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Found 30 results

  1. Hi everybody. I haven't been online for a while. Hope you people are all doing alright :biggrin: As the thread's title suggests, I will start a postgraduate degree online from january on in order to diversify my skills and job opportunities when in Australia. Being interested in environmental management, I have considered so far the following providers: Maquarie, UNE, university of Newcastle and Edit Cowan, all proposing online postgraduates courses in environmental or wildlife management. I have so far search trough this site http://www.gooduniguide.com.au/ and e-mailed all the providers to get more informations, but since the required investment is huge I would be interested to learn about other people experiences or advices, comments on e.g reputation, things I should be aware of, etc.. Thanks in advance :notworthy:, Cedric
  2. Hi All, I applied to ACS for my skills assessment and got a positive feedback on June 2011. In the letter, ACS sent I am suitable under PIM3 Group A as Software Engineer. Is this assessment still valid with new rules? I can’t see my qualification is printed in the letter. According to the DIAC site, I can get an opinion on my qualification and employment from skill assessment body. Does anyone know how to get an opinion on my skill employment and qualification? (refer: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/175/eligibility-qualification-aust.htm ) Thanks
  3. hi guys i am on 885 bridging for over 2 years and reAlly frustrating like others who have been waiting similar or more my partner had came with me here and stayed 5 years doing carpentry work in oz. he was originally carpenter(no qualification required in our country. his father is also carpenter andhe worked withhis father) co pleted few courses. as we ve been just waiting for nothin up till now, we started to discuss the idea of lodging another app under his name qnd his occupation he has few course completion letter from our country 5 years work experience in oz currently running his own business subcontrating with master builders starting vessess is really big thibg for us and i am not sure if this has 'shot'. i am saying 'nothing to lose let try and if things are notgood its ok go ahead and wait for my app result' n he is saying 'lets see whats happening bit more' i'd reaally appreicate ur advice guys!!! plus he has written payment summary from his previous employer. wonder if this can be used he is mainly cover timber floor installation with door and etc. will this be co sidered as carpenter. i did tradeset check ups and because he did courses and workedas carpenter in our countryhe can do it as it asked (things u CAN do) but thats not the main skills he perfoms in here oz will this b ok?? thanksguys!!!! Back2corea
  4. I keep being accused of blunting the hubbies razor blades on my only slightly hairy legs and the sprinkling of o'h so soft hair on my armpits. Now forgive me if i'm wrong but the hair on the OH's face is like the prickles on a porcupines back, so how is it that it's me that's doing the blunting? Does any one else suffer from these unfair accusations? When I pointed out the above I was told it's due to the circumference of my legs and not the bristle quality that makes it go blunt. How rude. Chris x
  5. I am engaged before to an Aus citizen, he's my boyfriend for 5 years.. but then, things didn't work out so i left.. went back to the Philippines... but then before that, I've met a Filipino guy who happens to be an Aus citizen as well, and we fell in love and followed me here in the Philippines and we got married... Now we are married 6 months already and I am applying for a spouse visa? with my aus. ex before, i got the Fiancee Visa or the Prospective Marriage visa which has been cancelled... Any opinions regarding this situation? do you think the aus. embassy will care much about my previous visa that's been cancelled? and how long before the visa subclass 309 gets granted? Please help..thanks..
  6. Hi guys , been looking at our list ......for what areas in Western Australia for us to look at and came across Canning vale ... Now i only came across this because my Daughter is trained in Muay thai and found a great club there lol ... Anyone know of the area ? I know everywhere has crime so im not to worried about that ..unless there is drive by shootings everyday lol We like old houses with a land there seems to be quite a few for sale ? Schools ? I'm sure you friendly bunch will come up with alot more info for me ! Brides :cute:
  7. I was of the opinion they should a week ago but then watched a programme on Sky about what Afghanistan was like when they were in power….it was not a pretty sight.. The last bit is the most horrific, how can people say we must respect other peoples beliefs when they will not allow freedom to their own people, I think we have to stay till the job is done….what are your thoughts? Women were forced to wear the burqa in public, because, according to a Taliban spokesman, "the face of a woman is a source of corruption" for men not related to them.[3] In a systematic segregation sometimes referred to as Gender apartheid, women were not allowed to work, they were not allowed to be educated after the age of eight, and until then were permitted only to study the Qur'an . Women seeking an education were forced to attend underground schools, where they and their teachers risked execution if caught.[4][5] They were not allowed to be treated by male doctors unless accompanied by a male chaperone, which led to illnesses remaining untreated. They faced public flogging and execution for violations of the Taliban's laws.[6][7] The Taliban allowed and in some cases encouraged marriage for girls under the age of 16. Amnesty International reported that 80 percent of Afghan marriages were considered to be by force.[8] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taliban_treatment_of_women
