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Found 40 results

  1. I have a new patio heater and want to bring it to Oz however I don't know if the gas cylinders are the same over there? (yes I have looked on a few Australian gas websites and checked e-bay but I still am unsure? :eek: Did anyone bring over their patio heaters with them? Becks
  2. Killie

    Rentals in ozzie?

    Could you reccomend me a good website with flat or house to rent in australia. in riverina region /wagga wagga.:wink:
  3. England have just tonked India in the cricket by 196 run's in the first test of the current series :jiggy:, if we win the series by two clear matches then we will be officialy the best side in the world :jiggy:. To be honest even if we do not win by 2 clear matches then it will not be the end of the world as it will just be a matter of time before we are number 1 and imo could be there for a long time, with an ageing Indian side and the worst aussie side for a long time the only side that will challenge us i reckon are South Africa and we normally beat them :yes:so it's all good in god's game :cool:
  4. hi all We are in the process of getting quotes in from shipping companies for hh goods and our car - a 2005 BMW 330 convertible. All our stuff will just about fit in a 40' hi cube. I have the paperwork for the licence to import the car (costs $50), but I am a bit confused as to what happens to the car once it gets to Perth. The shippers all say that our car must be collected by us from the port (while hh contents will be delivered to our final destination in Margaret River). What needs to happen between the car arriving in Perth and me collecting it? Is there stuff I need to do now, or can it only be done once it has arrived? Seeing as we wont be living in perth, I dont want to have to make multiple trips to the port if it can be helped. Advice gratefully received! Thanks:biggrin:
  5. Guest

    Ozzie "Lifestyle"

    For those of you contemplating the move to Oz I expect one of the draws with be the much talked about "Lifestyle" that is constantly bantered on about. Unfortunately I don’t actually think this is the reality and the much talked about “Lifestyle looks to be rather a myth” I spend 2 hours a day getting to and from work which seems to be quite the norm here for those working in one of the Cities (I dare say the well organised “how dare you post negative issues” gang will shout me down) is part of that great “Lifestyle”. The average Australian mortgage is $270,000 (calculated from the Australian Bureau of Statistics:5609.0 – Housing Finance, Australia 6302.0 – Average Weekly Earnings, Australia, is this really a “Lifestyle” position to be courted and I expect for the average Brit moving here it would probably be higher. Did I mention the studies about work hours, yes the Ozzies do a longer working week than most which seems like a working “Lifestyle” to me. If you look through the property guides you will see houses for sale here in Oz with a picture insert of beach or view of something with very small writing in the corner saying “lifestyle shot” which actually means that the beach or view cannot be seen from the property or even be that near to it. I was watching the TV the other night and the advert, which I think was for a credit card, was saying “for the Lifestyle you want” I ask you, is owning a credit card really a “Lifestyle”. I accept credit cards are worldwide but have not seen one advertised as a “Lifestyle” before. Oh sorry I forgot about American Express adverts but at least they did not use the “Lifestyle” statement. And then there’s the great Ozzie beach “Lifestyle” that is until you realise that for most places it’s not safe to go into the water especially anywhere north of the Sunshine Coast where your going to come into contact with blue bottle stingers or perhaps sharks, sea snakes or even Crocks so water looks very inviting but signs say no swimming what a “Lifestyle” I could go on but I dare say there will be people who disagree with my scribing, perhaps they have a “Lifestyle car” or “Lifestyle clothing” or even “Lifestyle children”. Yes the great Ozzie “Lifestyle” here and waiting for you !!!
  6. Guest

    My ozzie dog ,help needed

    Can anyone help me out I bought this aussie dog, its supposed to be a pure breed but what i can make out the mutt it mental. Are all aussie dogs the same? I have bought the mutt have a dozen balls and we take him to the park every day, we throw the ball and the mutt just sits there starring. All it wants to do is chase shadows. Is it off its head or will it grow out of it? Need to know as it cost us lots of money and if it doesn't sort itself out gonna take it back for a refund.
  7. Guest

    Ozzie Gov- whats happening

    Hi all peeps in OZ Is there any breaking news yet if the Ozzie government have yet sorted out their HUNG PARLIMENT and who's in bed with who???? Just getting fed up waiting for the SMP's to be announced if they ever are going to be..............and I've heard nothing yet that a pack has been made.... HURRY UP .... GET US OUT OF HERE :arghh: Judy & Daz
  8. mrsindecision

