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Found 12 results

  1. Now actively selling our beachside cafe just North of Perth. It is a very lucrative, proven business for Business owners visa - state sponsored or otherwise. Knowing all too well how difficult it can be to find a suitable business I thought it would be worth letting others know that we are ready to move on & our business is now listed with an agent. Having entered Oz on a 163 s/sponsored visa our Permanent residency visa 890(non sponsored) took 27 days to be granted and had no problems what so ever.
  2. The Pom Queen

    Dogs Eat Owner

    I'm sorry but I see this as karma:yes: SEVEN dogs are believed to have eaten their owner after he left them starving without food for two weeks, The Jakarta Post said today. Andre Lumboga's mutilated body was found with his head cut from his body Monday inside his home at Greenland, Batam Center, in the Riau Islands, a province of Indonesia. Seven dogs belonging to Lumboga attacked their master apparently as a result of being famished, police chief Eriyana, who uses one name, said. "The victim was believed to have had nine dogs as pets. He went to Manado [North Sulawesi] during the Eid al Fitr holidays, leaving the dogs for 14 days without any food," the newspaper quoted him saying. Two of the dogs were eaten by the others, Eriyana said. The seven surviving dogs also lashed out at police when they tried to enter the house. "We had to paralyze them," Eriyana added.
  3. Hi All I am in Australia on a 457 visa from my employer, and want to apply for residency. The difference with me is that I have bought 35% of the company which employs me and holds my 457 visa. I have spoken to the company who handled the 457 application for us and they have suggested I apply under the business sponsored route. What is the visa number for this type of residency application? Is this the best option, we have only just arrived and I was going to stay on the 457 for at least 2 years before applying, can anyone see any problems with this route. Thanks Rob
  4. Hi, Just to let all you 163's there is movement as we have now been granted visa. Timeline: SS Rec'd June 09 Visa lodged Sept 09, Meds and PCC done 2/7/10 visa granted 16/07/10. nicki x
  5. Hi All I will try to give all the information required, if I have missed anything please just ask me. I am 39 and my wife is 40, we both work in the finance industry in Jersey but we are not accountants or lawyers and the last time I looked we were not on the skilled migration list. We came back from Sydney 2 years ago, we both held 457 business sponsorship visas while we were there (2 years). These were given to us when we landed a couple of jobs (macquarie and perpetual). We came home to the UK after our son was born, so he has a UK passport but born in Sydney. My wife's only sister lives in Sydney and became a citizen 2 years ago, she also married an Aussie last month. My wifes mother and father still live in Jersey. We have been given the option to buy into the family business in Sydney, the cost would be approx $400k for a 40% directors share in the business. One of the founding directors is retiring and he is trying to sell his 40% share. The cost has come down from his original asking price of $750k. The business has been established for 30 years and employs about 12 people. My brother inlaw and his father own the other 60% of the business. This investment will also give me a directors role in the company with an annual salary Our other option is to go back and work in the city again. But the problem here is with a 457 you are tied to your employer and cannot move jobs unless your new employer will give you a 457. What are our visa options for both these routes give the fact that we now have a family member who is is a citizen. Thanks in advance and I wish I had applied for PR the last time we were there. Thanks Rob
  6. Hi All, Can anyone state with 100% certainty if I need to take the IELTS test? Would my wife have to take it? Why would I need to take it if I am British born and bred? It would seem a bit of a waste of time and money if we had to take it. Thanks in advance, Nick.
  7. Kevin Rudd confirms first home buyers grant to end | The Courier-Mail Hurry up those who are going to buy!
  8. Guest

    owner of our rental spying?

    Hi Anyone help me with this one Moved into a rental property in Oct it is managed by a real estate agent, but the owner seems to be doing regular drive bys and we have had one call a while ago to say the grass is long! Well ,spoke to the agent again as the air con is not working, a real pain given the temp in Melbourne at the moment and she mentioned again that the owner has been on the phone after driving past, the grass is long and am I watering the garden as she has expensive plants!! I explained I am not watering the lawn as the water regulation state I cannot, I am watering the plants on tue and sat as per the regs, but I do not know wether that will keep the roses etc alive as its very hot, there is no grey water storage here and I am at a loss as to what more I can do, the grass is not that long theres a few dandilions sticking up, but to be honest the rest is near dead! and I'm not going out mowing in this heat! The air con is not going to be fixed any time soon!! anyway, what are your thoughts on this owner, can they keep on like this??
  9. Hi, I am new today but have been visiting the site on several occasions for info. I have just got state sponsorship through from Adelaide. I am just about to send off the Subclass 163 once all items are certified. Does any one know if you can apply for work in Australia whilst you set up your business with a 163 visa for a temporary income or would you need a different visa also? I can not seem to find any info on this. Or do you just have to live off the funds you take out with you? Can any one help?
  10. steve/helen

    Increase in home owner grant

    Hi Does anyone know if i would be entitled to the increase of the home owner grant.I entered into a building contract 3 weeks ago.It says the changes to the grant are effective immediately and will apply to all contracts entered into by the 30 th june 2009.But doesnt say anything about if you entered into a contract before today,i was about to fill in the forms for the grant today when the increase was announced on the news,so im unsure where i stand.Any info would be gratefully appreciated.Many thanks Helen:cute:
  11. Oh god, one more thing to add to the list of happenings here. Our rental agents rang us earlier and advised us that the owner wants to sell the property. Our rental agreement is until September but they want to know if we are willing to move earlier and that the owner will "look after is" of course most of this is crap. I wondered if anyone has been in this situation and what they did. Thanks in advance. Em x
  12. I'm saying nothing................