  8. I just want to know because it's been my dream for years, but money was always just too tight, now i'm a mummy I want this more than ever for my son. I'm 26, 1 and a half year old baby, trainee haridresser, (6 years in general admin), have a partner of 10 years - driver by trade, thats it! We have no chance do we, even when i'm qualified? If anyone could just let me know their honest opiion because I would like to know whether I can ever apply or just burst into tears now ( Are there any "fast track" careers that they are in dyer need of, really badly, or ones that they will accept you freshly qualified wihtout the years of experience? Thank you
  9. Hi all, Very tragic news that dozens of lives have been lost. Asylum seekers | Christmas Island Being people who also want to come to Australia, who do YOU actually think is to blame, and what should be done to prevent these sort of things from happening again and again?
  10. I have assesed by ACS under ANZSCO code 261313 (Software Enginner). Since My occupation in SOL and I wanted to apply for DIAC under 175 GSM. It is based on point system. I needed 120 points to be eligible under above visa. Unfortunately I scored less in IELTS (to get 120 , I need 7 in all four components) This situation left me with 2 choices 1. Re-appear for IELTS , get 7 in each band then cover 120 points and apply for 175 visa 2. Get Sponsership visa (thru my sister-in-law) , it needs 100 points and I satisfy this requirement. So which way should I go?? One important point to be mentioned is my ACS result is valid till Feb 2011 only, so I have to do something positive before that.
  11. I have Dom to thank for this thread,:wubclub:. I was going to put this post in Doms thread but I didn't want to take it off thread so started my own, and besides that I can't keep up with his humour, so no competition there mate.:wink: In your opinion which is the best country in the world. No bitching, no arguing, etc, your reasons for your particular vote are yours alone and good luck to you. They can be humourous, serious or a mixture of both, so I'll start the ball rolling. BAHAMAS. Without a doubt. Not necessarily the main Islands, i.e., Nassau and the like but there is one island that to me is heaven on earth and that is an island called Eleuthera. Two supermarkets, three gas stations, the friendliest people I have EVER met that all speak with an accent that is brilliant. Not many tourists know about the place, a bit off the beaten track really. So a quiet relaxed time is guaranteed. The best beaches in the world, IMO, and some stunning scenery. Oh, and just a short note, it has the BEST Bonefishing in the world. Flat upon flat full of Bonefish and just you and a fishing rod, ahh, bliss. When people say Bahamas I think some people are under the impression that you need to be a millionaire to live or visit there, which I am not, or ever likely to be either. It can be done on the cheapish if you hunt around for the best deals and get the connections right from Miami etc. If I ever win the lottery my time would be divided between the UK, Australia and Eleuthera. As I said just add your post, whatever reason(s) you want without the thought that you are going to get ripped into for your thoughts.:wubclub: PS. Jim, if your out there I reckon I already know your answer mate.:biglaugh: Cheers Tony:wink:
  12. Could anyone give me there reasons why they prefer to live in either of these regions please (and whereabouts you are in the region). Is it facilities, busy/quiet, cost of housing, jobs, landscape etc... Thanks Ley x:spinny:
  13. HI. I took academic ielts last week. i got 7 average. 8 reading 7 speaking listening 5 writing :mad: it's horribleeeee I just had to take at least 6 in each part. but 5 is too bad. have I got any chance to get a reassessment? should I ask it just for writing or in general for any piece? have I got some possibilities???????? pleeeeeease help me! :notworthy::hug:
  14. Hi, I'm currently a Category 5 176 SS with WA 175 lodged in June 09 176 converted in September 09 I know for sure that I will not be moving to Australia within at least 18 months from now. Would it be worthwhile switching back to a 175 to give me the freedom of movement? Is the worst timeframe for my application to be resolved on a 175 somewhere in 2012? Any thoughts/anyone else done this? and if you have done it; what would I need to do? Thanks
  15. Hi everybody! I would like to ask you if you want to fill in a survey of the University of Amsterdam(the Netherlands). In this study we aim to compare television viewers in three different countries. You would be a great help if you could give me five minutes of your time to complete this survey. If your from America click on the following link to start the survey. www.thesistools.com/?id=130505 If your from Australia clink on the following link to start the survey. www.thesistools.com/web/?id=130537 If your from the Netherlands click on the following link to start the survey. www.thesistools.com/?id=130490 Thank you for your cooperation. Lisette van Reijsen (University of Amsterdam).
  16. Guest

