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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, hope whoever is reading this is well, Has anyone had their 417 Working holiday visa denied? I applied for a 417 Working Holiday Visa (I'm a pommie) and on the form it asked if i have ever overstayed my visa in a country, which unfortunately i have done, when i was in Taiwan 2014 (obviously not meaning to- forgot to renew my visa so I went to renew it and turned out I had to renew this visa outside of the country and i had actually already overstayed so I flew home and paid a fine at the airport before leaving). My visa has not been approved/denied yet but I know Australia is strict on not wanting possible overstayers and I've read in many posts people (Brits) getting their visas approved in minutes. So, I am wondering if I'm going to end up waiting the 36 working days to find that my visa will be denied, because of my Taiwan overstay! Anyone been in this position before and had their visa approved (or denied), albeit in the 36 working day processing time frame? I've been granted a student visa before when i studied in Australia for 3 years (2010-2013) and didn't breach any rules on my visa there, so hoping that counts for something? Thanks in advance for any insight on the situation- I'm just very excited to get started on my aussie adventure but now worrying my visa won't be granted! Naomi
  2. Hi I have 2 questions really.. I'm on a 2nd year work visa. 1) Will overstaying by UNDER 28 days have any consequence when I try to come back on a tourist visa? I've heard that I might just be questioned but won't get the 3 year ban. 2) When I do come back, I plan to apply for residency and get married to my Australian partner. Does anyone know how we are supposed to prove our commitment to one another, the process? And also if my overstay will come into effect here. I only want to overstay because I need time to sell my van etc..if it will effect my marriage application however, then I'll leave on time. My partner situation: I'm 22, met my boyfriend 8 months ago, been together for 7 and pretty much no photos to show for it, just witnesses. I've been working 1500kms away from him for most of this time and we've met up when we could. We are genuinely in a serious relationship and both want to be together for as long as the love lasts. The marriage for both of us is just paperwork but if I can get residency, then we will have the option to live in his home country as well as mine and we both plan to travel for the next 10 years together. When my visa runs out (in 2 months), we're both flying to south america together and will travel for 6 months. I will then travel a further 3 months in North America and he will go back to Australia (as he can't enter USA due to a silly criminal record). I will then join him back in Australia on a tourist visa and we'll apply for marriage . If granted, we'll stay for a min. 6 months to save some money before both travelling Europe. Please help if you know any cases or have experienced the process of any of this. Calling immigration is helpless, they are so vague and obviously can only advise the safest option. Thanks for your time
  3. I have a 8 month old little girl in hervey bay qld, I was a backpacker but overstayed my visa by a year because I met and fell in love with Australian girl, she fell pregnant and so we were scared I would miss the birth of our child if I handed myself in...2 months after child was born we had argument and her mom phoned up and told police I was illegal so long story short had to leave...ive tried to sort things with ex and she said she will help me but not through a partner visa...the contributary parent visa is sooo expensive for me at the moment and the other parent visas are years on waiting lists.. does anyone know of any help I can find because im missing my little girls baby moments and its killing me.....please
  4. Tasha22

    Overstayer In Australia

    Hi Everyone, let me start by saying please don't judge me as I know I am wrong but I have overstayed my tourist Visa by several months. My partner whom I have been with for 4 years is currently on a 457 sponsorship visa,he has been on this visa for 14 months. when he was lodging the application the migration agent told him it would be much quicker if he lodged his application solo as his previous visa was expiring and then add me on at a later date. His visa took several months to be accepted and by that time it was to late for me to be added as I had already overstayed my visa. Let me again state that I in no way condone this I am living in fear the last couple of months just waiting for a knock on my door, but what can I do? The uk has nothing to offer us as the country is in a poor state at the moment and I don't have any immediate family. I finally contacted a agent who told me I might be able to be added onto my partners visa. Apparently this will cost a small fortune and the chance is only 50/50. I am in limbo
  5. I am about to apply to migrate to Oz on Skilled Sponsored Visa (I am a nurse and have a family sponsor in Australia). I am a little concerned as I previously overstayed a working holiday visa by almost 4 months and at this time departed the country voluntarily in 2002 but at the time they told me i would receive a 3 year ban. Nothing to this effect was put on my passport but i assume they maybe put something into the system at customs but i am worried this could work against my application now. Has anyone been in this situation or can advise me? Thanks.