipping...

    Hello all... Was hoping someone might be able to advise us, as we are starting to plan for the move. We've decided to leave all our furniture etc behind, as we will rent out our house in the UK , and besides, a lot of it is just IKEA trash or getting on a bit. However, we do have a couple of nice leather sofas only a year old, cost new around 2000 quid... so first off, anyone have any experience of flogging furniture - good websites to recommend or other ideas? But back to my main question - in effect we're thinking of just shipping personal effects. Quotes for 1/2 a 20' container are coming in at about 3000 - 3500 quid. Has anyone done things another way - boxing up stuff and sending it surface mail? How cost effective was that? We could store a whole bunch of stuff in mum's loft for a few months / year while we go over and find somewhere to live, and then ship it over at a later date when we go back to visit. Would appreciate any ideas... Cheers BB
  14. When you see house and land packages for sale, what exactly does that mean? Is the price they advertise really the price you pay? I've been looking at some adds, and seems to me that they are very cheap compared to already existing houses - whats the catch? How long does it usually take to completion, once you've decided on one? :eek:
  15. Hiya, Moving to perth in july and to be honest i havent got a clue what i should be looking at re this kind of thing. i've never had to deal with setting up a comp, internet etc so bear with me (i dont even know what gb i need!!) i'll be in a holiday let for one month therfore from what i can tell, i need to get mobile broadband for my uk laptop?? does this allow me to use skype etc to speak to folk back home? when i get a perm rental i'll be looking more for a package deal. i dont carry my laptop around with me so only really need it in the house to surf net and speak with people. to be honest most of my friends and family will have skype therefore will i need a phone line? dont even understand how the phonecards work for cheap calls as never had to use anything like this before. i'm also taking my uk mobile phone with me and was looking to go onto payg with vodafone (remember them having cheap deals to text call home when i was there before). i'm really not as dumb as i sound but i'm def not the most tecnically minded with this kind of thing and going onto the websites of the dealers is confusing me even more so any help in this area would be gratefully received! thanks, Michelle
  16. Hi everyone, I am new to this website, so thanks for having me. I have recently made the move to Australia and have permanent residency. We have chosen to try out Sydney and have been here two months. I am currently looking for work and am trying to understand what might generally be offered in terms of salary packages and how they are different to those at home, for example with regard to holidays and pensions etc. I have been lucky to have an interview at a college (to work in Student Services) and have been invited back for the second stage this week. So far, I have managed to avoid salary specifics by being a little vague about differences in currency, that sort of thing. Plus, the job I am being interviewed for is different to what I did back home, as I was previously teaching. I don't really know what to ask for as I was on quite a low wage, but had all of the holidays a teacher gets, but also lived in the north of England, which clearly doesn't really compare to living in Sydney where things are bound to be expensive and must be comparable to say, living in London. Any advice on understanding salary packages or how to get a good deal would be greatly appreciated, especially during these economically difficult times! Thanks again, Kelly
  17. Guest


    Hi i have a package that weights about 6 kilos that i need to send to the UK from Perth, has anyone sent similar or no who will transport if for me and if poss a rough price
  18. Hi there moving to bayside brisbane in 9weeks and was wondering if you good people could help me to wade through the mire that is mobile phone/landline packages i would be very grateful !!! i will need a mobile for myself and the wife and dont know whether its best to go for contract or payg ?i tried to figure out from some of the networks websites which was a good deal but found it harder than i imagined so i thought i would you helpful peeps ,will also need a landline package with bb if anybody can recommend who is best value/service as i have heard some horror stories regards certain companies ,thx for taking the time to look and offering your advice ,cheers swagman
  19. Guest

    furniture packages

    A while back on here someone mentioned you can get furniture packages and gave a web page but I can't find it now. We are in the Gold Coast and are looking to furnish a 3 bedroom house cheaply!! If anyone can help it will be much appreciated. thanks wendy :wubclub:
  20. Can someone please explain the new house and land package thing that is promoted on the real estate websites please? Would this apply to us moving in on a 175 visa? Some of these houses are beautiful!:jiggy:I know im getting slightly ahead of myself here but cant help it! Must go to bed and stop looking!
  21. Hi all, After 2 months of sending my hubbys c.v. around to different companies he has had 4 phone interviews, (with the same company) and is going out to perth this week for a face to face meeting, We are just wondering if anybody has any information on relocation packages and if there is any such thing as a "standard" package? Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanx :wubclub:
  22. up4answers

    Packages on ships

    Hello all. We're moving to Sydney in August. At first we're just taking clothes over, but pretty soon after I'm going to want to send over a few personal belongings, mainly paintings that will remind us of home. Can anyone help with suggestions/advice about sticking stuff on a ship over to Oz? There won't be that much, certainly not enough to warrant a container. Thanks in advance.
  23. Guest

    Broadband packages

    Just been checking out an Aussie compare site and the prices seem huge!! What I was wondering is this... here in the UK we are on an unlimited package with Virgin so I have no idea what our actual usage is, we have downloaded loads of stuff in the past but looking at OZ dl limits that will have to stop. Essentially, we have 4 kids and us who will be using MSN regularly plus we do internet banking and the kids surf regularly too. What I am trying to establish is what package people are finding reasonable to cover their contact with the UK, how much they contact home and how many people are using it to find out how much download limit we might need so I can budget for it!! Thanks peeps Simon
  24. Guest

    cheap flights or hol packages

    hi all at pio were thinking of going on a rekkie hol arround brisbane & want to know if anybody knows the cheapest way to do it. any advise or websites ? thanks tnl
  25. becky c

    house and land packages

    Hi All, Can anyone explain what the deal is with house and land packages, e.g.what are they, how do they work, why are they different to just buying a house and finally and most importantly why they seem so cheap? I've just been browsing realestate.com for property in Mount Barker and there are some of these packages up for about $260,000, brand new with 3/4 beds, ensuite etc, they just seem too good to be true, whats the catch? Thanks in advance, Bec x