    A Second Opinion

    Hi Folks. Hopefully this thread will help some, thought it might be worth relaying to you those that may be in a 'similar' position. For many reasons I am in the UK at the moment, without boring the backside off you one of the main reasons is that my better half has some issues with her health, etc. I knew it was going to be very, very complicated to get back to OZ as a family again because of her health. In truth I had no idea which way to turn. I emigrated many, many years ago, when the process was somewhat more 'easy' and I have since become totally confused about the laws now involved. So in short I contacted several migration agents to discuss the possibility of us returning to Australia as a family once again, taking into consideration Ruth's health. I have just come off the phone with one agent, and I have been told by two of the three agents that I would stand little or no chance of getting back to Australia because of these health issues. The other agent concerned was very honest and thorough, and said they would look at the case in much more detail, and give me their opinion, but still keeping in mind that it is ONLY DIAC that can have the final say. I did however contact Gollywobbler (Gill) last week and ask for her recommendations. She very kindly pointed me in the right direction and also gave me some very worthwhile advice and educated opinion. I cannot thank her enough for her patience and understanding. As I said I am totally confused when it comes to visa categories, etc, but even more so when talked about in relation to 'Health Issues' surrounding a return to Australia. In short the links she gave me, but more importantly the migration agent she recommended have proven to be a minefield of information. It now looks as if a return to Australia is indeed a possibility. Having said that, I would happily remain in the UK if it meant that this was the way it was meant to be. The UK isn't all that bad after all, no matter what anyone says. But Ruth is adamant that she wants to return to Australia in the near future. In essence I am trying to say this. When certain health issues raise their head the rules/legislation laid down by the immigration authorities can seem utterly confusing and mystifying. If it hadn't been for Gills advice I would have seriously thought that any hope of a return to Australia was out of the question. So if any of you are facing the same dilemma (I realise that the health issues may not be the same) I would recommend that you take a deep breath, count to ten and find out as much as possible. I am not critcising any agent, far from it. But it does go to show that even though they may have the best of intentions, because the health issues are SO confusing even they become a little confused. It is worth doing as much research as possible and asking as many questions. If I had not done so, then my mindset would have been one of never being able to get back to Australia again. Anyway, I hope this has helped some of you. As I said this is not a critical thread, just one that I hope points out that when visa's and health is discussed the issues can become very confused and very 'grey' in their interpretation. So don't give up just yet. It just seems to me that whilst ALL visa categories seem to be confusing, any visa that has a question mark about health issues can become even more so, so it may be worth going that extra tiny bit to make sure you are well aware of ALL your options. Cheers Tony
  17. kellyjamie

    Honest opinion on student route now?

    Hi all, so with the recent announcements i was looking to find out those with some knowledge what are your honest opinions on the student route now? Many thanks Kelly x
  18. We have been looking into Woodvale, Kingsley, Warwick or Greenwood as a possible place to settle when we go to Oz early next year. Does anyone have any opinion on these areas. Are there any private secondary schools in these areas that are good and also private primary schools. I only ask about private schools because I've been told they're probably the best and this opinion has been expressed several times on these sites. Are these areas far from city centre and is the transport good? Any thoughts at all would really be appreciated as its really hard to make a start and we feel if we pick an area and do thorough research then it might be the way to go! Also is there anyone out there that both parents work full time and have kids at school? How do you manage when kids finish their school day and when they have days off? Thanks in anticipation !:biggrin:
  19. hi guys well we had our visa come through this week and instead of feeling excited ive cried most days because we really dont know what to do, ive been offered a job which is great my daughter is 14 so will be taking her options in sept so if anything she would be needing to be out in oz for their term in Jan 10, she doesnt want to go at all. but what concerns us is my hubby is a builder, carpenter by trade but all we keep reading is the building trade is suffering just the same over there as here so do we jump out of the frying pan into the fire, we are so scare help needed is it really that bad tracy
  20. Just got back from France, playing golf . As a proud pom,i hate to say this,but their lifestyle leaves both the UK, Oz and the US standing. Cleaner, more culture, style, civic pride,better roads........the whole shooting match. The sods have got it right. We stayed in le touquet in Northern France, only 25 mins off the Eurotunnel..........very impressed......expensive,but very impressed. Everyone seems to take pride in their appearance,and everything revolves around the family.......it really is a different world.
  21. Guest

