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Found 17 results

  1. Alan Collett

    New form P85

    Following the introduction of the statutory residence test in the UK effective 6th April 2013 a new form P85 has been released, and should be completed by all who depart the UK to give clarity as to their UK residence. Form P85 is available at this weblink, or via the attachment below: http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/cnr/p85.pdf Best regards. p85 - new (2013).pdf p85 - new (2013).pdf
  2. catatemyfish

    P85 - Rental Income

    Hi all, Quick question; in the P85 form for HMRC does the rental income amount to be declared equal the total amount of rent you receive from your tenant or is this the total amount of rent minus my mortage repayments, agent fees, insurance etc which would, in my case, be a neagative figure? Many thanks, Fiona
  3. http://www.gmtax.com.au/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2012/01/Departing-the-UK-Notifying-HMRC-Form-P85.pdf Hopefully of use to some. Best regards.
  4. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me on the following issue (or knows any more about it). I left the UK in August 2010 and filled in a P85 in the hope of getting a refund. I started work in Australia in September 2010 and have been paying tax on my earnings. I received a letter from HMRC saying that as I don't intend to be resident in Oz for a complete tax year I will be treated as a UK resident for tax purposes and my non-UK income is chargable to UK tax. Is this correct? Jomu
  5. tloring

    P85 - Income from UK Property?

    I have searched PIO threads and not found this specific question posed or answered. On the HRMC P85 form there is a section for "Income from UK Property". It allows for only the identification of a property, e.g. "name and address of the person paying you"; "tell us how you will be paid - put X in one box". However, we will be leaving two UK properties when we move to Oz. One is rented out via a letting agency, the other is our current house that we have been unable to sell and hence we are going to rent directly to some acquaintances. We will be completing HMRC NRL1 forms for non-resident landlord within which you can declare all rented properties in more details. Finally, after mortgage and legitimate offsets, we will make small losses on both these properties (we do not have then for profit). Hence, my questions are: 1) If we are completing NRL1 forms do we need to put anything on the P85 forms? 2) If we do have to declare income from UK properties on the P85, how do we get around the fact that the form restrictions the declaration to a single property? 3) Given we are making losses on these properties, do we identify these are negative amounts on the P85?. Hope someone out there can help. Many thanks.
  6. junellew

    Help with form P85

    I am trying to sort out all finances and loose ends as we leave in 7 weeks. Was told the sooner you can submit P85 the better only my husband does not finish work until 5 days before we leave and it says you need to send your P45 if you have it. Should I wait until we have it or just go ahead without?
  7. zippyderby


    Just filling in our P85 forms for HMRC. Does anyone know where you send them to..........going round in circles looking for the address on the HMRC website aaaarrrggghhhhh! Cheers
  8. Guest

    When to send Form P85???

    Hi there, i was wondering if anyone knows when to fill in and send form P85 to the tax office. Do you wait till youve left work then send, but how long will it take if youre moving to Oz. Or can you send while youve given work notice? any advice would be much appreciated. Gillian
  9. nik_kershaw

    P85, where do I post it

    I have moved down under recently and I am compleating a P85 form Tax form for leaving the UK. I now have my P45 to get my tax back and it says on the form "return the original to the above office" however there isn't an address to send it to. I did get the form from the tax office in Preston, so should I send it to that tax office or is there a particular address I should send it to? Anyone got the address I can send it to Cheers
  10. Just wanted to get a general idea of how long it took everyone to receive their tax refunds, thanks and clicks for all replies :hug:
  11. Guest

    P85 tax form

    Hi there Just been reading another thread on here which mentions P85 tax refunds - can someone explain what this is for and why you get a refund Advice is always appreciated Sharon:hug:
  12. Does everyone have to fill in a P85 when permanently leaving UK? From what I can gather, the only purpose of it is to get a refund from HMRC for the current tax year? Just wondering because my OH hasn't worked for 10 years so there's no chance of any oustanding tax owing to her. What happens if you don't fill in a P85?
  13. PommyPaul

    If i don't fill in form P85.....

    .....will they just send me a tax refund at the end of the uk tax year automatically? :unsure:
  14. Guest

    p85 form

    Anyone sent off there p45 along with p85 and received tax back owing to them? I have the forms but waiting to finish work b4 I can obtain my p45. Was is straight forward and did you have to wait long for payment. We will be leaving 3 weeks after I fin work and wondered if I am likely to hear back from the tax office before then. If not I assume we will need to give them details of our Australian bank account? Anyone done this? :unsure:
  15. Guest


    Hi Filling in a P85 and there is a question about whether we intend to return to our rental property as sole or main residence within four year since our departure - the honest answer is I don't know but can anyone tell me the implications of saying yes or saying no! Thanks
  16. I have lodged mine in Manchester today only to be told that they take 8 weeks to get processed, so don't count on using your refund for a shopping stopover!
  17. The Broughtons

    P85 reminder

    Hi fellow poms in ozers, Thought I'd just remind people how important it is to complete a P85 in order to re-claim any tax that you have overpaid before you come to Australia. I filed mine and receive over £800 back. We're still waiting for Michael's. There is also a form you can complete to hand into your bank if you are leaving a bank account open in the UK which declares that you are no longer a tax resident and therefore should not be paying tax on any interest earnt. I did it for our accounts but forgot one - we're still paying tax on that - bugga! I can't remember the number of the form but if you google search it or look on the inland revenue site you should find it. Be warned though - banks and building societies are not obliged to accept it, it is at the branches discretion! Fortunately Barclays seem to accept it okay. Hope this helps you claim a few extra pennies back, as Tesco say, every little helps! Felicity:wubclub: