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Found 30 results

  1. Hi Guys , I'm going to do one of the Package Deals being provided by Milcom in order to get an AQF111. I'm a telecoms technician (11 years) and hoping to get work on the NBN rollout when I get to Australia early 2012. The course includes the Open Registration and 6 core units of Certificate 111. Has anybody done a ' Fibre to the home ' or ' Fibre Optical Networks ' course with Milcom and are now working on the NBN rollout ? Can you apply directly to a company like ' Servicestream ' and be given a van / tools etc.. or do you need to set yourself up as an independant contractor and supply your own van / tools. Any advice on securing work in this field after completing one of these courses would be greatly appreciated. Cheers David
  2. Hi, I have been offered a job which the employer is sponsoring the visa & relocation package. What would the typical package consist of? What should I ask for? Many thanks in advance.
  3. My daughter is trying to send a box to us from uk to oz- the post office have quoted her £90 at their cheapest rate. Anyone know a cheaper way to send it? Thanks, Donna :cute:
  4. Hi, I'm going to Australia from 1st October on a year long working holiday with Real Gap, sort of like a gap year but three years after graduating! Has anyone here done the same programme? I'm hoping to see as much of Australia as I can and just experience the whole place, meet new people etc... They guarantee job offers, mostly fruit picking and factory work My only concerns are where to stay after the first week and getting enough money together. Has anyone got experiences of Real Gap or are you about to go on a working holiday?
  5. A friend is looking to furnish a 3 bed apartment Does anyone know of a company who supply the whole package, down to the last spoon?
  6. Guest

    Broadband package

    Hello all, Can you help? we have here a virgin media package which includes TV, land line phone and unlimited broadband connection. Is there anyhing like this in Australia? if so, what is called and how much does it cost each month? If not, what do people use and how much does it cost? Thank you for your help, Alan and Mary
  7. Been offered a secondment to Melbourne with my current employer and as part of what seems quite a good package there is a taxable lump sum of $15,000 payable in my first wage. Can anyone shed any light on what rate of tax this would be at or would it be totally dependent upon my salary (which I'm waiting to find out). Thanks The Hippo
  8. Hi guys, Although this is my first ever post I've been reading this forum for some time now. I have to say that it has been really helpful in making choices and assisting in removing some of my worries! I have a question that may have been asked/answered before so apologies up front. My family and I will be moving to Melbourne in Feb 11 on a 457 visa and as part of my package I have been offered a novated vehicle fund / tool of trade vehicle of $16,000, my question is what sort of car will that get me? Is that enough to get me a decent mid sized car? (as after looking at vehicle prices in Aus it sure doesn't seem to be!) and with novated is that the same as a Uk company car (tax, fuel, insurance, etc included?) I will be working as a project manager and the term 'tool of trade' vehicle is more a company thing so please don't be mislead by that. I have many more questions to come! Thanks in advance!
  9. hi, I've been looking for mobile phone and data packages for when I move to Oz and the $49 combo cap found here; Vodafone Mobile Broadband - Combo Caps seemed quite good as it states it includes 1.5GB of phone data, 2GB of USB dongle data and a dongle and phone. But, when I click on the "show cap details" tab is then says: 500MB4 of data for mobile internet or Unlimited BlackBerry® Email & Internet Browsing5 + 500MB of data for video streaming4 Plus a FREE USB Modem with 1GB of data to use each month within Vodafone's 3G Mobile Broadband Zone which would appear to be quite different. So I sent an email to Vodafone to ask why. Unfotunately, the response was the typical automated rubbish that I would expect in the UK, asking for my vodafone mobile number, account and PIN number so that they could deal with my "account" question and a whole page full of unrelated information about different types of accounts. Obviously nobody read my question. (My hopes of a slightly better service in Oz vanishing rapidly!). I'm unlikely to become a Vodafone customer now, but can anyone explain the conflicting information? (or recommend a better package?) Thanks
  10. Pozz

    Salary package for NSW?

    Hi Im looking at a possible job in the Newcastle area which will give me sponsorship on a 457. The package is $80k plus a car. Having looked at rents im not sure if it is as good an offer as I first thought. Is this enough for a couple to have a reasonable lifestyle?
  11. We have been using a Virgin internet dongle for the past 9 months, mainly because we wanted to get a feel for how much our monthly expenditure was going to be and to make sure we could afford what we had committed to!! We are now wanting to switch to a monthly plan but haven't got much idea which internet providers provide the best service for the least outlay. Could I ask : 1 Who do you recommend? 2. What do you get for your money? 3. How much does it cost? Ta very muchly:hug: Sue x
  12. hi, just packing our stuff up for doree bonner who are coming thursday to put our stuff into container. we have boxed up all small items and labelled the boxes, we have put covers on our sofas and covers on our mattresses, also black bagged many things then put into boxes. But what about table and chairs, wardrobes, bed frames, bicycles etc, do i need to bubble wrap? or will they take them as they are without anything on them?, hope they will cos im getting tired and stressed out by all the packing up! if anyone knows the answer please help me clarify, cheers
  13. Hi, we are moving up to Queensland from adelaide early next year. We initially wanted to move to Helensvale as we like the area. Unfortunately not a lot of houses are coming up in our price range and if they do, they are selling like hot cakes. So, we thought (after first ruling it out) we might live in Pacific Pines. The house and land packages don't look bad, if that is all you have to pay. Has anyone taken on these packages and not had to pay out anymore than it states and did it run smoothly (as best as it can)? We didn't have a chance to look around the display village when we were there because by the time we decided to give Pacific Pines another thought, it was time to come home. Thank you.
  14. Guest

    rellocation package

    Hi, not sure if this one has been answered before, so apologies if so! I have accepted a job in Tasmania, they are offering a "rellocation package", I was wondering if anyone else had been in this position as I am going to have to negotiate how much and don't know what is reasonable, I am a Gp and signing up to 5yrs commitment if that makes a difference, any clues anyone?? Thanks Jo:wub:
  15. Guest

