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Found 43 results

  1. Hi, I have a 3 years ban due to I had to get all paper work sorted for my mother funeral. Immigration gave me 28 days to do all that paper works then I left Australia as immigration said. The day after I left I applied for a Prospective Marriage Visa as my partner and I we want to be married in March 2019, all paper work already submitted to immigration, joint bank account, contract to rent our property in Australia, all the forms needed are submitted correctly. My partner is pregnant and I would love to be there while I’m waiting for my Visa and possibly when she will give a birth to our baby. Now I’m waiting since August 2018 and have had not any correspondence from immigration yet. My main question is; is there any chance I can apply for any other visas and re-entry Australia while waiting for my Prospective Marriage Visa? Thanks for your understanding and help.
  2. helenr

    Is 457 the only option?

    Hi Hubby has been speaking to Aussie employer who is willing to sponsor him. Is the 457 his only option as he is over 45 and his profession is not on the skills list. He is a Print Finishing Engineer with over 15 years experience 10 years running his own business. Unfortunatly no migration expert has been able to fit his skills into any of the skills list categories:no:! Any help will be MUCH appreciated! Helen
  3. I am wondering if there is any way to convert my pending 885 application (lodged Aug 2008, Management Consultant, present Cat 4) into 175 or other offhore option. I am sick of having my career and life put on hold. I have my own business with customers worldwide but only charge for service so my income does not qualify for Business Visa. Australia seems to attract only corporate rats or wanna-be entreprenours and doesn't care about talent at all! As a management consultant, I can hardly promise any good service to cusomers (or possibly employers) if there is danger of getting 28 days notice to leave the country. I would be a bad consultant if I did that. Is there any way to convert my application? Thanks!
  4. Hi all, whats the cheapest way to get a parcel back to the uk, it will be about 5kg, but could split into a few smaller ones if ths makes it any cheaper? any guidance appreciated sarah:wubclub:
  5. Guest

    Is this an option?

    Hi guys I'm waiting for my skills assessment to come back, and if all goes well I'll be applying for state sponsorship. I'm restricted to South Australia, which is fine by me. I've done loads of research on Adelaide and I am confident we can be happy there as a family. However, I know that deep down, my husband has a hankering for Sydney, and Adelaide may be 2nd best for him. His occupation is on the state migration list for NSW, he has the right experience, but he hasn't got high enough qualifications. Which is the main reason we're using my points to go to SA instead. Anywaaaaay... I was just wondering, if he were to go to Sydney on a reccie, with his CV on a memory stick, what are his chances of getting a job (sponsorship?) which could potentially lead to a 457 visa? Would his lack of degree automatically mean closed doors for him? Part of me thinks, if it were really that easy to get to Australia, surely everyone would be doing it this way? Can anyone either rule this option out for me, or help me decide whether it's a viable option. Sorry for waffling on! Thanks for reading :hug:
  6. Georgiajoe

    To buy or to rent , best option!!

    Hi guys , just I quickie if any one out there can help me out. Looking at Perth next year october ish, with the stronger $ against the £ and the expensive house prices is it better to rent for a few years. Were looking at renting our uk house out, but by doing that wouldn't have much savings to bring over ( unless we re- mortage). Watch loads of wanted down unders and they all seem to buy and not rent. Any views on this would be appreciated. Thank you
  7. Guest

    Is there an option for us?

    Please can I call on your expertise and knowledge. I am a qualified Adult Educator (38) and my husband is a Systems Analyst (45). We have been trying for years to get in and have now hit a wall, as husband has reached the age of nil points! Have family in Oz and husband has 10 years experience, have we exhausted all our options? So desperate to go to Oz. Many thanks
  8. Hi guys, I'm making a 30 kg box to send with me with clothes and video games to bring to Aus when I migrate from Manchester to Brisbane. Could you suggest the cheapest and safest company to send with please? I'm considering the Post Office but any suggestions gratefully received. Travelling from Manchester to Brisbane.
  9. Hey all! I'm wondering if anyone out there has gone out on or is considering a study visa? We are thinking of my husband doing a course in Oz at a higher degree level (he's an electrician) and get a study visa, with the view to (1) gaining more points on application for working or studying in Oz for 2 years, and (2) possibly being able to continue with application whilst there and (3) with a stroke of luck find a job/sponsorship upon completion of the course. We have got part way through our application with the help, if you could call it that, of an agent. Our agent was slow and we missed the July 1st deadline for getting paperwork in, and now don't make up enough points on our application. She says now his best option is to find someone to sponsor him! Hhahaha! I think she forgets that he would have to retrain as a sparks once there, so a sponsorship would be like gold dust! Our agent says she isn't sure we should book my husbands' TRA test (he's a sparks with 9 years experience), as she's not clear yet with the new regulations. She says he now has to do the EILTS, which is a worry as realistically I reckon he won't score above 7's which means NO points! So with him being 40 next year, it all seems against us! We would have the basic funds to support ourselves, although it won't be ideal. But the bottom line is we really want to get out there and it seems this may be a good option?? Has anyone else tried the study route? It sounds risky to me, but my hubby is dead set on it!!! Hmmmmmmm...!
  10. I have checked on the website and it seems if we were to go the 176 route we couldnt live anywhere we would like to, ie. Sydney and central coast are our of bounds! So is a 175 our only route? To be honest I dont mind it taking two years, gives us plenty of time to get the house ready for selling and for the exchange rate to please get better! xx
  11. Guest

