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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, I applied for my TRA Assessment on 19/9/11 and still says awaiting assessment. Has anyone applied after this date and received a result? Or applied before and still waiting? I am not moaning or complaining Just enquiring, The site says within 30 days and there have been no updates on the website regarding delays?? Any responces would be great,
  2. Guest

    Interpret ASC PASA outcome

    I had applied for ASC pre application skills assessment in october 2009. Its outcome is as follows: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Your work experience has been calculated as follows: Dates : 10/01 - 01/05 (3 yrs 3mths) Position: Faculty Employer: NIIT ... Dates : 08/05 - 10/09 (4 yrs 2mths) Position: Senior Software Engineer Employer: ... Pte Ltd ................. ................. Your skills have been assessed to be suitable for migration under 2231-79 (.Net Technologies Specialist) of ASCO Code, being the skilled occupation indicated that you intend to nominate in a General Skilled Migration application. based on the provided certified documentation it is the opinion of the ACS that the application has 12 months experience in .NET Technologies. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ It states 4Yrs and 2mths at above but later it says 12 months. I want to start with my quest for migration and apply for ACS assessment. I need at least 5 years of work experience, but these two lines are confusing me if I have required experience or not. I had also asked a question here to know if I can get my experience assessed against lower qualifications. Thanks.
  3. Hey, I'm a Mathematics teacher from Egypt for the middle/upper students and I was thinking about applying for a GSM visa through AISTL. Since the initial teacher qualification thing which is required from me gonna cost me an arm and a leg (not to mention the amount of effort involved), I want to anticipate a little bit and peek into the future and ask a couple of questions. Quoted from the “AISTL Application Assessment Guide” document: “Successful applicants will receive their original Skills Assessment Certificate by mail. The certificate is valid for two (2) years from the date of issue” My questions are: 1) What's after a successful outcome? will I take this original certificate and go to the embassy and get the GSM right away or what? Also my general grade from the Faculty of Science is "Pass" which really has nothing to do with my current skill level as my Math. skills and experience are much stronger than school level Math. but 2) Will this affect my outcome negatively in the assessment or later on when I apply for a teacher registration?. Also after having the successful outcome and the GSM visa, 3) How difficult it is to get a teacher registration in order to teach there in Australia? I'm really sorry for all these questions but I'm trying to sort things out from the beginning before I get myself involved in extra enormous studies that will cost me a lot of effort and $$$ (initial teacher certification + pursuing the IELTS with a min. band score of 7 for each section which gonna take me several attempts before getting this 7 :mad: - I already took it twice so far but still no 7 in ALL of them as required which is frustrating as my real English is very good). Will appreciate all your input guys really. I need to settle this idea and continue with it or stop thinking about it for ever. It's a pain in the neck just thinking about it.
  4. Hi all! I'm a cat 4...on 5 July the CO sent me a e-mail stating that he will contact me when my application is ready for finalising, and that is pending the outcome of other checking processes. Anyone has any idea what that means?... Since the e-mail all the requirements are showing "met" except the specific work experience wich is still "required"... Has anyone been through this experience? How long did it take untill the finalisation of the application? Thanks...I'm really boiling here...and my brother already got his 176 after only 3 months, imagine how that makes me feel 'cause i'm waiting since july 2010...
  5. Hi, for the life of me I cant find on the vetassess website anywhere where it says how long it will take for a result to come through once we have completed the practical assessment can anyone help me out??
  6. I have already applied for an 885. Since the SMPs have been introduced, I am doubtful that my visa will be processed in the next 2 or 3 years. So, I am thinking whether I should go down the provisional 487 visa route for recent graduates. However, what is bugging me is whether I am allowed to lodge a 487 since I have already lodged an 885. If I am allowed to do this, would you advise me to take the 487 path? How long is the processing time for a provisional visa such as 487? If I have to wait over an year or more for a 487 I don't think it's worth applying since the 885 currently would take 18 months according to DIAC's service charter. Also, if I am granted the 487, one of the conditions of the visa is that I work for 12 months full time. My question is, can I work in ANY occupation or does it have to be related to my nominated occupation for the 487? I am thinking of applying for an 887 after working for 2 years on the 487. Anybody out there on a 487 or has any knowledge of how this visa works? Is the grant of the 887 guaranteed for all 487 visa holders or is there a quota for 887s? I don't know if I am being stupid here but I have a feeling that the provisional path is at least a more secure way than being stuck in category 3 at the moment. What do you guys think?
  7. Hi Friends, I have a valid assesment with ASCO 2231-79 (.NET) from ACS which is going to expire on Nov 13, 2010 and due to some personal reasons I didn't lodge my visa application. Now I want a new ANZCO code with Developer Programmer /Analyst Programmer to lodge 175 visa under category-3. Can I go for a review process with ACS for new ANZCO code [or] re-assesment will do in my case. Note: I read somewhere that, review should apply within 60days but my result letter doesn't say anything about the timeline to review. Any suggestions (other than new application to ACS) on my situation would be great helpful in deciding my future step. -missionPR
  8. Has anyone else left the uk to await the outcome of there visa in Australia? and is it ok to do this? :confused: My dilemma is my boyfriend is going back to Australia in Nov for harvest and I don't want to sit around waiting for 6 months without him. (We didn't realise the visa processing was taking so long) :arghh: I have read a couple of threads saying you can go to Australia on a holiday visa and then leave again when the visa is due to be granted? My co has requested meds and Australian police check and once meds have been processed and I have received police check I was going to email co and let him know I was thinking of going to Australia for a few months. any info on this would be mucho appreciated
  9. so interview went vey well, it was 3 people on the phone all asking questions and jamie got very good feedback they kept saying things like "great answer" "excellent "super jamie thats perfect". They never once mentioned anything about visas not sure if thats good or bad? They said they will inform us within 4 weeks of their decision but have sent jamie all the relevant forms for criminal checks to be emailed back asap?? Jamie came off the phone really pleased with the interview and how it went so if he doesnt get it he still knows he tried his hardest. They were very positive about his interview tol dhim 3 others were being spoken to and that they were extremely impressed with his application, so now we have to wait for the next 4 agonising weeks to find out! Have a feeling it may be the longest 4 weeks ever???????:wacko:
  10. Guest