    Internet Package

    Hello everyone!! My wife & I are struggling to get a good internet package. I work in IT and need a good service in order to work from home etc. Has anyone come across a good package with anyone? We will be based in Sydney from next week and any help would be great....:-) Thanks to you all, Neil & Michelle......:wacko:
  16. Hi , Arrive in Brisbane next week and wondered if anyone can recommend the best Package for a home plan of Tv, Broadband, Mobile and Landline? Much appreciate your feedback thanks. :skeptical:
  17. Hello everyone, I'm shortly about to send off my application for my Perm res from the UK, (309) and there's a lot of paperwork and documents. A lot. Now I'm wondering if there's an ideal way of putting the package together - e.g, different bits in seperate folders/sleaves, covering letter at top, things stapled together etc. I'm sure there is no right or wrong way, but I'd be very interested to hear how others may have done it. I presume the case officers are used to all sorts jumbled paper work stuffed into jiffy bags and are trained to work it all out, but there must be an ideal way for them... Thanks loads (or thanks heaps to anyone in Oz reading this!) Freshy
  18. Guest

    Stimulus Package

    Anyone got the $900 yet?
  19. Guest

    Which Package?

    Hi all, being new to Oz just having house built in Mandurah,WA and getting close now so have a bit of a dillemma knowing which TV, Phone, Internet package to take on. Most stores I`ve spoken to don`t seem to have much idea and are very vague. Any ideas from anyone already set up?:wacko: Cheers.
  20. Hi all. I wonder if anyone can shed some light on the stimulus package as far as Contributary Parents Visa holders is concerned. Connie and I are both retired and hold the CP Visas.(been here since July 07) We have lodged our 2007/2008 Tax returns Each of us have less than the $100,000 income threshold We are both Aussie residents for tax purposes Our tax liability is greater than nil Will we qualify for the $900 or is it only working people who will be getting it? As far as I can see looking at the Australian Tax Office(ATO) website ,there is no mention of people having to be in work to qualify. Note. We didn't get the Xmas bonus for pensioners either because we are not Australian pensioners. Can't believe we're the only retired CPVers who are wondering about this. We would be grateful if anyone can answer this. Rgards Mike
  21. Economic stimulus package cuts reduce your payout by $50 | The Daily Telegraph THE Rudd government's $42 billion economic stimulus package has been rejected by parliament. The Senate voted down the government's legislation, implementing the package, after independent senator Nick Xenophon voted with the coalition. The Australian Greens and Family First's Steve Fielding voted with the government, tying the vote at 35-35. The Federal Government had earlier agreed to reduce cash payments to eligible taxpayers by $50 to $900 following negotiations with crossbench senators about its $42 billion economic package. It would also reduce by the same amount, the one-off payment to single-income families. The federal government will now reintroduce legislation advancing its $42 billion economic stimulus package later today after it was rejected by the Senate, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has told parliament.
  22. I have been doing some homework and hospitals and it seems that some hospitals offer UK nurses a relocation package. Is this the norm? What hospitals offer this? Any Nurses out there get offered one and is there any catches? JOHN
  23. The Pom Queen

    Furniture Package in Melbourne

    We have a former client who has to return back to the UK and he is selling the furniture that he purchased when he arrived if anyone is interested, it consists of; · 42 inch LG Scarlett LCD Television with Glass Stand, Panasonic DVD and 5.1 Surround Sound system · 3 Piece Suite with 2 single recliner chairs · 2 Queen size beds with bedroom furniture · Large real wood Dining table with 6 leather chairs (Dark wood and Dark leather chairs) · Large Samsung Fridge · Bosch High End Washing Machine · Cutlery · Crockery · Stainless Steel Kettle
  24. Can you all please suggest some websites that i can use to price up flights and package holidays flying from Oz in both within Australia and outside of it? Many thanks Emma x
  25. Executive Furniture Package I have a furniture package for a 3 bedroom property for sale. It has been used but is less than 12 months old. The package is currently in an apartment in South Yarra (which for those who don't know is the inner south east of Melbourne). I can arrange a viewing for anyone interested as the property is currently vacant. I have pictures available so you can see the style and condition. Anyone interested can email me and I will send you a detailed PDF file of what is included and pictures by return. I paid AU $25,500 for this package last January. I'm selling for AU $15,000 (approx 6,500 sterling) a saving of AU $10,500. The apartment is also currently for sale and I would consider selling it completely furnished. The apartment is 3beds, 3 bath plus parking in Chambers Street, South Yarra. details are at my agents website. Kay&Burton Real Estate, Melbourne, Flinders, Brighton, Portsea, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia or I can email you the brochure.