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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone... I dont think we have to make it to oz!! we will hopefully heading out in jan/feb but the new rabies rules it really is going to throw the spanner in the works. Our 2 dogs are getting their shots until next week but it's still going to be may before they will be able to have blood tests and quarantine free. I was pricing quarantine for the 4 months and omg!! i think they would cope with the timescale but would we!! i dont know whether to board them here at half the costs or let them do quarantine!! hubby loves them but is starting to say its a lot of money when we dont know whats ahead of us!! i am already having to rehome my 2 10 year old babies!! they are going to a fab home (very good friend) where they will be treated the way i treat them. I am going to be breaking my heart over these 2 then have to put the little 2 through 5 mthd of kennels!! i dread leaving them here in kennels incase something happens and we aren't tjere!! arghhhhhh curse you oz govt!!! Sorry for the rambling but i wondered how everyone else was fairing. :-))
  2. Hi guys, another question from me.. Still have a few months before my boyfriend and I have done our 12 months living together (end of Sep '11), but wanting to get organised as soon as possible. So I know about all the bits and pieces of 'evidence' etc that we can provide. Do we send all our supporting documents WITH our application at the end of September? Or are we requested to send them at a later date once we have a Case Officer? How about Police Checks and Medical Examinations - do we send them in with the application or after? Are these essential for every application or will we be asked to do them if needed? I understand that these are valid for 12 months (correct me if I'm wrong!), so if they are essential, can we just do them now to get them our of the way so we're ready when it comes to applying? ALSO how soon can we get stat decs and all that good stuff? Would love someone to dumb-down the whole process for me (i.e., what we submit with application, when we would get CO, what gets submitted later). Just want to get as much organised as we can in advance. Mostly so we can keep our money organised as it's gonna be a big job to save up enough for us, but also just so we're not rushing around in the last couple of weeks before we have to apply. Also a massive THANKS. :biggrin: This is my third post in just a few days, but this forum has been hugely helpful already, and we're right at the beginning of our journey. Seems like I'm spending all day every day browsing this forum, but I've definitely learnt a lot or helpful stuff in the last week or so, so thanks! :wubclub: Sophie.
  3. GaryandGillDublin

    Meds & PCC's organised ...

    Got CO 23.02.11 :notworthy:... Been in our own excited world since hehe. Now it's all go and I feel slightly overwhelmed and nervous :eek: Arranged medicals for 18/03/11 (no celebrating for us on Paddy's Day :wink:). Getting PCC's sorted on Monday next and following up with the info requested for recent work experience. So fingers crossed we're on the home - straight now. Best of luck to everyone waiting on news on SS or CO or Visa ... x
  4. Well I manage to run a small business and study full time but when it comes to Christmas I am what only can be termed as fluking hopeless! I bought my Christmas cards today! I am now frantically writing them out in the hope that I remember to post them tomorrow and that they receive them in time :wideeyed: Christmas decorations? Well the tree is up and has been for a week but not a piggin bauble or bit of tinsel in sight! :wacko: Christmas Presents :no: Ive managed to get two so far but only because a friend had pre-ordered them for me as they are for her little ones! :shocked: Absolutely nothing in the fridge! Luckily my lovely mother cooks on Xmas day and then it looks like we are scavenging around the rest of the family on the other days. Oh dear . . . . . . . . How organised are you? Because you certainly cant be any worse then me :sad::biglaugh:
  5. Hi I've finally started to get the ball rolling and apply for PR. I'm oober impatient now and am dying to get things moving. 5 of my last 10 years were spent in South Africa - meaning that I need to get police clearance from them. I have a feeling that it could be a nightmare and take months, so want to try and get it sorted ASAP. Is there a particular form that needs to be completed, or do I just phone them up and ask for police clearance? I have no idea! Thanks!