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Found 23 results

  1. Guest

    Mastiff owners

    Hi, Anyone taken there mastiff to Australia? Reason I'm asking for a mastiff owner is because you will understand their personality. I'm worried she won't be able to do it If she don't go, I don't go! Any advice or good storys about people taking their dogs, I need a feel good factor.... help. How is your dog in its new life in Aus? Is it too hot? I will be getting a house with a pool for her and A/C. I'm more worried about the cage and flight, she will hate it.
  2. Just been granted our Business Owner permanent residency visa 890. It took less than a month to go through! Been out here 3yrs (Perth - Northern Suburbs) having originally entered on a 163 Sponsored Business Owner visa. Happy to answer any questions best I can on the whole experience. Have a proven business for sale - beachside cafe - totally different to our original business plan! Anyone out there need reassurance etc.? It was a long, long process but really worth it. :wink:
  3. We bought our new home December last year but to date, still get mail for previous owners. By mail. I mean everything they would expect in the post, bank statements, credit card statements, car rego and speeding fines, tax forms, school bills and many more. For the last 6 months, we have been returning mail to senders, hand delivering to banks and schools, and ringing persistent companies, whilst informing all concerned that the addressee has moved and we have no forwarding address. We have more mail for them than we do for ourselves. What can we do?
  4. Jellybeagle

    Calling all Mackay dog owners

    As some of you know we are moving to Mackay in May 2011 with our 3 beagles - I emailed the council to enquire about registration and this is the response I got :- Unfortunately, Mackay Regional Council’s Subordinate Local Law No. 65 – Keeping and Control of Animals allows dog owners to keep only 2 dogs over the age of 2 months per property We were aware of this but also had been told that we could apply for a secondary licence as we have 3 - please advise all as there is no way I am leaving one behind -:sad:
  5. Hi All I am looking to make contacts in the Hospitality industry, as I hope to move to Oz one day (if my application ever reaches the top of the pile) I have a skills assessment as a Hotel/Motel Manager and am currently working as a coffee shop manager, although I am also the cook and baker!! Anyone out there involved in this industry in Oz who fancies a chat please reply, i would be grateful for any inside knowledge going. Hazeeel
  6. k8bug79

    First Time Home owners Grant

    Hello, me and family are hoping to move to Melbourne sometime in the near furture. We would go on his citizenship and me on spouses visa (prob permanant as we have 3 children, been together for 5 years and married for 3) we really want to own a home something we can't do here. We have read about the FTHO Grant and the regional boost. We need to work in Melbourne but wondering if anyone knows where is classed as regional, we have seen there are new builds up around POint cook and slightly further out on the live in Melbourne map it looks like these don't come under the Melbourne zone, so does this mean they are regional??? Of course this all depends whether they are offering these when we get there lol Thanks
  7. ajs604

    First Home Owners Schme

    Hi am intrested to know more about the above - I am a PR but intrested to know whether I am entitled to the first home grant or do I need to be a citizen? I am 27 - never owned property before but am hoping to buy within the year or two. thanks in advance
  8. wishfulthinking

    Home owners grant ?????

    Just a question for anybody who can answer it for us. We lived in Perth for roughtly 4.5yrs, built and owned our own house while there and we received the 1st home owners grant. We sold the house and moved back to the uk in Jan this year, we're going to be moving back to oz but to melbourne this time round in Jan 2012. If we went for a house either buying or building again could we get the grant again or not?
  9. les-babs1315@hotmail.com

    Home Owners Grant

    Hi All. Can any one confirm that when you buy your first home you are entitled to, First Home owners Grant $7000, and First Home Bonus Grant $4000. Regards Les
  10. Hi all Heads up for all you dog owners ,as the weather is warming up watch your mutts on walks ,the long slithrey things are awakin from there sleep and they can be a bit cranky . Went on a jog wi oh and dog down from burns beach ,fb (mutt) on long run leash going past ocaen reef harbour a very kind lady gave us a heads up bout mr brown (snake) and his mates , he was sunnin himself at the base of the steps on the path ,big bugga as well ad we had not known soft lad would have been on a long rein and gone for a sniff ,we saw a further 3 and another long brown thing unfortunately in the back of my shorts lol. Be aware and esoecially near water where the tiger snakes are as they as cranky as a woman with pms Mally
  11. Guest