    Fit in or **** off

    I just wanted to say, as an Australian, how deeply ashamed I am at the behaviour of some youths in Manly, NSW on Australia Day yesterday. If you have not yet heard about this, though if you are in Oz it would be hard not to, then this link may help. Sydney riots shatter oz day | PerthNow I'm still (fairly) young but I feel worlds apart from the kids who are mentioned in this article running about the place telling people to "f*** off we're full"... it's humiliating to think current generations of Australians have this point of view. IMHO, Australia Day should be about celebrating what Australia has become (despite its less than honourable start) and everyone who currently lives here, EVERYONE, should have a right to feel at home and proud to be here. Particularly on a day like yesterday. So, although I know they weren't targetting Poms in their attacks, on behalf of all other Australians, I'm sorry for their actions and their words. It is a VERY small monority of people who hold this opinion that we shouldn't be welcoming migrants in with open arms (god knows we have the room) and if you are in the UK and are in the process of coming over here or are even just thinking about coming over here, please do. You are more than welcome.
  22. Guest

    In your honest opinion....

    Should we go ahead with our application for a 176 state sponsored visa??? We are just about to pay the migration agent fee and start the process but I keep seeing all these negative stories that electricians can't get a job (see skills shortage my a**e).... I am just worried that if we do apply and are lucky enough to get one, would hubby have a problem finding a job??? We want to go to Queensland (Brisbane/Gold Coast). Obviously, we wouldn't be looking at coming over till maybe sept/dec 2010 by the time the visa was granted, so things might have picked up again by then???? House is in negative equity so wouldn't have a lot of money to come with either???? What do you think??????
  23. This has been around before but its so funny I had to post it
  24. Hi evryone, apologies if this is long but we need help! Our dilemma is this, we are finding it quite tricky to get to oz and as of last nite have been informed we could go to canada instead!! So what do we do? See without doubt our hearts are in Queensland and after we visited last july we all loved the place. Now neither of us are qualified and thats the problem with getting to oz. I have a HNC in childcare but thats not on the list, jamie has been a youth worker for 3.5yrs but no formal quals to back it up. He is studying for a svq3 plumbing and we have been told by vetassess that his quals would be good enough to allow him to sit their exam, but for DIAC he needs to be working 12 out of last 24mths for visa, and considering the construction indusrty at the mo, thats not looking hopefull at all. Also the construction in oz, i believe is dwindling. So we believe our best option if we want to be there any time in the next 5 yrs is a student visa, which we would do except the majority of cash we will have will be swallowed up by course fees, school fees, a car and rent for a few mths. If it went pete tong we,d have nowt to come back with! and that is mega scary, also the worry of securing work afterwards. But we learnt last nite that if jamie can secure a job offer from a canadian employer then were in and with his experience he should manage that. Canada was always our second option but i think thats because of the weather and the fact weve never been and seen it first hand. SO what do we do....... A. Follow our heart and use our money go to brisbane but with the worry of getting work once qualified and securing PR OR B. Go to canada our 2nd choice (prob coz weve not been) with a job in place and money in our pocket??????? Without doubt i think we need to visit canada? god when will things become simple and straight forward!!! many thanks for listening, im sickening myself with trying to find a way into oz, honestly i ahve looked at everything! xxx:wacko::wacko:
  25. We are a family of 5 and got a case officer on the 23rd September all medicals received on 30th September all documents showed received and on the 22 October our medicals finalized everything changed to met on the document checklist. I called diac and was informed that we would hear something in a couple of days so booked the shippers and found some temporary accommodation on the gold coast. I then called them again a week later to be told that everything was fine and it was just red tape. Another week nothing our house is sold our furniture is in storage and feel terrible what do you think could be going on and what is the process after everything is met? Hope you can help as we are all going crazy. I am now having thoughts of what if our application gets refused???? :arghh::cry: 175 pr visa