    Vetassess outcome

    Hi, After over four long months Vetassess have come back and given me a negative outcome, here is what my agent had to say was their reason, "Your Diploma in Tourism and Business Studies was assessed as being below the required AQF Diploma level which is the entry level qualification level for your nominated occupation of Program/Project Administrator. Your qualification was also assessed as being not being in a highly relevant field to the nominated occupation. I spoke to the officer who processed your assessment today and she advises that the Institute of Commercial Management , UK only received ENDAC accreditation in September 2009, despite the being in operation for many years. This means that your qualification was not assessed because the course was not accredited at the time you completed it. She did say however that some institutions were willing to re-issue awards dated post accreditation where the curriculum had not undergone significant changes. This means that you could approach the Institute of Commercial Management to enquire if they were willing to re-issue your award with a post accreditation date and they should be able to do this provided the curriculum is basically the same as when you completed your course. If you manage to get a re-issued award then Vetassess would deem your course to be equivalent to AQF Diploma level and so you would meet the qualification requirements. Please note that where qualification requirements are below the required level then you would not be able to meet Vetassess criteria as the qualification threshold is a critical element." I have contacted ICM and they said they will re issue my diploma with post cred dates on. My diploma equates to level 1 of a degree, and allows direct access to year 2 of an appropriate honours degree . Is it worth me appealing this , any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am GUTTED:arghh:
  11. Guest

    Vetasses outcome

    Hello all, I attended my practical assesment as a carpenter last week (fri 19th march), I was advised that I can check the outcome between 3-5 days afterwards, has anyone recently attended a carpentry or any other trade assesment and can you let me know when you got your outcome, as anyone who has done te test will know, Eager to know the outcome, anyone shed any info on this, thanks matti.
  12. pratheepa