    Animal owners qld

    Dont forget to watch out for those horrid things called tick my little dog has one and is now in the vets (poor thing) was horrid to see how it affected her i just hope she gets better so all of those out thier that dont know about these horrid thigs either look them up online or have a word with your local vet julie xx
  12. Sorry, just a little rant and my feelings about the FHOG and the bloody banks here in Australia. On paper the FHOG looks great, but in reality, the lovely banks over here, do not want to let you use it to it's fullest potential. I thought the FHOG was the goverenments way of assisting first home buyers with their deposit towards their first home. To help people get on that first rung of the property ladder. For most people trying to save a deposit whilst renting is very hard, you can save but it will take years. Well the bloody banks over here keep moving the goal posts with respect to first time home buyers and how much money they need. Every bank here has now done away with a no deposit loan, some changed to a minimum of 3% but they have dropped that now and now you need a mimimum of 5% deposit on a house. The kicker with this is that it must be geniuine savings... regular contributions into an account for a minimum of 3 months, and must also be left untouched for a period of 3 months. Also you are not allowed to use your income tax refund, or gifts from family or friends as part of the geniune savings. You are also not allowed to use your first home owners grant towards this deposit, it must be on top of the 5% that you have saved. The only one I know at the moment that is allowing a 3% deposit is Keystart, the maximum value of the house you can buy is $412K. So I guess the point I am trying to make is, why the bloody hell do we have a first home owners grant, if you have to save the 5% your bloodyselves?? I would understand if you could buy a bloody house over here as a starter for $150k but you can't even buy a bloody shack for that here in Perth. It seems the government try to help and do one thing and the banks do their best to do the opposite and prevent you from getting the help. Sorry for the rant guys.... sometimes this country just makes me go ARRGH !!!!!! Cheers Karen
  13. First Home owners scheme to continue Updated: 19:49, Tuesday May 12, 2009 First home buyers have another six months to locate their dream dwelling and still benefit from the boost to the first home owners grant scheme. As part of last year's 10.4 billion dollar stimulus package the grant was lifted from seven thousand dollars to 14-thousand dollars for existing dwellings and to 21-thousand for new homes. Set to expire on June 30 it's been extended as is for another three months before being phased out after December 31. It'll be halved between October 1 and December 31 meaning first home buyers will receive a total of 10-thousand-500 dollars for established homes and 14-thousand for new homes. Treasurer Wayne Swan says the boost has already helped 59-thousand people achieve the great Australian dream. Data released this week shows first home buyers accounted for 27.3 per cent of all home loans approved in March.
  14. As you may have seen on the news, the First Home Owners Grant has been extended to the end of Septemeber: Remember, to qualiy, you need to be on a Perm Visa on day of putting in an offer on a property and never owned property in AU. In WA: Until 30th September 2009 Established Property = $14,000 New Build = $21,000 From 1st October - 31st December 2009 Established Property = $10,500 New Build = $14,000 I have found that the info given out by the government has confused my clients. Please check other states, I know you can get more in Victoria. Thanks:err:
  15. As you may have seen on the news, the First Home Owners Grant has been extended to the end of Septemeber: Remember, to qualiy, you need to be on a Perm Visa on day of putting in an offer on a property and never owned property in AU. In WA: Until 30th September 2009 Established Property = $14,000 New Build = $21,000 From 1st October - 31st December 2009 Established Property = $10,500 New Build = $14,000 I have found that the info given out by the government has confused my clients. Thanks:err:
  16. Guest

    All Dog Owners... help!

    Hi, Had a crap weekend!... Our puppy (9 months) coincidently named MUNCH! started to be sick on Thursday after eating the best part of a park full of snow!, as she was still bein sick on sat we took her to the vets who thought that it was some kind of a bacterial bug and gave her a few injections (anti sickness and antibiotic)... she was no better on Sunday mrning and very listless... heartbreaking to see such an active mischievious animal just lie so still... so back to the vets, decided to x ray her and put her on a drip... it turns out she has gone and eaten what can only be described as a very thick piece of string with some kind of plastic attached?... BIG PROBLEM... no insurance:realmad:(our own fault we know!)... so now £900 of the Oz fund later she is still a very poorly pup... So main question, we are due to be heading over to Brisbane in April, does anybody know if the fact that she has had such recent surgery will be an issue for quarantine?...
  17. Guest

    FAO: Cat Owners Near Perth

    Hi All My sister Elaine lives in Jandakot, which is South of the River in Perth near the old airport. Three weeks ago her cat disappeared. Despite searching everywhere they could think of there was no sign of the cat. There is some scrub land nearby. On Sunday my sister's son found the body of the cat in the scrub. I am told that the cat obviously died on the day she went missing. Elaine thinks the cat was probably bitten by a snake. Elaine has lived in Australia for nearly 30 years and she has always been passionate about keeping pets. She says that in all her years in Australia this has never happened before and will probably never happen again. However she has asked me to say that she thinks the snakes might be unusually active this year, especially in & around Jandakot. Elaine thinks the cat probably tried to catch the snake. She has also suggested that she thinks it would be an idea to try to confine cats to the garden for the next few weeks, just to be on the safe side. Best wishes Gill
  18. Some good news for you house hunters coming over or already here. The Government's plan to triple the first home owner grant from $7,000 to $21,000 for newly built homes has been welcomed by the housing industry, which says it will provide a much-needed boost to the sector.
  19. Mike@Bonbeach