    Got first ozzie visitor coming

    Am so excited - got our first visitor from Oz arriving in a couple of weeks. Our good friends' son is coming to travel around Uk and Europe and we are being the UK mum and dad. Looking forward to the merging of my two worlds ( still have son in Oz - who is being watched over by a range of mum and dads there). Will make the transition to life in Uk more fun I think. (he's kiwi and a character so should really love Uk even the cold). Just wanted to share :cute:
  9. Hi all, Well I will try to summarize what has been happenning since we walked off the plane into our new lives in Mornington about a month ago.. Well, we followed our landlord, Edwin to our accommodation (driven in Kates minibus by Lisa Stockie). He had everything ready for us all and helped us into the house with all our masses of suitcases. There was even a cooked chicken, salad, drinks, bubbly etc in the fridge and cupboards had food in too!! We quickly started unpacking before we started to feel the jetlag! We had some food and by 5pm crashed into bed for a few hours.. When we surfaced we ordered pizza (courtesy of the info on the fridge). After a good night's sleep Edwin arrived at 9am to take my OH to the car rental place that he had organised for us! My MIL and FIL arrived by 11am that day also and FIL had food poisoning! great start!! My MIL took us food shopping (left FIL on the sofa), she spent a big $900 !! without booze!! Then we went to the Bank to validate our account. Next day we looked at cars and found a Mazda 6 for $22k. Finding the car was easy but actually buying it was harder. We needed several forms of ID to get the rego sorted, couldn't get Vic licence as you have to both make appointments to go to the office and apply for it, insurance was easy online and we could then print off policy docs showing our address. We couldn't get Medicare yet as we had to have been in the country for 10 days! Luckily our rental had an invoice so we bought a printer and used our laptops to print that address proof! On Saturday we also used our satnav (downloaded maps before we came) to get our 2 cats from quarantine in Spotswood. Met up briefly with Simon and Caroline (PIO) who were collecting their 2 and had brough our cats some toys and a scratching post - THANK YOU!! Next few days were spent running around finding ID, getting bank cheque, buying car and trying to get appointments with schools to have a look! Docs registration was easy, had to get FIL to docs too as he had a perforated eardrum too (and he is a miserable sod anyway!). I would not recommend having any rellies when you have just landed and staying with you! Finally got kids into school just over a week later. Son loves his primary school, and daughter is getting there in her secondary. They both stayed in their same year groups as UK. We managed to spend a day on the beach in Mornington, lovely clear water and beautiful beaches!! Also went to Arthurs seat to 'test' the car! In laws went off to Phillip Island for the night so we had a peaceful day! School fees and uniforms and book purchases were expensive! Secondary school fees (state) were $700 and primary school fees $300. secondary school uniform skirt for eg $70! each! We went to the Dandenongs one day when kids were in school - really lovely country and the views were stunning! OH had a few interviews after a week and was offered a permanent job! He started work in the CBD last week. He has also now been offered another from those interviews.. We are lucky to have a long term friend living in Mt Martha and have been introduced to a few poms out here, been out to BBQs and met up with PIO here too. Hope you are still reading otherwise I am just writing my life history for nothing! Our 2 cats are settling in well now. Tried to register them with council, but have to get them scanned by a vet/local shelter first to put them on the National Pet database first before we can register! silly as we had them scanned in quarantine! Mornington is a lovely seaside town, but with good retail parks with everything you could want! Frankston just down the road has a great big shopping mall for everything else! People are really friendly and my daughter is the 4th Brit in her class! We now have our Medicare cards, Vic Roads licence (10yr $158), and have spent the last few weeks trawling around houses to rent and putting in rental applications. Some Agents are lovely, others less than helpful! Finally on Monday we found out we had been approved for a lovely house which we get the keys to on 9th April, our container should be delivered on 16th and we have this place till 20th May as we knew finding rentals is horrid! we even offered 12 weeks up front! Well I hope this has been useful for some of you wanting to come over soon. Already we can see life is better, not cheaper and certainly different! Julie x
  10. Hi Guys, well I said I would keep you all updated, so here goes.. We left freezing UK at 3.30pm via minibus taxi to Heathrow on Sat 20th Feb 2010. Had 4 very large suitcases, 2 holdalls, one smaller suitcase, 4 cabin bags - all packed to the max!! thank god for double baggage allowance! At Heathrow we went through security ok, had to remove our shoes! and showed our email with the double baggage confirmed. Had a meal and found the Samsung power bank to plug in our laptops and ipods to keep us all going. No free internet boo.. Boarded our Singapore Airlines A380 plane, had checked in 48hrs before online and printed our boarding passes. We had 4 seats in the middle. Loads of room for the large cabin bags - we kept them all to the 7kg limit, but no one weighed them anywhere! typical. Kris world entertainment system was good, but we used our own noise cancelling headphones and they were def a good investment to drown out babies, people snoring and noise leakage from their bad headphones! Appetisers were awful, and the main course of chicken or beef ok, but chicken run out. Pud choc cake not great. Had a singapore sling though! Stewardesses were really fab! Flight very bumpy and the seats very hard and our knees suffered! Oh for business class! We landed in Singapore on Sunday evening 18.45, the last flight I think as arrivals was dead. we only had passports stamped and customs wanted to only scan a few cases as we had so many and they wanted to go home! We had pre booked our minibus taxi - Big thanks to NigelinOz, was $88 return to Hotel in Singapore. we used SMRT Website - Limousine Services Singapore it took about 20 mins to get to our Hotel - Novotel Clarke Quay from the airport by taxi. As we are Krisflyer registered with Singapore Airlines we had 3 nights in an executive room - king bed and 2 singles with free breakfasts for 4! Hotel room big but fittings a little dated, wiring not the best shape! Pool was great (outdoor) with bar service! Breakfast great variety - even miso soup and noodles if you wanted. Taxis cheap if you remember to use metered ones. We went to Sentosa Island on Monday, got the train MRT to harbourfront expecting to go on the cable car over, but this is shut for a few months to upgrade sadly. We took a tour over and was expensive, did the luge ride (fab!), beach, skytrack extreme log ride (3d virtual). Very expensive icecream but food good. Encountered our first downpourand couldn't believe we were still hot! not England then!! Temps 35 - 27 degrees.. Went to Orchard Road and saw the shops - boring really. Did the Singapore Flyer - no queues and really fab. Did Chinatown, hot but fab too! Kids loved it, and the food in the restaurants were good and esp with the kids. Met up with some friends there and all in all a very good idea. Ran out of time to do the zoo! You all asleep yet?? Left the Hotel (late check in at 4pm due to the Krisflyer promotion) and our minibus got us to the airport swiftly. SA checked and double checked our baggage email, thank god we printed it and took! we were 158kgs without the hand luggage!!!! Chiangi fab, easily spent hours there. Had food, shopped and enjoyed the free wireless internet (go to Info desk for passwords) and power to recharge ipods/laptops etc. Second flight, a 777, seats softer but what a rattler! my entertainment system didn't work, they tried to fix but couldn't. Food really rubbish, had no sleep despite noise cancelling headphones. People in front left lights on, kept hacking up snot and spitting out, annoying stewardesses etc.. couldn't wait to leave!! At Mel airport at 10.05 am, luggage was immediately on the carousel but a bun fight to find trolleys and the queue through to customs was through the middle of this and reall really long! we declared a few items we were not sure of and customs just asked us about them and then we by passed all the asians and indians in the red channel to go straight out. Met by Lisa (the stockies on here) organised by our lovely Kate (MovingtoMelbourne) with a welcome banner, and took us by minibus off to Mornington accommodation (also organised through Kate) - a 5 bed fully furnished house! Enough for now as I am tired still and have a sore throat from the plane!! More soon.. Julie xx
  11. The Yuills

