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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, Me and my fiancée are currently discussing a permanent move to Perth. Currently I am a electrical fitter at a worldwide defence and security company manufacturing x-ray systems to scan cargo vehicles. I currently hold the following qualifications: • BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering • EAL Level 3 NVQ Extended Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering • Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Engineering Manufacture (Electrical & Electronic Engineering) • HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Can anyone give me an insight into the job opportunities related to my qualifications in and around Perth? Also some info on salaries would be useful! Any help is much appreciated! Thank You, Jack
  2. Hi All, Client in Melbourne looking for 2 key guys for their micro-tunnelling team. A PM and an Ops Manager. Full relocation assistance, visa sponsorship, great $$ and benefits. Please PM me if interested - thanks Adam
  3. Republishing a job posting for one of my clients; unfortunately this will only be of interest to someone who is already living in Oz and with the right experience - so just in case: ======================================================== My client is seeking a Franchise Operations Manager to join their Senior Management Team, reporting directly to the CEO, to lead the operational management and delivery of creative, innovative, high quality operations to an expanding nationwide network of Franchise outlets. This is a senior appointment with a potential pathway to CEO in the future. We want to appoint the very best person to this role. Your career background is of importance and clearly your competences and personal qualities, especially your leadership skills will be excellent with a strong track record and proven ability in working within, and providing leadership to, cross functional and virtual teams. The applicant will have an appreciation of all aspects of Franchise Operations and the challenges that face both the Franchisor and the Franchisee. Your background will be in business management ideally in the Franchise sector, the candidate will be able to demonstrate direct experience working in the operational aspects of a relevant business as well as other pertinent experience in people management, financial/budget management, and ability to work with a nationwide team. How you work will be as important as what you have done. Absolutely key will be your openness to change, persistence towards excellence and ability to motivate others – this role will be key in driving the company’s growth plans and your ability to work effectively and achieve results will be crucial! The candidate will have an appetite to seize an opportunity and accelerate the growth of an established business with 35+ franchise offices already in operation. Key Responsibilities · Lead and implement operational aspects of the franchise network · Lead and promote the business vision within the Franchise network; · In accordance with the corporate strategic plan, deliver the Franchise strategy ensuring that HQ is fully aligned with the Franchisee business requirements working directly with the owners of individual Franchise’s and other members of the senior management team. · Lead the achievement of excellence in delivering professional services through a network of Franchise operations · Manage (and grow) a small team of business support specialists and admin support staff to meet the needs of the business and franchise network · Support local and national thought leadership achieving nationwide recognition as a market leader and high brand visibility and preference. · Advise the CEO on compliance and risk related issues and directs the group’s compliance with OFT and any other legal obligations as set by Australian governing bodies; · Create a framework, comprising of external market factors and internal considerations, to help prioritise most appropriate activities for the Franchisee’s needs; Key Attributes of the right candidate · Proven leadership and delivery skills · Strong analytical, judgement and decision- making skills. · Excellent oral and written communication skills that demonstrate clarity of thought. · A strong understanding of business processes and of the importance of meeting organisational compliance objectives, and a record of delivering business results that meet strategic aims. · Sound understanding of Franchise operations and models · A motivational individual, able to listen and build consensus, but can provide clear direction as appropriate in a changing environment. · Tenacious and clear-sighted in pursuit of the opportunity for the company. · A team worker, able to build collaborative and effective working relationships with Franchise owners and business partners at all levels. · Sensitivity to the requirements of others; has tact and diplomacy and can manage ambiguity and balance differing interests. · Committed to valuing diversity and works in a way that demonstrably fulfils that commitment. · A quick learner; responsive, and able to adjust to new cultures and new organisational dynamics · Strong IT skills and experience in managing outsourced service providers Please apply with full CV and particulars of relevant experience to richard.moss@eborders.net Applications close Sunday, 22nd January 2012
  4. The Health Operations Centre (HOC) assesses and processes offshore Immigration health examinations. Permanent visa applicants: All applicants for permanent visas, including the main applicant, partner and any dependants, must be assessed against the health requirement. Even if the applicant's partner and dependants are not included in the visa application, they must still be assessed against the health requirement. Applicants for a permanent visa will be asked to undergo a medical examination, an x-ray if 11 years of age or older and an HIV/AIDS test if 15 years of age or older, as well as any additional tests requested by the Medical Officer of the Commonwealth (MOC). From the Check the progress of an application website, typical Application Status are: 1) "Further medical results received" HOC received your envelope. [process takes 2 days after received] 2) "Health requirements outstaning" HOC decides if the applicant has local clearance capability. Here should be checked if applicants belong to class A (no significant history or abnormal findings) or class B (Significant history or abnormal findings present) according to assessed by the Panel Doctor in the FORM 26 (point "24 Recommendation"). For example: If applicant is Class A and lives in gazetted countries, the process is faster than B. This step involves checking of: envelope arrives sealed, applicant identity, doctor identity, all reports certified and translated to English (if required) and correct tests done. Today many "overseas medical test" for permanent VISA go to LCU (Local Clearance Unit) regardless of