    First Home Owners Grant

    Hi to all potential homebuyers in Oz. :jiggy::jiggy: Yes it does really happen. Today we had confirmation that we have been granted the FHOG of AU$7000 to offset against the stamp duty on our new house, we also were granted the AU$5000 bonus for buying a new house. (It would have been a AU$3000 bonus if it had been an old house). It was just a matter of filling in a form which our conveyancer submitted. No fuss no hassle. It certainly helped with the high stamp duty here in Victoria. Tip... I have heard some solicitors/conveyancers say it's not available to immigrants....don't believe them. Mike.
  20. Ok. This may sound like a really strange question but does anyone else have a problem with their dogs walking into the fly screens, thinking the door is open. My dog does it all the time and I can't decide whether he is having a problem with his sight or whether it's a common thing that happens to most dogs. Thanks Debs x x
  21. Hi All, I know my dogs have just arrived here but i am left wondering what to do or if anyone else has looked into the process of export?? I am not thinking of returning to the Uk anytime soon but we are here on a 457 visa and it worries me that if anything happened with the OH' job we can be sent back to the UK within 30 days and the process to move the dogs back seem to be a 6-7month process:shocked: Is it worth getting the dogs vaccinated against rabies now and the process of that started and kept up to date just incase we want to move back in a hurry?? Has anyone else done this? or can it even be done with out a export date? It just worries me them either being stuck here or in UK quarantine for months!!! I know i should have had the pet passport done but we got offered a job in November and were here in December and i didn't want to be without them for months over here. Any advice or stories of shipping dogs back to the UK would be grat to give me an idea of what i should do to prevent this happening would be great Gail
  22. Just thought we would share what mistake we have just done so that anyone else taking dogs won't make the same mistake as us. We have been using a pet travel agent who is really nice and had sent our schedule of things that needed to be done for the dogs for their transfer and the time scale ie microchiping, health cert, internal and external parasites and VACINATIONS and BLOOD TESTS. This is the problem, it said the vacination/booster had to be done not less than 21 days or more than 11 months from travel and the blood test had to be done within 28/30 days of travel. We had spoken to our vet and she had had the defra paperwork but we had our dogs booster done the other day and in 2 weeks time we need the bloods as dogs booked for flight in 4 weeks. However the booster given which is the usual dog booster included Leptospirosis which is tested for in the bloods so because they have just had boosters, the reading is very likly to come back too high and therefore they can not travel!! On reading defra info properly it states that they advise booster to be done 6 months prior to the bloods. This may mean that our dogs will need to stay here until they get a clear blood test. The dog agent had put the Leptospirosis on our list but said the vet should have known not to inject with this for australia, they do not need it apparently. We are gutted and I wish I had read defra info in more detail. I feel that both are to blame but what is done is done and can not be undone. We are still going to have them tested in 2 weeks just incase it is ok, but then we need to think about how often after that we get them tested, every week, month or wait for 6 months ??? We then need to find them somewhere to go while they wait and need to trust someone to take them to the vets etc. If you have read any of my other post you will know that one of our dogs is a 5 years old GSD who idelises my husband and the thought of quarantine for 4 weeks without paul was bad enough, now they might be apart 6 months. Our other dog lucy is 13 year old lurcher but very active, we didn't want to put her through any more stress than needed but now as with our GSd she may face regular blood tests and 6 months away. Sorry to go on but it is all quite confusing and we are really upset and it has put a dampener on what should be such an exciting time. If anyone wants anymore info please pm me. Yvonne
  23. Just wanted to share information that I wish I'd known before we left. I shipped my cats to Victoria in January, quarantine no problem, flights no problem. Lots of money but worth it for my surrogate kids. No-one warns you at any stage that Victoria has curfew laws for cats and that cats need to be registered and tagged or face being seized by council wardens. At no stage in my interactions did anyone official make me aware of this. Thankfully, my sister in law told us about the tags which we paid for, re-introduced our cats to wearing collars and great, we though, all safe. Depending on the Victorian council area you live in, cats have to be kept in within certain hours, usually dusk till dawn. I would rather this than deal with half-eaten possums anyway, so no problem really. However, one of my cats is territorial and being Burmese, has a distinctive voice. He's neutered, micro-chipped and extremely friendly but likes to investigate his territory extensively. He was picked up by a warden (whilst we were away for the day) as he was caught tresspassing on someone's property. At first I laughed as I couldn't believe there could be such a law. It's no joke. I was fined $30 and had to take the morning off work to collect my cat from the other side of Melbourne. Next time I let him out, he went straight back to the house he was reported from. I've managed to speak with the person concerned but to cut a long story short, I now have to keep both my cats in-doors. We spent most of last weekend trying to cat-proof our garden so they could still have outdoor space, to no avail. Straight up and over the 6 ft fence and trellis above. So, both cats are now locked inside the house having been used to having their freedom. We're moving soon and I hope the next neighbourhood is a little more understanding of my overly friendly cat. Otherwise we will have to invest in a netting system to keep them inside their garden, create a hutch like enclosure (great fun in 40 degree heat) or keep them indoors. Had I known that cats were unappreciated here, I would have thought twice about bringing mine. I don't want to upset other cat owners as mine is only one experience. I would be interested to hear others experiences. Thankfully, we don't live in Mornington where cats have a 24 hour curfew. ( Pj xx