    Safe arrival - 1 new Ozzie!!

    On the 10th March our baby arrived, 7 weeks early, in King Edward Memorial Hospital, Subiaco, Western Australia. Jake Sonny weighed in at 4lb 8oz he was Jaundiced so has spent most of the time naked and under lights. He was moved last week to Fremantle Hospital and he continues to do very well. We hope he will be coming home very soon. His brothers and sister can't wait for him to come home. It is strange being here in Australia, away from friends and family, though I have a really good friend here, thanks Rachael and Steve for all your help. We are managing to get through it though. The care Jake and I received at King Edward and Fremantle is 2nd to none and Fremantle hospital is so friendly. So come May, we will have more to celebrate than being here for 1 year!!! So for now daily drives to Fremantle are what I look forward to......... from a very proud mum :hug: Sue xxxx
  12. Pauline Hanson to emigrate to Britain | The Australian Some may say good riddance.
  13. Weasie

    Ozzie Police Checks

    Anyone had an Ozzie police check run recently? I have been waiting nearly 2 weeks - last piece of info needed for my application. I am pulling my hair out!!!! :arghh:
  14. Other haft and kids back safe and well . Now the Moan. Ok so we should have known this but . When in Singapore ,DONT , buy 2 boxes of 50g backy ,only buy 1. 1 is all your allowed so 1 ,ok, 1. If you buy 2 ,the great guys (customs) will ask you for $175 for taxes and or ,IF , you don't pay they TAKE both boxes of backy off you . BE WORNED. PS The customs lady was from uk ,been in oz for 5 years ,(nice lady ,only doing her job). If your a member on here :tongue::tongue:. Sh%t i needed to give up any way ,so thank you. eddie
  15. was just wondering if anyone has done an ozzie police check recently and how long it ook them from the day sent off til day arrived at house in uk. do i need to send them off with recorded delivery or send in a prepaid special envelope for them to send the check in?
  16. gsaps

