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Found 35 results

  1. We are moving out in April and are getting most of our items shipped. We will be renting furnished until container arrives. Is there anything that you wished you put in your suitcase rather than having to wait for it. It's hard trying to think what we will REALLY need to begin with. We have 2 young boys (8 and 4) and will obviously need to pack some toys and things for them. :rolleyes:
  2. Mr Fabricator

    when to start selling stuff and pack up

    Hi All , i know everyone will be in a different situation but when do u feel is a good time to start to thin out personal posessions , clear away all the crap that should have been junked years ago and decide what is going to oz ?? ive pretty much just started the long process but have been sorting , and clearing since i first appointed my agent . Couldnt bare the thought of being granted a visa , booking flights and then having my whole life to shut down . I do have a business to shut down aswell as my personal life so its pretty much double and not just a case of handing my notice in and taking my office coffee mug home . Ive been ebaying big items , ( 2 motorbikes and 3 cars ) from home and work , funds from these have all but cleared up my debt's Ive been through my wardrobes and seem to be skipping things on a weekly basis , i look at stuff everywhere and think when do i use that , why did i get that ?? BIN !! Its actually liberating and with the waiting game that is the visa process it maker me feel like im still doing something and making progress . thoughts ? lee
  3. just a quicky whats the name of the cleaning chemical you should use for garden furniture or ornaments you plan on taking to oz. so that they smell clean and to remove all soil. thanks alan
  4. We are in the process of choosing which shipping company to pack up my one bedroom flat. I'm guessing i've got about half a container full of stuff. My question is : when is everyone getting their shippers in to pack them up? Obviously we don't want to be sleeping on the floor for longer then we have to. What is a reasonable amount of time between the shippers coming and us flying out? We are due to fly on March 5th next year. All advice welcome :cute:
  5. Hi, We have sold our house... but plan to live with family for a few months before moving, but although we have passed our meds etc, we haven't actually got our visa yet (any day). Therefore we are packing boxes ourselves at the moment and was going to store our stuff at a friends etc. So do I get quotes now whilst my house is still in tact... or do I get quotes once its all boxed up? Also, may treat ourselves to a few new bits of furniture to take with us? can you take brand new stuff? thanks
  6. Well thngs are all going well so far - kids passports applied for (1 week wait time) and my husband's A-level certificates on their way. These are the only things we're waiting for before the visa can be applied for. Still on track for flying out 31st August. I'm trying to work out what to pack for the first 10-12 weeks over there before our container arrives. What do you recommend? What did you take and not need? What did you need but not take? I'm guessing a fairly limited number of clothes and toiletries, obviously all the paperwork, identification, references etc, but what else? We are 2 adults, 2 kids under 4, so there's some stuff I know I can't get away without. We'll be arriving in September, what will the weather be like realistically in Brisbane? Will we need coats other than rain coats? What about cardigans/light jackets. Stuff like sun cream and mossie repellent - is it worth buying it over there rather than before we go? Is it that much better or cheaper over there? Also what would you recommend for the plane? We will be having a 14 hour layover in Singapore (probably hire a room in one of the transit hotels for 12 hours and chill out a little bit). Any advice gratefully received!
  7. gaz n family

    What can we pack with our households

    Hiya, the clock has just about run out for us now, the removal men arrive tomorrow for the day to make a start on packing, before next weeks final load up of the container. We are sat here looking at all the candles the wife has, including some decerotive ones that are unique (unused) and wondering if its worth packing them. We were advised the only reason not to pack candles was because they will melt/distort in the container one the way over, and not because the aussies wont allow them in. Has anyone experienced this? Did you pack them, did they melt, did they get picked up by the authorities? Finally, a few of my garage items have tiny spots of rust on them, i dont want to take a wire brush to them as it will destroy whats left of the coating. Will this be a problem during the inspection?
  8. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all is coming along and we are flying out on the 24th may so start our familiy adventure and we cant wait :-) Shippers are coming on the 16th so just doing the final cleaning and sorting - arghhhhh! One thing i cant decide on is what clothes to bring in our luggage. we have an allowance of 23kg each (3 of us). What will the weather really be like.................my husband and son will probally only pack shorts! I love it when a plan comes together :biggrin: Ta Lou x
  9. Guest

    What to pack?????

    We are set to move over sometime end May and are beginning to feel the panic set in... so much to do and not much time left! We have not yet decided on which route to take ( shipping company to pack or us to pack? ) but need some helpful advise on what NOT to pack, i.e. what is definitely not allowed? Got 4 kids and loads toys, garden stuff and tools galore.... where to start!
  10. Guest

    self pack shipping

    hi guys. has any body used or has considered using self pack shipping.com. Kind regards. fintanok
  11. gaz n family

    What can we pack?