    Best option?

    Hi everyone Desperately want to be in Perth by the end of the year just need some advice on best way to get there so here we go. husband get student visa and studies networking for two years, we will have £40,00 in bank been told we need £80,000 but as they don't ask for proof go with £40,000. Both trying to get sponsorship through employer no luck yet most jobs want you to have visa to work before you apply. I go on working holiday visa an d hubby goes on tourist visa with our two children fingers crossed one of us gets offered sponsorship so we can change visa. Any advice would be welcomed.
  12. Guest

    Best visa option?

    Hi all, apologies if this has been covered before, I've searched the forum for a similar post and but could do with some advice specific to my situation. My girlfriend here in the UK is an Australian national but after a recent holiday down under she wishes for us to move back there, ideally as soon as possible (she misses her family and the sunshine) We been together for almost 12 months and have lived together for the past 6 months, however we are worried we don't have enough 'evidence' to justify our application for the temporary partner visa (820) and also would ideally not want to wait months for such a visa to be granted. So, I'd be happy to apply for a quick-and-easy 12 month working holiday visa (417) and get used to life in Aus on a temporary basis. But, should we decide to make Aus our permanent home, would my entry on the 417 visa have a negative effect on my later application for an 820 visa? Can anybody off assistance with this matter? Thanks in advance.
  13. Guest

    Uni option on 475 visa

    Hi all, I am awaiting my visa grant and so will be heading for regional WA on a 475 visa. As the visa is temp which moves to PR after 12 months employment/education and 24 months residency, my question is, can my son study in Murdoch Uni? Murdoch is in Mandurah which is still listed as regional. The other question that I have, is my son classed as a International student (and so liable for the high fee's) or will he fall into another class (forgive the pun) as he will be resident in WA? Sorry if it's obvious but I think I am just looking for confirmation of what I already know.
  14. Guest

    VISA option for my girlfriend

    Dear all, I just got a job offer in Sydney plan to move there with my girlfriend in July. I thought she could stay in Sydney with a partner visa however the HR told me to sponsor her, we need to provide the evidence of living together for at least 6 month such as joint bank account or rental agreement. The problem is that we met each other only last year and do not such evidence. 1. What’s the chance of get the visa approved without these evidence if I go ahead with the partner visa application? 2. My friend suggest that I can do the ENS121 application together with my 457. After I get the 121 (or 856 after my landing), I can apply a 300 prospective marriage visa for her. However I guess the processing time would be quite lengthy and we hate to be in a long distance relationship. Any suggestions would be very appreciated. Thank you. Larry
  15. markandcat

    Are caravans an option??

    Hi, my mum is hoping to move to Adelaide with us in September but as much as I love her im not sure if I can live with my parents again...or there annoying habits!!! They are looking at coming over 6 months at a time and I am looking into their options when they do. Does anyone know roughly how much caravans/ chalets are to buy? or long term rent? Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!
  16. Guest

    Is a 457 an option?