    paying in ozzie dollars

    i have tp pay smething to an ozzie institution that requires me to "pay by cheque in australian dollars or by wire transfer" can i use my uk account to pay by cheque and just write the amount in dollars? is there another way as i expect wire transfer is expensive... or is it? thanks
  17. went to pay and send off oz police check the other day, don't do money orders in post office, doh, So please can some one tell me how i pay for my ozzie police check in uk without my oh sending me a postal order from uk? any help would beeeee greeeaaatttt thanks Nadine
  18. hi all gona send off ozzie police check on wednesday, urm i did have a thread somewhere else on here but can't find it, so would just like confirmation again pllleeaaasee. Urm ozzie police check asks for current and previous address's which is fine, my previous one will be when i lived with shane in oz for 7 months, how ever should i attach an additional sheet with all the backpackers etc that i lived in whilst i was on a working holiday visa in oz?? amazes me how they do the check, it appears with just a check with ur name ,. huh:jiggy:
  19. I'd like to help my daughter to learn at least the basics of Australian history & geography before she starts school over there. And I think that it'd be good for hubby & I to learn too. Can anyone recommend a good book or website that would be useful? Daughter L is 10. Many thanks J
  20. Guest

    ozzie mothers day

    well have you all made plans for mothers day this sunday we are going out for a meal to sundowners a restaurant on mount tambourine 3course meal live music looking forward to being spoilt we were there this week food and service was fantastic so if anyone at a loss as to how to trreat mum i can definitley recommend this place lesley x
  21. Hi All Can I have your thoughts on whether it would benefit my oh taking on taking/gaining an ozzie skills qualification via the trades assessment team whilst we are in the uk even though I understand they can cost around 1.5 - 3k My OH did an 4 year carpentry apprentership and went to college on day release for 2 years many moons ago even before NVQ's and City and Guilds really came into affect in the uk. If you have ever heard of NWRAV qualification you know what he is on about. lol He has however passed this Vetessee document stage even though he could not find his certificate or Centra ( regulary authority ) finding him a copy of it either. So old lol...... He is now waiting for his Vetessee skills test in april in acrington. have you or do you think its worthwhile in gaining one of their qualifications before arriving, especially seeing some states are really regualated in trade licences and you have to go to college once there to prove your skill and plus there is a strong chance that he wouldnt get a skilled persons rate if he found work for quite some time as again he would have to prove his skill with them. ( what a load of crap for tradesmen, especially as he been doing the job now for 24yrs and run his own business over the last 15yrs and had his work shown in 25 beautiful homes magazine and in the sunday mail). Can I have you thoughts even this, even if you are here in the uk or are in already in oz and your experiences of gaining employment and the hurdles you jumped through to gain your carpentry licences as he would like to go self employed as soon as he can after arriving. Cheers Judy & Darren
  22. Guest

    Ozzie Maternity Benefits

    Hi this is my First post so excuse me if I'm doing it in the wrong place:smile:, but was just wondering if anyone had any knowledge of the Australian Maternity benefits system. Basically we are at the very beginning of applying for a skilled trades visa for my OH, and are hoping at some stage in the next 18 months to make to move to Perth, WA. Now our quandry is that we would very much like to try for a second baby quite soon (as age isnt on our side) however that could mean either being pregnant or having a very young baby when we arrive, and therefore meaning I may not be able to take a job for a little while til babe is old enough to leave with childcare. Would we get any help financially for any kind of Maternity leave? or any benefits to help out til I can get back to work? ( I intend to work btw, cant wait infact) The other option is that we wait in the UK for a bit longer and use all the benefits I already qualify for from my exisitng employer and then come out? What d ya think? any advise greatly recieved Many Thanks Sarah x
  23. when front loading police checks or having them ready to hand in with your application(im applying for a prospective marriage visa) what date is counted for the start of your visa is it the date you signed the check, or the date they recieve it in australia, or the date that someone signs in in australia? ahhr i dont know. 40 days days processing and returned back to us is that excluding saturdays and sundays. also do you use normal postage or recorded delivery? ahhrr some one help i feel so silly always asking tiniest questions on here but i need to know hahaha Nadine:elvis:
  24. applying for prospective marriage visa do when doing a ozzie police check do i do the national police check or just form 1101? cheers Nadine
  25. Hi! I've been in Perth for nearly 3 months now and am feeling lost without a Credit Card to purchase off the internet etc! The bank tells me that because my visa is temporary and only lasts to the end of next year no one will give me a credit card. Is this true?! If you have a 457 or working holiday visa and have managed to get a credit card please could you let me know what company you went with. Many thanks!