class A or B (I'm not sure why: Efficient, HOC collapsed?). Nevertheless, DIAC do not require a MOC assessment on all applications for permanent entry visas, and is therefore largely reliant on overseas panel doctrors and COs to ensure that health examinations and tests are conducted in line with DIAC requirements. [delivery process takes from 2 days to 1 week after 1 - don't frustrate if status doesn't change, sometimes online status are not updated but the process continues] 3) "Further medical results referred" If not tuberculosis(TB), medicals (X-ray, hepatitis, VIH/AIDS, TB/blood tests or relevant considerations) are received by LCU. Key Functions from LCU are: Processing and local clearance of medical results sent from panel doctors, Process 'A' cases, referral of health assessment 'B' cases to HAS (compulsory for permanent VISA). In addition, medicals will be referred from LCU to a MOC (HAS) if any criteria for 'A' not met, problems with identity, panel doctor not found,medical results not legible or high risk country. [this process takes 3 weeks to 2 month after 2 depending on your health condition (or a family member) and whether new assessments are required]. (Category 2 is currently taking 3 weeks -approximately -) From here you may go to 4 or 5, depending on a MOC opinion from HAS. 4) "Further medicals required" If necessary, MOC may also ask any applicant to undergo extra medical reports: full medical history, medical reports from specialists, reports from school, others. You or your Agent will receive an e-mail from HOC (see below). Contact to DIAC if you have not yet received notification about these requirements, after your status has changed. New tests/medical reports should be sent to Global Health (same building of HOC in Sydney) [same day you receive a letter asking you extra meds, the status will change to 4.] 4.1) "Further medical results referred" If 4, extra medicals received by Global Health are sent to a HAS again for further review. [2-4 days after meds are received the status will change to 4.1] [process and final decision/advice takes 3 weeks to 2 months, depending on many factors] (Category 2 is currently taking 3 weeks -approximately -) 5) "Health requirements finalised" Finalised is a status that means each documents fulfills requirement to be analyzed by a MOC. MOC takes from 1 to 4 days for a decision. Outcomes are entered in HATS (Health Assessment Tracking System), overseas post/case officer is notified of this outcome. Nevertheless, MOC can ask you to undergo new tests again. You will go to 4. If not extra test are required, Case Officer deciding visa applications is notified and must accept the opinion from MOCs. After that CO will update the document checklist. It seems in this exactly time you will see "met" or "not met" in the website. [you will see this status 2-4 days after a MOC from HAS decides over your health criteria] If all meds are "met" and the rest of the VISA requirements too, congratulations! DIAC will inform you VISA is granted. Else, if "not met", you can think in a re-view by means of a lawyer, a "Health Waiver" possibility (very difficult but possible) or even to think in another country. This is typical letter from HOC to Panel Doctors, if 4 ("Further medicals required"): =============================================================== Dear Panel Doctor, The bearer of this letter, Person X, DOB: /date/, F is required to provide further medical information (details given below). Please include the following information: A current further assessment from "list of specialist here". Please forward a further report addressing "list of requirements here" The report must be sealed by you, the Doctor, stamped and signed, then sent from your clinic to the Global Health (GH) at the following address: Global Health Department of Immigration and Citizenship Level 3, 26 Lee Street SYDNEY NSW AUSTRALIA 2000 Please include a copy of this letter when sending any further documents to the Global Health. Please do not hesitate to contact GH with the details provided below, should you require further clarification or information. Global Health, Level 3, 26 Lee Street Sydney NSW Australia 2000 GPO Box 9984 SYDNEY NSW 2001 Facsimile 61 2 8666 5901 Email: Health.Operations.Centre@immi.gov.au Website: www.immi.gov.au =============================================================== This is only a guide for understanding the process. Hope this is useful for you.
  5. Hi all Every 2 weeks (sometime 3) registered migration agents hwo are also members of the MIA receive an update on the progress of medicals at the HOC. I have put below the latest one I have received and am happy to post each time I receive this if thats okay with the moderators? 'Below is the Health Operations Centre weekly update for the week beginning Monday 29 September 2008. We are currently processing medicals completed OFF-SHORE: 1. Urgent cases (457 visas) not requiring MOC's assessment received on 24th September 2008. 2. Temporary cases not requiring MOC's assessment received on 12th September 2008. 3. Permanent cases not requiring MOC's assessment received on 10th September 2008. 4. Urgent cases (e-visas, adoptions, 457 visas) requiring assessment by a Medical Officer received on 26th September 2008. 5. Other cases requiring medical assessment by a Medical Officer received on 17th September 2008. The case officer processing your visa application should be your first point of contact regarding any inquiry in relation to the application, including your health assessment results. If directing an enquiry to HOC, please note that if you are not the authorised contact declared on the visa application forms, then the HOC cannot release any information to you.' Hope this helps everyone who is waiting on medical results. As per the immi one for visa status it may not be entirely accurate but so far i have found it to be roughly right. :cute:
  6. DesperateinCrewe

    Regional Operations Manager

    Hi All, I have been involved in the Electricity and Gas utility industry for 17 years, at present I am a Regional Operations Manager looking after 80plus field staff, 7 Team Managers and 1 admin. I put alot of effort into trying to emigrate to Oz around 3 years ago but despite utility companies replying back to my emails, I could not find sponsorship. At this stage I was a Team Manager. My question is with my promotion to new position which I have been employed in for last 2 years, does anyone know of any companies which may be interested in sponsorship, or if I could apply straight for residency visa instead of looking for sponsorship? I have just come back from 3 weeks in Oz visiting Sydney, Gold Coast and loved it, so any help please would be great!! Thanks, The Desperates!!
  7. Family Visa lodged! Hubby looking for a position in Plant Operations Management, MBA, Lean, Six Sigma etc.
  8. Guest

    Health Operations Centre

    hi does anyone have a phone number for the HOC, re medicals, would reather speak to them, emails taking to long. thanks julie