    TRA outcome different occupation

    Hi everyone, I got successful TRA result today for the trade of Electronic instrument tradesperson special class 4314-13. However, my requested occupation is Electronic equipment trade 4315-11 but it is not matching with my requested occupation. Could you please advise me if anyone had same problem in your TRA. Can i proceed my visa process in the same occupation 4314-13 or i can fight to get requested occupation TRA result because this is my 4th TRA attempt I got 3 unsuccessful before for the trade 4315-11 but I tried 4th TRA defferent occupation. Could you please advise me to process further. Regards, Pratrheep
  13. I'd like to get your input on this. I had been waiting for 22 months now to be exact for my 175 (CSL) visa application to be processed. My agent and I had a heart to heart talk and I poured out my frustration for her seemingly indifferent style of handling the application. Since the changes in the immigration process beginning 2009, she doesnt update me on the steps she takes. In fact, in Feb 09 she never mentioned about advising DIAC that my papers should be marked CSL (i am an accountant). I initiated the PLE using her email address. It was often like that and she would deny receiving replies to the PLE, except for about 2 times which she forwarded to me. There were times she would say she launched PLE but no reply and I doubt if it can really happen that PLE goes unanswered. In our talk, she was saying that she doesnt want to make follow ups because it might affect the visa outcome. Is this really possible? I have read of situations when applications were overlooked and a follow up put them in the queue again. Agent said our contract says that her commitment is to get me a visa the most possible way available, and not the fastest way in a particular time table. I understand that the delays were due to recession and the changes in rules. What I am asking for her is to check the status at least for us to know if I am undergoing security checking (I am from HR country) that has been causing the dealy, so that I can peacefully wait. Questions: 1. Will constant follow up affect negatively the visa outcome? 2. Being in CSL, how long should be the waiting period since I had been on queue since Dec. 07, before I should be alarmed that nothing is happening to my application? 3. Can visas be made to sit to 2 to say 5 years until the officer "feels" like acting on it, even if it is a priority class? Forgive me for my questions, but I am really frustrated now and more frustrated with what my agent told me. She even told me to refrain from visiting forums because it does not help me in my waiting time. Dropping her is out of the question because she also handles my NZ application. Hope someone can enlighten me. Thanks in advance. :unsure:
  14. Hi all, Well, what a great turn out and congrats to all those who have recently received the Visa approvals, you will all most definitely be missed. For all those that managed to make it, I personally feel a good time was had by all and finally putting names to faces (well user names anyway!) was great, any suggestions for the next meet would be greatly appreciated and warmly welcomed. For all those that could not make it, there will be another meet arranged in another two to three months by Gozzo and myself - Rob and Mel will have jetted off to the place far a yonder that we are striving for (party planner position OPEN and VACANT!) :hug: Ley x
  15. Hello all this is my 1st thread so here goes... My husband is an electrician and we are sending the TRA which we did ourselves off on Friday!! Just wanted to know if the outcome is good does he get a grading i.e. A or E grade qualification or is it some thing completely different. This would be a great help to use as at the moment we are trying so hard to find a job for him as much info really helps Kind regards West family Mark electrician, Sarah mummy, callum (7)- aka Peter parker, Chloe(4) - princess And baby Brooke (19 month) Daddy's girl
  16. i was thinking about quitting my job and move to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa while waiting for an outcome. My 138 application arrived on April 30, and was acknowledged on July 23. Haven't heard anything since then. I went for my medicals, but the doctor is still waiting for the blood test result to be returned. any suggestions would be appreciated. jenny
  17. 136 Skilled independent India MODL CIVIL ENGINEER 2124-11 ( Single) Date of Lodgement : 1st July 2006 PCC frontloaded Medicals Done : 10th Februvary 2007 - Ahmedabad Medicals Sent 13th Feb Case officer assigned : 06th March 2007 Medicals Finalised : 9th March 2007. No documents requested by Case officer. 29th March Email from Diac put me into Integrity checks. Employment check done Over Phone : 02 & 03 April. 30th April still waiting! when i can expect the outcome?
  18. hi we sent our tra on the 16th of march, and have not recieved an acknowlegement, has any one else recieved any thing if sent around this date or afterwards. I am worried sick, as we done it our selves, husbands job is on demand list I read the tra is closed this week for easter, and this is going to prolong this longer. Thing is I know it takes around 3 weeks, but I hope it is not lost, and an acknowledgement would be nice. good luck to every-one