    So, with the visa in our hand now it seems more planning is needed :chatterbox: We are looking about the house contents and what we can or cannot take. It seems the advised list on the AQIS website includes EVERYTHING. For example Under their kitchen list it has Kitchenware including, but not limited to: bowls, place mats and coasters which may be made of wood, leaves or other plant materials chopsticks crockery cutlery especially cutlery made from antlers cutting boards flat packed, prefabricated kitchens food containers large appliances e.g. refrigerators, freezers, etc mixing bowls and baking equipment pots and pans small appliances e.g. breadmakers, food processors, toasters, etc toothpicks utensils including knife block waste bins All food and pantry items including, but not limited to: Chinese herbs cooking ingredients dried/dehydrated food items dry goods food offered in prayer herbs and spices medicines pre–packaged food protein shakes and supplements ration packs rice/pasta snacks teas including herbal tea I cannot think that there would be anything left in most kitchens if we stuck to this list of not to include. Is this list advise or OTT as i know many on here have taken fridges for example. I just cannot see why you couldnt take food processors, bread makers etc so long as they are spotless?
  12. stevie ellis

    face pack?

    I like to keep ma hands nice an soft for Mrs E , with a nice hand cream , for intament moments:wubclub: but thought about a face pack ? can anyone recommend one?am no allergic to anything so am easy, thanks lovely soft and smooth stevie:cool:
  13. Hi All, Just looking for advise on who to use in Ireland for shipping to Melbourne, will be bringing 1 car ( '10 Renault Grande Megane) and a few household items, plan to rent our house so won't be bringing that much furniture apart from a spare sofa and a cofee table,bedside locker or any spare thing we have. We will of course have all our clothes etc. How big a container would we need? Also we have a few good TV's in our house & we could probably bring 1 or 2 but is it worth it? Did you pack the container yourself or did you get a company to do it for you? Also are we better buying our beds (need 3) or trying to rent a furnished house there-know it is more difficult to find? We are going out with the view that we are going to give it 2 years and then return if we don't like it but most likely it will be permanent. Any advise would be brill. AM
  14. Guest

    Self Pack Container

    Hi, does anybody know of a removals company that will supply a container and allow me to pack my own boxes and container ( as most are still packed in garage), like Ewe-pack in the UK. if you have done this youself, howmuch did it cost? So far all of the removal agencies i have contacted have said that they do not supply this service. Thanks Qld Sunshine
  15. Hellllloo again. I remember seeing on here a few months ago a very informative list on what items can be packed into our crate. Try as i might but i cannot find it. Can someone please point me in the right direction or post a link to the laid down regulations
  16. cartertucker

    What to pack?

    What to pack for a 3 week trip to WA at this time of year? :unsure:
  17. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone has self-packed a 40ft container,as finding Removals mega money,thinking of useing a shining broker...moving 3 bed house..car..workshop gear.. Head spinning Dave..North Yorkshire to Perth..:arghh:
  18. I was just wondering how I should pack things like clothes, shoes, duvets, and towels? The shipping company we are using is not doing the packing for us. We dont have enough suitcases for all these things to fit into. Are bin bags allowed lol?? I have seen mixed reviews on here about vac packing. What did you all do with your coats, blankets etc? Do they also have to go in boxes? or can some go in suitcases in the container? If anyone can help, thank you very much! :unsure:
  19. Hi, Can anyone give us an idea of what is important to pack in our luggage. Our container leaves in about a month, so we're still at that sorting out stage. And we leave in Sept for Melbourne. Obviously clothes, shoes, documents, laptop etc. but I am wondering if there are any vital bits and bobs that would be good to include in the luggage? I read on here once that an extension cable is a good idea, and that is now on the list - any other ideas? We've got a 160kg luggage allowance with Singapore Airlines which is loads (not that I am complaining!). We went away for a week last month and only took 22kg for 4 of us, I want to make the most of the 160kg and pack wisely. thanks, Sam :wubclub:
  20. Proview220

    HIP pack abolished

    HIP pack has been sent on its way thank god, i wonder how many people will try for a refund,???
  21. Guest

    Pack to Mel

    Gday all, What are my options to send a few luggage pack to Mel. Any idea abt the cost ? cheers
  22. My partner and I are travelling one way to Sydney in July, we are flying with BA. I have contacted them re extra baggage allowance but I haven't received any sensible reply. We are therefore left in the dark about whether we will be given extra baggage allowance. Has anyone else flown with BA and got the extra allowance and if so how did you manage it. I also wanted to ask if anyone has used vaccuum pack bags in their luggage they've brought with them and if this was a problem. Thanks Tara:unsure:
  23. Our things are being taken in a weeks time and I just wondered if I can pack make up and perfume and moisture cream and things like that in the container? Thanks!
  24. Its all happening. Pickfords arrive today to start the packing with a plan to finish off tomorrow and load onto the container. Have yet to finish packing clothes and still havent sold the motorbike, which is currently parked on the path outside the house with a for sale sign. (you cant fault me for my optimism) All too stressful, already had tears this morning and to top the lot IM STILL WORKING. Having to continue working until tomorrow PM. Boss hasnt suggested i can take the time off. Have no annual leave and am -4 hours in toil. So have left hubby and 4 yr old son at the house to direct the removals team:err: :arghh:
  25. I bet Aldo will hang arund though ! The pain in Spain proves too much as expat Britons pack their bags