    Hi everyone, part of the reason for my angst ridden post of a few days ago is that I'm concerned that September is going to be upon me before I get a chance to do everything I want before heading home, due to my unexpected move to Melbourne, which has clogged things up for me. So I've been looking at my options on how to stay a bit longer and my options appear to be: - Regional work for 3 months for 2nd WHV - Apply for skilled migration and get sponsored by someone - Apply for a 457 visa (which now encapsulates the educational visa I was looking at) and again I would need sponsorship I have sent an email to the teaching institute of Victoria to inquire whether or not they would sponsor me for a 457 visa, but the reply could take up to 10 days, so thought I'd ask here if anyone knows? And if they did sponsor me, would I be tied down for a certain length of time? (The visa itself can be from one day to four years long). The reason I don't want to do a skilled migration sponsorship (the second choice on the list) is because that then ties me to Victoria for 2 years, and I'm not convinced I'd want to stay on that long before going home. Also, can I even get a 457 visa while still on a WHV? I need to email the Australian immigration people about this one but I can't find their email address!! Any help at all here would be fantastic! Cheers
  17. Just wondering what's the average difference in price between a furnished house and a place with no furniture? And if the place is furnished what is the usual standard of furniture? We are planning to move to WA, where would be the best place to look for short rentals? Looking forward to hearing from you guys :hug:
  18. Hi all Am in abit of a pickle, we are going to be lodging our application in the next couple of months and now have the option of going with a skilled family sponsored visa 176 (been told it will be a long wait) or get state sponsorship from SA instead because this a slightly quicker route? My OH is a brickie and is on SA SMP but we did want to live in Queensland as we have family there. Also how to you find out what category you are?? Think I'm confusing myself now....help!!! You're thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks Woody.:unsure:
  19. Facts: I have been in relationship with my Australian partner for 10 years. We lived together in the UK for 4 years. I had to relocate to another part of the UK in order to study and qualify into my chosen profession and we maintained regular contact/visits. Our families regard us as a couple and have done so for several years. He moved back to Australia 4 years ago and we planned that I would join him when I satisfied/obtained my professional qualifications/membership. In anticipation of my arrival in Oz my partner relocated his job to our chosen state and has refurbished the home he purchased. Several years ago, I spent 6 months with him in Oz and we can document many other holidays together and with our respective families. We VOIP and text very regularly. I qualified a few months ago and commenced my partner visa application - it is almost complete. I have delayed submission because I have been concerned about a parent's health and this has resulted in me been very torn about leaving the UK - something I have noted others have experienced on these boards. However, I really miss my partner and wish to join him and fulfil our plans together. Main point - I am concerned/have doubts regarding the granting of the Visa because of the length of time we have spent living apart & the delay in submitting my application even though we have been in a relationship for 10 years. I am now wondering whether a skilled migration Visa maybe more appropriate. As an aside - if the temp partner visa is granted - can I come back to the UK to visit my parents prior to the PR visa being granted? Can anyone comment?
  20. Hi , I was just wondering if anyone could offer me any advice. I am a 35 have a BSc in Adult Nursing as I won't have a years experience by July 2011 to apply before the new point test comes in to force and I don't think I would be have enough points with the new points test would the only option be to try to get sponsorship for a 457 and then hopefully by having some Australian work experience I would then qualify for a permanent visa. Also if a 457 is the only option does anyone know if it is difficult for Nurse with limited experience to gain sponsorship. I am really grateful for any info as this immigration process is as clear as mud:sad: it seems as if something changes every couple months. Thanks :wink:
  21. On the updated Taz site, the following document is located: http://www.development.tas.gov.au/__data/assets/file/0015/30543/Req_487_WH-and-OT.pdf Does this mean you can work provisonally in regional australia inc Taz for 3 years then get permanent residency? Does this include any job on the full DIAC SOL/ENS list?
  22. Hi, I heard from another thread that DIAC is not going to honour for skill assessment via RPL route which is currently in place. I am worried about this point whether it will have any impact if you have qualification not in the occupation on the SOL but extensive experience in the occupation on the SOL. My profile is as follows -Bachelor of Engineering (Non IT) from one of the Top 25 Engineering Colleges in India -Master of Engineering (Non IT) from one of the Top 5 Engineering Colleges in India -10 Years Extensive Experience with various top Indian IT companies in the IT (all in IT) I am calculating my points as follows Age (34)-25 points English Language (IELTS 7 in each band)-10 points Overseas Work Experience (10 years)-15 points Qualifications (Bachelor)-15 points This makes my points to 65.Please let me know in case I am doing something wrong:daydreaming:. If my qualification is not considered due to RPL route I will not be able to make it. Can anyone please clarify this for me?:unsure: Cheers
  23. kellyjamie

    visa option - advice please

    hi all, so can the knowledgeable peeps please advise me on the ROUGH outline of the process below if im correct apply for student visa complete 2/3 yr course apply for graduate visa in order to obtain work exp if on smp apply for state spon if not on smp find an employer to sponsor (thinkin this will be most likely) is this about right? many thanks kel:wubclub:
  24. Reading a few post it seems that their is a shortage of skilled trade jobs, with me due to be in Australia in January i was considering going self employed (joiner/ general builder) is their any issues i need to be aware of. Its pretty simple in the UK all you need is a CIS Card(to sub contract) or just advertise your services and wait for the phone to start ringing ?. How easy would the process be in OZ ??????
  25. Hello all, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I have applied for 176 visa and my application is under process. I have to opt for a state where I need to settle down under 176 visa category. I am a IT software engineer , more into embedded systems and chip related softwares. Can any one please advise me which state has more prospects of getting a job in my relevant field? Can any one help me?... Thanks in advance sam76